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Congratulations to all the living lamps

Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations to all the living lamps! Each of you living lamps is lighting the world with your own sparkle. Each and every living lamp is sparkling the best of all. Seeing this, and seeing each lamp, BapDada is pleased. Wah lamps! Wah! If you want to see the true Diwali, you can see it amidst these living lamps. BapDada is also pleased on seeing each and every lamp. Wah! Each and every lamp, wah, because each one of you lamps is very much loved by the Father.

In such a big world, the Father is pleased to see you long-lost and now-found lamps, and He is singing a song in His heart. Each lamp is God’s beloved and is merged in His heart. The Father is personally seeing the true Deepmala (rosary of lights) and He is singing the song of “Wah! Wah!” in His heart for each lamp. The Father is seeing the speciality of each lamp, and all of you also continue to see it. The world is sparkling through you lamps, and each lamp, in his own light, is lighting the world. Seeing the result, BapDada is pleased that each of you lamps is carrying out very well, from your heart, the task of lighting up the world in all directions.

Now, seeing this divine light, people of the world are also seeing and wondering where this alokik light is coming from into the world! Everyone’s vision is towards all of you.

Today, on this day of remembrance, BapDada is pleased to see you lamps of remembrance. Each lamp is showing his own splendour through which world transformation is taking place. Darkness is changing into light, and now all souls have the thought in their hearts: „where is this light coming from?” Gradually, seeing this light and seeing you lamps, they are also becoming very happy. This light has to spread in all directions. Achcha.

(It is the turn of Delhi and Agra to serve: 15,000 from Delhi and 2,000 from Agra have come.) Raise your hands like this! Welcome! BapDada is giving special love and remembrance to each one from Delhi. Those from Delhi have to make Delhi Paristhan (the land of angels) and establish their kingdom in Delhi. You are doing service, but now let the sound that Delhi is to become Paristhan become even louder. Let everyone come to know. You are doing good service, but as yet the sound has not reached everyone. Every corner should come to know that the masters of the Golden-Aged kingdom have come in an incognito form. Now, through service, there has at least been the transformation that what the Brahma Kumaris are saying is good. Now, let there be the sound that they are telling the truth. That day will also come, because the sound has now reached them, but there now has to be force in that sound.

Everyone’s vision is changing: they understand this, but it has not yet been fully revealed to them as to who it is that is doing all this. Religious people believe that something is going to happen, but now let the sound be known that those who are going to create the new Delhi through God have come. This should come to them very clearly now. All of you are doing service – you are doing good service. Those people – who earlier did not want to hear – now want to listen to you; but those who are going to listen to you are also going to become like you, and it is happening.

BapDada is pleased with the service of the children. You are doing it, but as yet the sound has not become that loud, and it is not spreading in all directions. It is spreading, but let it spread at such a speed that it emerges from everyone’s lips that The World Father has come, and that the children of the World Father are carrying out their work in an incognito form. The sound is spreading a little, but it should now spread a bit more loudly. It has begun to happen, but those who make the sound in every corner in all directions should now say very clearly that transformation is to take place and is taking place.

(A group has come from Calcutta – they did all the flower decorations: 500 have come.) All the brothers and sisters from Calcutta – whether they have come here or are there – the sound has spread everywhere from Calcutta that something is happening. However, they are still thinking and believing within themselves that some transformation is visible. So, they should now say loudly, with a big bang, that their companions who are to bring about transformation are carrying out their task. Then, as you move forward, this task will be clearly visible. They think that some transformation is taking place. Now, it is not like earlier, when they used to think that it was difficult. They do not have the questions: „How will it happen?”, „What will happen?”.. They now understand that it is happening, and they sometimes do understand where and how, but it has not yet entered their intellects clearly that they should point here towards Abu – that this task is happening in Abu. They are not able to make this clear through their sound. However, previously they used to think that the Brahma Kumaris are speaking about this, but it is happening in an incognito way. Now, they believe that the Brahma Kumaris are carrying out a task for some transformation, but it is not clear yet. Let them understand that the Brahma Kumaris are the instruments. Some have begun to understand this, but it is not as yet in a revealed form. That time too will come.

Now, the transformation that is taking place within you is creating an impact, and with more impact it will eventually become clear.

(To Dadi Janki: „My Baba”) My child. You are looking after everything very well, and it will continue. Many, many congratulations to you for becoming an instrument.

(To the double foreigners: „400 have come”) It is good. Congratulations. All of you have become instruments to reveal the Father’s task. So BapDada is pleased. You are doing it, and you are progressing, but you now have to increase your speed a little. It has begun. They understand that something is going to happen, and the signs are reaching all of them; but someone should now become an instrument to say this. Someone will emerge; it is incognito; it will happen. Now, all of you should also have the determined thought: „We definitely have to reveal Baba”. You do have the thought, but let there now be determination in that thought: „It has to happen”. It has to happen, but pay attention in this direction. You are doing it. In your own way, you are doing your own work. It isn’t that you are not doing it, but now, collectively, let this sound become louder. Whatever is to happen is happening and it will happen.

All of you are happy? Are all of you happy? Raise your hands! Are you ready? You are ready, aren’t you? All of you have the enthusiasm that „we have to do something.. we have to do something”. It is happening, but increase the speed.

BapDada is pleased on seeing everyone, because all of the children have the thought within that „we now have to do something.. we definitely have to do something”. This thought will show you one or other splendour. The thought is good. All of you have it in your hearts that there should now be something new. All of you have had this thought collectively that – at the very least, in the area that is still left to be served – you have to fulfil your responsibility. In the main city in each one’s area, it should now be known what the Brahma Kumaris want. They are now becoming helpers in what the Brahma Kumaris want, and they have to become this. This is now becoming known gradually, and it will happen. Therefore, continue to move forward with zeal. Each one of you is an instrument. Do not think that you can also do what the seniors are doing. You have passed because you are doing it, and so congratulations for that. However, the sound now has to become a little louder.

The Father of Bharat has come to Bharat in an incognito form: now spread this sound clearly. Sorrow is increasing and everyone is fed up, but, in some cases, temporary happiness puts them to sleep. So, now, in service too, check in which direction there are areas that still remain to be served. Each centre should check in their own areas, and spread the sound of service. In some places there are good people, but the whole of Bharat has to be awakened. So now, check and take a chance. The sound should now spread in all directions that „we now have to transform ourselves and also become engaged in the task of transforming the world”.

So, are all of you happy? Are you happy? Raise both your hands!

(Speaking to Mohiniben) Your health is now getting better and will be fine. Therefore, gradually take part in service. („I receive power through your blessings”) You have the interest to serve which is making you move forward and will continue to make you move forward. („You have enthusiasm for service”) It will happen. Just as you are enabling yourself to continue, so too service is also continuing. There is nothing to worry about.

(To the three senior brothers) All of you are seeing the speed of time. The time is now becoming clear that the task which the Brahma Kumaris are carrying out in an incognito form – previously they could not understand what the Brahma Kumaris were doing, whereas they are now gradually understanding that, in order to bring about world transformation, they have to increase zeal. This is why there is now a lot of difference in the atmosphere; and their bhavna (pure feelings) too is gradually increasing. Now the field for service is ready. You can take as much benefit as you want.

On this day of remembrance, as well as being the day of remembrance, each and every child also needs power. So, all of you children, on this day of remembrance, pay attention to one or another speciality, and imbibe it within yourselves. Imbibe a speciality on this special day. Whatever you feel is a weakness in yourself, finish that weakness on this day, and have one or another thought of imbibing zeal. Before sleeping, have this thought, and then go to sleep; and at amrit vela, revise that thought, and whilst paying constant attention to it, you will definitely become equal to the Father.

To all of you: accept lots and lots of love and remembrance, because all of you have come here with a lot of zeal, and all of you together are celebrating the 18th of January. So, what is the speciality of the 18th of January? Imbibe that speciality within yourselves, and continue to move forward. You have to move forward – have the firm faith that whatever weaknesses you may have, you will think about tonight, and then go to sleep having made this promise. Achcha.

Double foreigners, get up! Stand up! Very good! Lots, lots, lots and lots of love and remembrance; and, for the future, become completely perfect! This is a blessing.

(To Dadi Janki at the time of taking leave) You are playing your part very well.

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