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Today, BapDada is congratulating the children on their birthday. The happiness of the birthday of the Father and their own birthday is visible in the eyes of each child. The birthday today is very unique and lovely. This wonderful jayanti of the Father and the children is simultaneous because the Father has come to create […]

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Today, the highest Father has come to meet His holy swans. The intellect of each of the holy swans is constantly filled with pearls, gems and jewels of knowledge. Even BapDada finds such holy swans only once in the whole cycle. All through the confluence age, BapDada celebrates Holi with such special holy swans. Worldly […]

Today, at amrit vela, BapDada was especially looking at His special children, those who are constantly co- operative, constant embodiments of power and constantly liberated and yogyukt. BapDada saw two specialities in each of you children. Firstly, Baba looked at you to see how free you have become. Secondly, Baba looked to see to what […]

Today, while watching the entertaining games of you children everywhere, BapDada smiled and in some instances was also amused. What games were you playing? BapDada was seeing that He has especially given for the whole day all you residents of the most elevated confluence age whose lives are as valuable as a diamond, you most […]

This is a gathering of maharathis, that is, of mahavirs. A mahavir means a special soul. What is the speciality of the gathering of special souls? At the present time, the speciality of special souls should be of everyone having a steady, constant stage at the same time, that is, you should all simultaneously be […]

[Glani ko gayan samjkar rahamdil bano] Can you see the sparkling star of your fortune? Is the star of your fortune constantly sparkling or does it sometimes sparkle less brightly, that is, does it get hidden behind the clouds of problems? Or, like these physical stars that change their positions, you do not constantly change […]

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Have you made all three stages of being incorporeal, angelic and corporeal the same? Just as you find it easy to stabilise yourself in the corporeal form, so too, do you experience it just as easy to stabilise yourself in your angelic form which is your perfect form, and in your eternal form which is […]

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Do you constantly consider yourselves to be clear, divine stars; the divine stars who are the embodiment of remembrance? The elevated fortune of the present time is of being the stars of BapDada’s eyes. The fortune which you are creating, is that which you will receive in the future. Are you moving along whilst seeing […]

Do all of you have constant love? BapDada has constant love for the children and is co-operative with them. Just as He has constant love and is co-operative in all forms and in all ways, do the children have constant love and are they co-operative in all forms and in all ways in the same […]