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Avyakt BapDada 27th February 2014

Today, on the incarnation of Shiva – on Shiva Jayanti – congratulations, congratulations, congratulations to all the beloved children. Today, on this day, BapDada saw that – from the morning onwards – there was lots and lots of happiness in everyone’s heart for the memorial of the incarnation of God. This is because, together with the incarnation of the Father, you children have also taken divine birth.

So, you children are congratulating the Father, and BapDada is congratulating each one of you children one hundred-thousand-fold for your divine birth. In each one’s mind, all the memories of the Confluence Age from birth until now are merged in the heart.

Today, all of you have such happiness in your intellects about the incarnation of Shiva. The Father is also very very happy for the divine birth of the children. Wah, long-lost and now-found sweetest children! Wah! This is because – along with the Father – it is also the alokik, divine, and worthy-of-worship birth of you children. At this Confluence Age, you have also incarnated along with the Father – that is, by taking a new birth you have become instruments for the task of world benefit. Together with the Father, you children are also companions in every task. All of you have the zeal that this world definitely has to be transformed. You have this enthusiasm in your hearts, do you not? Then, raise your hands! If you have enthusiasm, then raise your hands! Achcha.

BapDada saw that the majority of you children have a lot of happiness in knowing that your kingdom is coming: you know that your kingdom is just about to come. This Shiv Ratri gives all the children the happiness that it is the day of the Father’s incarnation. So, today, everyone of you has the remembrance of Father Shiva merged in your mind: „Our Baba has come! Our kingdom is about to come”. On seeing the zeal of the children, BapDada is singing the song „Wah children! Wah!” The Father saw that the children who are especially engaged in service are singing the song day and night with happiness in their heart: „Our kingdom is about to come”. You know what the preparations are in order to go into that kingdom.

So, today – on Shiv Ratri – each one of you has to look at the chart of your heart: „In order to go into our kingdom, how much perfection have I brought about in myself?” This is because we have to go to the perfect kingdom where there is no name or trace of sorrow. So, do you see in your heart the sanskars of being constantly free from obstacles from now? Even before the obstacle comes, do I experience the stage of being free from obstacles?

Now, BapDada is seeing in the children the speciality of being destroyers of obstacles, and he also wants to see it. Some children have the firm sanskar of being a constant obstacle-free companion of the Father. You have attention, but the meaning of attention is „no tension”. You pay good attention to this aspect, because it is only now – when you instrument children become experienced in the stage that is free from obstacles – that the vibrations of your being free from obstacles will reach the effort-making children.

So, today, BapDada was seeing how long you are able to maintain a stage that is free from obstacles. The result of some children – that is, of them paying attention – was good. On this day of the incarnation of Shiva – the memorial is of the incarnation of Shiva – BapDada is congratulating those children who keep the aim of being free from obstacles; and Dilaram – the Comforter of Hearts – is also giving them love from his heart. In his heart, Baba is singing the song: „Wah children! Wah!”

To pay attention means to have no tension. The sign of that is „A-tension”: no tension. So, today, BapDada was checking this. There are such children, but those who pay constant attention were fewer than what the Father wants. So, today – on this day of the incarnation – the Father now wants every child, according to his or her own efforts, to make a note for the self, at whatever time you fix according to your own self: „Did I remain free from obstacles for the duration of that time?” This is because, as you progress further, it will be necessary to pay attention to being free from obstacles. This is why BapDada now wants all you children from everywhere in the world to fix a time for yourself according to your own courage: „I, the soul, can remain free from obstacles for this amount of time”. By paying attention, you should see that for yourself.

Is it easy or difficult to remain free from obstacles? Those who believe that it is easy by paying attention, raise your hands! Achcha. Raise your hands, but if you don’t have that strength, then do not raise your hands. BapDada wants to see the result of one month. Just one month – Baba is not asking for more. And for those who want to remain free from obstacles in their thoughts for one month – not to have even any waste thoughts – they should stop as soon as you tell them to stop.

Now, there is a need to pay attention to your thoughts. So, check: „Did I remain free from obstacles in every thought? Did I not even have any waste thoughts? Am I paying this much attention to my thought power?” Thoughts are your own power, are they not? So, now, think of a plan to remain free from obstacles. Check yourself for one month: „Did what I thought happen practically or not?” This is because Maya is also listening to this.

No matter how much Maya there is of the atmosphere, the influence of the atmosphere should not be an obstacle to the pure thoughts in your mind. Let there be success in this. Check yourself for 15 days – that you do not even have any waste thoughts: „Do I always have the Father merged in my heart?” Now, for some time, pay attention to this effort over your thoughts. Words and deeds are gross things, but even your thoughts should not be wasteful: it is necessary to check each and every thought. Although there are words and actions, when the power of your thoughts becomes powerful there will then be a difference in your words and deeds.

Today, BapDada is drawing your attention to the thoughts in your mind. The instrument maharathis now have to pay attention to the power of the mind. Words and deeds will automatically be put right. So, today, BapDada is signalling the thoughts of your mind – because unnecessary waste thoughts also take up your time, and you have to save that time. Is it possible? If it is possible, then raise your hands! Achcha. You have a lot of zeal, and so, well done for that! Now, put that zeal into your deeds. You will pass in this too, because you will keep the Father with you, will you not? Then, by having the Father’s company, all waste will automatically finish.

So, today, BapDada is drawing your attention to waste thoughts – because a lot of time is wasted in this. You have to use your time for intense effort. So, today, BapDada is drawing your attention to waste – because children say „We don’t have any bad thoughts, do we? We do have these little waste thoughts, but these can deceive you at any time.” Therefore, now reduce the waste.

So, with thoughts, words, and deeds (relationships and connections) , check yourself in all of these: how much is waste, and how much is best? This is because – on this Shiv Ratri – you will give a gift to the Father, will you not? Will you give it? Raise your hands! So, BapDada wants the gift that you finish all waste. Pay attention! You do pay attention to overcome anything bad, but you now also have to pay attention to waste – because a lot of time is wasted in wasteful things.

So, on this day – in relation to Shiv Jayanti – BapDada is giving you the homework of paying attention to the waste. You like it, do you not? Do you like it? Then raise your hands! If you like it, then all of you will pass. If you like something – whatever it is – then you will do it with your heart. So, congratulations, congratulations, congratulations.

You don’t find this to be hard work, do you? By paying attention, your effort reduces. Try it and see. You will all pass. When Baba asks for the result after one month, the majority of you will have passed. This is possible, is it not? Is it? Then, raise your hands! All of you are raising your hands. So, BapDada says: Wah children! Wah! With the right aim, you will easily and naturally develop the qualifications. Achcha.

BapDada will give a prize to each and every child for your intense effort. Do you like it? Achcha. On this day it is the day of Shiv Ratri, so there are special congratulations for this day, and there is also love from the heart.

Today BapDada saw that there are many double-foreigners. Stand up! Let us see how many there are. Look. Wah, wah, wah! BapDada is pleased. You are paying good attention. BapDada is giving blessings from his heart. These blessings are also for the people of Bharat. Nowadays, it is the season of those from abroad, and the children have come from many directions. BapDada is seeing that you have come from many countries. (1200 double foreigners have come from 80 countries) All of you are doubly happy, are you not? Happy both with your body and your mind? It is good.

All of you have attention on service. You can increase service as much as possible, because anything can happen suddenly. Therefore, continue to increase service, because your kingdom is to come, is it not? You will rule in your own kingdom, will you not?

As much as possible, at least give souls the Father’s introduction. The Father comes and goes away, and yet the children are not even aware! So, as much as possible, definitely give the message. Otherwise, there will be repentance: „the Father came, and we were even told about it, but we didn’t go there”. You just continue to increase your task of giving the message. No one should complain that „we were living near you.. we were living in this street, and in spite of that, we didn’t know..”.

It is good. The result of the foreigners is good. You have love for Madhuban. You were told earlier too, that it was only after you did service that BapDada became known as „the World Server”. You were also told earlier that – as much as possible – wherever anyone still remains, they should at least receive the message that „our Father has come”. Whether they follow or not is up to them, but from your side they should at least receive the message. Then they will repent, but at least they should know. Even so, the result is good. Very good.

Wherever you have come from, having made that effort, you will receive the fruit of that effort and it is also accumulated. Very good! Sit down! Double foreigners, consider what your title is! Double foreigners may never forget that they are double foreigners.

It is the turn of Rajasthan Zone (5000 brothers and sisters have come from Rajasthan. In total, there are 20,000) . BapDada has seen that because each zone has the duty, the result is good. That zone pays special attention. The result of the majority is good. What do you think? The result is good, is it not? It is very good that every zone gets this chance, and so it is very co-operative in service, and also the zone receives a special chance. The attention of the Dadis is also drawn to the zone. This feels good, does it not? Raise your hands!

Many have come for the first time. So those who have come for the first time have to claim the first number, because you have to make up for all the time that you have missed. Therefore, become intense effort makers – not slack, but intense effort-makers. Do you agree? Intense effort-makers.

(„Dadi Ratanmohiniji received the doctorate degree”) This is an honour for the organisation, and it shows that the Brahma Kumaris can do everything. Otherwise, they think: „We don’t know what the Brahma Kumaris are doing”. From this, they can understand that you are all round, and you reach everywhere. Achcha.

(Dadi Janki: „Wonderful Baba, it is Your wonder that you pull everyone’s heart”.) He is Dilaram, the Comforter of Hearts. The heart has reached Dilaram Baba. („How will everyone come to know about this?”) They will find out. Those who still remain are beginning to find out. Now, with zeal, enable the message to reach all of the places that still remain. You can make it happen. Baba is inspiring it. The Father will even now continue to make it happen. Where will they go? („There are problems with the body”) It doesn’t matter. Baba is an instrument to make the children move forward because the children have to face everything. Even so, he has to do everything through the children.

(Mohiniben gave greetings to BapDada) One hundred, thousand-fold congratulations to you.

(Rameshbhai gave a card to Baba) Thousand fold, multi-million-fold congratulations.

(To brother Brijmohan) You do pay attention, and you continue to move forward.

(To Bhopalbhai) Are you okay? Very good.

All the cards that were sent to Baba were shown to BapDada (cards from Russia and Naliniben were shown to BapDada) Tell them that BapDada saw the cards. Send them fruits and toli.

(to senior sisters from abroad) Now, the maharathis from this land and abroad have come together. This feels like a good gathering, does it not? („All countries should get together and do some service”) You are making effort and doing service, and you also have success. BapDada is pleased, whether it is those from this land or abroad. You are making effort, and the fruit of your efforts is emerging. Therefore, congratulations, congratulations. You are the instruments. BapDada gives you power, but – in front of the world – it is you children who have to do everything.

(A doctor came from Coimbatore) Now, you are a double doctor. You have to become a double doctor, not a single doctor. Is this firm? Are you sure? It is good. Continue to move forward. Continue to move forward in service. You have a ready-made means of giving the message. Do a lot of service. You will do it. It is good.

(BapDada personally hoisted the flag for the 78th Shiva Jayanti)

Everyone’s heart is saying the same words: Wah Shiva Jayanti! Wah! Wah Shiv Baba! Wah!

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