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The Comforter of Hearts is One, those with a heart are many and “Mera Baba” is merged in each one’s heart. There is pleasure in this life of happiness. No matter what happens, practise remaining stable in a constant and steady stage as soon as you receive a signal, Merge yourself in supersensuous joy according to the order

There is pleasure in this life of happiness. No matter what happens, practise remaining stable in a constant and steady stage as soon as you receive a signal, Merge yourself in supersensuous joy according to the order.
Om shanti. Who is merged in the mind of each of you? Although there are so many of you in this whole gathering, all of you are taking drishti from the Father with so much love. In each one’s drishti is the Father and the Father’s children are all merged in deep love. Each one’s heart is saying just one thing: “My Baba, My Baba, (Mera Baba)”, that’s all. Each of you is giving your remembrance with so much love. No matter how many are sitting here or wherever you are sitting, each one has remembrance of just the one thing in their heart. What is that? Mera Baba. What is in each one’s heart? Just mera Baba. In each one’s heart is merged the Father’s songs or poetry of love. There is just the one song playing in each one’s heart: Wah, Baba of my heart! Baba and I! There is just this in the hearts of all of you, is it not? Me and my Baba. Though there are two (Baba and you), you are one. Just this one Baba is merged in the heart of each one. Each one of you can ask yourself: Who is in my heart? The wonder is that there are many hearts, but there is just the One merged in it. Raise your hands, who is in your heart? No matter how many hearts there are, just the One is merged in each one’s heart. This is a wonder! There is just the One in each one’s heart and He is so lovely that, no matter how much you try to forget Him, He cannot be forgotten. Remembrance of Him just continues to increase. It is a wonder: What would such a huge gathering say? Mera Baba! There is the remembrance of One in everyone’s heart. Mera Baba, sweet Baba, lovely Baba! And so much love is merged in this. Only the one Baba is merged in each one’s heart. There are so many of you sitting here, but only the One is merged in your hearts. Each one of you knows who is in your heart at this time. In the hearts of the majority of you, there is only the One merged in it. Though there are many of you sitting here, this gathering is of those who have only the one Baba merged in their heart. Who is in each one’s heart? Mera Baba. Baba is so lovely. Though there are so many of you here, in the hearts of the majority of you, only Baba is merged in it. Mera Baba is merged in the heart in such a way that it is difficult for Him to be removed from the heart. What do all of you say with love? What do you say when you meet one another? What is my Baba like? What is my Baba doing? Mera Baba, Mera Baba. There is the song too, is there not? And when you sing a song, it would be just this one. So, while sitting here, if Baba were to make you raise your hands in the midst of so many, for “Who is in the heart of all of you?”, all of you would say, “Baba, Mera Baba!” All of you, put your hands up straight! See how beautiful the hands of all of you stretched up high look. You do not sing about this externally, because, when you sing out loud, there would be a difference in the songs. However, you all have just the One in your hearts. What is each one’s heart saying? Mera Baba, Mera Baba, and everyone is very happy remembering the one Baba. Look, look at each one’s face. Each one’s heart is singing the one song: My Baba, sweet Baba. Though there are so many hearts, who is in each one’s heart? Mera Baba. It feels so good; no matter what happens, there is only “My Baba, my Baba” in my heart. Seeing this, that there is “My Baba” always in my heart, everyone is happy. This is such a huge gathering, and yet there is just the One in each one’s heart. It is like that, is it not? What would be in each one’s heart? Baba. There is just the One in the heart. You would also say, “My Baba”, the other one would also say, “My Baba” and the next one would also say, “My Baba”. It is so intoxicating! So, like this, there is always Baba in your heart and nothing else. When anyone looks in your heart, what is visible? My Baba is sitting there. Look around everywhere, who is sitting there? Baba is sitting in me. Mera Baba.
Baba always says: Keep “My Baba” hidden inside you in such a way that no one can remove Him from there. Look at everyone’s face. Those of you who are sitting here just have “My Baba” in your hearts, and so you can see what each one’s face is like! You are smiling. You are dancing internally with so much happiness. “Mera Baba, the One who is mine has come”. He is the Baba of my heart. Even to say this feels so sweet, “Mera Baba”. So, whatever you have in your heart, never forget “Mera Baba”. There is only the One in each one’s heart. Even if He is not in the hearts of some, in reality who is this gathering of? It is of those who have the Comforter of Hearts in their hearts! When you look at each one’s heart, what is in it? The Comforter of Hearts. This is what Baba wants. No matter what you do, let “Mera Baba” be merged in your heart. What is in each one’s heart? What would be in the hearts of the whole gathering now? Sweet Baba. It is such a gathering of those who have just the one Comforter of Hearts in their hearts. The Comforter of Hearts is One and yet there are so many of those with a heart. Only the one Baba is present in each one’s heart. No matter how much someone says, “No, they have someone else in their heart”, it cannot remain like that. “Mera Baba.” There is so much pleasure that there is just the One in each one’s heart. Look how the atmosphere is such that it gives so much happiness. If you want to see a gathering of supersensuous joy, see it here. If something were to happen, each one’s heart would say, “Wah Baba, wah!” Who is in each one’s heart? It is so pleasing that, no matter how many there are, and there may be someone else in between, when the majority says, “Baba, Baba”, then there is only the one Baba in each one’s heart. There is so much pleasure in this. What are the vibrations that you receive in this gathering? There is the remembrance of just the one Baba. So, if all of you are asked: “Who is in your heart?”, all of you would say, “Mera Baba!” So, there is pleasure in this, is there not? The gathering is one, but it is of the One being merged in each one. There is just the one gathering and the one Magician. What is each one’s heart singing? Wah, Mera Baba, wah! Now speak! (Everyone spoke: Wah, my Baba, wah!) So, every day, when you are getting ready to go – in fact, all of you have remembrance of Baba when you are doing all your work – but even so, when you get ready to go to work or whatever else, there is so much pleasure! Is there anyone who doesn’t remember Baba now, today – not in the golden age? Is there anyone who makes effort to have remembrance of Baba? Is there? Raise your hands! Look, the gathering appears so good. Come and see how good the whole gathering looks. There is pleasure in having remembrance. What else is there? There is only pleasure, is there not? What else do you want? If anyone asks you what is in your mind, what you would say, “Baba!” You have given your heart to Baba. Whenever you remember Him, “Mera Baba”. There is pleasure in having remembrance of the One, is there not? Do you enjoy it? It is because you are remembering the One. There are not many you have to remember that you would say, “I don’t know if I will remember Him or not.” There is just the one Baba. What can you not receive through this remembrance? Whatever you want, whether you want happiness or games and entertainment, there is the wave of happiness in each one’s heart, because it is our time for the remembrance of happiness. So, did you experience happiness in a second or does it take effort? There is not much effort (mehnat) as there is love (muhobbat). Each one is sitting in their own pleasure. So, a worthwhile life is this one in which you have remembrance of the One; and there is just Manmanabhav. Now remember just Baba and forget everything else. So, everyone will do this in a second, will you not? Does it require effort? Baba says, “Now, om shanti.” So, can you all now become stable in the form of “om shanti” in a second? Say “yes” or “no”. There is pleasure when it is said in one second and Baba gets a response of “Yes” from everywhere in a second. It isn’t good if there is a response from some and not from others. When Baba says, “Manmanabhav”, let everyone become Manmanabhav. This is possible, is it not? Baba simply says, “Come, let’s go on the pilgrimage of remembrance” and so let everyone reach there in a second. All of you sitting here, can you sit in remembrance of Baba in a second? There is so much pleasure in remembrance of the One. It is a life of such happiness. Wah! Those of you who feel that your stage at present is one that gives happiness, raise your hands! Achcha. Look, those in the front, those at the back, each one, look at your face, what is it? Everyone is lost in love and in remembrance. You can have this stage for however long you want, but you need to have this practice. Now, for everyone, Baba says, not one second, but one minute: If Baba were to say, “Wah, my supersensuous life of happiness!”, is each one of you able to create this stage of yours in a second? Raise your hands! Each one, raise your hands straight! Come here and see how beautiful the gathering looks. You need to practise this. No matter what happens, even if there is any pain or anything happens, let there be no difference on your face. At least keep smiling. Such a practice is needed. As soon as you receive an order, sit in supersensuous joy, are you able to sit in this stage? Now, let everyone sit in this experience for two minutes. Supersensuous joy – sit in this wave and see how much pleasure there is in it. There is so much happiness in swinging in the swing of supersensuous joy. No matter what happens or what situations come in front of you, do not forget this happiness. Is this possible? Does it happen? You say it’s not possible but it does happen because, after all, what is our life? Ask your heart what is in your heart. Look in your heart: is there is any sorrow or peacelessness? If there is, you can ask the cause of it and also finish it. Baba says: My children. He would say this, would He not? It is not possible that you are “His children” and that you are not happy. The majority of My children would be happy. Now, the majority of you, speak honestly, there isn’t any choking inside, is there? Because, what is our life, after all? If you give your introduction, what would you say? Happiness, peace, bliss and love: this is our life. Is it like that? Whenever you look within, it should not be that you feel that your life is not like this. Why did another life come? Since it is Baba’s order, you have to stay in this life. So, why should you leave it? Let the stage of a life filled with happiness remain for all time. How many of you feel that the majority of you live like this? Raise your hands! You are raising your hands well. What is the big deal if you make effort? Your stage will be what you stabilise yourself in. Ultimately, who is the master? We are the masters, are we not? You simply need to pay attention to this. When your attention is distracted here and there, it puts you in a spin. So, you need to experience this throughout the day, because this practice is very essential. Ultimately, whatever situations come, when you receive a signal to have a constant and steady stage, stabilise yourself in that. Each one of you has to have this practice in your rehearsal for the whole day. Achcha. It is not a big deal if you sit in this stage for one hour. It is my stage, is it not? If you do not sit in this stage, that is your own weakness. If you try to remain stable in this stage, you will experience your life to be very good, as though you are lying on a bed filled with happiness. You must definitely practise this. No matter what happens, let my stage be in my own hands. So, with so many of you sitting here, are you able to remain stable in this stage when you are told to? Look at your own effort. Or, do you begin to think “I am in this stage, I am not in this s
tage”. It should be in your own hands.

If you want to become stable in a particular stage, you should be able to do so. What would you call yourself if you are not able to do this? Yogi? If you begin to develop this practice gradually, you can stabilise yourself in this stage whenever you want. Throughout the day, you must all try to stabilise yourself in this stage. You can check this by yourselves. Whether or not you can do this throughout the day is in your own hands. To be able to stabilise your intellect is in your own hands; and you can do this. Now, while all of you were sitting, did you experience your stage to be good? Those who did and your heart agrees, raise your hands. Achcha. All of you have raised your hands. Achcha. Some of you may be able to stabilise yourself in this for a short time and others for a longer time, but you must definitely be able to stabilise yourself in this stage for as long as you are asked to do so. Did all of you try this? Definitely continue to try this. If you are able to create this stage whenever you want, you can be brought into the line of those who are “yogeshwar” (one who has yoga with God alone). If someone wants to create the stage they want in a particular atmosphere at a particular time, and are able to do that, raise your hands! Are you able to do this? Many of you have raised your hands. It is good. If it is like that whenever you wish, you can sit in that stage for half an hour. Practise this by yourselves, every now and then. You simply have to pay attention because, ultimately, you have to make progress in the stage of being able to control your mind. Though so many of you are sitting here together, while sitting together, when you receive an order to sit for half an hour or for an hour and 15 minutes, you need to be able to control yourself when you want, for as long as you want. This practice is also very essential. Your stage can be anything anytime, but let your stage be such that it is what you want it to be for as long as you want. Though it may be during the day, even then, if you want to be able to control it at such a time, you need to be able to control it. You have to have this practice also. You can do it. It is possible to do this much. For instance, suppose you are sitting in an ordinary form now, and if you receive an order to control your mind, that is, to stabilise yourself in this stage for half an hour, are you able to do this? Or, will you repeatedly have to pay attention to it? You may have to do this, but you must definitely practise this in order to be able to hold yourself in a stage that you want, whenever you want. Whoever is able to hold onto this stage when they want to, raise your hands! When you wish to hold onto this stage, having been able to reach that stage, that should be your stage. There has to be this practice too, because the times are about to come when you will need to be able to put the order you receive into practice. An order means an order. Let it not be that you receive an order now and that it takes you time to put it into a practical form. You must definitely have this practice. Whenever you are free, during the day, as soon as you issue an order, it is followed. You must now make effort for such a stage. This practice is essential. OK. You may think that you are going to sit for ten minutes and instead you are able to sit for five minutes. No matter how long it is, it is essential for the order to be followed. Do you think this is possible now? Achcha.

It is the turn of UP, Benares, West Nepal to serve: 11,000 have come from UP and in total, there are 23,000. All of you are now making such effort and you must continue to do so, because when you have this practice, you can then tell others. Otherwise, you will feel ashamed to even talk about it to others. So, you need to have this practice. At any time, it can be the time for you to take a paper, and so you must have this practice. Are all of you happy? Raise your hands! By continuing to practise this, everything will become easy. Nothing is difficult. You simply have to keep doing it. OK, sometimes, the time is such that you only have a short amount of time. Even though you have little time, you need to practice. Do not give up this practice. You have to keep making yourself practise this on your own. Practise completing this in the time that you set for yourself. You must now be tired from the whole day and so Baba is not making you do it now. You may do this comfortably in your own time, but keep doing it. Continue to practise this little by little for as much a time as you want and it will happen. This is Baba’s blessing.

600 double foreign brothers and sisters have come from 50 countries: (Little children sang a song.) You may sing loudly. (Mere sang sang chalte Baba – Baba walks along with me.)
Speaking to Dadis: Do you think this is possible? If attention is paid, what is not possible? Everything is possible, but only if you have firm faith. You have to do it. If, for instance, you do not begin now, but if you are suddenly asked today to do this from tomorrow, that you have to practise this for one hour, would you be able to do it? Those who are able to do it, raise your hands. There are only a few. It does not matter.
Baba, it is the New Year. (Nirwairbhai said to Baba). When You say, “Happy New Year, everyone will do the same. Everyone did this with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm. Very good. “Happy New Year”.
Brijmohanbhai said: After midnight, it will be Dadi Janki’s 101st birthday. Dadi’s birthday will be celebrated tomorrow evening with a lot of splendour. Many, many congratulations to Dadiji from everyone.
(Rameshbhai is in the Trauma Centre in Shantivan. BapDada was given his remembrance.) Give Rameshbhai many, many greetings for the New Year. Continue the treatment that the doctors have prescribed. The child is in BapDada’s vision. BapDada is giving him power.
BapDada gave everyone greetings for the New Year
You are all happy to hear about the greetings for the New Year, are you not? Everyone is internally very happy. It is just that the time is such that everyone must be hungry and this is why they are all leaving. Many, many greetings to all of you for the New Year that is just beginning. Did all of you receive greetings? All of you can keep these greetings carefully and also share them with others.
Nirwairbhai said: On behalf of everyone, multimillion-fold thanks to BapDada for all the greetings that He has given to all of us.
Gulzar Dadi said: Baba has sent lots and lots of love and remembrances to all of you. On behalf of all of you, I will also give Baba greetings.
* * * O M S H A N T I * * *

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