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Today, Baba is seeing all of you children in your double form. Which double forms? Firstly, your present effort-making form and secondly, the final, perfect and angelic form of your present birth. As in the mantra of, “hum so, so hum”, (as I was, so shall I be), you first adopt your angelic form and […]

Today, BapDada is seeing a gathering of the spiritual stars. There are three special types of star within the gathering. Does each of you know which type of star you are? One are the stars of success, the second are the lucky stars and the third are the stars of hope. Now, each of you […]

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What two main blessings did you receive from the Father as soon as you came? Do you know those two main blessings? When you first came, you received these two blessings: May you be holy! May you be pure! You relate the essence of the knowledge of 35 years to the people of the world […]

Just as the time for the examination is coming close, are you also having a practical vision or a practical experience of your perfect stage? Just as the number one soul used to experience his perfect stage in a practical way while walking and moving around, in the same way, do you experience your perfect […]

Have you developed the practice of seeing the incorporeal whilst looking at the corporeal? Just as Baba only sees the incorporeal souls in the corporeal form, have you become like the Father in the same way? The vision and attitude always go towards the elevated seed. So what is elevated in this corporeal form? The […]

Which surrender is this? This isn’t a surrender ceremony, is it? What is the name of this ceremony? This is the ceremony for taking a decision for your life. You haven’t yet taken the decision, you have yet to take it. You now have to make the agreement, then the engagement takes place, and after […]

What day of the bhatthi is it today? Today, it is the day for surrendering yourself completely. You consider it to be this day and this is why you have called BapDada. Are you ready to be surrendered completely, or do you think that you have already surrendered completely? Today, it is the celebration of […]

In which form are you meeting Baba? In the avyakt form, in the form of love or the form of shakti (power)? Baba is in the form of the Father anyway, but are you meeting in the form of love, in the form of shakti or in the avyakt form? At the present time, what […]