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The memories of the first avyakt meeting are merged in the picture in everyone’s heart. On everyone’s lips and in everyone’s heart there is: My Baba, sweet Baba, lovely Baba.

Om Shanti. On this day, Brahma Baba is remembered more. This is the day when the part of a meeting with BapDada in the subtle region was enacted and BapDada’s image was clearly revealed in everyone’s face. The same words emerged from everyone’s lips: Our Baba! Our Baba is meeting us! That was the day when all of you children were meeting in the avyakt form, just as all of you are meeting Baba now. So this was the day, the first day, when the Father met the children in the avyakt form. That day which is called the day of the avyakt meeting is in everyone’s mind. The meeting took place through the avyakt form and Baba’s eyes; it was the first day of the avyakt meeting in the avyakt form. Baba saw this scene of the avyakt meeting in everyone’s heart and everyone celebrated the day of the avyakt meeting. The divine activity of each day is unique. So, the heart has really loved this avyakt day. Even while being in the corporeal world, there was the avyakt meeting, the avyakt day and the avyakt scenes all around in everyone’s eyes. Such an avyakt meeting in the gathering was being celebrated as the day of the meeting of the Father with the children in the avyakt form. From everyone’s lips, the words emerged, “Baba! O Baba! Sweet Baba! You saw the avyakt form in the corporeal form and the majority were celebrating this avyakt day with that love and in that form. This avyakt meeting, the meeting with the sakar (corporeal) form, this sweet meeting was pulling the heart of everyone. Those who used to meet in the sakar form were being reminded of that meeting, the avyakt meeting, as a very sweet experience. “My Baba! Sweet Baba!…You remember that meeting, do you not? Who came on the first day? Out of this whole gathering, who came to celebrate that meeting? Raise your hands!

See, you celebrated that day of the meeting with a big heart. At the time when you were celebrating, everyone was waiting. BapDada was celebrating a meeting in the sakar form and just then, you were celebrating a meeting with avyakt Brahma. Everyone was remembering that day. That was the first day of Avyakt Baba. It was the first day of the celebration of the meeting through the eyes. Just as you are celebrating the avyakt meeting today, similarly, you celebrated the avyakt day. Each one was celebrating the joy of the avyakt meeting in his mind. That day is automatically being remembered in the picture in everyone’s heart. In which form would the children have met Baba and Baba have met the children? You remember that day. The children who are sitting in the front were remembering those days. You must be remembering the direct meeting of the Father with the children, of how the meeting of that first day took place in the subtle region. Well, it was a meeting for some time, and everyone’s face was as if this day would always remind them. So, everyone celebrated this day, the day of the meeting. In everyone’s heart is just: My Baba! My Baba! My Baba! And the eyes are sparkling. All of you who are sitting here, you all have two eyes. Perhaps there are some helpless ones who are unable to see, but the Father was seeing the children and the children were also seeing the Father. From the lips of both emerged, “My Baba! My Baba! My Baba!” Just think: how would the meeting at that time have been? It is difficult to forget that day. When you remember that day, you especially remember that day because it was the first day when the incorporeal came into the corporeal and from the corporeal, Baba was meeting all the children in the form of the subtle Brahma. All of you remember that scene, do you not? The water (tears) from the eyes; the eyes were reminding you of that day. Everyone’s heart was saying: These days are the very special days of remembrance. At the time when the children were celebrating that avyakt meeting with the Father, just think what the condition of the whole gathering would have been! Everyone just went back into the memory of that day. Like this, everyone was lost in those memories. All of you might remember those days too. And those who came here at that time must be remembering a lot. That remembrance was very deep. The water flowing from everyone’s eyes was like the Ganges and Jamuna rivers. So this day is special. Everyone thought: We don’t know how we will be able to live any more. However, Baba knew. Baba said: This is a lovely day, not the day to cry. Baba showed a scene to show you what the form of love is. So the love in everyone’s heart was revealed. Achcha.

It is the turn of Delhi and Agra to serve, 15,000 have come from there. There is a total of 22,000 who have come. It is good. Those who have come now (from Delhi and Agra) to meet, all of those, remain standing and the rest sit down. It is good. BapDada has made you in particular raise your hands because however many have come, you have all celebrated a meeting. All of you celebrated a meeting, did you not? In the meeting, you were also given some homework; you were told about what you have to do in the future too. So, see, how much Baba remembers this auspicious day of the children. No one forgets it, you continue to celebrate it in different ways, but you and Baba cannot forget the specialty of each day. The specialty of each day reminds you of this and the activities that took place at different times, those divine activities – sometimes one activity, sometimes another – all of you must have seen those.
Double foreigners – 300 brothers and sisters have come from 30 countries: All of you have come close. Baba remembers the children so much. Each child comes at different times, but the game of those who are remembered and those who came here is weird. They come and meet Baba and put the things in their hearts in front of the Comforter of Hearts and then return. However, those matters are deep matters of the heart, are they not? It is as though the atmosphere of the whole gathering, the atmosphere of the hall, is decorated with the walls of remembrance. On all the walls, it is written: My Baba, sweet Baba, lovely Baba. It appears to have been written in a very lovely design. Did you see it? You did, did you not? Those who are able to see it, raise your hands! The signs of your love that you saw became a memorial. A day that is a memorial does not have to be constantly remembered, but those days have themselves become a memorial.

Speaking to the Dadis: Did you see the gathering? (I saw Baba.) When you saw Baba, you saw everything. Everyone was made to swing in the swing of love in the heart. Look at everyone’s face. All of you are now swinging, are you not? Where are all of you sitting? All of you are sitting in a swing, in a swing. All of you are saying, “Baba, Baba” in your hearts, because otherwise, there would be chaos. What is going on in the heart of each one of you? Baba, Baba, Baba! It is good, is it not? Baba is also pleased to see the love of you children, to see how much love you have in your hearts and how you describe it with your hearts. Look, what does BapDada’s heart say? Should Baba tell you? If you don’t say anything, then the Father will tell you. Each one’s face is speaking. In fact you are far away, so you are not able to understand, but each one of you is speaking in your heart. The things of the heart reach BapDada first. A photographer captures each one’s face in his little thing (camera). Just see: the faces of some are wilted, you can’t tell what they are thinking. However, Baba is able to see those children who always remain cheerful. In their hearts, they always have one picture or another of their meeting, just as you all keep it as a special day for meeting.

Speaking to Dadi Ratanmohini: Your health is getting better, is it not?

When you think that Baba is meeting you, then you will have the feeling that the Father is meeting you. In a subtle way, the Father is far away, but in a subtle way, BapDada’s image is merged in your heart, is it not? Each one of you can be merged in the heart. No matter what happens, whether there is a hurricane or a storm, no matter what it is, but the meeting of the heart, the condition of the heart, food for the heart are all accepted with a lot of love. Everyone becomes happy. Achcha.

* * * O M S H A N T I * * *

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