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Continue to move forward in service, and give zeal to everyone

Om shanti. Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations to all the children everywhere on this day, whether you are here face-to-face in front of Baba, or at any other place. This day of congratulations is very lovely, and this personal meeting is taking place in the corporeal form in the drama as a special sign of love between the Father and the children. Therefore, first of all, congratulations, congratulations for the meeting, to those who are sitting in front of Baba.

This day especially is a significant day in the task of establishment in which the children have recognized the Father and the Father has recognized the children. The Father says “My children”, and the children say “My Baba!” Today, BapDada is congratulating each child – whether sitting in the front or at the back – for today’s personal meeting. Today, the fortune of celebrating a meeting is visible on each one’s face. The cheerful form is visible on each one’s face, and BapDada is also pleased upon seeing the fortune of the children who are meeting face-to-face. The wave of meeting with “My Baba”, “lovely Baba”, “sweet Baba” is visible on the forehead of each child. The Father is also very much pleased to see each child – those sitting at the front and at the back. The Father knows, and you know, this secret. “Wah children! Wah!” is emerging from the Father’s heart for each and every child. A face-to-face meeting is taking place.

BapDada is singing the song “Wah children! Wah!” on seeing the children sitting at the front, at the back and in the corners. BapDada is seeing that each child is sitting in such sweet remembrance. In every corner, at the front and at the back, each child is so pleased to see the Father, and the Father is also singing the song “Wah children! Wah” upon seeing each child, because the Father knows that such a meeting too cannot take place all of the time.

However, today, on experiencing this company and seeing the love of each of the children, everyone’s heart is overwhelmed. This meeting in the corporeal form that takes place sometimes attracts the Father’s heart a lot. The Father is singing the song “Wah children! Wah”, and the children are singing the song “Wah Baba! Wah!”. This Confluence Age has got such a part in the drama that the children are seeing Baba and knowing Him, and the Father is so pleased to see the children. The words emerging from each one’s heart are “My Baba, lovely Baba”, and the words emerging from the Father’s lips are “Wah children! Wah!” Just see how each child is experiencing his birthright of having a personal meeting. The Father is also very, very, very pleased to see the face of each child.

What does the Father experience upon seeing each of you children? Each of you children has so much love in your heart. If BapDada were to speak of the love of each of the children, He would have written many books. However, the heart knows, the Father and the children know this! So, seeing the faces of the children on meeting the Father, although you are according to your capacity, yet the love of the Father and the children is immortal and alokik. The Father is pleased and is saying to each child from His heart: “Wah children! Wah”.

The Father is pleased that this face-to-face meeting of a short time feels so lovely. Each one has zeal in his heart that each child in the world recognizes the Father and makes himself move forward. So, today, BapDada is seeing each child’s love in his heart, and for that He is giving each child lots and lots of blessings and congratulations from the heart. Wah drama! Wah!

This meeting is not a small thing. BapDada continues to celebrate a meeting with the children in His heart. He cannot stay without the children. There are many stories of this meeting, but now there is a lot of happiness upon seeing the children face-to-face. Out of love for the children, BapDada is singing the song in His heart – “Wah children! Wah!”.

Today is the day of celebrating a meeting. BapDada sees that each child is so happy on seeing this kind of meeting. First BapDada and then the children. BapDada cannot stay without seeing a single child. Although you may be sitting at the back, BapDada is pleased to see the children in the corporeal form and the children are also very happy.

So, now what wonders will you show in the future? You celebrated a meeting, but what wonders will you now show? The majority of you should have the recognition in your hearts: Our Baba cannot stay without meeting the children. BapDada saw that seeing the part of the drama, you children definitely think about what those days were and what these days are! However, while being sensible, you are playing good parts in service. BapDada is pleased to see the children who fulfil the responsibility of their parts in service, because eventually there will definitely be the recognition in the world that “Our Baba has come!”

However, just as, in the sakar days, only a few children in the world had got the right to recognize and enjoy the attainment, similarly it is because of this fortune of those children that the meeting of the Father and the children is taking place now. This part of the drama also gives happiness to the heart. The Father is pleased, and the children are also pleased. So, according to the drama, BapDada is pleased to see the children who are meeting in the corporeal form now. This meeting is also one of the best parts fixed in the drama. All of you too become happy, do you not? Seeing the part of this meeting, the children are pleased, and the Father is also pleased. However, there is so much difference between this meeting and that meeting. By understanding this part in the drama, each one of you claims your own power, love and enthusiasm from this part.

How pleased would BapDada be on meeting the children? The children as well as the Father know this. So, this chance too created by the drama is very good. BapDada is so pleased upon seeing each child, and is congratulating each one from His heart. So He sings this song: Wah children! Wah!

All of you are instruments who remain happy and content to make everyone move forward at every step, are you not? Although there is a difference, still the meeting takes place. BapDada is also pleased to see the children. He is very pleased. Seeing each child, only BapDada’s heart knows what He wants to do on seeing each one. However, BapDada is pleased that, although children are numberwise, the meeting of the children and the Father takes place.

The Father saw that children stay in remembrance; you do remember Him, but you also face opposition from Maya, and so BapDada congratulates each child in a subtle way: “Wah children! Wah!”. This meeting of the Father and the children is immortal and will remain immortal. All of you are happy, physically and spiritually, are you not? Wave your hands! BapDada is seeing everyone’s hands. Very good! Congratulations! BapDada saw that the love of the heart, true love, can never fade away. So, the Father also continues to sing the song, “Wah children! Wah!”

BapDada is pleased to see the efforts of all the children to stay in remembrance. Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations for this. The Father also remembers all of you children. It isn’t that He has forgotten the children. No; each child is in BapDada’s heart. Although you may be number-wise, Baba remembers you. So, today, BapDada is considering this day to be great because the face-to-face meeting of the Father and the children is taking place. The Father is pleased and the children are also pleased.

Now, for the future, make a new programme to spread the sound through which the people of the world stay awake and do not fall asleep. Continue to awaken them, and continue to move forward. BapDada considers them to be helpless in front of your fortune. However, such a time is now going to come that you will remember these days, and you must therefore continue to carry on with your work. They are helpless ones, whereas you are fortunate – you have attained your fortune and you are experiencing that. BapDada, whilst avyakt, is pleased that children have recognized Him and are also claiming the fortune of service. Achcha.

Now, the meeting with everyone takes place with this method and we are meeting. BapDada is pleased with this too. What other song does He sing? Wah fortunate children! Wah!

(„It is the turn of Indore and Bhopal to serve: This is a group of 25,000 brothers and sisters. 200 kumaris have come from the Indore Hostel.”) This part is also fixed, and it is being enacted. BapDada is also pleased to meet the children. The children are so fortunate. Seeing this fortune, Baba is repeatedly saying from His heart and also through His lips: “Wah children! Wah fortunate children! wah”. Achcha. The part that is being enacted had to be enacted according to the drama. It is being enacted. Now, each one has to stay in remembrance of the Father, move forward in service, and continue with a lot of happiness to serve all of those helpless ones who do not have knowledge. No complaint should remain that you knew, but that they didn’t know. Serve them, and also enable them to move forward, by giving them zeal, and continue to carry out your task of giving the message in a very yuktiyukt manner. No one in any corner who has such a desire should be left out. Continue to give the message in all directions in different ways.

Keep a balance of service and remembrance, and continue to move forward, and also enable others to continue to move forward. BapDada is pleased that those who have come later are no less, and they continue to proceed with whatever chance they have. However, pay attention to your stage. Although there are few of you, the few are powerful. You have now seen everything, and so you are clever in knowing everything. BapDada is pleased with such children.

(„1100 double-foreign brothers and sisters have come from 65 countries”) It is good. You continue to come and continue to increase service and so congratulations, congratulations for this. Continue to spread this throughout the whole world with one or another method. Even now, those from your family are still hidden everywhere, and this is why you have to continue with the part of serving everywhere. No one should complain to you that you didn’t know us. Continue to spread this. Continue to make the souls of your family belong to you. BapDada is pleased to see you children – that you are moving along whilst being carefree, and that you will continue to move along.

(„Many children have come for the first time”) Look, many have come for the first time. Just as you are serving now, so continue to move forward in service. There are many who are still left behind: those who wish to come but are unable to reach here. Continue to increase your service. Continue to give the message. Continue to have programmes. The more you increase service, the more your complaints will finish. Therefore, continue to move forward in service. Even now, there are many souls who have not yet received the message. Continue to awaken such souls through service. Just as you have been making programmes with zeal, and have been giving the message, similarly have more courage, and continue to move forward even more. There should be no complaints that you didn’t give them a chance. Continue to increase the chance for service. The world is so big. There should be no complaints of anyone remaining. While increasing service everywhere, continue to move forward. Achcha.

BapDada is giving love and remembrance to all the children everywhere and giving them the blessing: “May you be an intense effort-maker”. As the Father has love for every child, so when you wake up at amrit vela always remember the love and remembrance of this blessing of being an intense effort-maker and continue to move forward. As only a few come onto the stage, BapDada is giving love and remembrance from His heart to all the children from a distance.

(„Dadi Janki met BapDada and gave news of London”) It is fine.

(„Sister Mohini from New York has sent You lots of remembrance”) She is one who has maintained very good zeal from the very beginning. She is one who takes a chance of service and through the service enables many others to move forward. BapDada is giving the child special love and remembrance. She is unable to move much because of her health, but the child stays in remembrance of the Father, and the Father also keeps sending His remembrance. She is moving forward and will continue to do so.

(„Mohiniben’s health is not so good”) No. Give your health problem to the Father. Come onto the stage on behalf of the Father. You can do it. You have the strength.

(First Munniben shook hands with Baba, then Baba, showing His hand to the children, said) Baba is shaking hands with everyone.

(Dadi Janki told Baba that Gulzar Dadi must definitely go abroad once, that everyone is remembering her) Consider everything and then decide.

(In Pune, land has been purchased to build Jagadamba Bhavan) Fill enthusiasm in those who are from Pune. They are sleeping a bit comfortably. Baba knows that they do have an interest to serve, but awaken them a bit. It can happen in Pune.

(Brother Brijmohan has sent remembrance – because of service for Shiv Jayanti, he has not been able to come) Send him remembrance too.

(To the three Senior Brothers) Are all activities being carried out fine? („Until now, they are fine; Dadi has just come back from her tour in London.”) You have courage, do you not? When you have a thought that you must do something, it happens. All of you are happy, are you not? Take advice from one another and do whatever needs to be done. Have a meeting and continue to move forward. The Father is pleased.

(New Diamond Lotus is going to be inaugurated on 22nd February) It is good. (BapDada was given an invitation) BapDada has been there and come back.

(To Bhupalbhai) Continue to move forward in service. (His health is not so good) Have you consulted a good doctor? Take help from someone whom you know well, and move ahead.

(BapDada hoisted the flag of Shiva with His own hands) Today, we are hoisting the flag for Shiv Ratri. You all have this thought in your hearts on Shiv Ratri: We will continue to move ahead and hoist the flag of victory in the world. Let there be the shouts of victory throughout the whole world: “Baba has come, My Baba has come.”

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