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Stabilise the self in the form of the meaning of the word “Om Shanti” and increase the dance of the mind. Install the habit of silence of the mind, and the sound of words will become distant and service will automatically continue to increase with rays of peace

Om Shanti. This elevated version (Om Shanti) is so much loved by everyone. No matter what happens, even in an atmosphere of tears, the words “Om shanti” remind us of peace. When “Om shanti” is said, no matter what type of scene comes in front of you, but the meaning of “Om shanti” shows its own form. Saying “Om shanti” automatically spreads a wave of peace internally. The words “Om shanti” spread their own meaning (vibration) in everyone’s heart. Just as the word “Baba” spreads its own vibration, in the same way, saying “Om shanti” spreads its own meaning (vibration) in the heart. It spreads into the heart and while it is spreading, you stabilise yourself in its form. You do not just say it, but if you look all around, the majority of you are seen sitting stable in the meaningful form of “Om shanti”. The form of the majority of you is sparkling. Seeing one another, the colour of being in the company of one another is sparkling on your faces and this is why even BapDada is also reminding you of Om shanti. On each one’s face, the meaning of Om shanti is visible. The form of the meaning of the word “Om shanti” is visible in the hearts of each one. Has the meaning emerged in the hearts of all? Each one is visible as stable in the form of the meaning of Om shanti, and some are saying “Om shanti”. You are seeing Om shanti.
Even now, at this moment, all of you are engrossed in the vibration of “Om shanti”. The Father also says: By becoming stable in the meaning of “Om shanti”, the faces of the majority of you are engrossed in the meaning of Om shanti. Baba cannot ask those of you at the front or the back to raise your hands, but the majority of you are merged in the meaning of this. Only “Om shanti” is emerging through everyone’s lips. The words “Om shanti” are merged in the hearts of all of you. The meaning of this emerges in the minds of all of you. All of you are dancing in your minds with the meaning of “Om shanti”. Though you are not dancing with your feet, the majority of you are dancing in your minds and this dance of the mind is so lovely. It doesn’t disturb anyone. Because each one of you has peace of mind, you are externally peaceful and also peaceful in your mind. So, in this way, it is “Double Om shanti”: externally with your mouth and also “Om shanti” in your mind. This too is a dance; this is a dance of the mind. While sitting peacefully, you are performing such a sweet dance, but because it is a dance of the mind, there is no external noise. Each of you is busy with the dance of your mind and this is why there is sound of the mind, and no sound of words. Even though there are so many people, it is only when they come close that you are able to hear them because only the mind knows the dance of the mind. And you are so busy with this dance of the mind that, no matter how many are sitting outside, your mind is quiet. Everyone is lost in the joy in the mind. This is why you do not make any external sound during the dance of the mind. However, this dance of the mind shows so many colours in your mind that it is very lovely. Whenever this dance of the mind takes place, there is no external sound. There are so many sitting here, but there is no sound because all are busy in the dance of the mind. You like this dance, do you not? You have seen a lot of physical dances, but this dance of the mind is very entertaining. Increase this dance even more. You know the dance of the mind, do you not? Do you know it? Those who know it, raise your hands! Achcha, all of you know it. You are all raising your hands very well. So now, claim a number ahead in this dance. Do you like this dance of the mind or the dance of speech? Now, install the habit of the dance of the mind. By remaining busy with this, at the time of performing the dance in the mind, there is so much peace in this hall. However, there is now a greater need for this dance because, day by day, external upheaval is increasing and it has to increase. At such a time, to perform the external dance or to come into external sound is good, however, a lot of practice is needed for the dance of the mind. There has to be internal practice of this. Throughout the whole day, first of all make time for this. During the day, each one of you has to make time and practice both dances. The more you perform this dance, the dance of the mind, the more it will make an impact on the dance of words. So now, increase the dance of the mind. Then, a lot of interest will grow. The Father has seen that now, many have a growing interest in the dance of the mind and they are experiencing true peace everywhere. The experience of many is growing in this way very well. It is very beneficial to increase this practice. When you make a silence programme outside, peace of mind increases in that too, and when peace of mind increases, then automatically the spoken words also decrease. So, now, what attention does each one have to pay? Silence of the mind. Silence of the mind. Do you know silence of the mind? Or, do you not know it that much? Have an interest in this so that silence of the mind increases. When silence of the mind increases, then silence of the body also increases. All of you have to continue lovingly to make effort to increase silence of the mind. The more you try this, the more your interest will grow and by having silence of the mind, you will automatically become distant from sounds and rays of peace will increase within you. So, now, for one week, especially celebrate one week of silence of the mind. Decrease the silence through words and increase peace of mind. Try this and with peace of mind, all types of peace will increase. Now, for one month, increase the power of the mind. When peace of mind increases, the power of words will automatically increase. Does everyone like this practice? Raise your hands! Achcha, the majority of you have raised your hands.
What is this power of the mind? And, how do you have to increase it? Continue to practice this internally. Continue to increase this lesson of peace of mind. The more that peace of mind increases, the more that peace of mind will then make an impact on the peace on your face and, to the extent that peace of mind increases, the power of externalised words will accordingly decrease. Nowadays, there has been a very good race in this and everyone’s peace of mind increased. Whether it is the power of thoughts, words, or the practice of increasing this subtle power, to the extent that you increase this, accordingly the power will increase and the power of words will decrease. So, it has been seen that to a greater extent, the ups and downs that take place through words will happen less, or you will have to make less effort for words. So, BapDada says: Continue to do this.

It is the turn of Punjab and Rajasthan to serve: In total 22,000 have come. Totally, the subject that has just come up, service and remembrance are two subjects. Now, service also has to be increased. What do you think? Should we increase service? Raise your hands! Service too is essential. If you do not do service, then your time would be wasted here and there because you have to pass the time, and you have to pass the time in a good way, not that you do whatever comes into your mind. The results should be according to the programmes that are made systematically.
Rameshbhai’s health is not so good and before being taken to the hospital, so he is meeting BapDada. Rameshbhai presented a new book to BapDada. Om shanti. The subject of service is continuing and service is essential. Without doing service you become free and then you would have other thoughts that something should happen. However, first of all, regarding the plans that have already been made for the service that still remains, BapDada’s thought is first of all to accomplish that service. You start in this way but then, after some time, the passion of doing that service reduces.
It is good. Ramesh, your thoughts are good. However, at the time of doing it, you will have to pay special attention. Sit amongst yourselves and discuss how to make it work and how to increase it. Do not go into it too much nor reduce it to very little. It has to be at the middle of the two levels and so, have a small meeting for this first. Create ideas for what you have to do and what you must not do; let each one give his or her thoughts on it. First make plans for this. From this, you will know whether to increase everyone’s service or not.

900 double foreigners have come from 75 countries: (They had sent a service plan to BapDada and BapDada is speaking about that.) Their service plan is very good. To the extent that you move forward in service, do not be left behind accordingly in other subjects. When you collectively make a plan for that, it will then be finalised. First of all, listen to those who have made service plans, and if you are able to finalise them, then do so. Otherwise, if you want to make any additions, you can tell Baba what form of additions you want to make, and then after thinking about that, also make plans for service and yoga; both of these topics are essential. Make these plans and then finalise them: what we have to do in this and what we must not do in this. Those who think that this service is essential, first of all, make a plan, have it verified and then bring it out.

BapDada meeting Dadis
Baba is yours and service is also first of all for you because Baba has the interest to serve. His attention goes to service and this is why you also have to serve. Together with that, this service also has to be increased. On the one hand, Baba says, increase it, and on the other hand, Baba says: Do not increase it so much that you are not able to look after it. First of all, put this system right. When the system is put right, everything will automatically be fine in all departments. However, you do have to pay attention that each department has to do whatever you decide, and that you also first have to finalise what you have to either add or cut away.
Speaking to the senior sisters from abroad: All of you have come. Have you sat together amongst yourselves? Have you made your plans? (We will make them now.) So, first make them and then BapDada will see what is possible. And then, just as you have given so much time to this service, accordingly, everyone else will have to make as much time because that will be repeated, will it not? In that too, have the aim to tell the main service so that you don’t have to sit twice – tell those who are serviceable, those who think about service and who have come for service plans. To the extent that attention is given to service, you are able to take that much benefit of service. Sit amongst yourselves and bring about some newness. Put right all of this that happens. Bring about some other newness.
Germany has acquired a retreat centre. Sudeshben showed BapDada some photos of it: All of you have a look at it and then finalise it.
(Mohiniben of New York gave BapDada remembrances from everyone. It is Mohiniben’s platinum birthday, BapDada garlanded her.)

Sarla Dadi from Bangalore gave BapDada a bouquet. Your health is fine. It is good.

* * * O M S H A N T I * * *

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