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Avyakt BapDada 18th January 2014

Today, remembrance of Father Brahma is especially merged in everyone’s mind. Today is a special memorial day of Father Brahma playing his part in the avyakt form from sakar. From amrit vela, BapDada saw that Father Brahma was specially merged in each child’s eyes and mind. Today is the day of the memorial of the day when Father Brahma became an instrument to play his part in the avyakt form.

There were very few children who celebrated a meeting with the Father in the sakar form. In their forehead is the awareness of Father Brahma’s activities, words and blessings. They were just a few, and now there is greater expansion, but even now he is giving sustenance through the avyakt form. While remembering Father Brahma, there were few who were inspired to play their parts with the sakar form, and they become his companions, but now all of you have become his companions. Although you didn’t see him in the sakar form, you are now taking sustenance from him through the avyakt form.

So, those who are taking sustenance from the avyakt form of Brahma, raise your hands! No, not those who were there during the sakar days, but who have come during the avyakt part, raise your hands! Even now, Avyakt Brahma is giving so much sustenance through the avyakt form. Father Shiva is with you, but Brahma Baba is now giving sustenance through the angelic form, because Father Brahma being in a corporeal body played the best part during the establishment.

There were also Brahmins with Father Brahma – those who were there at the time of sakar Brahma, raise your hands! There were few. Among those who have come now, there are few – there are also others who come turn by turn.

Today, on the day of Father Brahma, from amrit vela, together with Shiv Baba, everyone remembered Father Brahma in their hearts. Those who took sustenance from Father Brahma in the sakar form, raise your hands! Raise your hands high. There are few. There are few.

Okay, now you are taking sustenance from avyakt Brahma, and this is why you call yourselves Brahmins. To play your part with sakar Brahma is also a sign of fortune. However, even now both Bap and Dada are together serving the children. You are so fortunate! BapDada sings the song “Wah children! Wah!” on seeing the fortune of the children. However, now, both together, both Bap and Dada are serving the children. Father Brahma has a special part of sustenance. Follow both Bap and Dada, because everyone especially remembers Father Brahma with their hearts.

Along with that, on this special day today, from amrit vela onwards, the teachings of both Bap and Dada continued to come into the awareness in the mind of everyone. Father Brahma’s special teaching is: „Become an embodiment of the awareness of BapDada”. It isn’t the Father alone, nor is it Father Brahma alone – remember both of them. It is the sustenance from both of them that is making you move ahead the most.

So, in terms of today being a special day, remembrance of Father Brahma is in the hearts of everyone, and you are following the father, because Father Brahma was the same as you in the corporeal form. Father Brahma always says: „Follow both Bap and Dada”. Brahma Baba stayed in the corporeal form and played his part in the corporeal form, with the children and in service outside. In the same way, you have to follow Brahma Baba. BapDada has seen that the children are moving along following both. Every day at amrit vela, BapDada gives special love and remembrance from his heart to those long-lost and now-found children who follow the father. He gives them the blessing: “Wah children! Wah!”.

Just as you saw and heard about the specialities of Father Brahma on this day, so you are following in that way, are you not? Just as all of you in the corporeal form have seen and heard about the practical life of Father Brahma – of him coming into all relationships with the One – so Father Brahma has especially brought in front of himself all the children who follow him, and he has given them special love and remembrance.

So, did you accept remembrance from Father Brahma? He has given lots and lots of love from his heart. “Love” means to receive the blessing of “Follow the father”. So, all of you are following BapDada, are you not? If you are doing so, then raise your hands! Although you have not seen Father Brahma in the corporeal form, but having heard about his activities, you are celebrating a meeting in your hearts with Father Brahma, and you are following him.

Father Brahma is pleased with the children. Never stop following him. Follow both Bap and Dada, because Father Brahma played a part in the corporeal form just as you are doing, and passed in that. The memorial of today is of Father Brahma passing. You are following the father, are you not? Are you? Are you following Brahma and Shiv Baba? Those who are following, raise your hands! Achcha. All of you are raising your hands. Many, many congratulations. Congratulations.

Today, at amrit vela, avyakt Father Brahma especially made each of you children emerge with a lot of love in his heart, and he gave a lot of love and remembrance, emerging you in the corporeal form. When you see the Father giving so much love in the corporeal form, then, as soon as you see that, you have the zeal in your hearts to become complete. All of you have the awareness in your minds of playing your parts, the same as Father Brahma, in the corporeal form, do you not? You have not seen, but you have heard about what Father Brahma did in the corporeal form, haven’t you? How he fulfilled the responsibility of love. He did service and also fulfilled the responsibility of love.

You are those who follow the father, are you not? Raise your hands, those who are going to do this, or those who are already doing it. You are also doing this. You are doing it because you all have love for Father Brahma. Although you did not see him in the corporeal form, on hearing about the sustenance from Father Brahma, you have the thought in your hearts to follow him.

Today is the special memorial day of Father Brahma, and Father Brahma has made all the children from every zone emerge. There will be all of you in the zones, will there not? So, he has given love and remembrance to each one. Did each of you receive that remembrance? Raise your hands! He remembered you with a lot of love: “Wah children! Wah! Long-lost and now-found children, wah!”.

Even now, Father Brahma continues to meet you in the avyakt form. So, all of you are moving along with sustenance from BapDada, are you not? Or, do you sometimes miss it? Those who are moving along and pay that attention – and who have the zeal to follow both Father Brahma and Father Shiva – raise your hands! Achcha.

Although many children have not seen Father Brahma, they know that he is our father. By remembering Father Brahma, the sustenance received from the sakar form gives you strength. Many of you find this difficult, do you not? In the world today, it feels difficult to follow anyone, and yet Father Brahma has played his part so accurately. Follow the father in the same way. Father Brahma too had to face opposition, but he passed. So, all of you also must have the determined thought that – while playing your parts until the end – you have to pass with your parts, and that this has already been accomplished.

Is it already accomplished or is it going to happen? You have the faith that it is already accomplished. It is the season for us to have victory: this is the speciality of the Confluence Age. So, continue to use the speciality of this time. There is a blessing at the Confluence Age for following BapDada. So, all of you who use this blessing, raise your hands! Father Brahma and Father Shiva – the blessings of BapDada are making you move.

Today is the memorial day of Father Brahma. For years, Father Brahma has given attention to giving the sustenance of the sakar form from in the morning, has he not? How did Father Brahma do it? He took so much love from the incorporeal Father, and he also gave it! Today, those who have seen Father Brahma are few. Those who have seen Father Brahma in the corporeal form, raise your hands high! Achcha. All of these, the majority on this side (the sister’s side) have come later. Yes, those who came at the time of Father Brahma, raise your hands! Those who have come later are not raising their hands.

Today, Father Brahma has especially given all the children – whether new or old – lots and lots of remembrance from his heart. Father Brahma has appeared in front of you. If he has come in front of you, raise your hands. He has entered each one’s heart, because everyone has seen his picture.

On this day, you remember both Bap and Dada at the same time, but, because of this special day, those who have taken sustenance through Father Brahma remember him more. Father Brahma has given special remembrance to all of those who lived with him and who took sustenance from him in a practical way – by patting his hand on their heads in this way (BapDada demonstrated) . He gave this to everyone, but he gave to those children first, and then to everyone. Today, because it is the day of Father Brahma, Father Brahma has given the remembrance of Father Brahma to each one. Okay, it is now time. Whose turn is it to meet today?

(It is the turn of Indore Zone to serve. 160 Kumaris from the hostel have come. A total of 7000 have come.) Very good. The majority that have come are from Indore. Those who have come from Indore, raise your hands! Congratulations. It is good. Whenever the trance messenger goes to the subtle region, Father Brahma especially remembers the children and says “Wah, children! Wah!” Achcha.

Those from Indore, you are ahead of everyone in your efforts, are you not? None of you should remain behind. Those who remain behind will also receive their attainment later. Therefore, always be number-one. Always. You always have to claim number-one in every task. It may be the turn of the Indore Zone, but all zones have come, and so special love and remembrance from Father Brahma, in particular to those from Indore, and also for everyone. Those from Indore, raise your hands! You have played very good parts. You yourselves claimed the fruit of service, and have also given it to others. You did well.

(400 double-foreigners have come) Double foreigners should especially accept double love and remembrance. It is the foreigners who have become instruments to reveal BapDada as the World Benefactor. At first, Baba was the Bharat Benefactor, and now his name is known as the World Benefactor. So, those from abroad have performed wonders. BapDada also gives the children from foreign lands special thanks. You have recognised Baba, and you are also doing service. Baba always continues to hear about foreign service. You are moving ahead with good zeal, and will continue to do so. (You can clap.)

(The group from Calcutta have decorated all three complexes beautifully with flowers.) Are those who have done the flower decorations here now? Achcha. Welcome. It is good that you came. BapDada is pleased to see the children. You have come to your home. It is because of service that you have gone to different places, but all of you are otherwise residents of Madhuban. Achcha.

For BapDada, each child is merged in His heart. No matter where you may be staying, whether it is in this land or abroad, you are merged in the heart of the Comforter of Hearts. Achcha.

(Dadi Janki is happy because she is going to London.) She is always happy. The Father will be with you.

(Nirwairbhai) Your health is okay. Your account is settled now. Now that account is over. Service has taken place. Achcha.

(Mohiniben) You are always happy, and it is happiness that is making you move along. Together with remembrance of the Father, happiness is making you move along.

(Brijmohanbhai gave BapDada remembrance from ORC residents and Mohitbhai.) Give him Baba’s remembrance, and also take toli for him.

(Rameshbhai) Is your health okay!

(Golakbhai) Are you all right? You always have to remain fine, and then there is no other question.

(to everyone) You are those who always remain fine.

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