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Change your ordinary form and try experiencing your confluence-aged, angelic form for some time

Om shanti. Today, BapDada is especially pleased to see His yogyukt children, who are yogyukt when they are with everyone and who also make others yogyukt. He is giving lots and lots of loving remembrance from His heart with a lot of love. BapDada wants all these many children to sit in yoga together, and even in yoga, to have such a stage of yoga in a practical way. Seeing this, BapDada is very pleased. Just as the Father is pleased to see you, similarly, the children too are happy in their heart to see the Father smiling and are giving a response. Even now, seeing the great splendour of the gathering, of everyone smiling, the Father is also smiling, seeing a glimpse of love on the children’s faces. So, what are the children doing? The children are also smiling, are you not? The Father says: Wah children, wah! Both the children’s smile and the Father’s smile look very beautiful. Seeing what BapDada wanted to see everywhere, the Father is also smiling. Seeing the children smiling in this whole gathering, the Father is also smiling in His heart even now. Wah children! Wah! It is a wonder – the incognito strength and its impact- both are visible. Each of the Father’s children is smiling in such a way that there is a very good sparkle of happiness on each one’s face. Seeing each one’s smiling face, the Father is also smiling so sweetly.

The majority of today’s gathering is of smiling, carefree emperors such that even from a distance the smiling faces are looking very beautiful. You too are seeing one another in this form, are you not? You are all looking at one another as if it is someone you know very well who is smiling. Today’s gathering especially seems to be one that is smiling a lot. Why? In everyone’s mind is just the one tune: Sweet Baba, lovely Baba. The sign on each one’s face is indicating: O sweet Baba, lovely Baba. Today, it is as though Baba is seeing such a gathering of the children after many days. From each one, there is the feeling: Sweet Baba, lovely Baba. Even if you look at the faces of those sitting right at the back, they are also sitting in this manner.

So, today, at night time, while you are awake, continue to look at one another with a sweet smile. Each one of you, see the smiling faces of Baba and of everyone in the gathering. The smiling faces of those of you sitting in this corner can be seen and there is its impact on the whole gathering. No matter what the stage may be like, at this moment, each one’s face is visibly smiling. Everyone’s face is smiling in such a way that in one second, the whole gathering has changed. No matter what someone may be like, Baba changed that one and is showing everyone the same face. Everyone’s face is visibly sparkling. Just as each one’s face appears to be sparkling in Baba’s subtle region, similarly, today, you are also visible as sparkling lamps. Baba is speaking very slowly, through the lips, what is He saying? Each child’s face and image are sparkling, just as they are shown in the picture now. Similarly, the sparkling stars are sparkling very well, because the sparkle of each sparkling star is very beautiful. Why? All the children are visible in their sparkling form. This is your image, but it is such a sparkling star now, such as was visible before – a white sparkling form, not an ordinary form, but a sparkling face . This gathering is looking very good. All are sparkling. There isn’t anyone who doesn’t have a sparkle, because now all are seeing Baba sparkling and so, like Baba, the whole gathering is sparkling. What BapDada is describing, the whole gathering is sitting in such a way, as though the angels have truly come down here on earth from up above. This form of yours is also very lovely because now there isn’t anything else. All of you have become the perfect idols and many are able to see this form of the children. All are very happy. All are very happy seeing themselves in the angelic form. Baba is also showing you Dadi too in her angelic form. Each one is visible as being worthy of worship. You cannot sit here for long now because all of you can see your confluence-aged form sparkling very well. Just as earlier you emerged in the angelic form in a second, so you are even now visible in your angelic form. Come here and see how the whole gathering has changed in such a short time. Where will all of these crowned ones go? Just as you are now in the incognito, merged form, you will see the same in an emerged form. Look at how the whole gathering is visibly sparkling. Someone may be bent over or sitting crooked, but all are sparkling and all are happy to see themselves. What do you like? You like your sparkling angelic form, do you not? You began to sparkle in a second. Look, the whole gathering is sparkling. See your own sparkling form very clearly. Seeing your own sparkling form, you are very, very happy. Baba has made your sparkling form emerge and has shown it to you for a short time: Like this, all of you are angels. Baba has shown all of you in that angelic form. You changed in a second. The whole gathering is looking so beautiful, each in their sparkling dress. Look at your own face and see how lovely it looks because it is complete. So, you are looking so beautiful. You have changed your ordinary form and are seeing your angelic form, are you not? What can you see in front of you and behind you? Angels – and the whole gathering is visibly sparkling. No one is in an ordinary form; everyone looks similar, in their angelic form. Internally, no matter how much difference there may be, the self knows it, why would we go into that? All we have to do is especially show our own angelic form, the complete angel. So, just see when you change into your angelic form, see how the gathering changes completely. Your own angelic form has emerged. Your sparkling form will remain with you for some time. So, has your angelic form become firm? I am in my angelic form. Experience this for some time and just see how sweet it is.

Now, Baba is emerging the angelic form: May you be in your angelic form. Now, become an angel in a second, and be ordinary in a second , and, by practising this, you will become angels. Now, stay in the angelic form. Stay longer in the angelic form. The confluence-aged, angelic form will remain in this world for some time. This angelic form will remain with you for some time. You will also experience very well how good this angelic form is. You can stay in the angelic form for as long as you want, however, that angelic form (of the subtle region) is not in our hands. This angelic form is in your life. Achcha.

It is the turn of Gujarat and Bhopal to serve . (In total, 24,000 have come. 1,000 Double foreigners have come from 75 countries. (13,000 have come from Gujarat and 4,000 have come from Bhopal.) Very good.

(Munniben said to Baba: Baba, You met everyone very well today, You spoke a very good murli.)

Some think, they have got to meet Baba in the last period, and as it is getting late, they are told to meet Baba quickly. But it is not like that. Time is not considered here. However, even Baba does not wait if someone comes late, except for when it comes to the Dadis. The Dadis are the foundation. Achcha.

(BapDada inaugurated the India One Solar Plant.)

Whatever has been made has been made in the yagya and so it will continue to be used in that way. As to the rest everything is fine.

* * * O M S H A N T I * * *

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