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Om Shanti Avyakt BapDada Madhuban Today, the Emperor of the land free from sorrow has come to meet His masters of the land free from sorrow. BapDada is pleased to see such masters, to see that each one of His children has become a master. You have become the masters of all three worlds: the […]

Today, BapDada is seeing the practical embodiments of God’s knowledge, that is, He is seeing the practical double forms of the children. One form is of you children who are Maya-proof, and the other form is the proof of your elevated lives, your Brahmin lives, your highest-on-high alokik lives, your Godly lives. The proof of […]

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Today, Baba was seeing the speciality of all the special and fortunate souls. Some do not even know their own speciality accurately. Some know their speciality, but they do not use it in action, whereas others know of their speciality, but they are not able to be stable in that speciality. They sometimes become special […]

pdf only 21.04.1973

Are you able to consider yourself to be a bodiless soul, separate from the body, and stabilize in the stage of soul consciousness within a second? That is, in a second, be able to take the support of the physical organs to perform actions, and then, in a second, become detached from the physical organs? […]

Just as you switch something on and turn it off in one second, in the same way, are you able to take the support of the body in one second and become bodiless and stay beyond the body in one second? You have to practise coming into the body in one moment and going beyond […]

Today, BapDada is seeing two things in every child. What are those two things BapDada is seeing? Can you see BapDada seeing you? Such a stage is soon to come where you will clearly understand anyone’s thoughts just as clearly as you would understand something you are told in words. You will definitely attain the […]

Are all of you sitting in the avyakt (subtle) form? Whilst in the corporeal form you have to stabilise yourself in the avyakt stage. When you remain stable in the avyakt stage, there will not be any upheaval. The part being enacted at the present time is the method to make all of you avyakt […]

Remain unshakeable and constant – keep this gift carefully in the locker of your intellect. Today, when I went to the subtle region, I gave Baba love and remembrance on behalf of all the children and made a request. I also made a request to Brahma Baba. Brahma Baba said: „Shiv Baba has my hand. […]