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(Today, BapDada came in Shantivan but took the children on a tour of their future capital, Delhi. He therefore remembered the different places in Delhi again and again.)

Om shanti. Look, it is after such a long time that this many brothers and sisters have come here to meet Baba. No matter what happens anywhere, you still have to come here to meet the Father. You come to meet Baba with so much love, bringing so many facilities with you. BapDada is pleased to see each jewel who has come from so far away to meet Him. The Father also comes to meet them and the children also come to meet. There are no excuses or objections here. The Father comes and the children too come: there is so much love in the minds of both, so much enthusiasm that you are constantly flying. Each one of you can ask your mind because each of you definitely has the enthusiasm in your mind that Baba comes into the corporeal from so far away. Baba comes from so far away and the children too come from so far away. In one way, this meeting brings much more splendour. There is so much enthusiasm in each one’s mind of where you are going. You are going to meet Baba! It is good to meet Baba, but each one of you continues to see where you have come from and where you have come to. (Today, Baba took everyone on a tour of our future capital, Delhi.) Today, you met Baba, but you met Him in Delhi. Those from Delhi consider themselves to have such great fortune that God has come for them. There has never been such a huge mela before as there is now. Where are Baba and the children meeting? Do you know that? Where are you meeting? Where has BapDada come to meet all of you with so much happiness? In Delhi or in Madhuban? Everyone has become so full, and you have been remembering this day for so long as to when that date will come when the meeting between the Father and the sons takes place? Everyone was remembering this day. When will it come? It has come today. This day is a special day for the meeting. You are all so happy in your hearts about where you have come to. You have come to Delhi. Or, have you come to Madhuban? It is a different matter in Madhuban. Today you have come to Delhi, and you are so happy. For those who are not able to come so far, it is as though they are going to heaven. It is a matter of such great happiness. Ask each one’s heart. You have reached now. “This day is so beautiful and the most beautiful of all is our Baba. He has arrived in Delhi!” You have to rule in Delhi, but you first have to serve in Delhi too. You also have to meet Baba. See for some, it is so far away to meet Baba. The Father also cannot stay without meeting you. Achcha, take this pleasure too. Children are also very clever. But when Baba sees that children from all directions have so much love, the Father also wishes that the children should see everything. The Father also understands that you have been living in Abu and so what more are you going to see in Abu? Whatever little there is, you have already seen that. What more would you see? This is why a programme was made to see the famous places nearby like Jaipur etc. You should also see such main places here. You too like this, do you not? You should see the main places. Baba has to take the children on a tour. Delhi is number one in our kingdom. You will rule in Delhi, will you not? Where will your kingdom be? You are going to rule in Delhi, are you not? The kingdom is being prepared for you. See how everyone has arrived here with great happiness and the Father is also happy because you are going to rule there. You are going to rule in Delhi, are you not? (We will rule in Delhi and do tapasya in Shantivan.) Everyone had the desire since a long time to see their capital, of where they will rule. You are the ones who are going to rule, are you not? So, see it from now, and if you want to make any addition, tell Baba that this seems to be a little less. Baba is pleased with what the children are pleased with. It is good. When children say with an open heart, that they will surely see this place, the Father also takes you there. Some people feel a little tired or something else, but by getting them to meet for 5 minutes a yogi son or daughter, give them an aim that fills them with strength so they don’t leave in-between. At least however many have emerged should come here. Where will you all rule? Delhi is the main place, is it not? Do you feel that you will rule here? Our kingdom is being prepared. Why is all of this happening? Nature is also being prepared for us. The Father is also seeing that nature is helping you a lot because BapDada sees that you children are making very good effort. All of you are making good effort in helping and explaining. Everyone is happy and they are also happy in touring around. Are you happy? Those who are happy, raise your hands! You are raising your hands. No matter how much you say, BapDada is with you. This is something wonderful. The Father is also enjoying Himself with the children. So, the children are also happy. Generally, so many cannot stay together, but now that BapDada has made a programme, let each one see every place. You have the happiness of seeing the kingdom, do you not? You will rule here and if you have seen the main kingdom, you have then seen everything. Baba knows that everyone wants to tour around. However, He also gives a little rest to everyone in between. Sometimes, due to tiredness, some are not able to tour around so much. However, if you want to see something, then by going on a tour with your own interest and your own heart, there is less tiredness. All of you are going to rule in Delhi. They just come here to give lectures and you have seen what their quality is. Did all of you like this – all that you have seen in advance and the place where you are going to rule? Did you see it? Did you like it? Achcha.

It is the turn of Karnataka and Indore to serve. BapDada is pleased. All of you are preparing your capital with love. Some things have been done and others are being done. You can see very well all that there will be in your kingdom. And if there is anything in missing in particular, you can tell Baba. Do you like Delhi? You are going to rule there, later too, are you not? You are going to do that too in Delhi. You have been sitting here for so long and so you must be tired. Everyone now sit for three minutes and then it will be time to take leave. It is the Silver Jubilee year of the Global Hospital. Very good. What are we going to do now?

400 Double foreigners have come from 40 countries. You have all seen Mt. Abu, have you not? However, whatever you hear, today, there is this programme taking place in this hall. Whatever you have seen in the past is coming in front of you. Whatever you have seen before comes in front of you. When you see it, you enjoy yourself. The programme has not yet taken place; it is to take place. However, it is this hall where all the official programmes are going to take place.

(Munniben told BapDada she has been remembering Mohiniben a lot and asked where she is) She is now serving. Achcha.

* * * O M S H A N T I * * *

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