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The facilities of science have made the means for a meeting very easy, but the best remembrance is of the heart. Let there be remembrance of “Baba, Baba” in your heart. Let Baba be merged in your heart

Om Shanti Avyakt BapDada Madhuban

Om Shanti. BapDada is very pleased to see all the beloved children, because each child is loved by the Father so much. Seeing each one’s face, BapDada is very pleased and He is seeing in His mind the Father’s image in each child’s face. Just as the Father is pleased to see the Father in each child’s face, similarly, the Father is also very happy when He sees the children, both those from abroad and those from Bharat, in front of Him in the corporeal form. Wah each child! Wah! Everyone’s eyes are seen to be very unique and lovely, because each one’s heart is saying: Wah Baba! Wah! The meeting of the Father and the children in the corporeal form is such a lovely meeting. Seeing the children in the corporeal form after a long time, BapDada is pleased to see the children and the children are also pleased to see the Father. In each one’s heart, the song is playing: Wah Baba! Wah; and in the Father’s heart, too, there is this song: Wah children! Wah! Each child’s meeting in the corporeal world, with these eyes, is so lovely. In the children’s hearts there is “Wah Baba! Wah”, and in the Father’s heart is “Wah children! Wah”. This meeting of a short time is so lovely. The Father is merged in the heart of each child. In this way, each child is an embodiment of love. Both have “My Baba” or “My children” in their hearts. At this moment, seeing the Father personally, the song heard from the hearts and lips of the majority of children is “My Baba!” Although each of you has “My Baba” in your heart, numberwise, what is merged in your heart? “My Baba!” And, who is in the Father’s heart? “My children.” Seeing so many children celebrating a meeting personally, everyone’s heart is very happy. The Father is also very pleased to see the photo of remembrance in the heart of each child. “Wah children! Wah!” This experience of the personal meeting, through whatever means, is not ordinary. So many children are merged in the Father’s heart. Emerging from the children’s hearts is, “Wah Baba! Wah”, and emerging from the Father’s heart is, “Wah children! Wah!” In each heart, in the heart of the children, there is Baba, and in Baba’s heart there are the children. When you look at the meeting of the heart in the form of a picture, then each one is absorbed in love. What is each one’s heart saying? “My Baba, sweet Baba, lovely Baba!” and Baba too has merged the love of each child in His heart. On the path of devotion, you never thought that you would have the fortune of having such a meeting with God. However, call it the drama or your destiny, seeing the fortune of each child, the Father is so happy. Wah children! Wah! In this meeting, it is as though you are meeting face to face. It would be said that you have been given such an opportunity within the drama to have such a meeting. It is very good. Your mind becomes blissful. Though it is in a different form, it is still a meeting. What feeling do you have? That the Father has come to meet you. The children have also come to meet the Father. It is fixed in the drama for you to have such fortune to have such a meeting in the corporeal form. Everyone is so happy when they see this.

Baba has only one desire for each of the children. Each one’s heart says: Let each of the children remain merged in the Father’s heart. And, while being merged in the heart, there is the experience of such happiness, that even while experiencing, the heart’s desire is not fulfilled. At every moment, it emerges from the heart: It is such a great fortune to find such a Baba in the iron age. However, thanks are given to scientists, because they have created such methods for celebrating a meeting, so that even though you are not face to face, you have the experience of being face to face. The Father is also pleased on seeing and hearing the experiences of many children. The Father is happy to see the children, and the Father and the children meet one another with that happiness… you are experienced in this. Seeing that these scientists have become instruments, BapDada sings songs for them in His heart: Wah! It would be so good if this meeting of the Father and the children were to continue to take place all the time. However, only this much is fixed in the drama. Nevertheless, science has made the method of meetings very easy. You can see Baba in front of you and you can also hear Him. So, when BapDada too sees the children, He is very happy. However, very good facilities have been made in the iron age. At least, you have the feeling of being in front of Him. You cannot have the feeling of being there personally. Nevertheless, it is a wonder of the confluence age that you can see the meeting and Baba’s face, eyes and expression. All the children become happy when they see Baba. They see Him talking and meeting, and so they become happy. This is why they try to come here: Let’s go to Madhuban, let’s go to Madhuban! And how pleased might the Father also be to see each of the children. This meeting is unique in the whole drama. Whenever it is such a special day, every child tries to come here, but it is the iron age, and in the iron age, not all types of happiness can be attained. It happens, but everything that people want cannot be attained. When BapDada also hears that such a meeting can take place, there is so much happiness inside. Children are happy anyway, and the Father too is pleased. Does the Father’s remembrance stay in the heart of each of you all the time, or is this difficult? Those who feel that it is difficult to forget the Father’s remembrance, raise your hands! Is it difficult to forget? What do you then do? You merge Him in your heart. It has been seen that some children remember Baba in their hearts so much; they quietly sit alone, but they sit as though someone is sitting in front of them, talking to them. Because everyone knows that this day of the meeting is very precious. There is thanks to the scientists. No matter through which facility, there is so much happiness when the Father appears in front of you and you are able to hear the words He speaks. So, when BapDada hears that you have found these means through which you can hear Him and meet Him, what emerges from Baba’s lips? Wah scientist children! Wah! for inventing such facilities that, whenever you have the desire, you are able to see the Father, and also hear Him. It is as though Baba is sitting in front of you. Such facilities have been invented, have they not? However, the first thing is that He can emerge in your hearts and a meeting can take place in your hearts. This is also fixed in the drama. So, Baba remembers the scientists a lot. Invent something that can bring you even closer, something that makes the children happy and also makes the Father happy. When Baba says this, the children have so much yoga and push the scientists to invent something. Seeing the remembrance in the hearts of the children, BapDada too cannot just sit there. One or another means continues to emerge through which poor ones are able to see and wealthy ones are also able to see but, still, the easiest way of meeting is through the meeting of the hearts.

From the time that you woke up this morning until you met Baba, what emerged in the mirror of your heart? You repeatedly had the thought: Baba is now to come, Baba will now speak the murli, so let me go. This was what you remembered, was it not? Congratulations to the scientists for making such inventions, no matter how. You even reached here to be in front of the Father and the Father comes in front of you. Even so, at least this much has been achieved. It is a short meeting, but it is still a meeting. The Father remembers and the children also remember, but there is so much happiness experienced when you receive the response of your remembrance. Everyone has remembrance. No matter who it is, even an ignorant person or a little child would say: Show me the picture, let me see how Baba speaks the murli!. This is attachment of the heart. As soon as you say the word “Baba”, when you see and hear “Baba, Baba, Baba”, Baba becomes merged in the children and the children become merged in Baba. Just see how the children also reach here from everywhere. This meeting of the Father and the children, of souls and the Supreme Soul, is so precious! The time of this precious meeting is called the confluence age. When you praise this confluence age, your eyes become so moist. So, Baba will test you. He would suddenly give you an examination: Throughout the whole day, for how long do you remember Baba? Everyone says that Baba is very lovely. “Let me do this, let me do this.” That is fine, and everyone has love in their heart, but how much time do you make to sit in remembrance and how you sit in remembrance – each one of you knows your own history, the Father knows. So, are all of you children all right? Those whose health is fine, raise your hands! When you see everyone’s hands raised, it feels so good. When the hall is full, the scene looks so good. First, the best remembrance is the remembrance of the heart. Let there be just remembrance of “Baba, Baba” in your heart, while you are walking and moving around and doing anything. The Father cannot stay without meeting the children and you cannot stay without meeting the Father, and so the means for the meeting is very good in the drama. At this time, science has created a very good method for the meeting. Just put on a little cassette and listen to the voice whenever you want. Baba says: Science has also performed wonders for hearing and seeing. However, the Father always says: All of these are temporary facilities. But, what is with you at all times is the heart. Keep Baba in your heart and let Him remain emerged. This practice is essential. Achcha. What zone has come today?

It is the turn of the Eastern Zone to serve: 18,000 have come from Assam, Bengal, Bihar, Orissa, Nepal and Tamil Nadu. In total, there are 23,000 who have come :

It is good that those from science are finishing their sweet complaint. They are offering whatever they can. However, the easiest method of remembrance is for there to be remembrance in your heart without any of the facilities. Let it not be removed from your heart even if you want to remove it. There are so many facilities that it is a wonder of science. The facilities of science are available at such a time that, wherever the children may be, whether abroad or here, all are able to celebrate a meeting through the facilities. So, at the confluence age, it is not just the Father’s company that you have, but you also have the support of all the facilities. There are so many facilities of science to celebrate a meeting. At this confluence age, the facilities for the meeting of the Father with the children are no less. This is why you would say about science that science has been the instrument for our meeting. Even though money may be needed, a meeting can take place even while sitting far away, no matter what you do to accumulate the money, no matter what you do.

700 double-foreign brothers and sisters have come from 60 countries. It is still good that all of you have arrived here from here and there. BapDada is happy that the children somehow save their money. Firstly, their wonder is very great. Baba hears about how they save their money. Secondly, they have so much love in their hearts and, together with that love, see how they manage to find a way. It is a wonder because, first of all, they need to have a ticket. However, the Father saw that the children’s hearts are connected to the Father’s and the Father’s heart is connected with the hearts of the children. You continue to remember those days and thing “when will the meetings begin.” The Father has a lot of love in His heart for the children and the children also have a lot of love for the Father in their hearts. They simply continue to remember the date when the meetings will begin. So, are all of you all right? Is everyone’s health OK? The Father too is pleased to see the children. The more children there are, the greater happiness the Father has. Everyone has lots and lots of love and remembrance from the heart, because, who is merged in your heart? Especially when Baba is speaking the murli here, at that time of Baba speaking the murli during the season, even in your homes, somehow you pay attention to making time. BapDada is pleased to see how children have so much love for the murli. It is a treasure, is it not? No matter what the circumstances are, you come to hear the murli. Those who have reached here with their hearts have had a personal meeting, face to face. The personal meeting has taken place. Now, continue to extend this meeting. As much as possible, extend this meeting. Make this effort and continue to move forward as much as possible. Even this hall has become full. The Father is happy to see the children. Whoever has come, the Father is giving each of you children love and remembrance from the heart as a return of love and remembrance.

Speaking to Dadi Janki: You have made good effort. You worked well with matter too. Everyone is so happy when they see you. It is good that, even while moving around (travelling), your health is fine; it is good considering to your age. (BapDada was given remembrance from Brother Ebrahim of Bahrain). It is good. It is very good to be co-operative with one another. It means, now completely, there is good attention paid to the service that is taking place. The foreign countries influence this land and this land influences the foreign countries. You are helpers for one another.

Speaking to Mohiniben: (Her health is not so good, she is resting.) (I am in Your lap.) There, it is just rest, isn’t it? This one is always fine and she is fine. It is good.

Speaking to IshuDadi: (Her health is not so good.) Do not be afraid. When you are afraid, it increases. Whatever you think about, it increases, and so just think that you have the medicine. You remember Baba and once you take a tablet for your illness, that is all. Whatever the medicine, while taking it, just think that this medicine is going to be useful for you. Though it will work gradually, you will feel the difference. And when everyone knows that your health is not so good, their attention will automatically be drawn to you.

Speaking to the three Senior Brothers: All of you are happy. All of you eat and drink. You have to continue to eat. Eat, drink; it is not necessary that you must not eat toli and think that your health is not so good. Everyone automatically receives bhog. Bhog is sent to everyone, even when they are not well. However, don’t become too care free. It is good that you should take care but don’t overdo it, do it in moderation way. Here, there are many. When one sees it, the other one will want to do the same. (The number will now increase even more.) You will use facilities. They will only come here and so expansion will take place. Where would they go? It is only here that they will come. (We will have to increase accommodation facilities.) It is fine for the moment, is it not? (Many children are sitting outside.) There is no harm in that, is there?

(Rameshbhai said: Baba, You will have to increase the number of times that You come.) We will see about that. First, let there be proper facilities here. If the number of children increases, the facilities will also definitely increase. They have to have the stage to be able to listen to the lectures. If proper facilities are not available, how would they hear the murli? (For safety during the rainy season, another roof has been installed over this hall.) That is good; facilities are needed. Otherwise, during the murli, you will just be counting the raindrops. So, there has to be a limit to everything. Facilities are needed, but do not let yourself be subservient to them. Here, you cannot move along without the facilities because the rainfall is such. If you were to look at it in terms of knowledge; you must not go too much into that. Definitely use the facilities, but in a limited way.

Speaking to the Senior Sisters from abroad: All of you look after yourselves in terms of your bodies. It is not that you think: “What should I do with this body? I have to go through the suffering.” No, look after yourself beforehand. When you already know what the signs of an illness are and what the medicine for it is, then take precautions for all of it in advance. Now, all have become doctors to some extent. Look after your body too. (BapDada inaugurated a new international website.) Everything else is moving along fine. It is good. (Mohiniben from New York gave remembrance of everyone who had not come.) Definitely give them remembrance, they too will become happy. It is good.

(Baba, You have to come more often.) (Neeluben: Baba, first make sure the chariot is fine and then give the programme for You to come.

Whatever is in the drama will happen. Therefore, all of you can give your thoughts, but do not say that this should happen. Otherwise, everyone is happy about the meeting when Baba comes. However, if Baba doesn’t come for any turn, they then have thoughts, and this is why this one (Dadi Gulzar) doesn’t want it to be like that. It is not just one thing; many things are connected to it. Baba will consider everything and make a plan accordingly by Himself.

(Those over 40 years serving abroad are sitting here and would like to meet Baba) If the heart’s desire of one is fulfilled, then the other will also think I can also have the same. All are special anyway.

In each turn, there are 23 to 24 thousand people who come. (Hundreds of thousands watch this on TV. The programme that is made for everyone to come, zonewise, is very good.) Let them come. They have permission for that. (Baba, give some inspirations for the meetings so that we can do the service that still needs to be done.) You also think of it. (What should be the theme for this year?) Have a meeting amongst yourselves. Find some themes and Baba will then verify it.

* * * O M S H A N T I * * *

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