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The love in the heart and the stage of each child are visible in his form (face). Each one is celebrating a meeting of love of every different relationship and will continue to do so

Om shanti. BapDada is very happy to see this gathering of the living deepaks (lamps). Each deepak has come from far away to meet Deepraj (King of Deepaks). Seeing such a huge gathering of deepaks, Deepraj is very happy: Wah deep (short form of deepak)! Wah! Seeing one another you all smile because this meeting is a meeting of you companions after a very long time. So, this meeting has a very great value. You meet among yourselves anyway and talk to each other, listen to the murli, eat and have heart-to-heart conversations. However, this meeting is so lovely because this gathering is of the meeting of living Deepraj and Deepraj’s children. Children say, “Baba, o Baba!” and Baba says: “Yes children, sweet children!”

Today, the Father has come for only you and this is why this is called Deepawali, the meeting of deepaks. If you take the time to look at the face of each deepak with attention, you would see so many sweet things in the mind of each one. Many things are visible on each one’s face that are in their minds. Whatever is in the heart of each one, it is visible externally as though it is written on the faces of some, because the time for it to be visible in front of the Father is very short. Whether in the foreign lands or India, the children are in the Father’s heart and Baba is in the children’s hearts. If you want to see this meeting of the embodiments of a lot of love, then see it in Madhuban. Who is in each one’s heart now? The children are in Baba’s heart and Baba is in the hearts of the children. It is such a beautiful meeting. Whatever is within each child, whatever they are saying internally, is being recorded, and it is now also clearly appearing as a recording on their faces. A meeting is also taking place. Baba is now meeting so many altogether at the same time. However, this meeting of the hearts of the Father and the children in the forms of companions and friends is so lovely. You have the song: You are the Mother and you are the Father… You are everything. So, come here and see how the form of remembrance enters each child’s heart. Just think, when the form of the meeting appears on each one’s face, it must be so lovely. In fact, while walking, moving around and doing everything, Dilaram, the Comforter of Hearts is visible in each one’s heart. However, although this meeting is just for a short time, it is so lovely. In each one’s heart, there is especially: “My Baba! Wah Baba! Wah! You have given every child a corner in Your heart.” Look in each one’s heart: if you had something with which to take a picture of the heart, you would be able to see a wonder. Some are remembering in one form and others in another form; all are remembering the One.

Let alone this gathering, but, at this time, whether here or at the centres, who is visible in the majority of the children’s hearts? If you were to take a photograph of each one’s face at this time, each one is so happy in his or her heart. This meeting of the Father and the children is one that reassures the heart. If you ask anyone, “Who is in your Heart?”, what would they reply? “My Baba. Sweet Baba. The Beloved of my heart.” If you were to take a photograph, there is a difference in each one’s face. From the sound of each one’s heart, each one’s heart is saying… what is each one’s heart saying? The feeling in each one is the same, but they are saying it in different words. The sound from the hearts of all is the same: The King of the heart has come. Look at each one’s heart – no such photographer has emerged as yet. If you were to see the scene of how each child is merged in the Father’s heart, you would want to continue just looking at that because, even here at this time, the picture of what is in each one’s heart is visible in a practical form. If each one could be seen in the form of what is in his heart, you would be really amazed. Some are celebrating a meeting in one form and others in another form, at another time and in different poses. This is worth seeing. In the same place, one is in the form of a child, another is meeting in the form of the mother and father, another in the form of a friend in different forms, and all are very intoxicated in their forms. Some are saying, “My Baba!” Some are saying, “The Garland of my Heart!” In different forms the different relationships of love are practically visible in the faces of their hearts. So, just think: BapDada must be finding it so lovely to see the photo of each one’s heart in a practical way. Not in this ordinary form, but even in the ordinary form, the form with which they are remembering Baba in their heart is visible in that form. So, say how lovely that must be! The photo of the heart; the face is not visible at all.

Sometimes, BapDada is emerged in the corporeal form, in the same form as in the class (form of the Teacher). At the moment, all of you are sitting in your confluence-aged forms, but if you wish to see the inner form, that can also be seen clearly. Each one’s heart is swinging in the swing of happiness. BapDada too is not seeing each one’s ordinary form, but seeing the form of the relationship – the relationship of Father and child. It isn’t that He if emerges that form, then just the ordinary form comes, but the form of the love in their hearts is visible. So, you can see the full condition of each one’s heart. It is visible now in this gathering. BapDada has so much love. Seeing the deep form of each one’s heart, so much love for each one is visible. No matter which corner you are sitting in, you can see the difference between the corner and where Baba is, but each one’s face is visible as being close to BapDada. When you see anything in front of you, there is so much difference between its magnified form and its natural form. Whenever BapDada comes, He sees your original form and then what emerges from His heart? Wah children! Wah! You meet face to face only for a short time, but even then, you only speak to Baba from your heart. However, you speak of the things in your heart with your heart, as though you are talking face to face. So, the experience and the happiness of being face to face, of being merged in the heart, is loved so much by the heart. Even if someone is sitting in the last row, to the extent that his remembrance of the heart is firm, he will feel as though he is sitting there as Baba’s companion. So, both forms – of a companion and a detached observer – are visible. Each one’s experience of the heart is his own. You all say that you experience remembrance of Baba very well, but there are different forms in the experience. For the majority, it is the form of the confluence age that they like in their hearts, because they have the original feeling. The meeting of the Father and the child is very lovely. In terms of sitting here, even though you may be sitting in the last row, all of you are in the heart. The Comforter of Hearts and the children’s hearts: this is such a lovely meeting. So, where is each of you sitting now? On a chair? Each one of you is sitting where you are, according to the number of your love. So, tell Me, what does this gathering feel like? What is the picture of each one’s heart at this moment? That picture of the heart of each one is now visible in the external form. The gathering must look so lovely. There is the picture of each one’s heart. Everyone’s face is very beautiful and the make-up is of being merged in love. So just tell me: how would the gathering look? So, the Father can see such a gathering in which the Father can see each one’s form according to their stage. The gathering looks very lovely. Some are beautiful and others not so much so, but no matter what each one is like, Baba only sees the picture of those lost in love, the picture of love, that is all. Just look at the faces! Each one’s face at the present moment appears as the form of love in the mind.

BapDada is seeing that, according to the time, it isn’t a small number of mothers who have come. There is even a greater number of them. Even if they have something wrong with their legs, they receive special legs. So, BapDada enjoys Himself so much in the midst of such children. Wah! On the path of devotion, this is portrayed in many different ways. When this day comes, BapDada looks at each child individually; and the children are seen in that form of love too. The song, “Wah Baba! Wah! Wah Baba! Wah!” is heard from the heart of each one. The Father can hear the songs with very good melodies in different forms. It is not that some are visible in one form and others in another form. No. All are visible with the one tune and in the form of love for the One. The faces of all of you change a little. They are the same faces, but the inner form of love is visible. When BapDada comes, children face more difficulties. However, there is such pleasure of the mind – and, seeing the faces of those who come from far away with love in their hearts, BapDada speaks to them in their hearts.

We cannot arrange so many loud speakers; the loud speakers of the heart can be put up. All of you are able to meet, are you not? All of you say, “No matter what, at least we are able to meet”. What do you think? Do you feel happy with this much? Do you? Of course you must have the desire to have a longer time. However, BapDada sees that, according to the drama, only this much is possible and BapDada meets each one of you according to your desire, because the desire of every one of you sitting here is individual to each one. However, in a meeting of love, even if it is 10 minutes, it doesn’t feel like 10 minutes. In one way, it feels very short, and in another way, it feels long. Seeing each child, BapDada is also happy to see how you are even sitting in the corners. Nevertheless, He also sees that you become happy within this short time, not externally, but in your hearts, because nothing else can be done, can it? You have tried a lot and BapDada understands that each one wants to meet Baba for some time, and this desire will continue to increase, but, at least you like this type of meeting better than not meeting at all! Compared with not at all, at least you have said “yes”.

You are not finding this difficult, are you? These are the days of heat and so to come and go in the heat, there is first the problem of water and then also of the meeting itself. You adopt the facilities, but this is the iron age, is it not? It is impossible to have all facilities in the iron age. Yes, we will become complete and completion will take place. But the meeting of even one minute is very lovely. The Father too meets so many children in just one day, and the Father also likes it. This is better than not meeting at all, because if anything more were to be done, it would then be like meeting from afar, because Baba also loves all the children! For One to meet so many, it is such a lovely time to meet, but it is still a meeting nevertheless. What shall we call it? We came and met Baba; no matter how, we met Baba. BapDada also understands that nowadays, there is coming and going in the heat and the cold, and the part of coming to meet will continue and will increase and it will continue in the same way. In the early days were the gatherings so huge? Now, it feels like it is common. In this one gathering, so many people from cities meet one another from their respective places. All of you from all the places have gathered in one place from all the different places. For the time that you are sitting in front of Baba, you have tried to sit together and in such a way that all of you can have your own facilities. Baba likes the idea of the meeting taking place in the open ground, but it would become a little difficult to hear and understand in the open. Now, even though the time for completion is coming close, at least meetings are able to take place. You come from so far, far away to meet. The Father would also like everything to continue with patience as per the programme He receives. When the Father sees that the children have come into a little upheaval, He feels it in His heart. However, the meeting of the Father and the children cannot be stopped. So, all of you who have come, however many hardships you had or didn’t have, whether you received good facilities or had a little difficulty, BapDada is meeting everyone. For whatever few or many difficulties you may have had to face, if arrangements can be made for that too, then it will be done. Each of you feels that you have met Baba and returned. See if something can be arranged for that. Increase service a little. You can increase this by serving the souls who are instruments, but those who serve have to have courage. Otherwise, if four or six policemen come, then the next day everyone would be afraid. So, don’t create such upheaval. The Government must not get upset. Still, they must be getting upset! But let it not be like that. There are also facilities for comfort. Who else is there amongst you who feels that meeting in this way is still good? Those who feel that this is also good, that however these are taking place is good, raise your hands! You have all raised your hands. You may think that it could be better, but everything has to be considered. Look at our Dadi; how old is she? There may be others older than her, because in today’s gathering, there are elderly people visible. All of you like this, do you not? Even though you don’t want it like this, you like it. You don’t want it like this, but it has to be done like this. BapDada feels that when it is your kingdom there will then be so many facilities that we will not be able to use them all. There will be so many facilities then, whereas now, when there should be those facilities, each one of you thinks that it would be so good if we had those facilities. When children meet BapDada, it is very difficult to meet each one individually, but Baba takes drishti from everyone and also gives it. It is good that you have such a big hall. At least you have met the Father! You may have had to tolerate a little heat or you were not able to hear so well – this happens and it is gradually being put right and they will continue to put it right. At least the meeting between the Father and the children takes place, or do you feel that it would be better if we did not meet? No! Even the Father remembers the children. It isn’t that the Father doesn’t remember. The Father too remembers you: it has been so many days that I haven’t met the children, but everything has to be considered. However, whenever Baba meets you children, He loves you a lot. You have to tolerate the heat and you have to perspire, but what is that compared with being in front of Baba! They do so much on the path of devotion, whereas this is knowledge. At least you are able to rest. You are all sitting comfortably, are you not? You may not be lying down comfortably, but at least you are sitting comfortably. It has to be like this, because if you were given the facility to lie down, half of you would go to Paramdham. So, whenever BapDada comes, He sees many scenes in front of Him. This will happen, but even so, matter is co-operating with us very well. Bus stands are being constructed where there are no bus stands. Wherever there are difficulties, they are trying to make everything fine. However, what is required is a little love in the heart and to stand at the bus stand. Even if you come, you will sit far away. For instance, what are those who are sitting in the last row able to see? However, according to the drama, all of you are celebrating the meetings very well and will continue to do so. You like it, do you not? So many of you are sitting in this way. Do you like it? We will think about this too. They are waving their flags. They must be having difficulties in coming and going. Even so, you have big hearts. To the extent that you are poor, you accordingly have a big heart. Achcha. Now, even this (tonight’s meeting) has to finish.

It is the turn of UP, Benares, West Nepal – 13,000 have come from UP and 27,000 in total have come. Most have come from UP. The scene from here is very good. All of us had to work very hard, whereas all of you have now come at a time of happiness. In our days, we didn’t even have scooters. All of this has come gradually. All of you are happy, are you not? You are happy and will continue to meet with happiness.

900 double foreigners have come from 50 countries: You must be having some difficulties. What was our condition when we all started this? However, gradually, we have now understood. You like this, do you not? If it continues like this, you will still like it, will you not? Achcha. All of you are sensible. You can understand. Nothing needs to be said. As everything continues to become expensive, arrangements are being made accordingly. There is the attention to do as much as possible, as easily as possible. However, there is always one reason or another why the prices have to be increased, but, even so, we have Baba with us, and the Government gives us some salvation.

It is good, is it not? You like it. All of you meet Baba comfortably and return having met Baba. When you return home, you will receive food and drink both times. If there can be any other conveniences, you can give your thoughts. Do not pressurise saying, “Why didn’t this happen? Why didn’t this happen?” As much as possible, your views will be accepted.

Speaking to the Dadis: Everyone is telling Baba to make everything easy so that no one finds anything difficult. Everyone says, “Baba” and it will happen. (Baba made Dadi Janki sit next to Him.) When you sit comfortably, it means everyone can sit in this way. You will make the programmes, will you not? You are the masters, are you not?

(Mohiniben’s 75th birthday is being celebrated. Mohiniben put a beautiful garland of roses on Baba and BapDada put a garland on Mohiniben.)

Whatever is being made is also being used generally. There have been no complaints. Gradually, all the hardships will finish. We will pay attention.

Three senior brothers presented bouquets to BapDada: All of you are all right. As you continue to have meetings, things will become clearer. (BapDada was shown a plan of Jagadamba Bhavan to be constructed in Pune.) (Brijmohanbhai had BapDada inaugurate a CD: Ghazab hi Ghazab).

Speaking to Ishu Dadi: Your health is fine, is it not?

BapDada meeting SDM (Sub-Divisional Magistrate) and SP (Superintendent of Police) of Abu Road: You have now met Baba, have you not? (They give very good co-operation.) It is the work of the country, is it not? All of you should do it. It is the work of the country, not any Brahma Kumaris’ personal work.

It is good. Now, everyone has met. Now, the meetings will continue. Make a programme as you have been making.

* * * O M S H A N T I * * *

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