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Avyakt BapDada 10th april 2015

Madhuban Avyakt BapDada

Beloved Avyakt BapDada’s most beloved instrument teachers, sisters and brothers who are the decoration of the Brahmin clan, ones who always stay in the avyakt stage and experience the avyakt meeting, the ones who have experienced sustenance from the sakar and the avyakt, please accept sweet love and remembrance
filled with God’s love.According to the predestined drama, the health of BapDada’s chariot, Dadi Gulzar, was not so good during the annual meetings and, therefore, Dadiji had gone to Mumbai for treatment. After staying in the hospital for a few days, Dadi is now recovering at the Vile Parle centre. Because the body is a little weak, Dadi was unable to travel to Madhuban. Today was the last meeting of BapDada’s current season and, therefore, 25,000 brothers and sisters had arrived in Shantivan to meet BapDada. It was the turn of Maharashtra and Andra Pradesh to serve. In order to experience the avyakt meeting, everyone had an all-night yoga bhatthi starting 9th April from 11.00 pm to 5.00 am next morning. Then, from the morning onwards, everyone was especially introverted and, while touring around the subtle region, many reached Diamond Hall by 2.00 pm. In the midst of the powerful yoga-tapasya from 6.00 to 8.00 pm, Suryabhai conducted class on the elevated method of experiencing an avyakt meeting. From 6.30 to 7.30 pm, everyone had an avyakt meeting through the video and experienced powerful divine drishti and blessings. Then Dadi Jankiji, Dadi Ratanmohiniji and the senior brothers and sisters came onto the stage and first offered bhog to BapDada. Then Gulzar Dadi offered bhog to BapDada in Vile Parle centre. Avyakt BapDada came in the body of Dadi Gulzar and spoke sweet elevated versions and celebrated a meeting with Nirvairbhai. Those elevated versions are being sent to you. Together with that, because the murli of the 10th morning was not sent to you (to those in Bharat), we are sending instead the Avyakt murli that was shown via video at the time that BapDada was to have come. Please refresh everyone with this murli.

Avyakt BapDada’s sweet elevated versions:
Do you know your three forms of the original form, your future form and the great form of the confluence age? Do all the three forms come in front of you in a second? At this time, BapDada is seeing the praise of the present Brahmin form of the children. Each one’s praise is very great because throughout the whole
cycle, the most fortunate form of all is of this time of the confluence age and each one is experiencing the fortune of the confluence age. Wah, the blessed time of the confluence age! Wah! Is this all right? BapDada is seeing that each child is also very happy on seeing his or her own future form. It is good.
Dadi Janki gave lots and lots of love and remembrance and greetings to Gulzar Dadi and residents of the Vile Parle centre. Whatever happened in the drama was good. Everyone met Baba with a lot of happiness. None of you missed anything, did you? This is because Baba and we children are sitting together. Everyone took drishti from Baba. Dadi (Gulzar) always brought me with her into the gathering. Today, I missed that. Today, Dadi is in Vile Parle and she enabled all of us to meet BapDada and everyone became very, very happy. The knowledge of the drama is such that it makes us quiet. Now everyone is happy. Everyone had the experience of Baba’s presence. Bhaasna (experience) and bhavna (pure feelings) – the experience that we wanted of meeting Baba, that was not missed out. We are Baba’s children. Look where Baba has sat all of us. Baba has given all of us so much sakaash in the subtle form. All of us are receiving Baba’s sakaash. Baba has so much love for us. Nirwairbhai presented a bouquet to BapDada in Vile Parle centre: (BapDada placed His hand on Nirwairbhai’s forehead.)
Showing everyone a fruit in His hand, BapDada said with a lot of love: Everyone experience that this fruit is coming into your mouth. BapDada loves each and every child. It isn’t that sisters are number one or brothers are number one. All are this. Those whose heart is connected to Baba has Baba in their hearts and
they are in Baba’s heart. Giving remembrance to everyone, Nirwairbhai said: Today is the day of a special meeting with BapDada and all of us brothers and sisters from this land and abroad have especially come here personally. BapDada fulfils the desires of all of us and has come to meet all of us face to face. Many, many congratulations to all of you for this. When BapDada comes, each Brahmin child’s faith becomes even stronger. At the confluence age, BapDada will always be with us through His chariot. We fill our aprons with the jewels of knowledge and dharna and will wear the future crown of the world emperor and empress. BapDada Himself will crown all of us.
Yoginiben: According to the drama, we are very happy that while sitting in Vile Parle we feel that we are sitting in Diamond Hall. We have with us all the brothers, sisters and teachers who have come from this land and abroad. Today, BapDada gave everyone drishti filled with a lot of love and also filled everyone’s
apron with blessings.
Our Sister Neelu is also looking after BapDada’s chariot with a lot of love and our Nirwairbhai is also with us. I am very happy. Nirwairbhai is also getting better.

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