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Those who have attained the fortune of the confluence age are great yogis. This age is the Diamond Age of the Godly birth when you have a meeting with God in which you attain alokik happiness, peace, an elevated birth and a fortunate family

Om shanti. Everyone’s face is smiling very well. Everyone is celebrating the festival of the Father’s birthday with a lot of happiness. Everyone’s face is full of love and is smiling sweetly, for you are celebrating the Father’s birthday with a lot of love. The Father is pleased to see the children celebrating the Father’s and their own divine birth. You and all the children in your neighbourhood are celebrating the happiness of the Father’s birthday, of the unique day. And in everyone’s heart, there is the happiness of this divine birth, this birthday. This happiness is visible on everyone’s face. Seeing the faces of the children with this alokik birth, the Father too is remembering the birthday and is happy in His heart: Wah each child who is happy on seeing his own birthright. Everyone loves this alokik birth very much. This is visible on each one’s face. Each one has a lot of happiness of this birth, which is known as the alokik birth, because this alokik birth is unique and loved by everyone. In this one birth, and by knowing this to be your alokik birthday, you are all very happy on seeing this divine birth of yours. This birth through Father Brahma is very well known by the name of Brahma Kumars and Kumaris. Everyone is very happy for this birth: Wah, this is my alokik birth that gives happiness. The happiness of this elevated birth is showing on each one’s face and so, this is why it is sung that the birth you receive from Father Brahma at the confluence age – the birth of both the Father and you is short, but the attainment is unique and most lovely when compared to all other births. None of you children can forget the praise of your divine birth, your alokik birth because although this is a short birth, the speciality of it is that you come to know about all your births in this short
birth, and in this one birth you also know about your future. This is why the confluence age is called the Diamond Age. The meeting with God and your Godly birth are experienced in this small age. It is the smallest age of all, but the attainment for the whole cycle is attained in the birth of this confluence age: alokik happiness, alokik peace and an elevated birth. The family is also very fortunate, and it is only in this one birth of the confluence age when you can have such a birth. It is at the confluence age that BapDada meets you children with recognition. The alokik father, who is called Father Brahma, is experienced at this time. It
is a small age, but, out of all the births, this age of the confluence is very, very fortunate. It is a small age, but there is a lot of attainment. There isn’t this much attainment in any other age or in any other birth, and, together with this, this confluence age is so great that out of all the ages, the main age is considered to be the confluence age. It is at the confluence age that
you have the fortune of knowing the whole cycle. You also know the secret of the whole cycle at the confluence age. So, which age are all of you in? What would you say? You are at the confluence age, are you not? Those of you who feel that you are now in the confluence age, raise your hands! The hands of those who are at the back cannot be seen, but you can all hear this, and so Baba
knows from that. The confluence age is the most elevated of all the ages; it is small, but the fortune is very big. Those who attain the fortune of the confluence age are called great yogis. This life of a great yogi is so great. From the attainment of the confluence age, you come to know about the most elevated births of the golden age from God. God, Himself, meets you at the confluence age. Out of the whole cycle, if any age is said to be the most fortunate, it is the confluence age. In such an age, you have attained a divine birth from God. What have you come to celebrate today? You have attained the fortunate time of the confluence age, you are attaining it and will continue to do so. Although the deities of the golden age are very elevated, the greatness of the confluence age is even greater than that. It is only at the confluence age that the original children attain God. It is only at the confluence age that the Father’s love is attained in a visible way. Emerging from each one’s lips is: Wah, the divine birth of the confluence age. You celebrate the other birthdays too and experience happiness in the mind. There are many types of happiness, but the happiness
of the confluence age and its praise are only available at the confluence age. Together with this, there are the divine attainments of the confluence age. In fact, the population at the confluence age is big, but the greatness of the confluence age, the fortune of attainment, is only received by a few of you children. At the confluence age, you have the first attainment, the greatest of all attainments. The incarnation of God, Himself, takes place at only the confluence age. The praise of the Brahmins of the confluence age is very elevated and the age in which you are sitting now is your attainment of the confluence age. Everyone is so pleased. The confluence age and you; look how high the attainment is. It is only at the confluence age that God, Himself, comes and gives you the total knowledge, as He is giving it to you now. Do not consider this gift to be anything less. At the confluence age, God, Himself, has come in an ordinary form and is giving to you directly; this fortune is no less. This one birth of the confluence age is great. The knowledge of all the ages, the most elevated income of all the ages, and the knowledge of the whole cycle are all attained at the confluence age. You must have a list with you of what you attain at the confluence age which you cannot attain in any other age. The attainment of the confluence age means that you are enabled to attain the fortune for the whole cycle in this small age. So, in every cycle, the Father enables you to have the attainment of everything at the confluence age, so what is the special attainment? To be a Brahma Kumar or Kumari; this birth is very elevated in which you attain the knowledge of the whole cycle. Only at the confluence age do you receive this fortune from God. So, speak! All of you are moving forward knowing the fortune of the confluence age, are you not? The praise of the confluence age is that it is only attain at the confluence age that you attain that which cannot be attained at any other time. You have come to meet BapDada and it is only at the confluence age that you receive this fortune. This meeting is no less. It is a huge meeting. Achcha. You have kept a good memorial of the Father’s birth. Those who come personally come anyway, but the value of this attainment is huge. BapDada is also pleased to see such children every day, “Wah the fortunate children of the cycle, wah!” God, Himself, is praising the Brahmins of the confluence age. It is such an elevated fortune which you receive from God once in the cycle. You have received it, have you not? Those who have received this fortune, raise your hands! Have you received it? This fortune is not a small fortune. You are definitely numberwise in hearing about this, but this fortune of the confluence age is the first number fortune out of the whole cycle. Achcha. Now, it has been some time.

It is the turn of Gujarat to serve: 14,000 have come from Gujarat and there are 22,000 in total who have come. It is a good number that has come from Gujarat. It is good that Gujarat has claimed the fortune of the confluence age. There are many more. Those from different lands have claimed different types of fortune. Baba was told in brief that half are from Gujarat. It is good. Speak! Whose number is greater than that of Gujarat? Those from Gujarat should colour others with their company. It is good. Just as Gujarat has claimed a number, others can also claim a number. It may be the second number, but at least you come within the second number. BapDada tells those from Gujarat: You are working hard and will continue to do so in the future too.
1200 double foreign brothers and sisters have come from 100 countries: It is good. As an approximation, 1200 is good. In Sakar Baba’s days, Baba always used to say to any of those from any of the zones to raise their hands. So now Baba says to raise your hands in this way! Many have come, but those who are moving on this path and those who are servers have glorified the name very well. The result shows that you are making good effort and are moving ahead and enabling others to also move ahead. Each one is trying to move ahead and they can move ahead; they have this chance. It is known that Gujarat has claimed a number ahead in their expansion. It is good. To expand means to increase the number of Brahmins. Baba likes it because the more expansion there is, the quicker the golden age will come. Invent a new invention so that you can claim a number ahead of Gujarat which is number one. You can claim a number. No one can stop anyone in this. However, there definitely has to be expansion. Considering the whole world, there aren’t that many here. You can now go ahead even more than Gujarat has gone ahead. Just as Gujarat has made effort and made themselves move forward, so too, all of those who have come from the different zones can also do the same and make effort for expansion. You can claim a number ahead of all. This is possible, is it not? Those who believe this is not possible, that you cannot go ahead of Gujarat, raise your hands! So, now let there be more expansion.
Speaking to Dadi Janki: You work very hard. Their aim is definitely to make Gujarat go ahead. Anyone can do this, everyone has this enthusiasm. Now, everyone thinks it is good if they claim a number ahead.
Baba was given remembrance of Ishu Dadi (she has gone to Ahmedabad for checking). Something happens to her every now and then. It doesn’t last long. She becomes fine. (The three senior brothers gave BapDada birthday greetings and also presented
It is good. Everyone is moving along fine. You are moving forward in your zeal and enthusiasm. Someone should take on this duty. When there are so many maharathis, someone should ask them the results every now and then. By asking them the results, you can know everything. Everyone is now making effort and Baba has seen that many have enthusiasm, but they do need a little power to move forward. That will happen too. Otherwise, everything is fine. All of you are fine, are you not? If you are not OK, perhaps it’s because of the weather. All of you are fine, are you not? You don’t need any medicine.

Each one is making effort and BapDada has seen that for some time after you have been making effort, everything moves along well. However, after a little longer time, their attention goes in other directions. So, for this, appoint a person to give classes. All of you together should get the results once a month or every two months. BapDada hoisted the flag for the 80 th Shiv Jayanti and gave greetings to everyone. On the day of Shiv Jayanti, you first of all remember Baba. Shiv Baba, Brahma Baba and all the senior Dadis are remembered too; all are remembered. Greetings for the birthday to the whole gathering. Congratulations.

* * * O M S H A N T I * * *

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