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Today, the highest-on-high Father is pleased to see all His elevated children everywhere, because you children are the most elevated souls in the whole world; you are the highest. People of the world speak of those who are the highest in the world. However, that is just for one birth, whereas you children are the […]

Om Shanti Avyakt BapDada Madhuban BapDada is seeing the children whose stage is constantly ascending in their every step and their every thought. You receive the blessing of becoming bodiless in a second and you fly in a second. To become bodiless means to fly high. To become body conscious means to become a caged […]

Today, BapDada has come to meet His lovely children, you children who are absorbed in love. He has come from the faraway land. BapDada, the Resident of the faraway land, has come to celebrate a meeting with you children who have come from your faraway lands. To the extent that you children have remembered BapDada […]

This is a gathering of maharathis, that is, of mahavirs. A mahavir means a special soul. What is the speciality of the gathering of special souls? At the present time, the speciality of special souls should be of everyone having a steady, constant stage at the same time, that is, you should all simultaneously be […]

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Out of the whole world, do you experience yourself to be a special sparkling lucky star? You are so lucky that God Himself sings your praise. Could anyone have fortune greater than this? Do you experience yourself to have such happiness that others, on seeing your happiness, have their clouds of sorrow removed, so that […]

Today’s gathering is of the souls who have attained all blessings from the Bestower of Blessings. Out of all the blessings attained from the Bestower of Blessings, what are the two main blessings in which all other blessings are merged? Do you know them very well or have you become the embodiment of the blessings […]

Do all of you now know the Law-Maker (Vidhata also implies the Bestower of Wisdom), the law and the method very well? If you know the Law-Maker, then you automatically have the laws and methods in your intellect and in your actions. Through the Law- Maker, all you elevated souls have become law-makers also: do […]

Where are all of you sitting at this time? Are you sitting in the corporeal world or in the subtle world? In the subtle world. Do you experience yourself to be beyond the attraction of this corporeal world, or is it only whilst you are stable in the Angelic form that no attraction of the […]

Today, BapDada is seeing the rulers of the world of the present and the future, that is, He is seeing the children in the form of them being the world benefactors and also the ones who have a right to the kingdom of the world. To the extent that you become a world benefactor, accordingly […]

Today, BapDada is seeing two things in each of you: to what extent each of you has become knowledge-full and powerful. In this, Baba is also seeing how powerful the catching power of each of you is. The main basis of effort is catching power. Nowadays, scientists try to catch sound, but what is it […]

Today, Baba is giving everyone the experience of the avyakt stage. Each of you is experiencing it according to your own capacity. Baba is observing to what extent each of you has become incorporeal and has adopted the ornaments. Both are necessary. Those who have adopted the ornaments will never have any arrogance of the […]