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pdf only 6.01.2005

Today, the Light of the World has come to meet you stars of His eyes. He has come to meet you jewels of light. Everyone in the world is looking for this One, but who is He looking at? Everyone in the world remembers this One, but who does He remember? Everyone in the world […]

Today, BapDada is especially seeing all His children in the form of those who co-operate with Him. Do you remember or have you seen the memorial of your form that co-operated with the Father? What is that form? That co-operation is shown in the form of arms. Just as the main limbs of the body […]

Out of the whole world, do you experience yourself to be a special sparkling lucky star? You are so lucky that God Himself sings your praise. Could anyone have fortune greater than this? Do you experience yourself to have such happiness that others, on seeing your happiness, have their clouds of sorrow removed, so that […]

Does each one of you know the three forms of the combined form? One is the eternally combined form; the second is the confluence-aged combined form and the third is the future combined form; do you know these three combined forms? What is the eternally combined form of human souls? Whether you call it the […]

Just as you can invoke the Father, that is, you can invoke the Almighty Authority, in the same way, are you able to invoke from within yourself whichever power you need at any particular time? That is, are you able to put the power that is merged within you into a practical form? Just as […]

pdf only 06.06.1973

Having come to the land of transformation, do you experience your transformation? To come to a bhatthi means to bum your weaknesses and defects. So, do you experience your weaknesses to be moving away from you for all time? Are you filling yourselves with this much will-power? Because the transformation of this time will become […]

Have all of you developed the practice of being beyond sound, that is, of staying in the stage of retirement? You should be able to come into sound one moment and go beyond sound in the next. Do you know this drill very well? Whenever you wish to focus your mind on anything, are you […]

Today, Baba the Jeweller is happy to see His jewels. He is seeing that each of you jewels is making effort according to your own capacity and moving forward. Do each of you know which jewel you are? How many varieties of jewels are there? (Eight types.) Which number jewel are you? Have you not […]

What special fragrance and what special attraction is there in today’s gathering? Everyone’s love is there anyway. Why have you been called? Should one think that all those that have come here today, have come prepared to go back home? Those who are ever-ready are always prepared. As soon as they are called, they are […]

In whose remembrance were you all sitting? Was it the remembrance of One or two? Those who were in the remembrance of One, raise your hand, and those who were in the remembrance of two, also raise your hand. Who were the two? Are they the residents of the subtle region or the corporeal region? […]