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Avyakt BapDada 30th November 2014

Today, seeing the gathering of the children, BapDada is pleased and His mind is saying “Wah children! Wah!” This meeting of the Father and the children is so lovely. Each child is celebrating a meeting with love and enthusiasm. This love enables you to forget all sorrow, in the Father’s love and relationship.

Wah, the meeting of the Father with the children! Wah! The Father is pleased to see the children, and the children are happy to see the Father. Each child is smiling, and the Father too is pleased to see the children – whether they are sitting near or far away. This meeting between the Father and the children is an alokik meeting. The Father is pleased to see each and every child, and the children are also pleased to see the Father in the corporeal form. This alokik meeting is so unique and lovely. In the majority, everyone’s faces are smiling; and BapDada, seeing each child everywhere, is singing the song in His mind: “Wah, sweet children! Wah!” The song of the children’s hearts is also heard. This meeting of the Father and the children is so unique and lovely. The happiness of this meeting in each one’s heart is visible on each one’s face. Seeing each and every child – and whilst saying “Wah child! Wah!” to every child – BapDada is celebrating a meeting with each one. Even if you are sitting in the very last (row) , even whilst sitting far away from the Father, you are close.

Today, the first day of the season (winter) is so beautiful. In the children’s hearts is “Wah Baba! Wah!”, and in the Father’s heart too is each and every child, whether you are sitting in the front or at the back – those sitting at the back are also in front of the Father. Remembering today as the day of celebrating a meeting, you are now personally celebrating a meeting in front of Baba.

What song is the Father singing on seeing the fortune of each child? All of the children – whether those in the front, or those who are at the very last – are in front of the Father in His heart. Seeing the meeting of the children, the Father is also singing songs of the children. How many children in the whole world have a relationship of the heart with the Father? The relationship of the heart is visible through the face, and the Father is singing this song: Wah long-lost and now-found children, especially beloved children, wah!

You continue to meet for so long with your hearts. The Father cannot enjoy anything from His heart without the children, and the children too constantly remember the Father in their hearts. Who do all of you remember in your hearts? You would say “It is “Baba”, would you not?” And, who is in Baba’s heart? Can Baba forget any single child? Even if you are number-wise, you are still His children, are you not?

So, today, seeing the ones who remember Him with their hearts personally in front of Him, BapDada has so much happiness. Seeing each child, the heart says “Wah children! Wah”. Children would also ask “Who is in our hearts?”, and the Father also asks „Who is in My heart?” All of you know. There is no need even to say it. The Father cannot forget the children, and the children cannot forget the Father. You always have the Father’s remembrance in your heart – it is present. The meeting continues to take place in a subtle way, but seeing each and every child in the corporeal form – whether you are far away or near – BapDada remembers each one of you children in His heart, number-wise. So today, seeing each and every child in the corporeal form, seeing you close and in front of Him, Baba is singing the song: Wah children! Wah!

Who resides in each one’s heart? You would say, “My Baba”, and what would the Father say? No matter how many children there are, and wherever they may be, each one is in the heart, and this is why you call the Father “Dilaram”. Seeing each and every child in the corporeal form, the Father is so pleased; and the children and the Father know this. Are all of you pleased in your hearts? Raise your hands! Happy in your heart? Why? The Father knows that, even if a situation arises, you still remember the Father; and by remembering, it becomes emerged. No matter how many children there are, the children cannot forget the Father, and the Father cannot forget His children.

This is a small hall, and you are sitting in it in the corporeal form according to its size, but if the children emerged in their angelic form, then so many children would become emerged, and each one definitely remembers the Father at one time or another. You emerge in front of BapDada in your angelic form. The children experience this, and the Father also experiences it, because the children are alone without celebrating a meeting with the Father, and the Father too is alone without celebrating a meeting with the children. In the subtle form, He can make everyone emerge, but there is a difference between a meeting in the corporeal form and in the angelic form. You also experience this, do you not?

So, today is the first day of the season. By chance, one or another programme continues to take place, and because of this, however many children have come today, Baba is celebrating a meeting with all of them in the corporeal form. So, do all of you children remain constantly happy? Or only sometimes? For those who remain constantly happy – no matter what happens, and it is the Iron Age – this relationship between the Father and the children is such that the children say, “Baba”, and Baba says “Children”, and the meeting continues to take place. It does take place, does it not? Those who feel that it happens like that, raise your hands! It is visible here too. Look, along with the Father’s part, all of these facilities have also emerged, so that even those who are sitting at a distance at the back are visible as being close.

When the Father comes at the time of the Confluence Age, then science too is a good helper. Even while sitting there, if you want to hear the murli, you can hear it, can you not? Just the facilities are needed. Just as you cannot stay without remembering the Father, similarly the Father cannot stay without remembering you children. The Father too makes you emerge and meets you – He cannot stay without doing so.

So, today is the day of a meeting in the corporeal form. The Father is seeing you children, and you children are seeing the Father. Do all of you remain constantly happy? Some remain happy sometimes, and others remain happy all of the time. Those who remain constantly happy continue to be in front of the Father’s eyes, because even the Father cannot stay without the children. Whenever any situation arises with the children, they never forget that; it reaches the Father. This relationship is such that they never forget. The Father says “My beloved children”, and the children say “My Baba”. Can you forget for even one day? Can you forget this? You cannot forget, because the relationship of the heart between the Father and the children is such that you stay in each other’s hearts. The Father cannot stay without the children nor can you children stay without the Father. Just as, today, the meeting is taking place in the corporeal form, similarly the Father continues to make you children emerge and meet. The children also continue to meet.

So, what progress will all of you make from today? Because you have to move forward at every moment – so, in what way will you move forward? To move forward means to merge BapDada in your heart. Anything of the heart can never be forgotten, and there can be constant remembrance in the heart. It does stay, does it not? It can stay in the heart. The matter of meeting personally is a different matter, but you can meet the Father in your heart whenever you want; and the Father too continues to celebrate a meeting. The Father too is restless without the children.

The part of the Father and the children constantly celebrating a meeting is predestined at the Confluence Age. To the extent that you remember Him, you can make Him emerge accordingly. So BapDada is also pleased when you make a programme for a personal meeting. Children are happy anyway, but BapDada is pleased too. So, all of you should remain constantly happy. Did you all stay constantly happy? Or was there any other stage in between, other than that of happiness? Those who remain constantly happy remain safe from any form of Maya. Because Maya comes in various forms – she doesn’t just come in the form of happiness. Even in the form of thoughts, Maya makes you belong to her. So, now, after this meeting, continue to sit the Father in your mind.

The Comforter of Hearts only likes the heart. When you remember Him with your heart, you automatically remember Him in all aspects. At least, all of you celebrate a meeting at amrit vela, do you not? Those who definitely meet at amrit vela every day, raise your hands! It is the majority. Everywhere you definitely adopt the method of amrit vela, and you are trying very well. You give importance to amrit vela, but, in the future too – to those who only have amrit vela sometimes – you have to move forward in that, because amrit vela is the beginning of the day – so you definitely have to stay in remembrance at that time. It has an impact upon the whole day.

Are all of you happy? Or does Maya also take her chance in between? Do not lose your happiness. Even if Maya comes, instantly tell the Father, and change yourself. If you are unable to reach the Father, then definitely tell your senior instruments. Do not let it build up even for one day, because otherwise, it will become a habit. It is necessary to drink the nectar of amrit vela, and definitely to continue to use this time in a worthwhile way. Achcha.

Are all of you happy and will you remain happy? Are you sure? Even if trivial situations come, your happiness should not disappear. Whenever anyone suddenly sees you, they should see that you have a happy face.

It is the turn of Punjab and Rajasthan zones for service: (10,000 have come from Punjab, and 5,000 have come from Rajasthan) Raise your hands! Very good. (Both groups were made to stand up separately) Both zones together have done good service. It is good. There are many servers. You have now got up and are standing – there must be at least half (of those in the hall) . It is good. Congratulations, congratulations to both zones. It is good. Why? You receive a chance to serve the yagya. Otherwise, you would not make special time to come. You may already have service, but this is a chance to serve the yagya. You can take many chances in this, and you should take a chance in all subjects. You have to be all rounders. It is good.

(300 double foreigners have come) There are many foreigners here. Is it the turn of the foreigners? (Those from abroad come in every turn) It is good. It is a good system that has been created. Everyone receives a chance. Achcha.

BapDada is seeing that every child is co-operating very well in the time that has been given for service. BapDada is giving one thousand-fold love and remembrance to all the children for co-operating at a time of need.

(BapDada met the Dadis. – Mohiniben sent love and remembrances from New York) Send special love and remembrance to Mohini. Mohiniben: Is your health ok? Have you been liberated? Achcha.

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