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Avyakt BapDada 31st January 2014

Today’s gathering is visible as being loving and of those who are stable in the stage of being embodiments of remembrance. Zeal for world benefit is merged in each one’s mind. Whether you are in front of Baba or far away, the whole Brahmin family is merged in love of the heart. This love – the love of the meeting between the Supreme Soul and souls – is very lovely and unique.

Today, BapDada is seeing all of the children everywhere in their powerful form. Where there is power, waste automatically finishes there. The powerful Father and the powerful children: this powerful meeting between souls and the Supreme Soul is very lovely and unique, and this meeting only takes place at the Confluence Age. Only a handful of souls out of multi-millions experience this corporeal (sakar) meeting between the Supreme Soul and souls.

This meeting between the Supreme Soul and souls only takes place in the cycle now, at the Confluence Age. You are not just one-hundred-times fortunate souls, but multi-million-times fortunate souls, in celebrating a meeting personally in front of Baba. At this time, in everyone’s heart, you have claimed the fortune of this meeting. In the mind of each of you is the feeling of belonging: “My Baba”.

At this time, BapDada wants you to give this experience of “My Baba” to other souls and to enable them to claim a right to the inheritance. Today, sorrow, peacelessness, and temporary happiness are spread throughout the world. You must definitely give those souls at least a little experience of happiness and peace, because you can give this experience only at this time.

This time has the blessing of enabling souls to meet God. Out of the whole cycle, it is only at this time that souls have the meeting, introduction, relationship, and inheritance of the Supreme Soul. Now, all the children who have claimed a right should always feel mercy for those souls – that none of the souls of this land or of the foreign lands should remain deprived. Your special task is to not leave out any area in any way, so that they cannot complain that they did not receive the introduction. You are doing service everywhere, but no area nearby should be left out. Let there be no complaints that “Our Baba came and we didn’t even know”.

This is the responsibility of you children who have become instruments. As much as possible, definitely give the message. Note down which area is still remaining, so that there will be no complaints that they didn’t even know. It is your duty to make them aware – whether they accept it or not is up to them. Each one should check near their own area, and make sure that no area is left of receiving the message. Each one’s fortune is his or her own, but it is the duty of you fortunate souls to give the message. Each one of you should check your own area and the surrounding areas, so that those of your area do not complain that they did not even get to know. Whether it is a small village, a big village or a city, it is the duty of you fortunate souls to give the message. Check whether the message has reached the areas surrounding that of yours. Let no area have this complaint.

In the majority, you have reached the main cities, but you must nevertheless check that no area is left out, so that they would complain to you that their Father came and you did not tell us about Him. You do check this, and BapDada sees this. Nevertheless, in the areas that you can reach and yet no one has reached there, it is your duty to give the message. Even though it may be a small area, if it is close to your area, then note it down. Even those from the smaller areas can complain to you that “You knew our Father had come; he is our Father because he is the Father of everyone. So, why did you not tell us?” Therefore, check if the message has reached everywhere in your own areas. Then your responsibility is finished.

Do not think that „that is a small area”, for the people from that area are also (Baba’s) children, are they not? Send anyone so that they at least become aware that the Father of all of you has come. Cover your whole area through any programme. If it is a small area, then send someone junior, but let them not remain deprived, because the time will come suddenly – it will not come after you are informed.

You must definitely see to your duty of giving the message everywhere. For instance, if there is no service in your area, then inform those of your surrounding area, and make them instruments. Let no soul be left out: they should receive the message, and the rest is their fortune.

So, each one of you has to check your own area. Even if it is a small street or ordinary people, they are also the children: they should at least know that the Father has come. You can do this in whatever way you want, but let there be no complaints left that they didn’t even know. This is your duty, because any circumstances can suddenly come at any time. Fulfil your duty! No matter whomever you send, let there be no complaints remaining that they didn’t even know. They will be close to some area, will they not? Because, any conflict can suddenly begin. So, fulfil your duty, and check that no one is left out in your surrounding areas. If it is someone else’s area, then consult them. Do not do it without consulting them. Consult them and then fulfil this, because anything can happen suddenly.

This is why, today, BapDada is giving a signal to all the children – whether of this land or abroad – to check your own areas. Consult the seniors and then get them to do something, but let no one be left out. You have meetings, don’t you? So, you can consult one another in those. BapDada is saying: The time will come suddenly. Some people do have the sanskars of thinking that they will do it at some point – that it will happen. However, let no one be left out.

BapDada is giving this signal to everyone. Check your own area. If someone else wants to do something, then get that one also to do it, because you cannot trust the time. Small things do keep happening suddenly. You can look at your own areas. The surrounding places – whatever comes in your areas – check whether they are still to receive the message, and that you will not get any complaints.

All of you are the Father’s long-lost and now-found children who belong to the Father. BapDada is also pleased to see you long-lost and now-found children. Wah children! Wah! Do not become tired in your efforts. If any small or big situation comes up, then take help. If you do not want to take anyone’s help, then check it with the power of your yoga, and find some or other solution to it.

Each one of you has to check that no one in your area is still left to receive the message. You may be thinking, “Why is BapDada emphasising this today?”. Because BapDada has seen that many children who have the responsibility of their nearby areas are not fulfilling it, and this is why BapDada is giving a signal that, if anyone’s area is left out, due to any reason, then definitely find a solution to that, and definitely give the message.

Today, BapDada is giving a signal that no complaints should remain. Why? You will see that time is needed for each one to check their area and for them to make effort. So, now check your own areas. Let no area complain that they didn’t know. If you want the help of those who are doing service, then tell your zone to help you.

Today, BapDada is giving a signal for service. Together with service, what other signal is there? That of making yourself complete. It should not be that you become so busy with service that you do not have the time to look at yourself. Look at yourself and look at the time.

All of you remain happy. If you do not have a happy temperament, then take help from those in whom you have faith and in whom you have that bhavna (feeling of love) , because BapDada knows that trivial things can happen at any time. Therefore, it is your duty to keep yourself alert. No matter how much someone says, you have to keep yourself alert.

Today, BapDada is signalling you to be ever-ready in both service and yourself. There should be an atmosphere of contentment at every place. Because if it is to happen – if there is discontent, be that small or big, with anyone’s co-operation – it is necessary to make yourself powerful for that.

Today, BapDada is giving this signal for you to be ready for “suddenly”. Do not say then that you didn’t know. It has to happen, and it will happen suddenly. When it fades away from your mind, that is the time that it will happen.

This is why BapDada is giving you a signal to check yourself. Become equal to the Father in what the Father wants: all of you are clever in knowing this. The Father wants you to have such a stage – in your thoughts, words, deeds, and relationships – that you are able to face anything when it happens suddenly.

Internal power. Let the soul always have that attention, and always be an intense effort-maker. Self-transformation, and being co-operative in bringing about transformation everywhere: continue to check both of these things.

Are all of you okay? Raise your hands! Okay, okay, okay? Achcha. BapDada is seeing the hands of those who are at the front. The hands of those who are at the back are not visible. Now, those at the back, raise your hands! Achcha.

Please accept lots and lots of love and remembrance from the depths of the heart of BapDada. None of you should think that you do not know about Baba’s love. Is there anyone like that? Is there? No one? All of you know what God’s love is, do you not? Do you know it? Okay. Those who know, raise your hands. All of you are raising them. Raise them high! Put them down! Look, BapDada has seen that the majority of you are raising your hands. Perhaps some may be left out in between all of these, but the majority of you have raised your hands.

If someone thinks otherwise, but may be a little embarrassed to raise your hands.. if there is an obstacle or some upheaval.. then tell your Dadis or those in whom you have faith – such as the senior Dadi or the Dadis – tell them. Do not keep it inside you. Take one or another cure for it, because if anything is to happen it will happen suddenly. At that time, you will not be able to make any effort.

Now check – if anything were to happen suddenly, if there were an upheaval – do you have enough power to be able to save yourself, to create that impact on the atmosphere, and to also become helpers of others? Check this. Did all of you understand? Understand! You are all very sensible. BapDada likes it. He is not saying it just like that. You are sensible, but you sometimes take a little time when the time comes. Achcha.

To all the children everywhere – those who are far away and those who are near – many, many congratulations for paying attention to yourself. Do not be deceived. Pay attention! You are doing it, and you have to continue to do it. If you want any help, then you can take it from those who are instruments. It is not that someone says whom to take help from – you know who the instruments are. The Dadis are there, are they not? There are the Dadas and Dadis.

Do not hold onto any mistakes. If you have made a mistake, then repent for it in your heart and with BapDada, and finish it. Do not accumulate it. If BapDada were to see each one’s account, what should it be like? Okay? Very good? Is it like that? Achcha. Raise your hands for this! All of you are raising your hands. Look, Dadi come! Look at everyone’s hands. Raise your hands! Are all of you all right? Are all of you all right? Yes. Come Dadi. Bring Dadi here. Is Mohini not here today? Achcha. You have come.

It is the turn of Punjab zone to serve – 8000 have come: Those from Punjab have received a blessing. In the beginning, when the centre in Amritsar opened, there was a lot of influence of the gurus. However, those from Punjab became victorious over everyone so that they allowed you to run your centres without any obstacles. BapDada is giving thanks to those from Punjab for this. You brought victory to the Satguru in place of the gurus. You did well. The centre of the Brahma Kumaris remained immortal in the midst of the gaddi of the gurus, and it continued without any obstacles. It continued without any obstacles, did it not?

Teachers from Punjab, raise your hands! Achcha. You have worked hard, and even now it is the turn of those from Punjab, is it not?

(to Mohiniben) Are you all right? („Baba, I am fine with your blessings”) Congratulations. You are fine and will be fine. No matter what happens, “Baba, my Baba” is the medicine. You will be fine. It doesn’t matter; these things will happen in-between. Achcha.

(to Munniben) You are working very hard, and you are successful in that. You are making everything move in the best way, and you will continue to do so. Wherever you get a signal from, you just do it. That is all, and it moves along smoothly.

(to double-foreign brothers and sisters) Achcha, all these are double foreigners. (200 have come) It has been seen that there are some double foreigners in every group. You are playing your part well. You are doing foreign service very well. However, given the extent that you are doing service, you don’t give as much news. There should be someone fixed who writes and sends the results of everywhere, after every one or two months. There is good expansion in service. You are making good effort. („One brother has come from Karachi”) It is good. Karachi is the birthplace. If a gift comes from such a place, then that is so great. BapDada receives the news that everything is going well. Whoever comes, is there anyone else from Karachi who has come? There is only one. Very good. You liked it, did you not?

Seeing the foreigners, BapDada remembers his title of being „the World Benefactor”, because first there was just India, whereas there are now also the lands abroad. So, BapDada always remembers the service abroad. First, Baba was just the Benefactor of India, whereas it has now spread abroad everywhere. Any area that is still left will also be added, and abroad has also been added. You have worked hard. The results abroad are also good. Achcha.

(to Brother Nirwair) Your health is fine, and it is getting better. Do not worry about the hospital. Finalise it in the meeting with everyone’s advice. If you think that this one hospital is empty because of Abu, and if we do such a big programme (elsewhere) then who would come to Abu? First of all, take everyone’s advice about the hospital. You should take advice as to whether to open another hospital here in Abu. („We will make an addition to this hospital”) However, it will be another one, will it not? Make that plan, and then we shall then see. Show the plan.

(to Brother Brijmohan, about the God of the Gita) For that, change the topic a little. („You gave us the topic of non-violence; should we continue with that?”) Change it a little. The point about non-violence being the supreme religion was a new point, but find an attractive point. Change it a little. Think about it a little. You should all think about a topic that attracts everyone. Now they think: „What does it matter to us whatever it is?” However, they should understand that it is for their benefit. Think in this way.

(to the Senior Sisters of Punjab)

Punjab is famous. Good kumaris have emerged from Punjab. Good brothers have also emerged, through which Punjab, totally, is moving along well. You are progressing well with one another’s co-operation. Now, progress even more – let there be the sound. There hasn’t been any sound yet.

(„Should we do a Sant-Samelan – conference of the gurus – in Haridwar?”) Bring some upheaval. They are listening peacefully, something from this one, and something from that one, and then it becomes mixed. However, what is the original, make that famous. Then, those who belong to you will emerge. Why? Now, do such service that someone emerges from the holy men who are well known there. Do this service. Let them say that they have brought the knowledge of the Brahma Kumaris into their lives. Let such an example emerge.

All are sitting here; you can take the help of anyone in Punjab. You can take help from India. Take everyone’s help! Let the sound emerge that the Brahma Kumaris are talking about Shiva instead of Krishna. Let this sound emerge. This is the service of Punjab. This sound should emerge. If you make this sound emerge, then Punjab will be given a prize. Whether they believe it or not, they should at least say that this is their (BKs) opinion and everyone should think about it. Do some wonders. All of you together should discuss this. It is good. Everything is moving along peacefully. They have all become quiet.

(Rajben from Jalandhar is not well and is unable to come) : Take some toli for her.

(Jayantiben said: „Baba, You sent Dadi Janki to London for eight days. Many, many thanks for that.”) Everyone became happy, did they not? It is good. Whatever was in the drama was good.

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