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Avyakt BapDada 14th February 2014

Today, the Ocean of Love is giving each of you children everywhere lots and lots and lots of love. In the whole cycle, it is only at this time of the Confluence Age that you receive God’s love. People of the world call today the day of love (Valentine’s day) , but for you children, every day of the Confluence Age is a day to receive the Father’s love.

According to the memorial of this day, you children are in front of BapDada. However, all the children everywhere – whether abroad, or in the villages – are in the Father’s heart, and every child is the beloved of the Father’s heart. In fact, you children are worthy of God’s love at the Confluence Age; but according to the world today, today is a special day of love, and so BapDada is bringing in front of him all of the children from everywhere who are worthy of love, and he is giving each and every child unlimited love, love from the heart, love to fly constantly with zeal.

You are in front of Baba in the corporeal form, but in front of BapDada are all the children from everywhere, who are worthy of love, and who are giving love and receiving love. In fact, due to celebrating it today, every child is said to be worthy of love on this day. However, every child is in fact worthy of God’s love at every moment of the Confluence Age.

Souls who are worthy of this love are deeply loved by the Father, and are the beloved children of the Father. God’s love is received only in this one birth of the Confluence Age. This love finishes the sorrow and suffering of many births, and constantly feeds you the nourishment of happiness. Every child is a soul who has a right to God’s love.

Today, BapDada is receiving love from each child’s heart, and is also giving love from his heart. All of you souls have also become embodiments of love, and you are showing this through your form. God’s love is merged in each child’s eyes, and on the forehead. Now, each one of you constantly have the zeal in your heart to make all of your brothers and sisters worthy of God’s love.

Today, BapDada is seeing that each of you children has such zeal in your mind to definitely become equal to the Father. You are those who are following the Father, are you not? Even though the children are number-wise according to their efforts, BapDada has constant love for each of you children. At amrit vela, BapDada especially gives each of you children everywhere love, remembrance, and powers as blessings. This is the fortune of the children who are worthy of God.

Now, BapDada has one more thought. Should Baba tell you that? Should he? Then you will have to do that. Those who are going to do that, raise your hands! You have very good courage. BapDada is pleased, and the children who have courage will definitely receive the Father’s help. Now show this wonder: Each child has to become free from obstacles and equal to the Father. All of you have this aim, but some obstacle comes in-between and makes you a little slack in your aim.

Now, Baba wants each of you children to keep the aim for yourself: To become free from obstacles in your thoughts, words, relationships and connections – to be constantly equal to the Father, to give zeal to others, and to be co-operative with them, and to make them also free from obstacles. Each one of you has to make your service place free from obstacles, and take blessings from everyone. At each service place – whether at home or at the centre – let each one of you have this determined thought, and show that you are free from obstacles and that you will do the service of making your companions free from obstacles.

At the very least, each centre has to be co-operative with its companions and be successful in the service of making them free from obstacles. BapDada now wants to see the centres, the self, wherever you are staying, free from obstacles and finish all waste even in your thoughts – you have to become like this and also make others the same. Is this possible?

So, from today.. look all of you are raising your hands! Those at the back, wave your hands! Achcha. So, from today, you will make yourself free from obstacles, and wherever you are living, you will make that place and your companions free from obstacles. Are you making this determined thought from now? Can you also make your companions like this? Raise your hands for this! You are raising your hands after thinking about it. Since you call yourselves “world transformers”, then, before you can transform the world, you will definitely have to make the place where you are staying free from obstacles, will you not?

Have the aim that, just as you have made yourselves free from obstacles and you have success in your thoughts, in the same way, you will make your companions and the atmosphere there the same as you, for only then will your kingdom come, will it not? So, now, today, BapDada is giving you this work: You have become this, and BapDada is pleased. However, you also have to make your companions free from obstacles, because you have to establish your own kingdom, do you not? Everyone will be in the kingdom, will they not? So have this thought, and, as much as possible, also take help from your companions. Even if you have to take their help, take it and make them like this. Can you have this thought? Raise your hands if you can do this! All of you are raising your hands. Very good. It is good. You have courage.

No matter what someone is like, your atmosphere should be so powerful, that, to the extent that your atmosphere reaches, everyone in that area should be free from obstacles. Is this possible? Is it possible? Those who believe this to be possible, raise your hands! Those at the back, are you raising your hands? Wave them like this. You have pleased Baba by raising your hands. Congratulations. It is good that you have at least had the thought that you are going to do it. Why? You have to make those who are living with you, and those who are in contact with you, into your companions, do you not? You will all be number-wise, and even the Father knows this – that difference will be visible, will they not? So, from today, create this special thought: that you have to make those who are in connection with you – and those who are close to you – become free from obstacles.

Will you be able to make them like this? Will you be able to do this? Will you do this? The first line is not raising their hands. You have to bring about your kingdom, do you not? So, you have to bring your companions into the kingdom, do you not? Will you leave them behind? If you co-operate with one another and have this aim, then, when you have courage, the Father will definitely help. Is this possible? Raise your hands if it is possible! All of you are raising your hands very well. You please BapDada by raising your hands.

So, BapDada is giving you some time. Make those who are in connection with you into companions the same as yourselves. All the Brahmins everywhere are to become constantly free from obstacles: is this possible or is it difficult? Those who believe that it is possible, raise your hands! Achcha. The first line, is it possible? Should you be given time until the next season, or should it be now? Can it happen now? You have to make your companions the same as yourselves. It will be number-wise, but at least make them such that no one becomes the form of an obstacle. Is this possible – that no one becomes the form of an obstacle? The first line, is this possible? Those at the front? Achcha. You have good courage.

When Baba comes in the next season, he will hear this good news. Will you bring this news? Those of you who feel that you will make effort, and – even if you have to work a little hard – you will make your companions and those who are living near you free from obstacles: raise your hands! You are raising your hands very well. Well done! Well done! Now, BapDada will see the result every month.

At least you should make your companions who are close to you like yourself, should you not? Can you do this? Can you make them like this? Achcha, raise your hands for this! All of you are raising your hands. Even now, BapDada is giving you congratulations for making them co-operative, and when you come, he will see in the result that it has happened. Is this possible? Is this possible? The first line is not raising their hands. All of you are instruments, and those who are instruments have to pay attention. It is good. Your courage and the Father’s help!

So, you will now do this, and show it to the Father, will you not? BapDada will see it. BapDada will give a present to those who make their companions free from obstacles in a practical way. However, when you say this, Baba will carry out some inquiries. Are you ready for this? The first line? It is good. Those who have courage have BapDada’s help and will continue to receive it. Achcha.

Today is the day of love, and so everything becomes easy because of love. Just as all of you have maintained courage, so the Father will help, and your companions too will help. So it will become visible in a practical way. Transformation has to take place. Whatever small or big things there are, you have to transform them by yourselves. You should not have to be told. You are sensible, and so you know what you have to do, as well as what you must not do. Whatever you don’t have to do, do not do that, that is all!

Now, in order for you to become world transformers, BapDada wants each one of you to become free from obstacles, and to make your companions the same – because you are world transformers, and so how can it be difficult to transform one or two companions? Each of you has to pay attention so that you definitely make your atmosphere and your companions free from obstacles. You are those who are going to make the world like this – BapDada is only giving you a small task. If you have this thought, then raise your hand! (Everyone raised their hands) . You have raised your hands and pleased Baba. Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations!

Now, when Baba comes next time, he will hear the good news, will he not? He will hear it, will he not? Raise your hands for this. Make your close companions free from obstacles. You are being given a small task. Baba is not asking you to make everyone obstacle-free. Achcha.

BapDada is enjoying himself. When the children have courage, BapDada is very happy; and when the children have courage, the Father definitely helps. He is definitely your Companion. So, what result will Baba see next time? That there will be transformation in each one who stays with you, as well as those who are close to you. It will be like that, will it not? You will do this, will you not? You will make your companions the same as yourselves, will you not? Raise your hands for this! You are very good in raising your hands. BapDada is pleased. At least you had the courage to raise your hands! Be one another’s companions in doing this.

So, are all of you happy? Those who are happy, raise your hands! Those who never lose their happiness, raise your hands! (Everyone raised their hands) . Are you always happy? Always happy? Are those at the back always happy? Raise your hands high! Achcha. Constantly remain happy and constantly make others happy. You agree with this, do you not? You also have to make others like this, because your kingdom is going to be established. You have to establish it, and so you will take your companions with you, will you not? Achcha.

(17,000 have come from Eastern Zone, Tamil Nadu, Nepal, Assam, Bengal, Bihar, Orissa – each group was made to stand up one by one) . All the senior sisters who are in charge of a zone, stand up! Now, have the aim to make whatever area you have been given for serving free from obstacles. All of you have to have this thought, because the kingdom has to be established. The kingdom will continue for half the cycle. For this, you have to tour around a little and work hard. Those who are the heads have to stay at all the places and find a solution to any problems. The problems are all similar, but each one of you has to finish any problems in your area and become embodiments of success. Is this okay? Raise your hands! Achcha.

When Baba comes next time, he will ask: Have the obstacles in your area finished? Should Baba ask that? It is you who have to become this. All of you who are sitting here have to become this yourselves, and then make others the same. The kingdom will be established, and so the sanskars will be created here, will they not? It will happen. It is not a big deal. BapDada will be your Helper. If there is any such problem, then write about it and send it to the yagya. It will be fine. You will receive all the help possible. You definitely do have to become free from obstacles, for only then will your kingdom be established. Very good.

(400 double-foreign brothers and sisters have come) . These are the double foreigners. Very good. BapDada is pleased on seeing the double foreigners. Wah double foreigners! Wah! You have made the Father famous as the World Father. He is not just the Benefactor of Bharat, but the World Benefactor. Earlier, Baba was the Bharat Benefactor, and then – by your expanding service everywhere – he is now the World Benefactor in a practical way. So, lots and lots and lots of love and remembrance to all of you.

BapDada is seeing that you are those who will perform many, many wonders and will move forward. You are making good effort. Although everything is different everywhere, nevertheless you have become instruments to make Baba known as the World Father, not just the Father of Bharat. It is good.

Today, BapDada is giving double love to the double foreigners. Whilst living in a far away country, you are close to the heart. It is like that, is it not? Raise your hands! Very good. BapDada is pleased that you are moving forward. The foreigners are making progress, so congratulations for that. Achcha. You are co-operative with one another. Where is the instrument, Jayantiben? She tours around a lot. You are doing good service. Your companions are also good. BapDada is giving double love and remembrances to the double foreigners.

Congratulations. Congratulations. Congratulations. Achcha.

To all the children everywhere, whether from this land or abroad, BapDada is giving all the children love from his heart, and is telling you something auspicious: It has been seen that everywhere, in this land or abroad, you pay good attention to service. There is expansion and there will continue to be expansion in the future too. Congratulations. Congratulations. Congratulations.

(to Munniben) Everyone is happy and content. You are doing service and will continue to do it.

(to Dadi Janki – who put a garland of roses on BapDad.) This garland is the love of all of you. This one is putting it on as an instrument, but the love of all of you has reached BapDada. Everyone’s love is reaching BapDada. Everyone cannot be brought to the front, and this is why BapDada is saying: “Wah children! Wah!”, from a distance.

(to Mohiniben) You are fine. You have become well, and will remain well.

(Dadi Ratanmohini is going to receive an Honorary Doctorate degree from the Gulburga University) It is good.

(to Dr Nirmala) You are looking after everything very well. The campus is going well. Congratulations.

(to Hansaben) Those who do something, they internally experience their account of charity. Do you experience this? You are looking after Dadi, and everything is included in that. You are not serving Dadi alone, you are serving many others.

(All three brothers gave BapDada a bouquet each.) Are you all right? It is good. All of you are free from obstacles. All work is continuing well, and whatever situations there are, they are being resolved. They are being resolved, are they not? Congratulations.

(to Brijmohanbhai) Have you not changed the topic? („I have changed it”. He showed it to BapDada.) Will they understand from this? Whatever was particularly about the Gita has become a bit hidden in this. Now think! When you think, it will become okay. („A religious conference is taking place in Haridwar.”) It is good. Awaken them.

(to Rameshbhai) All business is fine, is it not?

(to Dr Banarasi) You are doing service very well. Congratulations! You don’t get tired. It is good. You have this blessing.

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