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The gathering of those loved by God only takes place at this great (auspicious) time of the confluence age. Baba is in the heart of each child and the specially beloved, long-lost and now-found children are in Baba’s heart

Today, BapDada is pleased to see all the children from everywhere, because each child is happy to see the Father and is celebrating a meeting. This spiritual meeting between the Father and the children is so lovely. This meeting is a meeting that makes you immortal. Each child has received the blessing: May you be immortal. No matter what happens, children are always busy celebrating a meeting with the Father. What is emerging from each one’s lips? Wah Baba! Wah! And, these words are emerging from the Father’s lips: Wah My long-lost and now-found children! Wah! Wah! The song of ‘Wah! Wah!’ can be heard coming from everyone’s lips. Each one’s face is singing the song, ‘Wah! Wah!’ BapDada is also giving the response: Wah children! Wah! The sound from everyone’s heart, whether they are far away or nearby, the sound from each one’s heart is giving a response. The Father says: Wah children! Wah! And the children say, ‘Wah Baba! Wah!’ This song of ‘Wah! Wah! is echoing everywhere. ‘Wah! Wah!’ is emerging automatically from everyone’s face. Congratulations for today can be heard coming from everyone’s lips. Everyone is singing the one song of happiness: Wah Baba! Wah! The song from the Father’s lips is: Wah beloved, long-lost and now-found children, each child! Wah! So, at this time, the sound from the heart of the whole gathering is: Wah Baba! Wah! The sound coming from the Father is: Wah children! Wah! All are ‘Wah! Wah!’ Though you are effort-makers and you are numberwise, the sound from each one’s mind is: Wah! Wah! What are you thinking? You are saying, ‘Wah! Wah!’ The sound from the heart of each one of you is ‘Wah! Wah!’, is it not? The Father says, ‘Wah beloved long-lost and now-found children, wah! Wah!’, and the children say, ‘Wah Baba! Wah!’ So, who are all of you who are sitting here? No matter where you may have come from, which gathering is this? You may be numberwise, but you are the Father’s children and this is why, just as the Father is ‘Wah! Wah!’, what song is playing in the heart of each one of you? Wah Baba! Wah! What song is playing in the Father’s heart? Wah children! Wah! You may be numberwise, but for each one of you, what is the aim of your life? If you want to see a gathering of ‘Wah! Wah!’ in the world, where would you be able to see it?

Today, even now, BapDada is seeing the gathering of ‘Wah! Wah!’. Though you are numberwise, you are ‘Wah! Wah!’. All are loved by God. So, this is a gathering of those who are loved by God. Each one of you may be numberwise, but the main support of all of you is One. What is emerging from the hearts and lips of all of you? ‘Wah Baba! Wah!’ And, what is emerging from the Father’s lips? Wah beloved, long- lost and now-found children! Wah! So, each one of you whether sitting in the front or the back, you are a especially beloved child of the Father. The Father is also seeing each of you children in that form. Who is in the heart of each one of you? What would you say? Wah wah Baba! And, who is in the Father’s heart? Each child. There is a number, but all are specially beloved, long-lost and now-found ones.

What would you call this gathering today? Each one is a specially beloved long-lost and now-found child of Baba. You experience this, do you not? From each one’s face, it is experienced that each one of you has the Father in your heart. And the Father is also smiling when He sees each child: Wah child! Wah! This meeting of this time is such a great meeting. If there is a great time in the whole cycle, it is now. This is why it is remembered that the confluence age is the great age. BapDada is meeting all the children who have this greatness. Children say that the Father is great and what does the Father say? No matter what a child may be like, he is deeply loved by the Father. Though you may be numberwise, the Father loves every child. Every child has the experience of the Father’s love. What do you say with love? ‘My Baba’. And what does the Father say? To each one, He says: My child. Each one is more loved than the next.

Today is the day for celebrating a meeting. No matter how many children there are, wherever they may be and whatever they may be like, each one is loved by the Father. Is it like that? Each one is loved by the Father. Raise your hands! Look, come here and look at everyone’s hands. Dadi, come here and see how each one has so much love. Everyone’s hand of love is raised. Baba is seeing from here. You can see it while sitting here. Wherever you look, who is sitting there? Yes, come and see how much pleasure there is.

Baba’s specially loved ones, the lovely ones are sitting here and they are sitting so ordinarily. All are specially loved by the Father, are you not? Raise your hands! Come here and see this scene and see how everyone is smiling. The condition of each one’s heart is visible in each one’s face. Who is in each one’s heart? What would you say? My Baba. And, what does the Father say? My children. All of you are specially loved by the Father, are you not? Are you? Raise your hands! Look, the Father is watching. You cannot see it, but the Father says: Come here once and look at the gathering and see how specially loved and lovely they are! Have you seen it? Come! (BapDada called Dadi Janki onto the stage.) You can come. Yes, stand there and look. (Wonderful Baba! Wah Baba! Wah! Baba, the gathering is very good.) Each child is especially loved.

It is the turn of Indore to serve. 7000 brothers and sisters have come and there are 150 kumaris from the hostel.

All are ever ready for service. The Father saw that each zone is playing its part very well at a time of need. And all of you are also content with the service from each zone, are you not? Are you content? Raise your hands!

500 double-foreign brothers and sisters have come from 55 countries. Double foreigners have come in large numbers. All double foreigners, raise your hands! Those from this land too are good instruments. Double foreigners are good effort-makers anyway. You are moving forward with your efforts. This doesn’t mean that those from India are not. Each child, whether an Indian or a double foreigner, is engaged in making good effort. In each one’s mind is the thought to claim the number ahead of everyone. Seeing the efforts of the children, BapDada is pleased, that for Bap and for Dada, each one, whether from this land or abroad, has very good love in their heart for BapDada. BapDada too has love in His heart for each child, whether from this land or abroad. No matter what number each one may be, the Father has a lot of love for even the last number child, because when they sit in remembrance, in whose remembrance are they sitting? They are sitting in remembrance of the Father. Children stay in remembrance of the one Father, and so the Father too is loved by all, whether by those from India or those abroad. Who is in the Father’s heart? Each child is especially loved from the heart.

The Father has love in His heart for all the children, whether from this land or from abroad. The Father saw that each child has love for the Father and this is why each one is continuing to move along. If you have no connection with the Father, from where would you get power? You are moving along by taking power from the Father. Children have very good love for the Father, and the Father too has love for each child. No matter where you may be, whether in this land or abroad, each child is loved by the Father. No matter who it is, the Father’s love is making you move. If you do not even remember the Father, from where will you receive power? Each one has a relationship with the Father. Those of you who say that you do not have love for the Father, raise your hands! Those of you who consider yourselves to be moving along with your own efforts – no matter how much effort you make – those of you who think that you are moving along based on your own efforts, raise your hands! (None raised their hands).

Mohiniben: Baba is always with you. Baba is with every child. Do you experience that the Father is always with you? The Father is always with every child. The Father is only One and yet can fulfil His responsibility to everyone. Look, however many of you are sitting here. Who’s company do you have? You have the Father’s company. So, you are the Father’s companions. The Father is with each one of you and will remain with you. The Father is with each one of you, is He not?

Mohiniben (New York): The part that you are playing is good. (Baba, many, many thanks to You for bringing me here.) No matter where you may be, each child’s love and remembrance continues to reach the Father. No one is far away, they are in the heart. You are the closest. (I don’t feel any distance.) You are not far away anyway.

All are merged in the Father’s heart. All of you are in the heart, are you not? Who is the Beloved? Only BapDada is the Beloved. The children’s hearts are also with the Father. There isn’t anyone who is without the Father’s company. You are with Him and will always remain with Him. All of you constantly stay in the experience of His company, do you not? Raise your hands!

(Rameshbhai presented the plan of Jagadamba Bhavan in Pune to BapDada): You can extend it as much as you want. Whether it is for Jagadamba, or any child who is instrument for any other task, still each one can progress and is moving forward.

BapDada is pleased that each child is moving forward. However much strength you have, you are accordingly playing your part well. Each child has very good zeal and enthusiasm. BapDada is pleased that each child is constantly engaged in his own efforts and will remain so. All of you are moving ahead well in your efforts. BapDada is pleased to see this. No matter what happens, your efforts are with you and the whole family is with you. You are not alone. The Companion is with you and will remain with you. Each one’s heart has remembrance of the one Father.

Brijmohanbhai told BapDada of the grand event due to take place at India Gate, Delhi on the 8th of November. Both Dadis are going to come there, so what should we specially do?

The special thing is that you have to reveal the Father. To reveal the Father means while doing everything, to have all relationships with the one Father. So, the basis of having a relationship with the Father is very good. Especially have a collective programme. No one should think that this is Delhi’s programme. The Father is everyone’s and the programme is everyone’s. Though some may be close and others far away, it is everyone’s. There is zeal and enthusiasm and this has to be increased. The programme can be anywhere, but it is ours. It is one family. The Father of all is just the One. Though many may be visible, all are one. This is the speciality of this place. It is not divided into pieces.

Dr. Banarasibhai showed BapDada a book of the (30 years of) service done by the Medical Wing: It is good. All of you have made it and the Father is pleased. All of you are moving along together and will continue to do so.

Bhopalbhai asked BapDada about the building in Udaipur: Whatever task takes place, everyone is together in it. It is not just one person’s, it is of the Brahma Kumaris’ and the Kumars are included in that. (Everyone comes and goes from Udaipur). Coming and going will continue because this is a family.

Om Prakashbhai, Indore: Is your health OK? (This is first time I have been ill.) With everyone’s help and the Father’s company, you can continue to move forward. You are moving along well and will continue to move forward. Your health is a little poor, but it will be fine. It is good. Continue to move along with care.

Kamleshben, Cuttack: Are you OK? Are you well? (With Your blessings, I am fine.) You have blessings for all time.

Whatever little bit happens to the health, this is the time of the iron age, and so there will be all of this at this time. However, while facing everything, change a crucifix into a thorn by having remembrance of the Father. It may come to you in the form of a crucifix, but by having remembrance of the Father, make it become like a thorn. Achcha.

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