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Constantly remember two terms: my Baba, sweet Baba

Constantly remember two terms: my Baba, sweet Baba.
Om shanti. The faces of all of you are smiling, and are celebrating a meeting with BapDada and one another with a smile. It shows on the faces of those here today that each one – at the front and at the back – after a long time, are celebrating a meeting with the eyes in the corporeal form. Each one’s mind is singing the song: “My Baba, sweet Baba, lovely Baba”.

So many souls are so happy on seeing the meeting of the Father and the children. Each one’s face is visible as a face filled with the happiness of a meeting. Whether you are close or far away, the zeal of the meeting in even the last ones is attracting BapDada towards themselves. From the Father’s lips, the words are emerging: Wah My children who are remembering Me in your heart; Wah! The children are in the Father’s heart, and Baba is in the children’s hearts. The wave of the meeting and of the happiness is visible in each one’s mind.

The Father is singing the song from His heart: Wah children! Wah! And the children are also singing the song “Wah Baba! Wah!” On just saying “Wah” the sparkle of happiness is clearly visible on everyone’s face. In any case, no matter how far away you may be sitting – “Wah Baba! Wah!” in everyone’s hearts and “Wah children! Wah” in the Father’s heart – the wave of the meeting of the hearts is clearly visible on each one’s face. No one is singing with their lips, but the song of each one’s heart is visible through their faces. Each one’s cheerful face is smiling so sweetly.

The Father is also singing this song in His heart: “Wah children! Wah!. From each one’s face, the Father is seeing this and saying it from His heart – the sound of the heart is clearly visible to the Father. The Father’s song “Wah children! Wah”, and the children’s song “Wah Baba! Wah”, and the signs of “wah wah”, are clearly visible on each one’s face. Some are visible as singing this in the form of a song, and some are visible as singing the song of their hearts through their eyes – in the form of the sound of the heart. The Father is also giving the response to each one that each child is a star of the heart of Dilaram, the Comforter of Hearts. Wah children! Wah stars! Wah!

Today, there is the image in each one’s face. The Father is also singing the song in His heart: Wah every child! Wah! There has been the desire to see the faces for such a long time, and today they are visible in a practical way. So the children have “Wah Baba! Wah!” in their hearts, and the Father has “Wah children! Wah” in His heart. Each one can hear the song of his or her own heart, and also of everyone. BapDada is hearing each child’s song of the heart just as clearly as if each child were singing in front of Baba; and on hearing that song of the heart, BapDada was giving a lot of love and affection. On hearing it, the Father was giving the response from the heart: “Wah every child! Wah!”

However many are sitting here, the sound coming from each one’s heart is “My Baba, my …”, and the Father is giving the response to each child. No matter how far away you may be, you are here, but BapDada is hearing the song from even the other countries – “Wah Baba! Wah” from each one’s lips. Each child is absorbed in “Wah Baba! Wah! My Baba, wah!” Because it is the song of the heart, no sound is heard, but everyone’s sound is reaching Baba. In response, BapDada is also saying, “Wah children! Wah!”

Who is in each one’s heart? What is everyone saying? My Baba. You have heard this song of the Father and the children, have you not? The Father says “My child”, and the children say “My Baba!”. It is such a sweet sound. It is simply a wonder of saying “Mine”. Each one’s heart is saying “My Baba!”. The Father’s heart is saying for each one “My child”; because, in the corporeal form it is an incognito matter of the heart, but the sound from each one’s heart is very clearly heard in the Father’s heart.

Children say, “My Baba” and the Father says, “My children!”. Each one is experienced in what the meeting is of the Father and the children. The words emerging from everyone’s lips are, “Wah My Baba! Wah!” And each one is also receiving the response, “Wah children! Wah!” However, this meeting is unique. Each one is saying in response “Wah Baba! Wah!”. However, each of you is saying from your own heart, in your own sound; and on hearing the response of so many children, and on seeing the love in their hearts, BapDada is very pleased.

Now, in this gathering, the children know about the Father, and the Father knows about the children. Both are saying “Wah, wah, wah!”, and on hearing all of this, the Father is giving all the children the response. At every moment, every child is singing through their lips: “Wah Baba! Wah my Baba! Wah lovely Baba! Wah Baba, who merges us in His heart!” Only you know and I know your love. If you were to come and see each child’s face, the majority of them seem as though they have been merged in love for a long time, and they are saying from their hearts: “Wah, wah, wah!” The tune of “Wah! Wah!” is heard from the heart of each child.

Who is in everyone’s heart? What would you say? My Baba! Sweet Baba! Lovely Baba! And who is in the Father’s heart? Now, simply remember the two words: “My and sweet”. Sweet Baba, My Baba. If you were to look in each child’s mind, who is merged in each one’s heart? My Baba. In each one’s heart is “My Baba, my Baba”; because this love – the alokik love of the Father and the children – is only experienced in this birth throughout the whole cycle. So speak: Who is in each one’s heart? My Baba.

Each one’s face is smiling so much. BapDada is seeing you in front of Him. Each child saying “My Baba” from the heart is merged in such a way that this picture of the meeting of the Father and the children is imprinted forever in each one’s heart. Now, you have passed in this, in that all of you have remembrance of Baba in your hearts. Sometimes, you even forget because of some karmic account, but the majority of you only forget a little. “My Baba” has become so firm in your hearts that, while walking and moving around, you say, “My Baba, my Baba”. This is not forgotten. And what does the Father also remember? My children. Does He not? Who is in everyone’s heart? Are you sure? (Pakka?) Sure? (Pakka?)

The wonder is that, here, the children have Baba in their hearts. Generally, in life you would remember your companion, but here, ask each one: “Who is in your heart?”, and they would say: “My Baba”. Who is in your heart? My Baba. It is Baba’s words that you remember whilst performing every action. Look throughout the whole day, and check: „Whilst doing all the work, whom am I remembering? Whom am I copying? What is visible in the corporeal form? I am in the Father’s heart and the Father is in my heart.” It is like this, isn’t it? Raise your hand. Is it like this? Are you sure?

Generally you say that you forget whilst doing your work, but here you don’t even take the name of forgetting! And who is in the Father’s heart? My children. And who is in the Father’s heart? My children. This relationship is a gift of the Confluence Age. Achcha. Today, everyone has had the meeting. Now, this meeting will always be remembered. The meeting between souls and the Supreme Soul is not an ordinary meeting. Ask anyone: „who is in your heart?” Everyone says: “My Baba”. This is such deep love.

(It is the turn of the Eastern Zone to serve – 21,000 have come from Bengal, Bihare, Orissa, Assam, Nepal and Tamil Nadu) Even the Father cannot forget this meeting. Whenever the Father has time, what happens in His heart? My children, beloved children. And when the children have time, “My Baba!” It is like this, is it not? Those who think it is like this, raise your hands! It is not something that you can ever forget. No matter how much you try to forget, even while forgetting, you cannot forget.

(Everyone stood up) So many have come. Many have come to serve in their own turn. Everyone has love for the Father and for serving the yagya, because both this service and the meeting can take place at the same time.

(2500 have come from Nepal) Sisters, too, raise your hands! It is good, because even if BapDada had not met any child closely, He would remember that one, would He not? This is why this method of meeting is very good. So, is everyone happy? If you are happy, raise both of your hands. That is, if you are happy.

(4500 have come from Tamil Nadu) So many have come. Congratulations. Congratulations. It is good. The response is good.

(1200 double foreigners have come) This chance to meet so many Brahmins is also such a huge fortune. You all come from such far away places and you come with so much enthusiasm. Seeing each child, BapDada is very pleased and is congratulating each one for coming into service. Very good. BapDada likes it very much that all the children come here, turn by turn, on service. Each group is serving the yagya with a lot of love. You have done well, and will do so in the future too. BapDada is giving each group a return from His heart.

If you think about it, whose yagya is it? It is the yagya of each resident of the yagya, is it not? Where is the real home of all of you? It is this, is it not? They would ask: Where have you come from? So, you would tell them that you have come from Abu, would you not? No matter where you are from, where is that place?

So, you have all co-operated very well during the season in playing your own parts. You have completed service. BapDada is giving special congratulations to each child for this.

(to Dadi Janki) She is an example in the yagya. She is unwell and also present. If Dadi were not to be present in any class, it would all seem so empty. („Gulzar Dadi has brought her here”) Whoever may have done that, it is Dadi’s wonder. Courage is everything. It is good. Look, everyone’s vision is on you. Our Dadi, our Dadi. Just as it is “My Baba”, similarly it is “My Dadi.”

(„Mohiniben has come back from the hospital pilgrimage”) You have now come back. Congratulations. Every day a little something or other happens, and, while these things do happen, to be ready on time is good, is it not? She does reach here. Congratulations. Congratutions. It is good. You have courage.

(„Mohiniben from New York has sent her remembrance”) She has maintained courage well. You have definitely taken time, but by maintaining courage, she has made herself safe. („Now she will be fine”) She will now be fine. Let alone remembrance of Baba, there is everyone’s remembrance.

(Brijmohanbhai and Nirvairbhai) You have now left the hospital, have you not? You will now not go to the hospital, will you? („I will go for four days”) It will be finished after four days. It is good. Now, we shall celebrate the day when everyone is okay. There is always one or another reason. (Brijmohanbhai) This one has become fine.

(Rameshbhai) All of you three brothers are fine, are you not?

(At the time of farewell, BapDada did not give permission to place the microphone in front of Him, but He spoke these elevated versions.) Forget the things of the past. Past is past. When old things come in front of you, you are unable to remember Baba. Now just remember only one Shiv Baba. Now there is a need for very powerful yoga. Tell this to everyone everywhere. Finish all the old things, and create an atmosphere of powerful yoga with Baba, and make plans for new service. Programmes are created for service, but when everyone gets divided then that service is not successful. However, with the power of the gathering, those plans of service will be successful.

Now, for ten minutes, everyone in all directions should experience silence. Have yoga! Achcha.

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