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25th December 2014

Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations filled with newness for the New Year! Seeing His intense effort-making children, BapDada is giving all of the children congratulations for newness in the New Year.

At the beginning of this New Year, every child will definitely have kept the aim of newness in their thoughts, words, relationships and connections in a practical way; and also kept newness for the year in their intellects. In your efforts, you will have brought your steps and your specialities into your intellects. All of you are moving along. The meaning of “effort” is that you take steps forward. BapDada saw that everyone will have taken the steps of having elevated thoughts to move ahead the most in their efforts.

Those who had the thought for themselves to move ahead, raise your hands! Those sitting at the back, if you had the thought raise your hands! The Confluence Age is the age for taking steps forward. So, you must definitely have created some means, or a method for yourself, to move ahead. You must definitely have kept an easy and elevated means emerged for yourself in the form of an aim. Those of you who have kept the aim for the future, to step forward in your thoughts, words, deeds, relationships and connections, raise your hands!

It is good. You have raised your hands very well. Even those at the back are raising their hands. Raise your hands a little higher, high like this. You are raising your hands very well. Seeing the hands of effort, BapDada is pleased; and the aim and its qualifications will remain together. You must definitely have created such a plan for yourselves. You have made it.

BapDada saw that some children have made a plan for themselves, and BapDada is pleased that the plans and the practical form will definitely fulfil the aim that you have kept. You will do it, will you not? Raise your hands for this! Achcha, you will do it. BapDada Himself sees the chart of each child according to the time, and together with that, He also gives the blessing for you to move ahead as much as possible. BapDada saw that many have a very good aim, but, whilst you are moving along, the circumstances make you a little slack in your aim. You have kept a good aim, and BapDada is pleased on seeing the aim, but, together with that, there is a little difference visible in your moving ahead. Nevertheless, BapDada saw that the aim of the majority is good. Now, there is a need to pay attention to moving ahead in both your aim and its qualifications.

Think and do – it is essential that both take place together. No matter what happens – and things do happen, for these are the trivial papers – you have to move forward in these papers. A little more attention is needed in this respect. Because, BapDada has a record of every child – just as you keep your own record, in the same way BapDada also looks every now and again at the record of every child. Your aim is very good – when you make plans, you make them with a lot of zeal – but you will have to pay attention later, because all of you know that, although everyone pays a little attention to fulfil the aim, it is number-wise.

So, what number do you consider yourself to be? The Father saw that you have very good understanding; and, together with that understanding, you also check yourself very well. However, whilst moving along, some situations come in front of you that change your intense effort into ordinary effort. On seeing each one, BapDada says: Let there be imperishable attention. Situations do come, but do not let your attention be reduced in those situations.

BapDada has seen that some children keep a good aim, and they do move along, but – there is a „but”. Time is now waiting for all of you. The aim is good, the checking is good, but every now and again some situations attract you towards themselves. The final result will take place suddenly – there won’t be a date fixed for this.

BapDada wishes to see each of the children as number one with their methods of effort. BapDada has seen that every child wants this, but in some cases they are coloured by the company of carelessness: „it will happen..” We have experienced both situations. They think: „We have thought about it, and it is not a big deal, so we will pay attention at that time”. You do note down that you have to pay attention. However – whether it is for a long period of time, or every now and then during the long period of time – you become casual in paying attention, and the result is more of this kind. The nature of being ordinary – that you should not have – sometimes makes you act one way, and sometimes another. So, BapDada wants you always to keep an eye on yourself. Let there not be any ordinariness.

Now, all of you are in the list of those who are old – there are fewer new ones. The majority of you are in the list of the old ones, and the final paper is to take place suddenly. The date will not be fixed. So, it is necessary to make your specialities permanent, because the paper does not come all of the time. The paper will be given only every now and then, according to the drama, and you therefore have to pay constant attention. Many of you do pay attention, and BapDada places such ones in the list of intense effort-makers. You do pay attention, but sometimes it is intense, and at other times, when the papers come, there is a little difference created in your intense efforts.

So, BapDada is pleased to see all the children; and it is seen that, day by day, the children definitely pay attention to themselves. It isn’t that they stop paying attention to themselves. They do, but it is number-wise, and from time to time BapDada pays special attention to meeting everyone all together. However, there is a difference seen in each one’s speed of effort. Sometimes, a little carelessness is visible in this: “it will happen, it will happen”…. A little of this addition takes place. There are a handful of children out of multi-millions. However, BapDada wants the handful to definitely pay attention.

BapDada knows that the final paper is going to take place suddenly. Circumstances will be like that, and this is why you have to check your checking, as to whether it is according to how BapDada wants it to be and speaks about it: “is my checking according to that?” You definitely continue to hear about what BapDada wants. At the very least, every night before going to sleep it is necessary to check yourself, because you get tired with all of the work that you do. You do give time, and you have it in your heart, but tiredness pulls you. So, seeing the time, BapDada is once again drawing your attention: never become careless in paying attention.

BapDada sees that you make effort in many ways. You also pay attention – you are not completely careless. But the time will come suddenly – it can come at any time – and this is why BapDada is thinking generally, and is telling each child: Attention please! In every subject, you should at least have pass marks. To have a number slightly lower is a different matter, but check that there is attention and transformation. You do not become careless, do you? “It will happen, it will happen.. it is not a big deal..”: this is known as being careless in paying attention.

BapDada is pleased with the efforts of the majority of children, but every now and again Maya also takes her chance. BapDada is congratulating you, and at the same time also drawing your attention. Attention means no tension . In any way, in any subject, let there be full attention. Do not think that this little bit will be okay. Sometimes even one number less causes a great loss, and this is why BapDada does not want to see even one single child making ordinary effort.

It is good that this gathering takes place every now and again. By seeing the gathering, and by meeting BapDada, you have enthusiasm. But let this enthusiasm continue: make sure that some trivial matters do not finish your efforts or make your efforts slack. BapDada is pleased that, every now and again, you have one or another programme for the maximum number of people to meet. By your meeting personally, zeal increases. Even BapDada is seeing this. So, each one of you consider yourself to be responsible, and check and caution yourself.

Are all of you fine? Raise your hands! BapDada is pleased that you are raising your hands, but you children are also clever, aren’t you? You would say: „We were fine at that time, and this is why we raised our hands”. That is right, but all of you are those who will make others move forward too. It is fine that you are moving along well – and the Father accepts this – but you should have this certificate all of the time. That is, when you pay that much constant attention to yourself, what will happen then? BapDada will be pleased, and those who are making effort will be fine, and their companions too will be fine. So, you are good effort-makers. So BapDada is also pleased when you raise your hands. (But) BapDada feels that some will say that they just raised their hands. However, those who raised their hands will receive some power for the future, will they not? They will think about it for themselves, will they not? For instance, if someone has to take a paper tomorrow, he will then think about what he raised his hand for, and then he will move forward, having made a correction.

BapDada wants to see that, just as every child is happily sitting here now with everyone, so it should be the same in the final period. Simply pass, pass, pass for every situation. It should not be that you will think about it or see about it, but that you have already passed. So, what do you think? Will you definitely pass? Or will it be only a little? Those of you who feel that you will definitely demonstrate this by passing, raise your hands! Look, yes, BapDada is pleased when you raise your hands. It feels good, and there is enthusiasm, but many little things cause obstructions. Now try and finish those. You even think that it will not happen like that in the future, but it still happens.

From the results so far, those who think that transformation has to take place from now – that you have to transform yourselves from now – raise your hands! You raise your hands so well that BapDada becomes pleased. It is good. BapDada is with you, and so your hand also co-operates with you. However, you have to keep BapDada with you at all times . This was just company for two hours. Constantly keep the experience of His company with you, that is all. Do not make yourself alone. Constantly keep BapDada with you.

So, from now, until you meet BapDada again, your hand will remain like that. Raise both hands for this. So now, at night, always keep BapDada in front of you. Emerge Him, and please Him by keeping your result in front of BapDada: “There wasn’t any mistake in my mind, in my words or in my deeds” – is this possible? Raise your hands for this! Achcha.

You have raised your hands. BapDada is pleased with this, but, whenever something happens, tell your companions who are effort-makers about this, and make a promise to yourself for the future. You may not promise anyone else, but you can promise yourself. Keep the Father in front of you, and make a promise; because time is taken account of in your result – that is, for how long you remained like that. Okay, you are fine at that time – and that is good too – but in the final result, the time (duration) will also be checked; and this is why, every night, (you should) emerge yourself in this gathering. And of raising your hand: “What was it that I raised my hand for in front of the Father? Was it that I would transform myself or that I would think about it?” Do you have this much courage?

“After today, the thought that I have had of becoming perfect will be imperishable”: is this possible? Let the past be the past! From your heart, see yourself in the midst of the gathering, but do not think that everyone is seeing you. “I am promising in front of the Father, and so when the Father sees me it means that everyone saw”: is this possible?

Those who have courage, and who will not leave the seat of perfection in the future for any reason, no matter what the reason – and there will definitely be reasons – raise your hands! Achcha. Congratulations! Now those who haven’t raised their hands will feel ashamed. Okay, so you didn’t raise your hands. However, if you have zeal, you will raise your hands to definitely demonstrate something, so raise your hands! You are raising your hands because…. The Father knows what the result will be. However, by your raising your hand, this raising of your hand will also help you. To raise your hand in the midst of such a big gathering is not a small thing. Therefore, now think about what transformation means.

Achcha, at least you had a little courage now. After having made such a promise, even if you don’t do it, at least you will come in the line. So, whenever something happens, then remember that you raised your hand in the midst of the gathering. You will benefit yourself, and the Father will be pleased. However, you will have to do this, will you not? So, whenever any situation comes, remember your hand. You will receive help not by remembering it just like that, but because you promised yourself from your heart in the midst of so many brothers and sisters – so you will receive that help.

BapDada wants all of the children who are now present here to at least have courage. You do want to become this – why else would you raise your hand? If you don’t raise it, then who is seeing you? When you think about it, and have courage, continue to give water to that courage. You promised, and you became free. Always remember this hand. How big is the gathering? The Father is there anyway. You had the thought in front of so many Brahmins, not just the Father alone, so do not make light of this. It is because you want it that you raised your hands. It is not just raising your hand because you are asked to, but it is your mind’s desire, and this is why you raised your hand.

So, continue to move forward in this. Do not look at the situation, but think about the aspect of moving forward. It will happen. Who else will become this? You are the ones who are going to become this, are you not? Therefore, have faith in yourself. You definitely have to demonstrate what you have said. Is this all right? In any case, it is said: „remember what you said”. Whenever something happens, remember the situation of this moment, because even now you are saying something because you want it, and this is why you are saying that you will do it. Now, continue to make this firm within yourself.

At amrit vela, bring in front of you this scene of the thought that you had, and how BapDada and so many brothers and sisters were happy to see you. So, you gave happiness to so many. When you raised your hand to say “yes”, so many became happy. So, do not forget the happiness of so many brothers and sisters. You can remember this much, can you not? You can remember that you had experienced this in such and such an atmosphere, can you not?

Transformation has to take place. Without your transformation you cannot stay together there too – you will be far away. Would you like that? In the Golden Age, you will not know about this, but when you come to know what number you claimed in the final result, then what will happen? You will also not like it at that time. Therefore, have a determined thought. You know that circumstances will come. You know about that.. you have experienced that. You will have to do it: have the faith that you definitely do have to become perfect.

What is your aim? All of you who are sitting here – so many are coming here just like that, so – what is your aim? It is to become perfect, is it not? So, each one see yourself. At night, note down whether your behaviour is according to what your aim is, and for what it is that you have raised your hands. Throughout the day, your behaviour should be according to your aim. So, check yourself. No matter whether others do this or not, check yourself!

Are all of you happy? How happy are you? It is good. Never lose your happiness. Even though this is the end of the Iron Age, you are still happy, are you not? So, you are happy, and you will always remain happy. Is that right? Raise both hands for this! Achcha. Now, whenever something happens, remember what it was that you raised your hands for in this gathering of so many Brahmins. You raised your hands for this, did you not? Now, remain firm in this.

Because, you are going to live together in the Golden Age too, are you not? Or, are you going to be separated? You will stay together. When you rule, you will rule together, will you not? You will not be separated. So, always remember that you will be together for half the cycle. No matter what happens afterwards, you will remain together for half the cycle. What do those who have faith think? You will remain together from the beginning until the end in different forms.

BapDada does not want a single child to be separated. Each of you children, remember every day at amrit vela: You are together, you will stay together, and you will rule in the kingdom together. It is good. BapDada likes the gathering. In the same way you will be equal in the Golden Age too, and so you will be together there too. You will come and go, and will meet one another. All of you are companions, are you not? You are companions, so raise your hands. It is good. It is so good when the companions stay together. Though you may be living separately, there will be the company of the heart. Your dress will change, but your mind will not change. Achcha. We will meet again.

(It is the turn of Gujarat to serve: 15,000 brothers and sisters have come from Gujarat) It is good. Even now, there are more from Gujarat. It is their turn. Gujarat has one speciality – that you are together, and also together in your hearts. Whenever an order is given, Gujarat comes. The large number is also a fruit of service. The number in Gujarat is good. It is good. Gujarat is close, and becomes a companion in every situation.

(500 brothers and sisters from abroad have come) It is good. The double foreigners who have come from abroad are actually from this land, but have come from abroad. Stand up. Achcha.

One minute silence. It should feel as though there is no one in the hall.

To all the children everywhere, each one please accept special love and remembrance. Seeing each child, BapDada is very pleased. No matter where you are from – whether from this land or abroad – you now belong to the Father. All of the children have this happiness.

(Mohiniben of Madhuban told Baba that she has lot of knee pain) It will become alright. Never mind. You will start walking, will go ahead of all. You have enthusiasm and that will make you walk.

(Re Dadi Jankiji: „Baba, Dadi is facing a very big paper of her body. Please do some magic.”) Oh, but the Father is not separate at all. He is doing magic. The whole yagya is with you. No matter what happens, you are an idol of the yagya. Seeing you, everyone has enthusiasm. You are an instrument.

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