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pdf only 4.09.2005

BapDada gives each of you children the experience of your final stage, that is, the complete and perfect stage, the powerful stage. In this stage, you constantly experience: being a master almighty authority, a master sun of knowledge and complete with all virtues, being a detached observer in every thought, every breath and at every […]

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Have you come close to your ultimate target? Can you see the signs of coming close to your ultimate target? Are you developing the double intoxication of the sign of coming close to your ultimate target? The first intoxication is of the karmateet stage, that is, to be beyond all karmic bondages, to be detached […]

pdf only 04.05.1973

Where are all of you sitting at this time? Are you sitting in the corporeal world or in the subtle world? In the subtle world. Do you experience yourself to be beyond the attraction of this corporeal world, or is it only whilst you are stable in the Angelic form that no attraction of the […]

Do you consider yourselves to be serviceable, sensible and essenceful? Do you experience all these three virtues in yourselves in the same way as they are in Baba? Whatever symbol is being kept in front of you at present, you are close to becoming equal to that symbol, are you not? What is the symbol […]

Do you know for whom Baba has especially come today? He has come for the special souls who will reveal something special in the future. Do you consider yourselves to be special souls, that is, souls who will reveal some speciality? What special task which no other group has performed until now will you definitely […]

In which stage have all of you sitting here stabilized yourselves? What stage would you call your stage of remembrance at the present time? Do you have double remembrance in this stage or single remembrance? Would you call the stage of the present time, the stage of being karmateet or the stage of having the […]

Is it a special Holi for you today? How is Holi celebrated? Do you know how to celebrate Holi? What is the Holi of the confluence age? How will you celebrate Holi according to the present time? According to the present time, what aspect of Holi has to be celebrated? Many things have to be […]