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Om Shanti. This elevated version (Om Shanti) is so much loved by everyone. No matter what happens, even in an atmosphere of tears, the words “Om shanti” remind us of peace. When “Om shanti” is said, no matter what type of scene comes in front of you, but the meaning of “Om shanti” shows its […]

Om shanti. Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations to all the children everywhere on this day, whether you are here face-to-face in front of Baba, or at any other place. This day of congratulations is very lovely, and this personal meeting is taking place in the corporeal form in the drama as a special sign of love between […]

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Where has BapDada come today and whom has He come to meet? Do you know this? Today, God has come as the Godly Friend. So, when friends meet, what do they do together? They sing, laugh, eat and entertain themselves. So, today, BapDada has not come to give you knowledge, but to celebrate a meeting. […]

Whilst taking support of the body and performing every action on the field of action as a karma yogi, are you constantly stabilised in the incorporeal stage? Since your name is karma yogi, it proves that you are a yogi, that is, that you perform every action whilst being stable in the incorporeal stage. You […]

Do you consider yourselves to be merged in Baba’s eyes, to be the light of the eyes, the jewels of the eyes? Do you consider yourselves to be the stars of BapDada’s eyes? Are you close to the eyes or merged in the eyes? Two varieties of stars are sparkling at present. Each one of […]

Do you move along whilst considering yourselves to be lighthouses and might-houses? Not that you are moving along whilst considering yourselves to be just light and might, but the lighthouses and might-houses, that is, the bestowers who give light and might. However, you can only become this when you have accumulated such a stock within […]

At this time, does everyone have the desire to listen or to become the same? After listening, by merging everything, you become the same. And by merging everything, you automatically develop the power to face. With the power to face, you automatically attain the power to attain liberation from all desires. Do you experience yourselves […]

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Do you consider yourself to be a main actor, a hero actor, within this elevated drama? Everyone’s attention is always on the main actors. So, do you enact the act at every second whilst considering yourself to be a main actor? Famous actors have three things in particular, What are these? Firstly, they will be […]

What is the easy method to remain cheerful? Which image is the memorial of remaining constantly cheerful, one in which they have shown the speciality of being cheerful? They show the image of Vishnu lying down. He is churning knowledge and is cheerful. They have shown this image especially as a memorial of being cheerful. […]

What is Baba especially seeing today? How does Baba see the transformation? Within this group, who is clever at giving the answer? To what extent have you got the power to see and to recognise? Achcha, who constantly remains in a stage of yoga? Who seems to be the image of divine virtues in the […]