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Avyakt BapDada 30th March 2014

Om shanti. Today, BapDada is seeing the images of love, and from each one’s face it is visible how much love each child has for BapDada in their heart. Whatever love the children have for BapDada, BapDada has even more love in his heart for each child. This love from the heart is making all of the children move along, according to their capacity.

BapDada is seeing that each child has lots and lots of love in his or her heart for both Bap and Dada. BapDada also has love in his heart for each child. The Father’s love and remembrance is merged in each one’s heart. This alokik love is enabling each one to move along. No matter where or how many children there are, the love in BapDada’s heart is making the children move along.

Each child is moving along, number-wise, with BapDada’s love and the love of the family. In the whole cycle, it is only now at the Confluence Age that you can experience this alokik love. Seeing the love in the heart of each child, BapDada is also giving blessings from his heart to the children: Children, constantly continue to receive love from the heart of the Beloved, and continue to move forward.

This love from BapDada’s heart, and the love from the heart of the family, are making each soul move along, and it will continue to make everyone move along. From the lines on the forehead of each of the children, BapDada knows how the Father’s love is making each of you children move along.

Now, BapDada is giving each of you children blessings to move along as a great warrior (mahavir) . Never become tired or afraid. The Father loves each child very much. It is this love that is making you move forward, and it will continue to make you move forward. Each of you is experiencing, number-wise, such love of God – such love from the heart – and you are moving along; and each of you children has zeal in your heart, but it is number-wise.

„We definitely have to become equal to the Father”: all of you have this enthusiasm, do you not? You wish to become equal to the Father, do you not? You are becoming that, and you will become that in the future. Raise your hands!

The Father too has love in his heart. He always sings praise of the children: Wah children! Wah! You are moving forward, and you continue to move forward even more. Look how many there are, and who it is in the whole world that experiences a practical relationship with BapDada. All of you are the practical example. You have love in your hearts, and you are moving ahead of all with the sustenance of love. Are all of you moving forward with the sustenance of love? Or, if there is an obstacle in between, you do not stop, do you?

BapDada has seen that many of you children have the thought of moving forward, and that – no matter how many small or big obstructions may come – the majority of children are moving ahead very well on the basis of the Father’s love and knowledge, and they will continue to do so.

Seeing you children, BapDada is very pleased about one thing. What is that one thing? No matter how many situations come, the majority of you become fearless and move forward. Seeing the aim and qualifications of the children, BapDada is pleased. This is why, upon seeing any type of atmosphere, many of you are not influenced by it, and with the Father’s love and co-operation, you are moving forward and will continue to move forward.

When seeing one another, look at their specialities, do not look at other things. You definitely have to move forward. Tell everyone that your aim is: “We definitely have to move forward.” Those who have this aim, raise your hands!

Even while hearing of one another’s weaknesses, do not hear them. Make yourself move forward, and also continue to make your companions move forward. BapDada is seeing such children who are making good effort. However, while constantly bringing about a wave of intense effort in yourself, also bring about waves of intense efforts in others. Put zeal into them. Be co-operative. Do not come under the influence of those who do not make effort, but instead put zeal into them too.

Every now and again, some souls experience tiredness in their efforts. BapDada sees this. However, those who remain intense in their efforts also enable others to move forward in their efforts. Let the atmosphere of the timetable be such that everyone continues to move forward with zeal in their efforts, and that they continue to enable others to move forward too – because you are companions of one another, are you not? So, continue to move forward on the basis of your good wishes for everyone. Continue to relate the zeal of your experience, and be co-operative with one another.

BapDada saw that the majority are moving along well with the wave of effort, but because of having companions who are slack in their efforts, they are affected by this slightly. Therefore, pay attention to this!

„I have to claim number one, or up to number eight”. All of you have the enthusiasm of remaining within the eight: it is not that you will claim a number at the back. Those of you who believe that you will be victorious – that you are and will be – raise your hands! All of you are raising your hands very well, and so thank you for that. However, continue to raise your hands all the time, not just at some times.

No matter what the atmosphere becomes like, transform the atmosphere with your own atmosphere. Do not be influenced by the atmosphere. Move forward and continue to enable others to move forward. You are companions of one another, are you not? To give your company constantly means to make them move forward. So, continue to move forward.

Now, what aim does each of you children have? An intense effort-maker, not a slack effort-maker. Do not think: “I will be fine, I will be fine”. You have to be fine, because you have love for the Father, do you not? You have love for the Father, but what is it that the Father has love for? Intense effort-making children. So, what will you become? An intense effort-maker.

Those who think that you will be intense effort-makers and co-operate with others, raise your hands! You are clever in raising your hands. BapDada is pleased that at least you have kept this courage. When the children maintain courage, God helps. You will definitely receive help. Simply have the desire that „I definitely have to become this.. I have to do this”. Do not be slack in making effort, but make effort.

BapDada is pleased. Even now, it has been seen that – when some situations come whilst making effort – some children then become weak. However, no: be courageous and make others courageous. At the very least, those who come regularly have the aim of making intense effort. It isn’t that they do not have the aim: they do have the aim, but when situations arise in between, although they do think a little about making effort, they then become a little slack in doing it.

So, every day at amrit vela, check: Is the speed of my efforts intense, or am I just moving along, thinking “I will reach there, it will happen?” You do not have such thoughts, do you? Become an intense effort-maker. You are an effort-maker, but check whether you are an intense effort-maker. Whom does BapDada love? Intense effort-makers. So, what does each of you children have to become? You have to become an intense effort-maker, do you not? Raise your hands! Is it that you have to become that? Or are you moving along having become that already? Never leave this aim: „I have to remain an intense effort-maker, and also give my company to others”. Do you have this aim? Those who have this aim in your hearts, raise your hands! Achcha.

All of you are raising your hands. Okay, if it is a little slack, then make it intense; because, day by day, Maya also continues to do her work. However, who are all of you children? What is your title? „Conquerors of Maya”. Those of you who are going to become conquerors of Maya, raise your hands! All of you have raised your hands. BapDada is pleased that at least you children have courage. The children have courage, and so the Father definitely helps. Never lose courage. You have BapDada’s co-operation in advance. When you lose courage, you lose everything. When you have courage – when you children have courage – the Father definitely helps. Is this okay?

Those of you who have courage, raise your hands! Some are raising both their hands. It is good. It is easy to raise your hands, but also raise your hand of effort. BapDada is pleased when there are waves of zeal in the children, because each child has the aim of becoming number one. Do you not? You do not wish to become number two, do you? Those of you who think that you have to become number one, raise your hands! All of you are raising your hands. You are raising your hands very well. BapDada is pleased. BapDada is pleased to see you raising your hands, but also continue to please him. It is good.

Whose turn is it today? („today, it is the turn of Indore and Bhopal to serve – 10,000 have come”) They are half the class. („in total, there are 26,000 who have come for this turn. It is the biggest group.”) So, it is a success. Congratulations! Those whose turn it is, raise your hands! It is good.

When children have courage, the Father helps. It is good. Always maintain courage for every task. “If we do not do this, then who will? We are the ones who will do this”: It is like this, is it not? You are the ones, and BapDada is pleased that – through your courage – you definitely receive help. It is good. Congratulations! Congratulations!

Double foreign brothers and sisters: (600 have come) BapDada is pleased with all the children anyway, but the foreigners have made the fortune of the gathering very clear. Seeing the double foreigners, Baba is pleased that – out of all the turns – there isn’t a single turn where the foreigners do not raise their hands; and they come in a good number. Therefore, congratulations, congratulations, congratulations. Achcha.

Madhuban residents: it is good. Those who are from Madhuban give invitations, and this is why those from Madhuban are doing good service. The result of service is good. BapDada is pleased that the residents of Madhuban are paying good attention to each of the departments. Therefore, congratulations. Congratulations to the Madhuban residents. Achcha.

Those who have come for the first time: half the class has come for the first time. Raise your hands very well! Achcha.

To all the special brothers and sisters from everywhere, to those who remain constantly firm on the directions, BapDada makes a note of such children. BapDada makes a note of those who move forward in every task, and it is those souls who raise their hands for the different tasks. It is good. BapDada also sees such effort-making children. To such children, please accept lots, lots, and lots of special love and remembrances from the heart.

(Dadi Jankiji has sent special remembrance. Her health is not good. She is listening to the murli in her room) : Baba is giving special love and remembrance to child Janak. Baba is giving remembrances on behalf of all of you too because her heart is here, even though her body is there. The whole gathering is in front of her. She is claiming a good number in her effort, and, in illness too, she has claimed number one! Otherwise, she is not one who would ever miss this. BapDada is giving lots and lots of love from His heart to her and to all of you too.

(Dadi Janki is saying that Baba should perform some magic so that she can come personally in front of Baba.) It is not good to get up now. There is pain.

(To Mohiniben) : This one also remains courageous. Congratulations. It will enable you to move forward.

(To Ishu Dadi) : You are ever ready. You say “Ha ji, ha ji” to every task. It is good. You are playing your part well.

(To Rukmani Dadi) : Are you okay? She is good. You have come this far by maintaining courage. It is good.

Many, many congratulations to all those from Delhi. You pay attention to every task. Ever ready.

(Nirvairbhai requested BapDada to come at the time of the annual meeting.) We will see.

(To Brijmohanbhai) : You are moving along well. It will grow slowly.

(„it is the Golden Jubilee of Gamdevi Centre, Bombay”) : Gamdevi is the foundation. It has been run well. (Everyone has sent remembrances.) Give everyone lots and lots of love and remembrance.

(„Overseas Communications Centre has been made in the Godlywood Studio for the Double foreigners.”) Very good.

(„It is the Silver Jubilee of Bangur Centre, Calcutta”) : BapDada is giving congratulations on behalf of everyone. Congratulations.

(„Brothers and sisters are sitting outside this hall in the garden, and also in the Conference Hall”) : Wherever the brothers and sisters are watching, BapDada is also seeing all of you, and is giving you love and remembrances and saying good night.

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