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The garland is your special memorial. Wear this garland and remain constantly garlanded. This sparkling garland is today’s special gift

(On the occasion of Shiv Jayanti, the whole of Diamond Hall was decorated very beautifully with garlands and Shiv Baba flags. Seeing the unlimited gathering of the children, BapDada garlanded all the children with the sparkling garland of His arms.)

Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations for Shiv Jayanti. How much happiness do all of you have in your hearts? Baba has entered everyone’s heart. Who is in everyone’s heart now? Baba. Look, there is Baba and only Baba. Wherever you look, there is Baba and only Baba. Baba and only Baba. Baba and only Baba. So, today, everyone is very happy. Why? Baba Himself has come to garland all the children. How will all of you look when Baba garlands each of you with a garland around your neck? So now, Baba has put a garland around each one’s neck, and all of you are wearing your garlands and looking so beautiful. Seeing each other’s garland, you are all so happy, and each one always has a garland from BapDada. Our decoration of the garland is remembered a lot and this is why even today, that memorial came to mind and all who are wearing the garlands of beads are sparkling so much. Wah! It is a wonder that everyone has put garlands here and there. The whole hall is decorated with garlands. So, whose memorial are the garlands? The Father’s and the children’s. No matter how much someone says that the remembrance of Baba is very, very good, there is Baba’s remembrance anyway. What would you do without the Father? It is the memorial. So, the first number memorial is of the brothers and sisters. Truly, you have worked hard and decorated yourselves and you have also decorated the hall. It feels as though there is this mela of happiness everywhere. So, this function is looking so good. It is as if Baba has decorated all of you with garlands, made you ready and made you sit here because the children are also with Baba. Along with Baba, all brothers and sisters will also have to be decorated a little. Your garlands are looking good even from a distance and Baba is also very happy to see all the garlands everywhere and says: Wah! Today, all the children have been decorated and are wearing garlands of beads. So, seeing the decoration of the gathering today, Baba is happy: Wah, My children, wah! You have become happy on seeing each other’s decorations. Baba too is experiencing so much happiness. Seeing each and every child, the Father is also smiling so much and you can see that. These are garlands of real flowers, but what original garland has Baba garlanded each one of you with? Look, there is a sparkling garland around the neck of each one of you.

Whether or not you decorate yourselves with flowers, “Wah, wah” is emerging from everyone’s lips. It is the same garland. The garland is looking so beautiful. The garland is the decoration. What is the greatest decoration in this country right now? It is of Baba. Look, there is a garland around everyone’s neck. Baba Himself has garlanded you. You are garlanded with common garlands anyway. That is common, but the meaning of this garland is good, it is great. This garland is a garland which is a memorial. Look at everyone. Everyone’s shoulders are sparkling. Look at one another, and see how so many necks are beautifully decorated. Seeing each one’s neck, each one is so happy. Wah! Wah! So, Baba is also happy to see the garlands around your necks. Wah! All of you who are garlanded, just look at your faces!

Completely red. So, such ones who are decorated with the garlands, the sparkling, garlanded children, if you could see everyone from here you would see the completely sparkling garlands. Everyone’s garland is sparkling so much. Everyone has a garland that they have received from Baba around their neck as well. It is around everyone’s neck and it looks beautiful around each one’s neck. Baba is sparkling around each one’s neck and so look at each one’s neck – it is sparkling so much because the garland is remembered as your memorial. So, today, the Father has directly garlanded all of you. Look at how these garlands are sparkling so much. The sparkle of the garlands is unique. Seeing each other’s garlands, you are so happy. Today, the hall is decorated with garlands. All of you can see your own garlands, can you not? Look how the garlands in the whole hall are sparkling so much; look at this as a detached observer. Now, when you get up, definitely look only at the garlands. All of you who are decorated with the garlands are looking so beautiful. Because you have a garland (haar), Maya is also defeated (haar khana – to be defeated). Seeing the garlands, Maya runs away and you become victorious. So, you are seeing your sparkling garlands, are you not? Those sitting at the back, those sitting on the right, all of you are decorated so well, and that is whether some of you have a garland or not. Because today, Baba has brought the garland to all of you and made you sit here. Each child is decorated with the garland in such a way that it is as though this is a garland of beads around your neck for all time. Are you seeing your garlands? Look how much the garland is sparkling around each one’s neck, and you yourselves are happy to see this. There is a rush everywhere.

Today, the garlands are sparkling very much. Each one of you can see your sparkling garland, can you not? Come here and look at the sparkle of each one’s garland. There is praise of each one’s garland. Who is decorating you so much? “My Baba.” What would all of you say? “My Baba.” Look at each one from the front and the back, from here and there, look at everyone – the garlands have come so quickly and are put around everyone’s neck. The garlands around each one’s neck are looking so beautiful. You are all seeing each other’s garland; all are garlanded. At such functions, Baba likes these thin garlands very much. Now, you have all come and some of you are wearing your garlands which are visible. Seeing the garland, it enters each one’s mind “My name is in the rosary, is it not?” Is it? All of you who are sitting here: are the names of all of you in the rosary? Raise your hands! All of you have this faith. O! Baba has created the rosary for all of us. Look, how the faces of all of you are decorated so well. Physically, no matter how much you decorate it, the garland of each one is sparkling and the picture of the sparkling garland of all of you is very good. It is worth keeping it with you. Take this gift from Baba when you go. Today’s gift is this garland. Does each one of you consider yourself to be such a sparkling bead of the rosary? Those of you who believe that the beads are around your neck, raise your hands! Wah, wah! Look, you are looking so well decorated with the garland. And Baba has especially made the garland for today. You will get it and then you will see its sparkle. Look, how the whole hall is so full of all the garlands. Now, each child is looking to see: it is around my neck, is it not? The more you look at them, the more the garlands increase. Seeing the gathering and each one with the garlands around them, BapDada is very pleased: Wah, wah, garlanded ones. Wah! These garlands are your memorial, are they not? Of the garlands. Whether you are garlanded with flower garlands or garlands made of anything else, the garland is the memorial. And, seeing one another, you are so happy. Wah! So-and-so is also wearing a garland. Seeing the children wearing the garlands, everyone is smiling. And each one has put it on in a second. Look, it looks so beautiful. Seeing the garlands, you remember the One who has put the garlands on you.

Today, all of you are the especially garlanded children. Just as there is the memorial of a garland, similarly, this garland is also a memorial. All of you look so good! The garland is sparkling around each one’s neck. Look how each one’s neck is looking so beautiful. There is a garland on Baba’s idol as well. The garland is a very good memorial. Where are all of you sitting? In the hall? All of you are sitting around Baba’s neck. You have seen the garland, have you not? The garland is sparkling a lot, but if you constantly move around up and down, what will be the show of the garland? So, now all of you are to be the ones who wear the garland and so look at your own picture. Each one’s neck is so beautifully decorated. Who will be garlanded with all these garlands? Baba will be. At the confluence age, Baba does not wear the garland.

The Father wears the garland with the children. If someone does not have a garland, if the beads are lost somewhere, then, you must take the beads of your garland before you go.

So, today, seeing the sparkling garlands around each one’s neck, Baba is so happy. Wah, you are seeing one another’s garland, are you not? Wah, wah is emerging from each one’s heart. Achcha. Now, it is getting late and this is why all the children have been shown as garlanded and in the rosary.

It is the turn of the Eastern and Tamil Nadu zones to serve: 15,000 have come from West Bengal, Bihar, Odisha and Assam. In total, 26,000 have come. All of you have been decorated on seeing one another. Wah, seeing all of you, the Father is also smiling. Wah, children, wah! Even now, let all of you take your picture before you go. Do not run away just like that.

Nepal (2500 have come): All of those who are wearing the garlands are seeing how much their garlands are sparkling. See how much sparkle there is. Look at how each bead of the rosary is sparkling so much.

Tamil Nadu (3000 have come): The sparkle of each one is good and it has been made well. Everyone, look at it in your hands. These sparkling garlands everywhere are looking so good. All of you, sit and show the show of your own garland. Now, sit down. Do not decorate yourselves too much but show however much you have done.

Double foreigners (1000 have come from 75 countries – The maximum number of double foreigners have come in this group.) The sparkle is so good. Look at the sparkle in the whole hall! It is so beautiful! All of you who are with the garlands, if you wish to keep your own token with yourselves, then BapDada will give you the memorial of the garlands, and if you turn your hands (palms) up, that is decorated so beautifully. It is sparkling as though it has come from heaven just now. All of you – look at your garlands, just shake it a little and look at it. Do not look at others, only look at yourselves – and you are sparkling so much. All of you sitting here, you change by wearing the garland. Firstly, you yourselves are the masters who are sparkling and, secondly, you have also been given the garland (of flowers); that too is sparkling a lot.

Thirdly, you also have this garland (of the arms) and its praise is the greatest of all. Now, just look at it, and then, another time, Baba will look at it with you holding it up.

Now, the garlands are sparkling, so hide everything else and simply put the garlands in the front and see what the gathering looks like.

BapDada hoisted the flag with His hands and gave everyone greetings for the 81st Trimurti Shiv Jayanti.

Om shanti. What have all of you come together for now? What is your main work here? That of transformation. So, have you brought about transformation? Now, all of you have to remain ever ready. You have to do it. It is accomplished. If you don’t want to do it, then go around and then come back.

Everyone, look! You are looking with love, are you not? You saw it comfortably, did you not? Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations for Shiv Jayanti, for the whole year. Today is a special day to celebrate. So each of you has lit this lamp within you; you hoisted the flag. You lit the lamp and a sparkle came on everyone’s face. You are happy, are you not? There is the sparkle of happiness on each one’s face. What do those who are sitting at the back think? Is Dilaram, the Comforter of Hearts, in everyone’s heart? Simply Dilaram and Dilwale, the One who has won the hearts. There can be as many things as you want, but until now, those who are residents of the confluence age are still studying. You do not know everything yet; you are still learning. However, when Baba says ‘Om shanti’ once, Baba wants all of you to become so happy, just as the sun and the moon look so beautiful. You have seen how beautiful they look, so, congratulations, congratulations to everyone on this day.

* * * O M S H A N T I * * *

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