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Avyakt BapDada, 5th November 2014, Diwali

Om shanti from Deepraj (The King of Deepaks) to all the living, lit deepaks everywhere. These living deepaks are so lovely. The memorial of all of you is being celebrated in the world, whereas you living deepaks are celebrating a meeting with Deepraj. Each deepak is sparkling in the remembrance of Deepraj. BapDada is also giving each deepak, lots and lots and lots of love and remembrance from his heart. Each deep (short for deepak) is very loving and one to be merged in the heart.

The light everywhere is such that it attracts the heart. What is emerging from each one’s heart? Wah! Wah! Wah! These living deepaks, whose memorial is being celebrated in the world, have come here to celebrate a meeting with Deepraj. Seeing all the deepaks who have come, Deepraj is also very pleased in his heart. Wah My deepaks!, Wah! The light of each deepak is sparkling, number-wise. Seeing those lights, BapDada is congratulating all the deepaks.

Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations! The memorial of all of you is being celebrated in the world and you living deepaks are celebrating a meeting with Deepraj. This meeting is very lovely and also unique. Who is merged in the heart of each of the deepaks? Deepraj – “My Baba”. Baba is seeing the remembrance of Deepraj merged on each one’s face.

Today, you too see your memorial in the world, do you not? So many devotees everywhere are remembering you deepaks – and you deeps – in the living form, who are celebrating a meeting with Deepraj. You celebrate the day of this meeting in the form of Diwali. All of you are also happy in your hearts upon seeing your memorial, and are thinking “Wah Deepraj!, Wah!” A memorial has been created for every year. You can understand what the flame of this deep is, and what the light is. Devotees ignite one or another light, but you true deepaks know that a meeting of Deepraj and the deepaks is taking place. Upon seeing each deepak, from the front to the back, and seeing them from a distance, BapDada is also happy: Wah deepaks of Deepraj!, Wah! You see your own memorial in the living form and you are celebrating a meeting with Deepraj.

The individual light of each deepak is so lovely. Even in a physical way, if you put 10 to 12 deepaks together, their lights look so lovely. BapDada is pleased that he is able to see so many living deepaks personally. BapDada is telling each deepak: Wah Deepak!, Wah! Only BapDada can see the deepaks in the living form, and the children of the Father can see one another.

In which form are all of you sitting? You are sitting in the form of living deepaks, are you not? If you can see the scene of each light, it is visible as very real and beautiful. The faces of all are shining like deepaks. You also know yourselves in that form, and whilst seeing yourselves as detached observers you are smiling so much. BapDada, too, on seeing each smiling deepak, is celebrating the Diwali of the living deepaks. Each of you deepaks is spreading your own divine light. If so many deepaks were to be ignited in a physical way, it would be such a beautiful scene, but it is BapDada seeing the rosary of the true living deepaks. BapDada is seeing each deepak as an embodiment of their practical dharna, and is pleased: Wah, My lit deepaks!, Wah!

BapDada is so pleased to see you living deepaks. Wah deep!, Wah! All of you are seeing your forms as forms of light, are you not? BapDada is very much pleased to see all the lit deepaks, though all are number-wise, but upon seeing the gathering of the lit deepaks, BapDada is pleased. Wah, the lit deepaks, wah! The devotees remember the constantly lit lights with so much love, and BapDada is pleased to see the deepaks in front of him: Wah deeps!, Wah! Together, all of you light the deeps in the world and will continue to light them. So, what is BapDada seeing? He is very pleased to see the living deepaks: Wah children! Wah! Wah deepaks! Wah!

From now on, continue to ignite the light of others with your own light, with the lights of the deepaks. People in the world do not know the living deepaks, and so they light physical deepaks; but whom are all of you seeing today? You are seeing the lit deepaks that are visible in the living faces. BapDada is also pleased on seeing each child as a lit deepak in the living form. Of course, there is a difference in the light – it is number-wise – but at least you have been lit from an extinguished form. BapDada is seeing the gathering of the lit deepaks. The world only lights up the deepmala (rosary of deepaks) , but BapDada is seeing the gathering of lit deepaks. See how lovely it is.

Each of you living deepaks can know your own light. BapDada is seeing it in the form, and the children can know it with the intellect. So, all of you are seeing Diwali in this gathering – the Diwali of the true deepaks, the Diwali of the ignited deepaks. If you can see it, raise your hands! You are also seeing yourselves, are you not?

BapDada is very pleased to see the living deepaks: Wah deepaks, wah! Each of you deepaks is showing the splendour of your own light. Each one’s face – being lit – is giving its own introduction. On this day, today, Deepraj is very, very pleased on seeing his true, deep (deepak) children. Wah deepak children! Wah!

All of you – through your lit form at this moment – are granting visions to many of your devotees. How many devotees will you have from the Copper Age? Whether they know your form or not, the drama is showing them that their deepak kings have come. You are sitting here in an ordinary form, but your devotees are seeing you in the form of the deeps (deepaks) , and BapDada is seeing you in the form of “Wah children! Wah!” The meeting between Deepraj and the deepaks is so beautiful. The Father’s heart says: “Wah children, wah!” and the children’s hearts says: “wah Baba, wah”!

So, are all of you happy and prosperous? Are you? Raise your hands! Wah! Wah children! Wah! When any situation arises and comes in front of you lit deepaks, you deeps are lit. You are such deepraj that as soon as souls come in front of you, they come to know their own form. Such a time will also come that as soon as they come in front of you, they will be able to see your divine form, and then the corporeal – the ordinary form – will disappear. Just as when you come in front of BapDada, and Baba sees you in the form according to the time, similarly all of you will also be seen in the same way. You will not be seen as ordinary. In the ordinary form, you will be seen as the deities or the goddesses. Even now, this feeling comes in a practical way from some children, but everyone will definitely reach that stage.

Today, BapDada is seeing all of you in the form of the living deepaks, and “Wah! Wah” is emerging for each one. Are all of you happy? Are you happy? Raise your hands! Wah! Happiness is your personal property. Happiness is not anything else. It is your own property – and so emerge it within yourself, that’s all. What else do you have to do? Achcha.

(It is the turn of Karnataka zone and Indore zone to serve – 10,000 have come from Karnataka) : Very good. Continue to move forward and inspire others to move forward. You have taken a good chance to serve the yagya, and you have given everyone your introduction by doing service. BapDada is giving special love and remembrance to the residents of Karnataka.

(3000 have come from Indore Zone) Very good. It is good that each one receives a chance, and that everyone puts their chance into a practical form with great happiness. So, just see how many have come! You have received the very good fortune of doing service. Brahmins are serving Brahmins. This fortune is so lovely, and so many become happy. All of you are happy that you have received this chance, are you not? It is good.

(Double-foreign brothers and sisters) : Good numbers have come. It never happens that the double-foreign children do not take a chance in every turn. Whether it is a few or many, the presence is from all directions. It is good. Not just double, but a thousand times double congratulations to the double foreigners. And for those who have become instruments for service from the zones here, how many times for them? A thousand fold times congratulations, congratulations! Congratulations to them, for their service is emerging from each one’s heart. BapDada is seeing their hearts. The double-foreign children are standing. It looks good. The double foreigners definitely take part in anything that happens. BapDada likes this. It is a wonder that you manage to reach here from anywhere! So, double congratulations to the double foreigners and a thousand-fold congratulations, congratulations to those who are servers here.

(Many have come for the first time) : It is good. BapDada is seeing. It is good. BapDada also sees this sadhu (saint – BapDada is seeing a great soul who has come from Karnataka) It is good to awaken your equals. Bring such a group here. Then, everyone will think that your service should not be anything less. Nevertheless, you are doing good work, are you not? By telling something or the other to souls, you are definitely making them a little better. You also make them right in many ways. So, BapDada is also giving remembrances to you. Achcha.

You celebrated today. However, you are always this in practical life. The Father is constantly in each one’s heart and you are also constantly in the Father’s heart. Achcha.

(to Dadi Janki) : You know how to look after your body, do you not? Is it all right? This is your strength. BapDada gives you strength at the right time. It is good. All the children are doing their own work very well, and so congratulations are given to everyone. Congratulations, congratulations to all of you too.

(to Mohiniben) : You are okay. A lot of change has come in you. („You just continue to give blessings”) It will happen. You will do service. Do it indoors. Many do come here. At other places, you have to go there; whereas here, everyone comes by themselves. (She wishes to go out on service.) Take her out and she will stay enthusiastic.

(to Rameshbhai) : It is good that all of you get together and make plans for service. BapDada likes that. You are doing this, and you have to do it more. You have meetings amongst yourselves for service. Continue to increase this a little more. It is good. Everything is now moving along fine.

(to Brijmohanbhai) : You will always be fine. Achcha.

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