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Om shanti. Everyone’s face is smiling very well. Everyone is celebrating the festival of the Father’s birthday with a lot of happiness. Everyone’s face is full of love and is smiling sweetly, for you are celebrating the Father’s birthday with a lot of love. The Father is pleased to see the children celebrating the Father’s […]

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Today, BapDada has come to meet His children who constantly remember the One, those who belong to the one Father and none other, those who stabilize in a constant and stable stage and are embodiments of remembrance. BapDada is seeing the elevated lines of every child’s birth of dying alive. In today’s world people tell […]

BapDada is seeing the constantly cheerful avyakt angels who are constantly beyond all limited attractions. This is a gathering of angels. BapDada is seeing to what extent a crown of light is visible around each angel, that is, to what extent each angel has become a light-and-might-house. Just as in the future heaven, all will […]

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Do you consider yourself to be a bodiless soul? Do you experience yourself to be a powerful soul who makes your body perform whatever actions you want? Are you able to stabilise yourself in the form of being the master of your body, one who makes the physical organs perform actions, and who then becomes […]