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These meetings of the confluence age are most invaluable, lovely and unique in the drama. This is also a lottery of “suddenly”, which only the fortunate children receive

Today, each of the children who are the beloveds of the heart are celebrating a meeting with the Father who is the Beloved of the heart. BapDada too is pleased to see each of the children from everywhere: Wah children who are merged in My eyes, because each one definitely has one or another speciality through which the meeting between the children and the Father is taking place. No matter where you have come from, each one of you is especially loved. Each one is saying with a lot of love, “Wah Baba! Wah!” and is celebrating a meeting. Each child, whether you are sitting at the front or at the back, especially those seated at the back, raise your hands! On each one’s face, the happiness of the meeting between the Father and the children is very visible. The words emerging from each one’s heart are, “Wah Baba! wah!” for the opportunity You have given us to personally celebrate this meeting with you in the corporeal form. Each child is taking this golden chance of celebrating a personal meeting. The Father is also very pleased to have the opportunity to celebrate a meeting with the children. Seeing such a huge gathering, the Father is also repeatedly saying, “Wah children! Wah!” This meeting is so great! Children have arrived here from different places to celebrate a meeting. This meeting between the Father and the children is so lovely and unique. The bliss of the meeting between the Father and the children is merged in the eyes of each of you children. Each and every child in this gathering is singing the song, “Wah Baba! Wah!” The Father too is singing the song, “Wah My children! Wah!” This meeting between the Father and the children in the drama is so lovely! From each and every children’s heart, we hear the song, “Wah Baba, wah Your love, wah your meeting through the eyes! This meeting has been imprinted on your hearts for all time. Make this scene emerge in your hearts whenever you want and you will have such a feeling of happiness. The song emerging from your heart is: Wah Baba! Your spiritual vision! Each child is pleased to see this. It is a meeting in which the Father Himself is saying, “Wah children! Wah!” and celebrating a meeting with you. In this meeting, everyone’s eyes are so happy, as each one understands that to celebrate a meeting between the Father and the children in the corporeal world in a physical way is so wonderful! Each one’s heart is saying, “Wah Baba! Wah!” We never thought that we could have such a meeting with Baba: this meeting is very, very, very lovely. We never even dreamt that we could have such a meeting. However, in this meeting of the Father and the children, the children are happy to see the Father, “Wah Baba! Wah!”, and the Father is also very pleased to see each of you children. The chant of “Wah! Wah! Wah!” is continuing. The wave of happiness in each one of you is sparkling on your faces. The sound emerging from everyone’s lips is, “Wah Baba! Wah!” Today, You gave us the experience of being the embodiment of meeting. In the entire hall, there is just the one sound emerging from each one’s heart, “Wah sweet Baba! Wah!” Seeing such a meeting, all souls are seen as being lost in the intoxication of this meeting. Just the one sound is emerging from everyone: “Wah Baba! Wah!” Each one’s heart is saying this. A very sweet song from the hearts of the whole gathering is being played. This song is so lovely. This meeting in the corporeal form is absolutely invaluable. This meeting of the confluence age is very lovely and unique in the drama. In each one’s heart, there is just, “My Baba! My Baba! My Baba!” If you come and look from here in the front, you would see everyone’s foreheads shining. There is this light, because seeing the meeting between the Father and the children, which is taking place so closely in the physical form, each one of you is experiencing yourself to be extremely fortunate. While the children are with the Father, when they see the chance to meet their companions, they become so engaged in this that it is as though they have suddenly won a lottery. This meeting is an example of the meeting between the Father and the children at the confluence age, and that too, is in the corporeal form. This was not even in anyone’s dreams, but this meeting is now merged in everyone’s heart for all time. What is in each one’s heart? This meeting is the direct meeting of the Father and the children: Just think how great it is! Everyone had been waiting for this day. This meeting in the corporeal form is an absolutely invaluable meeting. So, celebrate this meeting in such a way that the form of this meeting which is merged in your hearts, becomes constantly and repeatedly visible in your hearts. Let there be the experience that you are even now celebrating a meeting. The meeting between the Father and the children is so lovely and so much happiness is experienced through it. My Baba has met me.

So, today in everyone’s mind is: What is the avyakt meeting between the Father and the children? BapDada is giving all of you children this experience today. Did everyone experience this meeting? It is not an ordinary matter. Each one receives a chance to claim the fortune of a meeting, but to put the fortune you have received into your experience, even though you may have had many of these experiences – but to experience it in reality is a matter of fortune. So, today, BapDada is seeing the fortune of such children and seeing how you are celebrating a meeting with the heart. You used to remember by singing songs, but now, it’s not about singing songs, but you are actually celebrating a meeting. This too is each one’s fortune. It is a matter of fortune to receive this fortune in the corporeal form. Only the fortunate ones receive such fortune.

Seeing today’s meeting, BapDada is very pleased that the children are experiencing celebrating a meeting in the corporeal form. Who is merged in each one’s mind? Baba, my Baba, lovely Baba. All day and night, the Father only has you children in His heart, because only Baba is remembered in the hearts of each one of you now. The meeting is also with Baba. So, see, the Father was seeing how the Father is the Innocent Lord: you remembered Him and you received an attainment! Is it like that? Those of you who feel that you are celebrating a meeting with the Father, raise your hands! The Father is pleased to see the children’s faces. So, for how long did you remain separate? And, now that the meeting has taken place, see how absorbed you are in celebrating this meeting. BapDada is also very pleased about this meeting the children. When you find someone who you were separated from, you are so overwhelmed, and here too, you had been separated for a very long time, but you have now also had the meeting. You did have the meeting, did you not? Raise your hands! Wah! Baba loves this scene very much. Those sitting at the back are also raising their hands. The pleasure in each one’s mind is visible on each one’s face.

It is the turn of Delhi and Agra to serve: (14,000 have come from Delhi and Agra. In total, there are 24,000 brothers and sisters in the gathering.) It is good. Baba has seen it. In this too, there are more mothers. Baba is seeing how powerful this Shakti Army of the Father’s is. The Pandavas are no less. They are those who increase everyone’s zeal and enthusiasm. If the husbands of the mothers do not come, the helpless mothers remain deprived. Some have so much bondage, but they manage to find such methods that even BapDada is pleased to see their methods. When BapDada hears about this, He wonders: How did those in so much bondage come here? When He hears their stories, He says: Wah mothers! Wah! You create such inventions that cannot even emerge in anyone else’s intellect. To be mothers at the confluence age and to be so brave – you have no fear as to what will happen. You may be beaten, but, having found Baba, you have found everything. It is good. Look how many mothers there are! If you look at the gathering, three-quarters of the class are mothers. They remained very thirsty and, just imagine what happens when those who are thirsty receive water. What is that for them? Nectar. BapDada is pleased to see you children. There are also some males whose stories are similar to this. Because they don’t know what this is. BapDada is very pleased to see such children, “Wah My brave children! Wah!”

500 double foreign brothers and sisters have come from 50 countries: It is good. You have all remained courageous and BapDada gives help for your courage. The double foreigners who have come in this group, remain standing! It is good. You are so happy. You are standing, you are tired, but you are happy. Achcha.

Everyone will receive love and remembrance, but those from abroad are being given special love and remembrance today. Those who have come from India have bondages that those who are living abroad do not have. However, on seeing their cleverness, and how they broke their bondages and took benefit, and hearing such stories, Baba also enjoys Himself. So, are all of you happy? Then raise both your hands! Look, Dadi, (asking Dadi Janki) how beautiful it looks. It looks even more beautiful from the stage here. So, on the basis of knowledge, is everyone happy? Not on the basis of love, but on the basis of knowledge everyone is happy. Achcha.

Dadi Jankiji meeting BapDada: It is your fortune that even though you are so old, you are young. (Dadi has now become 100 years old). (Dadi said: The body is so poorly, but it is Baba’s power and Baba is making it work. The practical proof of it is to be given to Baba. It is a matter of great happiness that He came.) Baba understands! Baba is getting it done through you. No matter what your condition may be, you are an instrument. (Hansa is taking me to London the day after tomorrow.)

Meeting Mohiniben: You are always happy, are you not? This happiness is serving you. No matter what happens, nothing is visible on your face. You move along in happiness. Everyone moves along in this way. What is everyone’s age nowadays? (Tomorrow is Mohiniben’s 75th birthday.) All the sisters, there are brothers too, but we were just talking about the sisters. The brothers are incognito. The names of the sisters are mentioned because of service, but the brothers are there anyway. Nothing can function without the brothers. Look, the brothers are also no less. The sisters are also no less. All the mothers and brothers of the Brahmin family are all very useful. (BapDada gave Mohiniben a birthday gift.) You are all right, are you not? You are making yourself move along.

Trimurti Brothers: The brothers have also come, wah! In fact, there are good mothers who work very well. The mothers do very good work serving the Brahmins, not just doing the work outside. (BapDada was shown an album of the photographs of the programmes at India Gate and the Red Fort, Delhi.) To welcome the New Year candles were lit, a cake was cut and BapDada gave everyone greetings for the New Year.

Dadi Janki said: I do not have any type of thoughts. Baba is making me move. It is a wonder – no matter what the body is like, at every step, it emerges from my heart: My Baba. Just like today, I felt the energy. Baba gave me energy to be able to read the murli to everyone. Today Baba came and so there is so much happiness. It is a wonder of Baba that I was able to sit here for so long. Internally, I plan to read the murli tomorrow too. So, I receive help from Baba at every step. This one (Hansa) is an instrument for my travel. There is so much happiness because Baba came. Now, in the New Year all of Baba’s children who are instruments, each one of you will carry out your task in the best possible way.

(Baba, do I have permission to go?) You have permission. You have already made the plans and got the ticket. Whenever there is a need, you can go. This one is the head now, and so, she will decide what to do.

Greetings to everyone for the coming New Year: You are moving according to Baba’s directions and so you will continue to move forward. Victory is already guaranteed. You have the Bestower of Victory with you and so where can victory go?

Everyone remembers Baba at every step and everyone now knows in their hearts who Baba has made an instrument. Whoever Baba makes an instrument, everyone is that one’s companion. Therefore, all of you will fulfil your responsibility of companionship at every step. As the New Year has started, there is definitely a thought for newness. Let there definitely be something new for the year that is beginning. Whoever has any thoughts, if anyone has any ideas of something new that should happen, then you can write it down and send it to Baba. There is no need to speak about it. If you have any ideas for newness, write them down and send them and time will be saved. It is good if your thoughts also get used. Therefore, in short, write down your thoughts and send them. Achcha. Greetings to everyone for the New Year.

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