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Students who study with interest can never fail in any subject

Madhuban Avyakt BapDada 18th January 2016

To fail means to “feel” (to have bad feeling)
Om shanti. All of you first of all received drishti from BapDada. Although you saw Baba with those physical eyes, when those eyes received the Father’s drishti, your dristhi was transformed. Who can everyone see in the whole gathering? All of you are visible as numberwise Brahmins. There is a little mixture in between, but you all have BapDada in their intellects. Each one is thinking: Our Baba has come. In each of your intellects, there is the awareness, “My Baba has come, My Baba has come!” The sparkle of the happiness that “My Baba has come” is merged in the eyes of each one of you. Who is in everyone’s eyes? “My Baba”. Baba is visible in your eyes and Baba is visible in your intellect and this is why “Lovely Baba, sweet Baba, my Baba” is merged in the eyes of all of you. The Father sees you children with that same vision of your being ‘My children’, and the children too are looking at the Father with the vision: He is My Baba. What is visible in the heart of each of you? “My Baba has come! My Baba”. When you say, ‘mine’ there is so much happiness. “My Baba”. No matter how much you say, ‘This one is from London, that one is from India’, what comes first? “My Baba has come”. The meeting of Baba and the children is taking place. This meeting too is a unique meeting. Physically, some are of one age and others are of another age, but who are you? In short, you would say, ‘The Father and the children are sitting here.’ Whether someone is 100 years old or 150 years old, what would you say? All who are sitting here are Baba’s children. When you come and sit here, what introduction do you give? Whichever form you come here, in which form do you sit when you are here? It is in the form of students. You are sitting in front of Baba in the form of students and Baba’s children, someone or the other, has come from all directions of the world. No matter that some come from one country and others from another, but, when sitting here, what do you feel? That you are Godly students and who is your Teacher? God, Himself, has especially come to meet you. God has come to meet you, and you have come to meet God. Whoever has come, what do you say because of that recognition? “We are going to Baba, we are going to Baba”. The bhavna to meet Baba is visible on each one’s face to such an extent. On everyone’s face, there is the image of the Father and the children’s bhavna. There is so much love on each one’s face, “Wah Baba! wah!” This is the song that each one’s heart is singing, and there is so much love. What a meeting of the Father and the children! If you look at today’s gathering, there is no other relationship: only the Father and the children. Whether someone is old or whatever the relationship, all are here in the form of students. The feeling of being a student is merged in each one’s intellect. This is the aim and objective in each one’s intellect. Many countries and many souls, but in this Brahmin life, whether they are old or young children, all are in the form of students. You are all children, but all of those sitting here are students who study.

“Today, Baba said this. Today, Baba said that. Today, Baba told us about becoming bodiless. Baba is telling us so many good things”. In everyone’s mind, which form of yours is visible to you at this time? Student. Whether old or young, the work is the same, studying, and there is so much power filled in this study. You are so ordinary and yet what are you becoming through this study? If any of you were asked what you have come to study today, all will say, “We are becoming deities from human beings.” And you are studying this study with so much love. Each one is studying with such interest. However, if anything else comes in between, the main thing going on would be missed. It has been seen, however, that the majority of you become mixed in everything, but you have come here as students to study. And it has been seen that when everyone comes here to study, it is visible from their faces that they are very busy in their studies; and who is teaching them? If your attention is on this, your boat can then go across. The Supreme Soul is teaching us. Have you ever heard that the Supreme Soul also teaches? However, in this study, the majority of you pass. Why? The Teacher here teaches in such a way that whatever you hear becomes imprinted; you do not forget it. All of you are happily studying. Even now, you can see that there are very few that have come to study due to one or another circumstances; however, instead of the study, their attention is sometimes diverted to another subject. Some are paying attention to the special homework that was given to you, even now; they are remembering that even now. They have love for the study. They will pay attention to their study till the last time. More than three-quarters of the hall is of such students. BapDada is seeing that this is the speciality of the students sitting in this class; and the wonder is that they are paying attention to the study. So, who are you? Each one of you knows yourself. It has been seen that the majority of students who are present here now are interested in studying. The Father is also pleased to see this. You are paying good attention to the study. This result is good. You now have to move forward in this. You have to increase your interest in the study. You are good in paying attention to the study. So, in today’s result, there are more of those who are studying and they are studying with great interest. There is a big number. It has been seen that those who are studying have great interest. The Teacher, too, is very interested to teach. He too understands mostly that students should not fail due to any reason; let them not receive less marks. Everyone here has taken the fruit of their study. All of you are those who claim the fruit of the study and this is why you are sitting here till now. Otherwise, half the class would have left. It is a matter of interest. If there is an interest to study, then it feels very bad to stop studying. Based on the result, it has been seen that the class that has come here has a good interest in the study. You may applaud. Congratulations for paying attention to studying because all of you are students. It does not seem right for students not to have an interest in studying. This is why Baba said that all of you are students who are paying attention to your studies. According to the numbers that are present, the result is good. This is why it would be said that this class has passed. So, look at each one’s face: all are smiling. You always give time to whatever you are doing. Whether it is one hour or half an hour, you give time to it. So, you value time and this is why it is in your nature to do with your full attention whatever task you carry out. This present class is one that is going to give a good result. Which students does the Teacher like? Those like yourselves. Although you might say that you have become regular only today, at least you have become that! At least you have come in the list of those who are regular, even if it is for only a day. However, do not think that just one day is enough. Everyone becomes happy when they see this. Seeing a higher result, everyone is happy that they have also been included in pass. All of you would have already understood from this that it is your duty to pay attention, because you can see that even the Teacher is making effort. Congratulations, congratulations to both teachers and students for a higher number passing. Now, whenever you have to take a paper, do not fail it. This is the lesson you are being taught today. Look at your faces today when you have passed, whereas those who have failed have to look down; this happens naturally. No matter how much you may want (to pass), you still have to look down. So, whenever you sit to take a test paper, always remember this day you definitely do have to pass. The total result is better than what was expected. Whenever you sit to take a test paper, always pay this attention, you must not fail. To fail means to have a bad feeling. You would then remember throughout the whole year that you failed. You failed, and according to the system, you will be transferred, but never think: Whatever happened was good. Of course, you will sometimes fail and sometimes pass, it is not that you can always pass! However, everyone has received this teaching. Out of those who passed, how many are there and how many emerged? Those who passed, raise your hands! There are few who are raising their hands. In terms of the gathering, there are few. Whenever you study always have the aim that you definitely do have to pass. Whatever all of you have studied up to now, from class one until now, however many classes you have studied, understand this to be the eighth year (beginning of secondary education). So, how many of you have passed? How many should pass? Ok, if not ‘a full pass’, then a little less. It is OK if you have one or two less marks, but if you fail by many marks, that is not good. So what aim will you have? Is it no different if you fail? Out of all of you, do any of you think that it is alright if you only just pass with one or two marks within the pass mark? That that is fine? Have the aim not to miss a single class because it is always the aim of students to pass; not that you will try, but that you will pass.

So, today, all of you have made effort. What percentage of you raised your hands? You have raised your hands, but you also have to see with what number you passed. You passed, but was is almost the same as not passed, that is, you passed with just one or two numbers or did you pass well? So, always pay attention that in any situation, to pass means to pass. It is not good if you fail. There must definitely be some habit in which you keep busy. Even so, there are so many people sitting here. Those who have passed, raise your hands! It is good or is it that those who have passed are all sitting in the front. It is good. You have so much intoxication when you raise your hands for having passed.
It is the turn of Maharashtra Zone to serve. 15,000 have come from Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Mumbai. In total, there are 22,000.

BapDada gives congratulations to those from Maharashtra; why? You have taken the examination here and many from here have passed too. Many, many congratulations to those who have passed. You made effort or you had luck and so you passed? Have you made effort? Those who have made effort, raise your hands! According to the result, a few have made effort. Nevertheless, this many have emerged and so BapDada likes this too. There are more than half (who have passed). It is good.

550 double-foreign brothers and sisters have come from 50 countries. It is good. At least this many have emerged. You have still made effort, it is good. Achcha, you may applaud for those who have passed. When you receive the results, there is the impression of what the students were like; were they interested in the study or in something else? Nevertheless, it is good. (Ratanbhai and Ratnaben from London). Both in the same home have passed. It is very good that both have passed. Achcha. On behalf of all of you, the Father is congratulating them. So many would not tell them individually, and so Baba is congratulating them in the gathering. It is good. When you get the results, you are enthusiastic. So, why is the result so low? Each one of you would feel that if you had studied, they could have claimed a number even further ahead. You can do it, but you have been a little careless. It should not be that “It will happen, it will happen”. It has to happen.

Those from Calcutta have decorated all three complexes with flowers: It is good. Many have come from Calcutta. Learn from them to stand up in this same line. You will continue to learn in this way. It is good. These people are receiving one hundred-fold greater congratulations from those who have raised their hands. It is good. All of you have enthusiasm and so the next time you come, your number will be even more at the front. You have done it once, and so you have the enthusiasm that you too can be this, and that the next time you will win. So, try to claim a number even further ahead.

Many have come for the first time: It is at least half the class. Out of this huge gathering, so few have raised their hands. It would have been so good if there were a few more. Baba would say that there has to be a lot of zeal and enthusiasm. To claim a number is not an ordinary thing, at least your name was glorified. The whole class and their friends and relatives were so happy. If you were to count this, how many would there be? Their parents, their uncles and aunties would be so happy. However, it is good that you claimed a number. Even so, you came within the numbers. This too is good. It is better than not at all.

Achcha, to those who have come for the first time, to this big gathering, congratulations.

Meeting Dadi Janki: Seeing you, everyone will have the enthusiasm that if you are able to do this, why can we not?

(Mohiniben from New York and Sister Jayanti sent lots of love and remembrance.) They sent their remembrance, but they were not able to come. (There too, they celebrate 18th January with a lot of love.)

Those from Calcutta garlanded BapDada with a garland. (Looking at Munniben) You also emerged from Calcutta.

Speaking to Mohiniben (Baba, with Your blessings, I am fine). You will remain fine in the future too. It is good that Baba agrees with everything that you receive in your blessing, but you just have to remember it.

(Madhuben from Calcutta has been decorating the three places of Madhuban with flowers each year for the last 20 years.) She has tried to claim number one. In your efforts, you came a little close, but then others also will come. It doesn’t matter. However, you will have enthusiasm that you are left behind a little.

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