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Today, BapDada is pleased on seeing the fortune of all the children. The sparkling star of the greatest fortune is visibly sparkling on everyone’s forehead. Everyone’s forehead is shining. Along with that, the sparkle of the versions of knowledge is visible on their lips. Such a beautiful smile is sparkling on everyone’s lips. A sparkle […]

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BapDada is seeing all His children who have all rights. There is the praise of you elevated souls having both authorities in your hands – the authority of ruling and the authority of religion. This praise is remembered of your future reward. However, the basis of your future reward is your present elevated life. BapDada […]

Today, BapDada, the World Benefactor, is seeing all the children all over the world personally in front of Him. All the children have reached Madhuban in their subtle forms with the power of their remembrance. Each child has the pure thought to celebrate a meeting. BapDada is very pleased to see all the children because […]

Today, BapDada has especially come to see the faces of the living chatraks who have come to celebrate a meeting, those who are the extremely loving, long-lost and now-found children. To the extent that the children, who are constantly thinking of a meeting and who are constantly absorbed in this love, remember the Father, accordingly, […]

Today’s gathering is of those who stabilise themselves in their self-respect, of those who look at all others with eternal feelings and of those who have good wishes for everyone. Do you constantly and easily have these three stages: of self-respect for your own self, of eternal feelings for others and of constant good wishes […]

Do you continue to have visions of your final stage? The closer you come, the more you will experience it as though it is almost in front of you. You will feel as though you are to become this just now. Just as those who are old have the feeling that they are now old […]

Does each one of you consider yourself to be an embodiment of remembrance? What does your stage become when you become an embodiment of remembrance? When are you able to have this stage? You become an embodiment of remembrance when you become a conqueror of attachment. So, have you become such conquerors of attachment and […]

When you have finished all other thoughts and only one pure thought remains, do you experience the stage of being the embodiment of pure thoughts? Are you experiencing this stage? This stage is said to be a powerful stage that is free from all karmic bondages and extremely lovely. Whilst stabilising yourself in such a […]

What would you call this gathering today? What name would you give to this gathering? This is the gathering of the arms of father Brahma, and this is why this gathering is called the gathering of BapDada’s faithful helpers who are seated on BapDada’s heart- throne, the master almighty authority group. So, do you now […]

(The Governor of Madhya-Pradesh is present in the gathering with his wife) What is BapDada seeing on the forehead of each child today? What is the one thing that Baba sees? The form of light. The sparkling star of the fortune of each child is visible. When Baba sees every child, the good wish He […]

Where are all of you sitting and what are you seeing? Are you seeing the avyakt form whilst being stable in the avyakt form, or are you trying to see the corporeal form in the subtle form? There is sound in this world, whereas in the subtle region there is no sound, and this is […]