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Avyakt BapDada’s Message – 30.11.2013

Beloved Avyakt BapDada’s deeply beloved, chatrak souls who are constantly thirsty for an avyakt meeting, those who are merged in BapDada’s love, the most elevated confluence-aged fortunate decoration of the Brahmin clan, please accept hearty love-filled remembrance and greetings.

Today, 12th November 2013, nearly 15,000 brothers and sisters from UP and foreign lands have arrived in Shantivan for the avyakt meeting. According to what is fixed in the drama in the previous cycle, there was supposed to have been a meeting with Avyakt BapDada through the chariot of Dadi Gulzar in the corporeal form. However, after her operation, Dadiji is experiencing a lot of weakness and was therefore unable to come to Abu from Mumbai.

Today, everyone was lost in remembrance of BapDada from amrit vela. There was a very beautiful peaceful and avyakt atmosphere. From 4pm this afternoon, all have come to the Diamond Hall to experience an avyakt meeting through their avyakt stage. First of all, Suryabhai shared his inspirations on having avyakt experiences through yoga commentaries. Then, there was powerful conducted meditation from 6-7pm and, thereafter, everyone heard and saw a revised avyakt murli. At 7pm, all the Dadis and senior brothers came onto the stage and, at this point, Dadi Gulzar offered bhog to BapDada in Mumbai. (Everyone saw this whole scene through video conferencing.) Then Dadi Gulzar shared BapDada’s message with everyone:

Om shanti. Today, carrying everyone’s love and remembrance, I went to Baba in the subtle region. Baba was sitting on a gaddi in his room, and when I came in front of Baba, He celebrated a beautiful meeting with me with a sweet smile and said: Come, the garland of my heart, whose remembrance have you brought today? I said: Baba, today, your long-lost and now-found children from UP have come to celebrate a meeting. It felt as though, while sitting in his room, BapDada was not there. Baba was celebrating a meeting with all the children while giving them very sweet drishti and all the children sitting there were also celebrating a meeting with BapDada with a lot of love. Then Baba said: All of you children are the garland of BapDada’s heart. When Baba was giving each child drishti, it felt as though Baba was saying something individually to each one He saw. I was not able to hear that, but, seeing Baba’s face and image, it felt as though Baba was embracing each one and while embracing each one, was merging each one in Him. I first saw this scene.

Then, Baba said: The children’s love for the Father and the Father’s love for the children is the special fortune of the confluence age. Seeing each child, whether he is the first one or the last one, BapDada was seeing the children as though He was looking at something belonging to Him with a lot of love. He was giving them a lot of love by massaging each one with His hands. In the same way, Baba was giving so much love to each one through His drishti, as though He was giving that love personally and everyone was also having that feeling as though Baba was meeting them personally. Everyone’s eyes had become moist. There weren’t any tears, but the eyes had become moist. I was seeing how Baba was celebrating a meeting with each child. After that, Baba said: Look children, at the confluence age, it is the Father’s part that is being enacted and you long-lost and now-found children know this. Baba was giving each child sweet drishti, numberwise, as though He was saying something to each one individually.

Then I said to Baba: Baba, You keep saying things to us, but we don’t listen. Baba said: Only Baba knows the sound of the heart and the hopes in the hearts of the children who have come. Just see how each child is looking at Baba, just like someone thirsty. Baba said: Look, this was also fixed in the drama, and Baba knows the state of each one’s heart. No one else can know this. Baba knows what is happening in each one’s heart. Baba is pleased to see how much deep love from the heart each child has for the Father. Baba said: Look, if it weren’t for Baba’s love, He wouldn’t have found you. Some have come from abroad, and others from the different states of Bharat. Baba found everyone, did He not? Baba has so much love that He has found the children who had become lost and called them to Him. Having said this, Baba continued to give drishti and, calling each one a child who will definitely become something, gave them love and remembrance. Baba does not leave anyone alone. Just as little children do not leave their father, in the same way, Baba does not leave aside the children’s love. Baba saw that two things were happening in the hearts of the children who have come. Firstly, there was the feeling of the love of having found Baba, “I have found Baba”, and, secondly, the understanding that we have come here but where is Baba and where am I? However, each one’s love became merged in the Father’s heart. Baba said this and then said to me: Child, it is now time and so you definitely have to go back.

Baba then said to each of His long-lost and now-found children: You have come to this bhatthi and so Baba is applying a tilak for the bhatthi on each one of you. Baba took a tilak, stood up and then put the tilak on each one’s forehead. Baba then said: Your bhatthi has now been inaugurated. Then Baba gave special love to the new ones who have come. Who are the new ones who have come here today? (New brothers and sisters stood up.) New children are very much long-lost and now-found beloved children for Baba. Baba calls them the long-lost and now-found ones. Baba gave each one a very sweet smile, He gave love and remembrance and said: Give each one My love and remembrance by embracing each one on my behalf. So I am embracing each one of you on behalf of the Father because I saw it there, but it is only here that I can do it. So, a very, very sweet embrace to each one from the Father.

Hello, my sweet Dadi Janki is also sitting there. Dadi Ratanmohini too is sitting here. Madhuban residents are also sitting here with a lot of love. Their faces are speaking for them.

Dadi Janki: Dadi, what can I say? Baba is wonderful and you are no less. No matter how, you took the feelings of my heart to Baba, you took my love to Baba and Baba celebrated a meeting with me with a lot of love. Baba says: Whatever is happening in the drama, there is benefit in that. I said: Baba, You are so sweet and lovely. Baba is sweet and in order to make us sweet, He tells us the sweet things in His heart and wins us over and quietens us completely. Dadi, by sharing Baba’s message with us, you have given strength to my heart. Dadi, what can I tell you about the condition of my heart? You are sitting in Mumbai. Look, while sitting there, you didn’t leave Baba alone and neither did I. Simply love Baba. Dadi Gulzar: Everyone is giving you love, Baba is seeing that. Together with Baba, I also remember you. Mohiniben, I am sure you have made yourself all right and are sitting here very well. Seeing you progressing in your health, I am very, very pleased. Stay alive and be prosperous. Brother Nirwair sent remembrances to everyone from Mumbai: Om shanti. Om shanti to all brothers and sisters. Om shanti to all who are in the gathering and all who are listening in this land and abroad. Dadi, Baba heard your pure thought and gave such courage to Dadiji and also gave good health that Dadi was able to get ready and be present in front of everyone. It feels very good to see all the brothers and sisters and to see all those who have come. This Godly family is such a special family and the gathering of the Godly family is so special. It is as a result of this gathering that the whole world is to benefit and this is what Baba thinks of the children. So, congratulations to everyone. Congratulations. Special thanks to Karunabhai that he sent the brothers here so that we are meeting from here. Dadi Janki: Thank you to you and to Neeluben and Yoginiben. Dr Ashok Mehta: Om shanti. Our very lovely Dadi is just fine and is celebrating a meeting with all of you. Dadiji is completely fine and has recovered very well. Dadiji will very soon be amidst all of you. Yoginiben: Dadi, we feel as though BapDada has incarnated here. We can see the whole Diamond Hall from here. Dadi Janki said that Baba made you an instrument and enabled all of us to have a meeting. Neeluben is looking after Dadi very well. (21 varieties of bhog have been prepared for Baba.) Dadi Gulzar: All brothers and sisters who are residents of Madhuban, love and remembrance to each fortunate resident of Madhuban.

Nirwairbhai: Dadi, Baba is definitely listening to what everyone’s desire is and Baba always fulfils the children’s desires. Dadiji will be completely fine and soon return to Madhuban. Baba’s programmes will be very beautiful. Dadi, the doctors have all informed Dadiji that her health is very good. Dadi will continue with Godly service for many more years.

Dadi Gulzar: With everyone’s blessings and good wishes and Baba’s help, I will be fine very quickly and will be back in Madhuban soon. Dadi is embracing you. Message from senior brothers and Dadis for the world:

Rameshbhai: Baba has made the lesson of “Nothing new” very firm for all of us. So, today’s programme took place on the basis of “Nothing new”. I liked this very much. When we used to have programmes here, those at other centres would also see it. In the same way, those from Mumbai watched the whole programme from here. The scene that you just witnessed of Karankaravanhar Baba – according to the drama plan, Baba gave a very good experience of that. Baba has been saying that when you remain stable in the avyakt stage and remember Baba, Baba will then give you very good experiences. So, many, many congratulations to all of you for today. According to Baba’s knowledge, no one is new. Greetings and congratulations to all Baba’s children of the previous cycle who have come here, whether new or old. Brij Mohanbhai: Our Beloved Baba is benevolent and, according to the time, in order to take us close to our destination, He is also giving us so much love. For 44 years, we have had the habit of thinking that Baba will come and we will meet Him. Baba has told us why He comes; so that we can go up. So, today’s experience was so good. We all met Baba through the medium of Dadi Gulzar. She told us how Baba was speaking to each and every child, how He was meeting them and giving them power and making them content. Dadiji also told us how each one’s eyes had become moist. Truly, I was feeling that the eyes of everyone were becoming moist. According to the time, Baba wants us to celebrate the avyakt meeting in such a way as though we are meeting Baba personally. All the brothers and sisters who have come from so many places should not have the slightest feeling that Baba didn’t come. So, Baba celebrated the meeting in a very unique way. This was also a very good experience. All the brothers and sisters in the world were seeing all of this on television. This was a very good meeting to give a very good experience. BapDada is giving us signals that, according to the time, we will have to celebrate a meeting in this way. And, the murli you heard of the power of silence, we all will have to have that experience. All of us should continue to move forward and quickly complete this task.

Dadi Ratanmohini: All of us just now experienced how Baba fulfils the desires of His children. Baba is so merciful for us children. Baba knew that the children had come and it should not be that they return disheartened. Baba always fulfils the desire of the children. Baba, we very quickly want to fulfil the hopes that you have in all of us. Remember Baba with so much love and merge the things that Baba tells you into yourself as He tells you and How he tells you. We want to become complete very quickly and then give Baba the proof of our love. See how Baba will seat sit us in His lap and make us fly all the time. Remembering this day, today, with such good wishes and while making complete effort to make the self complete, always continue to say thanks to the Father. Dadi Janki: The whole world is in front of me and I am in front of the world. This is the wonderful drama. How much thanks can I give to Baba? My Baba, sweet Baba, in order to make the pilgrimage of my life worthwhile and successful, You have given Your companionship from the beginning until now. Baba had said in the blessing: The child is always with the Father and is playing her part as a detached observer. These two words are giving such help on this pilgrimage of life. Baba is with me. There isn’t a single minute or second when it is not like this or that I am alone. It is just a tiny soul and the part of 84 births is recorded in it.

In today’s (sakar) murli, Baba spoke of many types of service and Baba has given me the fortune of doing all of those types of service such that this soul can never feel that Baba has not had this type of service done through this. If you don’t explain to anyone else whatever directions Baba has given or explained to you, then Baba would not allow you to have breakfast. We heard the nectar of knowledge with our ears and ate Brahma bhojan through the mouth, the power of all of that is making all of us function. Our companion, support and co-operative soul is Baba. If we didn’t have Baba’s company, then how could each of us souls, return alone to Paramdham.

We have to return home, we have to return home together, we will return with the Father and not as part of the wedding procession. It is royalty to return home together. Baba is my Companion and I will return home with Him. Now, there is very little time remaining and we have to value time a lot because destruction can come at any time. With faith in the intellect at the time of destruction, we will be victorious and become part of the rosary of victory. With faith in the intellect and remaining firm and unshakeable on the destiny, we are filling lives with happiness, peace, bliss and love. All of you experienced how Baba does not allow you to miss anything. This too is a wonder of Baba. Achcha. Om Shanti.
Om Shanti !!

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