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The children who stay in remembrance are constantly merged in BapDada’s heart. Everyone’s heart has the happiness that our golden-aged kingdom is now about to come. Everyone is busy bringing about such an age

The love and remembrance of all the loving children are reaching BapDada. Each one’s heart is saying: “My Baba”, and what is BapDada saying? “My children”. This meeting is very beautiful. BapDada is pleased to see the hall and to see the decoration of the children in the hall. The feeling in His heart is: Wah children, wah! Everyone’s face is reflecting the wave of happiness of this meeting. This meeting is so valuable. In each one’s heart and in BapDada’s heart too, there is just: Wah, my children, wah! And, what is in the children’s hearts? Wah Baba, wah! This meeting is so lovely. Merged in each one’s heart are the words, ‘My Baba’. And what is in the Father’s heart? My children. Where is each child sitting, whether you are far away or close? Are you sitting on those seats? Where have you got the seat? Each child is merged in BapDada’s heart. There are two sounds coming. One is: Wah Baba, wah! The second is the Father’s sound: Wah sweet children, wah! Each one, after merging in the heart and seeing personally with the eyes, what songs are you singing? Just the one expression is emerging from each one’s heart: My Baba. And, what is emerging through Baba’s lips? My children. This meeting between the Father and the children is so wonderful. The Father is so pleased. But this is nothing. Even more, those sitting in their homes or wherever you may be physically – even those present in this hall – this meeting between the Father and the children is so unique and lovely. The majority of the children are merged in the Father’s heart. Upon seeing each and every child, even if the child is seated last, each one is merged in the Father’s heart. The Father is so pleased to see the children with these eyes, “Wah children, wah!” Each child is the light of the Father’s eyes and this is why all of you give one another the title. “the light of the eyes”. No matter where they may be staying, the children who stay in remembrance have the Father merged in their eyes. All the children are merged in the Father’s heart – those who are in remembrance are merged. You can see yourself merged in the Father’s heart, can you not? The scene BapDada is seeing now is a unique scene of this confluence age. You may be sitting on a chair in the hall, but what is BapDada experiencing? That all of you lamps of the heart are merged in the heart; and BapDada is so pleased to see each of you lamps. Wah children, wah! The Father cannot stay without the children and the children too are experiencing a lot of happiness on meeting the Father face to face. Even now, you are experiencing that. Who is in each one’s heart? What would all of you say? My Baba. And who is in the Father’s heart? My children. The meeting of the hearts of the Father and the children can only be experienced at the confluence age. So, who is in everyone’s heart? My Baba. Who is in the Father’s heart? Sweet children. Each one of you is experiencing this, according to your capacity. On both sides, who is in the heart? My Baba, and who is in the Father’s heart? My children. Only you children can have this wonderful meeting. My Baba. And who is in the Father’s heart? My children. This meeting only takes place at this confluence age. Look where you have all come from! What is each one’s heart saying? My Baba. And what is the Father’s heart saying? My children. Long-lost and now-found beloved children. Now, to each child, just as Baba is merged in your hearts, so, let there be the Father in everyone’s heart – the children are also making this effort and upon seeing this effort of the children, the Father continues to be pleased because where there is the Father, other situations cannot come. The children are in the Father’s heart and the Father is in the children’s hearts. You experience this, do you not? BapDada is also so pleased to see each child. What is emerging in His heart? Wah children, wah! And who is in everyone’s heart now? My Baba. And who is in the Father’s heart? Wah children, wah! BapDada is so pleased to see the scene of the entire hall.
(Baba, 20,000 brothers and sisters have come to celebrate a meeting with You. There are 700 double foreign brothers and sisters from 60 countries. It is the turn of Rajasthan and Punjab to serve; 4,000 have come from Rajasthan and 10,000 have come from Punjab.)

You children are the basis of bringing about the golden age. Each child is engaged in this service. BapDada is pleased that everyone is busy bringing about such an age. BapDada is pleased to see the zeal and enthusiasm in each one. Internally, you are all making so much effort to bring about that age. BapDada also checks the efforts of the children. The majority is passionate about this: that our age should come about as quickly as possible. It is coming. BapDada is pleased to see the effort in each one of you, but it is not “constant”. If it becomes “a little constant”, you would see it (new age) with these eyes. This age is for you anyway. You are making effort to change this age and you are also experiencing success. In each one’s heart there is the enthusiasm: our age is just about to come. That is your age (golden age) and you are about your age; and it has to happen – it is guaranteed. BapDada is pleased to see the children who are going to become this. What song does He sing? Wah children, wah! The future is clearly visible on each one’s face. You have the company and also the time. Now, we shall return to our own home. Your own is in each one’s heart, is it not? It is just ahead of you. Our age is coming. You have this happiness, do you not?

Speaking to double foreign brothers and sisters: It is good that everyone gets a chance to meet. Each zone has been given a separate turn and BapDada is pleased to see the children, Wah my children, wah! Those from abroad also love this land of yours. When you come here, you relate your experience of how you are so happy to come to your original place, and the Father is also happy to see such children. All of you are happy anyway. If you are not happy now, then when would you be happy? This is the time for a meeting of the Father and the children, what that recognition. Children are happy and the Father is also happy. Wah. You remember everything, do you not? You are also remembering the whole cycle. There is now very little time left of what you refer to as your age. You are now celebrating a meeting in the age that belongs to others. However, you remember very firmly that your age is about to come. When you come to Madhuban, you are happy.., you are especially happy that you have to come here to rule the kingdom. You are now doing tapasya here and you will then come here to rule the kingdom. You feel, do you not, that this is the place where you will rule and also the place of service? You have this happiness, do you not? You are happy to see your place of ruling, are you not? Our kingdom used to be here and it is now about to come again. There cannot be such easy yoga, Raja Yoga, in the whole cycle. You are the instruments and you are experiencing your right once again.

Look! This time is so valuable, you recognize that you are receiving the fortune of the kingdom. What are we now and what are we going to become? Do you have this intoxication? Do you have this happiness that you were this and that you are becoming this? Do you have this happiness? If you have this happiness, then raise your hands! Yes, look you have so much happiness because your age is about to come. Look at all the mothers that are visible here. The mothers are so happy – wah, our age has come, our age has come. There won’t be only you there. Your partners will also be with you. You will rule, will you not? You are not going to rule alone, are you? In the kingdom, there will be both, will there not? So, do you have the happiness that your kingdom has come? The Father has come to give you your kingdom. Everyone is so happy. It will now be our kingdom, our kingdom. You have so much intoxication. You are so happy about your kingdom; our kingdom is about to come. You have so much happiness. Tell me, how will you show it? Applaud! Look at the sound of the clapping. Wah! Look at everyone’s face – you are all smiling so much. Our kingdom has come. You all have this happiness, do you not? This is why you clapped. There is now no need to be unhappy or to cry. Your days of happiness have come. Our kingdom has come. Our kingdom… You have so much intoxication. You have been staying in the kingdoms of others for a long time and it is now your kingdom. You have this happiness, do you not? Do the brothers have this happiness? Do the sisters have this happiness? Look, by seeing the happiness everywhere, it feels so good. There is no wave of sorrow in anyone’s heart. Everyone is happy. And, BapDada is also giving you lots, lots and lots of congratulations for this happiness.

Dadi Jankiji hugged BapDada: Everyone is thinking that they would also like to meet in this way. However, all are merged in Baba’s heart. Each one is merged in Baba’s heart.

Speaking to Mohiniben: Is everything all right? (Everything is fine through your blessings.) You have the blessing anyway. What is BapDada doing? Making you move along with blessings; because He cannot stay here, He is making you move along with blessings. Are all of you happy? Very happy. Everyone is happy. Your faces reveal this. Everyone’s face is revealing that you are all enjoying service. You have received a little time for service. There isn’t much time.

Three senior brothers presented bouquets to BapDada: All three of you are here. Everything is continuing well, is it not? (Everyone’s health is fluctuating.) That too will be fine with happiness. Nevertheless, the environment makes a difference. There would be a difference in your health by either staying here or there. Everyone’s health is fine. No one is that ill. All of you are well, no one is ill. When you are happy, you are not ill. All of you are happy, are you not? Raise your hands. This happiness is nourishment, whether you receive other nourishment or not. This nourishment of happiness is good. (Dadi Janki is saying that she is not well now.) Dadi Janki too is not ill. This is just a little of her karmic account that is remaining, and that is being settled quickly. You are looking after her well and her health is fine. Simply stay happy: this is medicine. This medicine will not allow any illness to come. According to the age and the illness, everyone has thoughts, but this one is carefree. (A book ‘Dadi Janki – A Century of Service’ has been written by Liz Hodgkinson. BapDada inaugurated this book.) For the majority of all of you, it must be 100 years too. (Looking at the book) It is very good.

Om Prakashbhai (Indore), Mohiniben (New York) and Kamleshben (Cuttack) are all not well and have sent you lots of remembrances: Whoever is ill, to all of them, and together with them, to all of you also, lots of love and remembrances and there will be constant remembrance. There is ‘Baba, Baba’ in everyone’s heart and who is in Baba’s heart? The children.

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