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With good wishes, be co-operative with one another, remain free from obstacles and make everyone free from obstacles. Remain constantly happy and make everyone happy

Today, the Master of all Treasures is pleased to see His children who are full of all treasures and “Wah children! Wah!” emerges from His heart. The sparkle of the attainment of treasures is sparkling on the face of each child. The sparkle of the fullness of the treasures is visible in the majority of children. BapDada is singing the praise of each and every child: Wah children! Wah! Speak! You are wonderful children, are you not? The Father said and the children did. The Father says that the sparkle of being a master of the treasures should be visible on the face and forehead of each child. Seeing this on all the children who have a right to the treasures, BapDada is pleased and so what song does He sing? Wah children! Wah! Just as today, there is the sparkle of the fullness of treasures on each one’s face, so it should always remain like this. For anyone who looks at you, your face should speak – you don’t need to say anything. So, constantly check: Just as your face is sparkling now, does it remain like that all the time? It should be that for anyone who looks at you, your face should speak. You don’t need to say anything; your face should speak. Similarly, they should be visible as those who are constantly full of all treasures, whether they are performing actions, having yoga or staying in remembrance of the Father. Each one of you can remain with your face sparkling as it is now, can you not? Because, now-a-days, as time progresses, so too, according to the situations, tension will also increase. So, your faces will make them happy. Each child has to make such preparations to do such service. What are the treasures? You know them, do you not? The special treasures are knowledge, yoga and dharna and so check these within yourself.

In today’s gathering, BapDada is especially looking at the children who are filled with the treasures. In fact, nowadays, the most elevated treasure of all is the time of the confluence age because, at the present time, the Father Himself comes in the relationships of the Father and the Guru. At the present time, the Father Himself is making the children full of all treasures. So, speak! You have love for this time, do you not? So, all of you should check: Have I accumulated all the treasures within myself? Am I distributing all the treasures like the Father? Those of you who believe that you also have a right to the treasures, the same as the Father, raise your hands! BapDada is pleased. The majority of you are raising your hands. BapDada is congratulating every child on being full of treasures. It is good. BapDada is pleased to see His children who are full of treasures.

Seeing all the children who have come from everywhere, BapDada is welcoming each and every child. Just as all of you are presently visible as full of happiness, do you always remain like that? No matter what situations arise, they should not take away the happiness of our treasures. Just as your face now is filled with happiness and love, so it should always remain like that. Speak! Can it remain like that? Those who feel that it will always remain like that – the past is past but, from now on, it will always remain like that – raise your hands! Look, all of you are raising your hands. The majority of you are raising your hands. So, whenever any situation arises, your face should always remain like that. At least nod! Will it remain like that? Will it? Then, everyone who looks at you will see who has come. Seeing all of you, they will at least become half happy (50% happy). Achcha. Which zones have come today?

It is the turn of Indore Zone to serve: Achcha. Half the people standing up in the hall are from Indore Zone. Wah children! Wah! It is good. Seeing every child, BapDada is applauding with happiness. Just as the faces of all of you are happy today, so they should always remain like that when you return home. Make this promise to yourself. Look, you like this, do you not? Keep a wilted face and also keep a smiling face; which would you like? You would like the smiling face, would you not? So, from today, all the children, not just the Zone, but all the children should make a promise in your hearts that you will always remain happy and make everyone happy because there is no nourishment like happiness. BapDada has told you about the wonder of happiness many times. There is so much wonder in just happiness.

Look, whenever you share anything, then there is that much less of it for yourself, but if you share happiness, would it decrease? It would increase, would it not? This is BapDada’s slogan. Remember it! Write down here (on your forehead): I have to remain happy and make others happy. Do you like it? Those who like it, raise your hands! Seeing all of you happy children, others will become so happy. So, make a firm promise. What should you do? We will remain happy and share happiness. Is this firm? Or, if something happens here, will your happiness disappear? No. There is nothing that can make your happiness disappear. From today, all of you should check this. Do not allow your happiness to go. Do you have this power? If so, raise your hands! Achcha. Just be careful. Those from your Zone and your center are seeing your hands. BapDada is pleased. You have maintained courage. Your courage and the Father’s help will remain together. Everyone’s photo is being taken, is it not? Then, also give this photo to this Zone. If those who have come want this photo, give it to them. Your faces should always remain as they are today. Do all of you agree that you will always remain happy and share that happiness? Do you agree? Raise both your hands! Achcha. Remember this photo of yours.

BapDada now wants any people who see any one of you from a distance to smile, and on seeing your happy face they themselves should also become happy. Will you do this service? Will you? Achcha, raise your hands! The Father is saying: Wah children! Wah! From today, this should happen for anyone who suddenly comes to any place, and BapDada will also send someone. BapDada does not want to see the children’s faces as ordinary. So, you want to please BapDada, do you not? Will you? All of you are saying “Yes indeed” from your heart. Now, each center should check your companions. Do not say anything. Do not ask “Why?” or “What?”, but let your face be filled with such love that they become quiet. You will do such service, will you not? You have to remain like that and also make others become like you. When someone suddenly comes to any center they should experience themselves to have come to a place of happiness. Where there is happiness, there is everything. Generally, what do they say whenever someone is taking leave? Stay happy and prosperous! So, now, BapDada will send anyone secretly and see because all of you children are the children of the highest on high Father. BapDada is also pleased to see the children and is congratulating you from His heart. Constantly stay happy and prosperous. Today, BapDada is seeing that many new ones have also come.

Those who have come for the first time today, raise your hands! Look, there are so many! BapDada is congratulating all those who have come. You have come before the time of “too late ”, but you now have to show wonders. Do you have this courage? Those who have come for the first time, stand up. Look! Did everyone see how many have come? Achcha.

150 Kumaris have come from the Indore Hostel: It is good. BapDada is pleased. Each kumari will emerge from here as a serviceable jewel. Do all of you have courage? If you have courage, raise your hands! When children have courage, the Father definitely helps. BapDada is also pleased. BapDada’s thought of giving extra help always remains for the children who have courage. All those who have come today, BapDada is giving special courage to each one. Never be afraid! As soon as you say, “Mera Baba” (My Baba), Baba will become present. Just say it from your heart. Do not say “Mera Baba” superficially. Baba also has love for the children. With your courage, there is definitely help from the Father.

This is the last meeting of this season, but for the next season everyone has to carry out two tasks. Firstly, make your service place constantly free from obstacles with constant good wishes and pure feelings. You remain free from obstacles and make everyone free from obstacles. Do you agree? Then raise your hands! You are raising your hands very well. BapDada is pleased on seeing the hands, but keep the Father constantly happy. Do not think and do not give Baba anything to think about! Nevertheless, the Father is constantly happy and constantly gives blessings to every child: May you be immortal! However, what are you especially going to do for next season? BapDada’s thought is that every child definitely knows his own weakness, whatever his particular weakness is. You know your own weakness, do you not? Finish that weakness, whether it is waste thoughts or anger and then come. Even a little bit of anger causes distress to the self and the place. So, whatever weakness you have, finish that and then come. Do you like this? If you like it, then raise both your hands! Wonderful! Just as you are ever-ready in raising your hands, in the same way, also remain ever-ready in renunciation. So, what type of gathering will there be next season? One that is free from obstacles, and one that the Father likes. Dadis, do you like this? Raise your hands! Now, we shall see. To those at the centers: remind one another every night what you have promised! Are you moving along according to your promise? Ask with good wishes, not in the form of taunting. With good wishes, be co-operative with one another and give one another signals with the good wishes of making one another move forward.

So, what was today’s slogan? We will remain happy and make others happy. Do you like it? Raise your hands if you like it. Photographer, take their photo! So today, whatever weaknesses you have, leave all of that in this hall before you go. Do not take them with you. Can you do this? Raise your hands for this! Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations! Achcha.

Double Foreigners: BapDada does not say “double foreigners”. He calls you “double effort-makers” You like this, do you not? BapDada has seen that the double foreigners also have a very good method of bringing about transformation within themselves. BapDada is pleased that the double foreigners are moving forward. You will continue to increase your zeal and enthusiasm in your efforts. You are going from here having made that promise. It is like that, is it not? You have made a promise, have you not? This time, Baba has seen that the double effort-makers with a good result have met each other, and have also had an elevated thought. However, when you return, bring this thought into your awareness every day. At night, when you go to sleep, check: is the thought that I had happening? If it is not happening, then before going to sleep at night let the zeal and enthusiasm for the next day emerge and then go to sleep. When you wake up in the morning check whether the thought you had is still emerged or whether it has merged even a little? If it has merged, then bring it back with enthusiasm. BapDada saw that there is a lot of difference in the foreigners and BapDada is also congratulating you from His heart, “Wah children! Wah! (Wah Baba! Wah!) BapDada feels that not a single child should be any less. Each one should be ahead of the next, whether you are from this land or abroad. BapDada is pleased with the means of progress that those from abroad have used in Madhuban. You also take benefit from Madhuban and, seeing that, Baba is pleased because this many foreigners cannot get together anywhere in foreign lands. However, by coming to Madhuban, all foreigners are progressing very well in taking benefit from Madhuban. BapDada is pleased on seeing this. All of you from this land are also happy on seeing the efforts of the foreigners, are you not? Look, everyone is happy with you. It is good. You have BapDada’s special congratulations. Congratulations! Congratulations!

2000 Teachers have come: Teachers, raise your hands! There are many teachers! Teachers means those who show the future through their features. BapDada loves the teachers very, very, very much from His heart because teachers are on duty, the same as the Father. BapDada is pleased, but…. There is a “but”, but Baba will not tell you about that now. Each teacher means one who reveals the Father through her features. It is good. BapDada sees the efforts that you are making, but you have still not fulfilled BapDada’s desire of making the center free from obstacles. Now, this year, try and do this. Baba should receive a letter from everyone, “Our Zone is free from obstacles.” Is this possible? Is it possible? You are not showing so much courage! Now, this year, show this wonder! You have this courage, do you not? You have the courage; it will happen. BapDada is with you. Nevertheless, BapDada is pleased on seeing your fortune. Now, please Him even more. You have understood. Achcha. What will you do next season? Wear a garland of determined thoughts. There is no need to tell you what BapDada wants. Whatever BapDada wants and what you also want, do that practically. Is that all right? Is that all right, teachers? Raise your hands! There are many teachers. Wah teachers! Wah! Achcha, you have been told what you have to do for the next season. You definitely have to do it. Everyone, say this loudly: We definitely have to do it. BapDada would be so pleased: Wah children! Wah! Whatever weakness you have, you definitely have to renounce it. Is it firm that you have to renounce it? Those who have the firm thought that you are definitely going to do it, raise your hands! Achcha. You have raised your hands very well. BapDada is pleased on seeing your hands. Now you have to claim a number in doing it. So whatever thought you have this season should not just be a thought, but you definitely have to do it. No matter what happens, you definitely have to change. Have this determined thought. Ultimately, you have to bring the time close. You have to go to your kingdom, do you not? You want to go there, do you not? Raise your hands if you want to go. Do you want to go? So, we shall see. You definitely have to make preparations to go there. Achcha.

Lots and lots and lots of love and remembrance from BapDada to everyone. Nowadays, with the facilities of science, everyone sees everything very closely. BapDada’s love and remembrance to all those who are seeing and who are personally in front of BapDada. BapDada is garlanding you with the garland of His heart. Achcha. Om shanti.

To the Dadis: BapDada is with you anyway. (We are together, we will remain together and we will return together.) This is a firm promise. While you are here, you will remain well.

To Mohiniben: Look, she has died alive. It is good. (I have your blessing.) Everyone has blessings. (Gulzar Dadi also has them.) This is why she is moving along.

(Nirwair bhai gave thanks to Baba.) Thank you child!

(Baba was shown the results of the mela in Delhi.) The result is good.

To Golakbhai: Keep yourself happy. Whatever the situation is, hand that to the Father.

To Rukmani Dadi: You will become well. You have everyone’s love. You have everyone’s love and also the Father’s love and love will make everything well. (Yesterday she was saying that she has come to remove her debts.) There are no debts. Make the situation small, do not make it big. Everything will be fine. Achcha. Love and remembrance to everyone.

To the VIPs: Now, you are not guests, you belong to the family. Speak! You are from this family, are you not? Raise your hands! You are in the Father’s heart. You have made the Father sit in your heart. He is the Comforter of Hearts, is He not? So, seat Him in your heart. Whatever happens, the Comforter of Hearts will give you co-operation. All of you have come. You have come to the place of Dilaram, the Comforter of Hearts. Whatever desires you have in your heart, by coming here you have finished them. Meet the children, have an exchange and whatever is in your heart, finish that before you go, and fill your heart with pleasure when you go. There is pleasure and more pleasure. BapDada is congratulating you because you have come here. BapDada is pleased. You have reached your home, and you have now seen the way back home. Now, continue to come and keep the connection and relationship going. Achcha. Welcome! BapDada is giving you love and remembrance.

(A new building is being built in Dubai and BapDada inaugurated that with a remote control.)

To Jyotiben, Dubai: Are your service companions OK? Increase them! You are close, are you not? Also, whatever power there is here, it reaches you. Stay in pleasure. Whatever task it is, say, “Baba, this is Your task, You do it!” BapDada is your Helper.

(A new auditorium is being built in Jaipur which BapDada inaugurated with a remote control.)

Congratulations. Achcha. All of you are lost in deep love. You are with the Father, you will stay with Him, return with Him and rule together. Achcha.

Om Shanti !!

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