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Together with bidding farewell to the old year, have the determined thought to let go of any slightest weakness, even in your dreams, and as well as imbibing virtues with zeal and enthusiasm, remain constantly remain ‘wah, wah’ (wonderful). Revise this thought daily at amrit vela and you will receive extra help from BapDada

BapDada is pleased to see all the children. The majority of all the children appear to be happy. BapDada is merged in each one’s heart. Just as you children have arrived here in the plane of love, so BapDada is also pleased to see the loving image of each child. Wah loving children! Wah! Happiness is visibly sparkling on the forehead of each child. Seeing each happy child, the Father is also singing a song in His heart: Wah children! Wah! The sparkling dot, the soul, is visible on the forehead of each one. Dilaram, the Comforter of Hearts, is visible in each one’s heart. BapDada is pleased to see each and every child and is singing the song in His heart: Wah children! wah! Love is merged in the heart of each one.

Everyone has bid farewell to the old year and has the New Year merged in their eyes. BapDada is asking: Have all of you imbibed one or another speciality today and renounced being ordinary? In the effort-making life, in the New Year, it is essential to have one or another speciality, so have you put that into your thoughts and awareness? Have you renounced the old and imbibed the new? Has each one of you thought of some newness in your sanskars? Or, have you imbibed it? You know how to renounce and you know how to imbibe.

At this time, BapDada can see on each one’s face the sparkle of love and of a meeting. Today, did all of you renounce something and imbibe something? BapDada is seeing the happy faces of the majority of the children at this time, so what song is He singing? Wah children! Wah! On this day, each and every child has to renounce something and also imbibe a new virtue. Think about it: What do you have to renounce and what do you have to take? BapDada wants to see the sparkle of carefree emperors on the faces of all the children. You do pay attention to this, but, on this special day, you have to renounce something from your heart and also imbibe something. Can you do it? Raise your hands if you can do it. Not that you can do it, but that you will do it. Will you do it? Baba is seeing waves of enthusiasm on everyone’s forehead. So, this enthusiasm that you have now should remain all the time. Pay special attention to this. Let there be some special enthusiasm in your heart and constantly check this enthusiasm: Did the enthusiasm remain as enthusiasm or did it change? At all times, BapDada wants the children’s faces to have the enthusiasm of imbibing one or another virtue. If you imbibe a virtue, the defect will automatically then finish, will it not? BapDada is pleased about all of you children. The weakness that you do not want but still comes – can you renounce that thought, now, today, with a determined thought? Can you renounce it? Those who can renounce it, raise your hands! Achcha, you are raising your hands. You have maintained courage and you also have the Father’s help. All of you have something in your heart that you want to renounce, but it still remains there in a thought form. Can you give that to the Father with determination today? Can you give it? Raise your hands! You can give it, but do not then take it back. For that, BapDada will give special help at amrit vela because BapDada can see from each child that you definitely want to renounce something, but…. There are many things in this “but”. However, whatever weaknesses each one has, if there aren’t any, then congratulations! If there is any trace of weakness even in your dreams, then give it with determination to the Father today. You know how to give it, do you not? Have the thought, if you have this determined thought today – then, because of having this determined thought today, each one of you will receive extra help. At amrit vela in the morning, and after amrit vela, check your thought and have the determined thought in your heart and you will receive extra help from BapDada. Have this thought with a true heart. Do not just have the thought to test whether it happens or not. If you have this thought with a true heart, you will receive a little extra help because the New Year is beginning. BapDada wants that from the start of the New Year, each of you children wake up and make a determined thought with your heart – not because you are told to do so. If you make effort with your heart, you will receive help. Have the determined thought tomorrow morning – have the determined thought to renounce something, because BapDada sees that everyone has this thought. However, together with having this thought, hand over that weakness to the Father every day and have the determined thought. You have to imbibe the virtue of zeal and enthusiasm and definitely do this.

You have to have this determined thought and so demonstrate this by doing it. You definitely have to do this. If you need any help for this, you can take help from the maharathis.

Celebrate today as the day of determination. It has to happen, we have to do it. Not that we will do it at some point, but that we have to do it. BapDada is your Helper in this. Do not become slack in your enthusiasm. Revise it every day. Give your weakness to the Father. Do not take back what you have already given. BapDada is seeing that the majority of the children want to… However, give your weakness to the Father. You cannot take back what you have given away. BapDada is pleased that the majority of children want to, but, together with wanting to, they pay very little attention to the power that is needed. “It will happen” … this creates an obstacle in- between. Let there be determination in your thought. So, today, the old year is going and the New Year is to come. So, each of you has one or another determined thought in your heart that you will renounce something. Think about this in your heart. However, check it daily after amrit vela: Is the thought that I have had determined? Check because carelessness also comes in thoughts. So, today, imbibe something elevated in your heart and revise it every day at amrit vela. Do not take back what you have given because, as you make further progress, in the times that are to come, as you see those times, you will have to have daily determination in your every thought. Look at the result. To what extent has the thought you had been fulfilled? If the percentage reduces – if at first there is a lot of enthusiasm and it then becomes a little slack – do not allow it to become slack. Have the determined thought that you definitely have to demonstrate this by doing it. You are master almighty authorities, not ordinary. So, tomorrow, bring one or another determined thought in front of you and revise it daily at amrit vela and check it. Take help from BapDada.

All of you appear to be happy at this time. Are all of you happy at this time? Raise your hands! Just as you are now, so remember this stage of yours. You now have BapDada’s company so constantly keep this with you in your heart. The Comforter of Hearts belongs in your heart. Today, all of you keep one or another point for self progress according to your self. So, check it in your mind and then revise it daily after amrit vela. Achcha.

All of you are happy in your hearts, are you not? Just as your heart is happy now, it is happy now, is it not?

So, remember this time. Just as your heart is happy now, so continue to remember this happy time. BapDada will take a photo of all the children. That photo will not be ordinary. So, be constantly happy – will you remain constantly happy? Are you sure? How much are you sure? Do not allow your happiness to go. Remain happy and share that happiness. You are Brahma Kumars and Brahma Kumaris. What is your title? So, remember: I am a Brahma Kumar or a Brahma Kumari. I am not ordinary. You know Father Brahma. Although you have not seen Father Brahma, you do know him, do you not? “My Baba”. The more you have this consciousness of “mine” for the Father, “my Baba, my Baba”, accordingly, your remembrance will become easy because whatever is ‘mine’ is never forgotten. So, make the Father ‘mine’ and then don’t forget what is ‘mine’. This is what BapDada wants: Wake up in the morning and look at your face – the face of your mind, not that face. Look at the face of your mind: Is it as the Father likes? Achcha.

Seeing all the children, BapDada is pleased. ‘Wah children! Wah’! All of you are ‘wah wah’ (wonderful)! are you not? Are you ‘wah wah’? Raise both your hands! So, will you remain like this all the time or just now? Constantly ‘wah wah’! You find the Father to be constantly ‘Wah Wah’! and that is why you remember Him. So, the Father is ‘Wah, Wah’! and so the children are also ‘wah wah’! Wake up in the morning and remember what type of child you are. I am a ‘wah wah’ child. Achcha. You will remain constantly ‘wah wah’, will you not? Pay attention to this. Raise your hand for this. As soon as you wake up, remember these words ‘wah, wah!’. The Father should see you as ‘wah, wah’! Achcha.

BapDada is giving special drishti to all the children who have come. For what? For you to remain ‘wah, wah’. Will you remain like this? Will you? Raise your hands! You will remain like this. So, do not forget the words “Wah wah”. Do not forget that you have raised your hands in this gathering. Who am I? Wah! Wah! It is easy, is it not? I am ‘wah wah’! and so what will happen? You will be happy. No matter what happens – it came and it went and so why are you holding onto it? Nothing ever remains all the time; it goes away. Why do you hold onto it? So, from tomorrow, look at your face every day at amrit vela. Look at your face within, not the external one. Check: Is it ‘wah wah’? Why? If BapDada is ‘Wah wah’, what will the children be? Wah, wah! Simply remember the word “Wah wah”. If you ever have an off mood, then remember the words ‘wah, wah’. Achcha.

You met BapDada, did you not? Even the Father is restless without the children. At amrit vela, BapDada tours around and gives drishti to the whole family. How long does BapDada need to tour around? He has love for you children. So, every day after amrit vela, just see, BapDada will tour around and He will see everyone. So what will He see? Wah, wah! Do not forget these words ‘wah, wah’! Wah, wah! Achcha. Wherever all the children may be, BapDada calls all of them the ‘wah, wah’ children and sees them when He tours around. So, wake up at amrit vela and always remember: Who am I? Wah, wah child. Whatever situation happens, merge that in ‘wah, wah’! Do not keep that situation. Just the Father and you, that is all. Achcha. Good night.

Today, BapDada said good night. Say good night among yourselves and then go to sleep. All the children, wherever you are sitting, wherever you are moving around, BapDada is seeing all of you. How long does it take Him to tour around? BapDada is saying good night to all the children everywhere.

It is the turn of Maharashtra to serve – 13,000 people have come from Maharashtra, Andra Pradesh and Mumbai: It is good that the name itself is Maharashtra and so you would definitely be great, would you not? You are this, but you sometimes forget it, but otherwise, you are this. Achcha. Good night. You can go and eat and then go to sleep but remember “good night”.

About 500 double foreign and Sindhi brothers and sisters have come: Baba has seen you. You are very loving. You are co-operative and also loving. Achcha.

Many have come for the first time: (BapDada waved His hand and gave drishti to them all.)

Achcha, to all those from this land and abroad, BapDada Himself is giving you love and remembrance. Everyone emerges in front of BapDada for a second and so BapDada tours around everywhere and gives love and remembrance to the whole Brahmin family.

Neeluben: This one has done good service. Everyone is receiving the benefit of the service she has done. The Brahmins of all the centres are receiving it. And you do it with love. She has a lot of love for everyone in her heart. (Baba, You continue to come and I will continue to serve). That is fine. You are happy. You are constantly happy.

It is Mohiniben’s birthday tomorrow: Congratulations. Congratulations for moving forward. Special congratulations to all of those who have come.

Nirwairbhai: Everyone has done good service. Everyone is receiving the fruit of their service.

Rameshbhai: (We have created a serial on the Power of Women). That is fine. We will see it. (Many have sent their remembrance.) Whoever has sent their remembrance, remember them personally and give them remembrance from BapDada.

Dr. Banarasi: This one has also done very good service of the chariot. You serve from your heart. Everyone receives that feeling. The patients receive that feeling.

Om Shanti !

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