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The love and remembrance of all the loving children are reaching BapDada. Each one’s heart is saying: “My Baba”, and what is BapDada saying? “My children”. This meeting is very beautiful. BapDada is pleased to see the hall and to see the decoration of the children in the hall. The feeling in His heart is: […]

Today, the Ocean of Love is giving each of you children everywhere lots and lots and lots of love. In the whole cycle, it is only at this time of the Confluence Age that you receive God’s love. People of the world call today the day of love (Valentine’s day) , but for you children, […]

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How many instruments do you use in order to come into sound and to listen to sound? Even BapDada has to adopt the instrument of a body in order to come into sound. However, in order to go beyond sound, one has to go beyond the world of all those instruments. Those instruments only exist […]

Today, the Father, the Bestower of Fortune, is seeing His fortunate children. All have become fortunate, but when it comes to the word, “fortunate”, some are one hundred times fortunate and others are multi-million times fortunate. The word “fortunate” is used for both types of fortune. However, there is a vast difference between being one […]

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Today, Baba has brought a gift from the subtle region. Tell Me, do you know what gift I have brought? In the avyakt form, even the gift would be avyakt. Today, I have brought a mirror from the subtle region. Why has Baba brought a mirror? What is the special programme for which all of […]