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This unlimited family is such a good and wonderful family. This meeting is not an ordinary meeting. W e are all meeting now, by meeting in this way, we shall become one. R emain c onstantly happy and share happiness.

Om shanti. Look at how all the brothers and sisters are sitting and listening in this unlimited hall today with so much bliss. In everyone’s mind is just this: We are in the unlimited hall and are stable in an unlimited stage. It may be a hall and everyone may be sitting in the hall, but sitting in the unlimited hall in an unlimited gathering, while sitting in the limited, you are smiling so much with the experience of the unlimited. The Father is in everyone’s forehead and in the Father’s forehead are all the children. Each one is smiling so sweetly. In the Father’s mind is: My sweet children, and in the children’s minds is: My sweet Baba. The meeting of the Father and the children is so pleasant, so sweet. Upon seeing one another, each one feels, “Wah my unlimited family! Everyone has come away from the limited into the unlimited. Wherever you see, you look your own unlimited family. It feels so sweet. It is an unlimited family. Seeing one another in the midst of this unlimited family, you are so happy. To sit in the unlimited in this way is also fixed in the drama. See, how by sitting in the unlimited hall, you are happy on seeing one another. The Father says: Wah children! Wah! And the children say, “Wah Baba! Wah!” This scene is also fixed. Each one is happy on seeing the family. Wah the unlimited family! Wah! It is an unlimited family, is it not? Yes, raise your hands in this way. An unlimited family – you have all gathered together on the unlimited field. You are enjoying yourselves so much in the unlimited. Seeing the unlimited family, all of you have come into the unlimited. See how all of you are sitting in the unlimited family, just as a small family has got together. Wherever you look, there are Brahma Kumars and Brahma Kumaris. Seeing such a big family, there is so much happiness. Wah! It is such a good family. In a short time, this family, this lovely family, have come together. It feels as though we have met beforehand. We shall continue to meet in this way. This meeting is also a wonderful meeting. There is so much happiness upon seeing one another. There is so-and-so, and so-and-so too. Wah! Wherever you look, there is so much sweetness. What is reflected on everyone’s face? Seeing “My Baba, My Baba”, everyone is smiling so much. It is as though you are seeing after many days that you have forgotten. You are now all sitting together and it feels so sweet. All of you have met one another after so long. You have found such a big family, and so there is that happiness. There is happiness on seeing the family, is it not? It is such a big family. Baba, You have now shown us this Hall, and so no matter what happens, we would come to this h all. So much fun! This meeting is not an ordinary meeting. It is after so many years that you and I are seeing one another in the corporeal form and we are happy to see one another. The song of “Wah wah!” is playing in each one’s heart. Although you and I are living separately now, it feels while living separately as though we have come from somewhere to another place in order to have this meeting. This is also a short meeting but now there are the hopes that we will continue to meet in this way. Otherwise, it feels so far away and you have seen what the meeting is all about. You have now met and seen for yourself, and so, you won’t remember separating so much. All of you extremely love this meeting, do you not? Do you love it? Let us continue to keep sitting in this way, eating in this way, however, it is still a body. It is not a subtle body, it is still physical.

BapDada is very pleased to see the children. What is emerging in each one’s heart? I just feel, “I have found my Baba”, that is all. Now, seeing Baba, it feels that He is so lovely. Our aprons have been filled with love. So now, what will you all do? All of you met one another. Having celebrated a meeting we shall still have to separate. In each one’s heart is – what does the separation of so many days feel like now? Where were you? What was it? However, this part of meeting and separating is also a wonderful part. Now that we are meeting, it feels so lovely. After some time, we will be separated again. This separation doesn’t feel good. When shall we be together like this again? Now, you just remember how we met together, how we became separated and that the day for meeting has now come again. Do you have the happiness of the day of the meeting? Do you have the happiness?

This meeting has become that of sometimes. Now, by constantly remembering the meeting, there will be nothing but meeting and more meeting. Do you love this meeting? Raise your hands. Look, how good it looks. See. The photographers will lock this (scene) in their cameras. You used to remember these meetings that were among yourselves and today, you are actually meeting; that day has also come. (Baba, 25,000 people have come today.) Everyone is so happy. You never even had it in your thoughts that so many would meet, but today, they are all meeting. Today is the day for the meeting.

Today is the turn for Indore to serve: It is Indore’s duty. It is good. Look, those from Indore are happy that they are looking after the duty. It is such a wonderful thing that this was fixed in the drama. This was the day of the meeting too. Now, at least you are able to meet if you want to. What is in your heart now? The treasure of happiness.

500 Double foreign brothers and sisters have come from 50 countries: Wave your hands. It is good, at least this many were able to meet. It has been so long since we met. As we keep meeting, we will become one. You have the happiness of meeting, do you not? How much happiness do you have? Raise your hands. How much happiness do you have? How much happiness do you have? Look, it looks so good on here (on the TV.)

600 brothers and sisters have come from Calcutta to decorate everywhere with flowers on the day of remembrance. 600 have come. It is easy here, you have all come and you have also found a good place to sit. All of you were happy to meet one another. You were so happy. At least you were able to meet. All of you are happy in your hearts to meet one another. We shall now continue to meet in this way. It can be even more often than this.

Even the Father is happy because all the children have come together. The Father is so happy.

BapDada meeting Dadi Janki: (Dadiji presented BapDada with a golden flower.) Oh! Look! this golden flower is for you. (Baba, it is for You.) For Me means that it is for everyone. It has been sent for you too, has it not? There is so much happiness upon seeing the children. Very good. Baba is seeing everyone. (Dadi shook hands with Baba.) It is not just the one hand, everyone’s hand is in Baba’s hand. Look, you met for a short time, at least you met and saw Baba. We shall now continue to meet. Say, “My Baba has come!” Now, will you be able to stay without meeting? As we keep meeting, we will become one. Everyone is happy. All the Father wants is that everyone remains happy and that there is no difficulty. OK?

BapDada meeting Dada Narayan and Manoj (Brahma Baba’s son and grandson): Very good. It feels as though we were already together. Now, we will continue to meet. Come here from time to time, keep coming, that is all. Now, there is this much. Now, with one method or another, we will find a place where we will all stay together. Now look for that. Is that OK? What can so many Pandavs, Shaktis and kumaris not do? Now, everything is already accomplished, but you just have to put your hand to it, that is all.

Remain constantly happy and share happiness with everyone. Even if you have nothing else, at least you have your happiness, do you not? When you share happiness amongst yourselves, the atmosphere itself will change in such a way that when anyone comes, they would see that “this is a palace of happiness, everyone is so happy.” Go and ask anyone: Do you have happiness or not? If you are happy, raise your hands! Yes, look! Everyone is happy. Stay happy, that is all. Is that OK?

You have found Baba, so stay happy! All crying etc. has now finished. Now, just continue to smile. Whoever meets whoever, simply continue to smile. Everyone is now smiling. Now, everyone has to go to work and bring back a report that you have done a lot of work. Continue to smile, continue to laugh, continue to work, but do not forget Baba. When you forget Baba, you receive sorrow. Therefore, it is simply: My Baba, my Baba, my Baba! Simply Baba and I. What will you do now? You have to work. Do your work, but do it happily. Do you understand what you have to do? Do not let go of your happiness. Keep this happiness with you.

Rameshbhai has sent remembrances from the Shantivan Trauma Hospital. Rameshbhai has been a good server from the beginning. He has sent remembrance even now. All of you must have also received his remembrances, and all he wants is that none of Baba’s children should be troubled. “What can I do? How can I do it?” – not like this. Whatever day it is, celebrate it in happiness. When you celebrate in happiness, you will receive more happiness and with your happiness increasing, the atmosphere will be constantly filled with happiness.

* * * Om shanti * * *

Dadi Janki’s message for 18 th January, 2017, the Day of Remembrance

Om shanti. Today, the 18th January is my beloved Baba’s day of remembrance. Sakar Baba has given us children love, study and sustenance. He has given us so much love, sustenance and taught us such an elevated study in such a simple way. The study is such that each of Baba’s elevated versions has touched my heart. This awareness enables us to put Baba’s elevated versions into our lives. We are with Baba in Paramdham, Nirvanadham and Shantidham. Though Baba himself has become avyakt, having become avyakt, Baba is giving us a lot of sustenance and we are receiving wonderful sustenance. Today, the gathering was full. In remembrance of Baba, each one feels: Who am I and who is mine? Baba gives a feeling of Himself in such a way that love for Baba is deep in every bone, every vein. It is through this sustenance of Baba’s love that each one is able to be conquerors of attachment and embodiments of remembrance. We have become free from body consciousness and attachment.

What can I share in remembrance of such a sweet Baba? Heart and head – do you know where the heart is and where the head is? In our heads we have the study and in our hearts, we have Baba.

Baba said: Incorporeal, viceless and egoless. We have to create such a stage. First we have to be incorporeal, where Baba himself resides, having become avyakt. That is not the incorporeal world, but the subtle world, from where we too can also draw from Baba now. Baba is our Mother, Father, Teacher, and Protector too. He is also the Satguru, giving us shrimat which we place on our head with so much regard. Baba’s each elevated version is shrimat for us children. On the day of remembrance, each of Baba’s elevated versions, each scene and scenery with Baba in the avyakt form also comes in front of me. Even in the avyakt form, we have very good experiences of Baba’s avyakt sustenance.

See how all the vibrations go from here, from Madhuban, to the whole world. Even sitting far away, everyone has the experience of Baba’s company. Although I am not able to tour around everywhere, the vibrations, the atmosphere and Baba’s elevated versions are reaching everyone everywhere. Thank you. Om shanti.

What more can I share of this day of remembrance? Baba is in my eyes. Baba is in my heart and head. Baba has said: If you want to, you can become part of the 8, 108 or 16,000. What do I want to be a part of? I want to be one of the 8. The more remembrance you have, the more power you receive from Baba in your effort. Baba says: Remember the one Father. Those who come to Madhuban: Let your attitude, awareness and stage be such that you can move along according to the hopes that Baba has in us. We don’t need anything else.

The Lord is pleased with an honest heart. When the child has courage, the Father helps. This has been my life. When your intentions are pure and clean, your desires are fulfilled. Whatever thoughts you have, Baba makes them happen practically. Thank you.

* * * Om shanti * * *

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