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22.03.2013 Avyakt BapDada

Today, BapDada is pleased on seeing the fortune of all the children. The sparkling star of the greatest fortune is visibly sparkling on everyone’s forehead. Everyone’s forehead is shining. Along with that, the sparkle of the versions of knowledge is visible on their lips. Such a beautiful smile is sparkling on everyone’s lips. A sparkle of the image of being merged in the love of the Father, the Comforter of Hearts, is visible in each one’s heart. The sparkle of the treasures of knowledge is visible in everyone’s hands. The sparkle of multimillions at every step is visible at each one’s feet.

Speak! Such great fortune is sparkling with much sparkle. Just think how such great fortune was created. The Father, the Bestower of Fortune, himself, created that fortune. The Bestower of Fortune, himself, has created your fortune. So, you continue to be happy on seeing your fortune, do you not? “Wah fortune!” You continue to look at your fortune every day at amrit vela, do you not? The confluence age is the age for creating fortune.

BapDada sees – and continues to be pleased on seeing – every child’s fortune. This is why it is sung: “If you want to see fortune, look at the fortune of God’s children.” All of you are also happy on seeing your own fortune, are you not? What emerges from your heart? “Wah my fortune!”Seeing your own fortune, you have enthusiasm for other souls. You also have mercy, but you have enthusiasm for the fortune of each one of those souls to become bright too. BapDada saw that everyone has attained fortune, but that you experience the happiness and bliss of that fortune number-wise. The faces of many children are visible as being full of fortune. To such children, even the Father says in his loving form: “Wah fortunate children! Wah!”

Do you experience happiness? Nod. Do you? Achcha, wave your hands! Wah! BapDada has told you many times that the Father checks all the children, as to whether they are embodiments of fortune constantly, or only sometimes. Those of you who feel that you are constantly fortunate, and continue to make others fortunate, raise your hands! Even those sitting at the back are raising their hands! BapDada is seeing you. Congratulations! The face of a fortunate one will be constantly happy, and will have the fortune of happiness. So, each one should check the self: “Did I remain happy-natured and feel the fortune of happiness from amrit vela till night?” Your happiness should never ever decrease. BapDada has seen that some children remain happy-natured such that others also change on seeing their face.

Today, BapDada wants to take back one word from the children. Are you ready? Are you ready? Raise your hands if you will give that! You will not take it back then! Raise your hands! Raise your hands after thinking very well and carefully considering it. Some children say to BapDada: “I do remain an embodiment of power and happy natured, but only sometimes”. BapDada does not like this word “sometimes” because the Father has deep love for every child. The Father does not like the word “sometimes”. You should always be seen as being equal to the Father. There are such children, too, but the Father wants every child to be constantly flying in happiness, to be constantly smiling with spirituality and also making others smile.

Do you like this? Do you like the word “always” or “sometimes”? Those who like the word “always”, and are that practically, raise your hands! Those at the back, wave your hands, because, today, you have come to celebrate Holi, have you not? Holi means that which has already happened, that which is past. The future is always elevated and will always remain so. Each child has had the thought: “I am with the Father and will always remain with the Father”. BapDada is also pleased. BapDada also does not like to be alone: he likes to be with all the children.

BapDada has said many times: Never lose your happiness. He has even told you before that there is nothing else as magical as happiness. You know this, do you not? Everything else decreases when you give it, but when you give happiness to someone, will it decrease or increase? Therefore, such happiness – which constantly continues to increase – never let go of it! Anyone who sees your face should see it to be always happy-natured.

Situations do come. What does the Iron Age (Kaliyug) mean? Why do you call it “the Iron Age”? There is conflict and suffering, and that is why you call it the Iron Age, is it not? However, what do we have to do in it? Transformation! Do not get caught up in the situations, but transform those situations, and remain constantly ever-ready for service.

So, you constantly remember your fortune, do you not? By remembering God (Bhagwan, the Creator of Fortune) and fortune(bhagya) , your face will remain constantly cheerful, and anyone who sees your cheerful face will become even more cheerful. Today, BapDada is reminding all the children: always remain cheerful and make others cheerful.

All the children have arrived in Madhuban. BapDada saw that some even had to sleep in tents. Those who were sleeping in the tents, raise your hands! There are very few. They are at the back. Achcha. While staying in the tents, did your happiness disappear? Or were you happy? Those who were in the tents, raise your hands! Did you remain happy? Some are even sitting outside. The child (Dadi Gulzar) went on a tour and they were staying in many places. However, BapDada says to them that they are staying in BapDada’s heart. The Comforter of Hearts (Dilaram) and your heart. The Comforter of Hearts was sleeping with you.
You cannot tell anyone not to come. You have to welcome them. Did anyone in a tent have any difficulty? Anyone who had any difficulty, raise your hands! None of you is raising your hand. On behalf of everyone, those who are in the tents will receive a multi-million-fold right in the world of happiness and peace. They are very courageous. BapDada saw that you have love for the Father and that because of that love you did not experience any difficulty. However, there must of course have been some difficulty. BapDada is pleased. Welcome! You have come. Welcome to your home!

Now perform this wonder. This is a wonder of the power of tolerance, and thanks for that. However, for the future, each one of you has love for the Father, and the Father also has love for the children, so the Father feels that, at the very least, each of you children should be like Father Brahma in your renunciation, tapasya and service. Do you agree? You have to follow Father Brahma. Are you ready? Raise both your hands for this! Very good! Congratulations!

Now, all of you together have this determined thought. You are ready, are you not? Baba is not going to ask you to raise your hands again and again. BapDada has the faith that the children are good. Sometimes, there are some obstacles in your efforts, but your intellect has firm faith that Baba and you are combined and will remain combined. Did Baba speak correctly? Nod! All of you who have come from your places, mentioning each one’s name and bringing your face in front of him, BapDada is giving each child a blessing: Whenever any situation arises – something that according to the law should not happen but does happen – then, at that very moment, remove it from your heart and give it to the Father. The Father himself will take care of it. You know how to give it, do you not? Do you know how to give it? Nod to show that you know how to give it! You know how to take, so do you also know how to give it?

Today is Holi, and you have come to celebrate Holi, have you not? What is the meaning of Holi? Ho li. Whenever any situation takes place, it was in the past. Do not keep it in your heart. The gift of Holi is that whenever any wasteful situation arises, just let go of it. Ho li – it was in the past. Constantly do ho li (let it be in the past) and become holy (pure). One is Hindi and one is English. There are two words. Do ho li and become holy.

Make a promise in your heart that you will never lose your happiness. Can you do this? That you will never lose your happiness? Those who can do this, raise your hands! Those who have made this promise, congratulations, congratulations, congratulations from BapDada’s heart! Achcha.

What have you made for Holi? Have you made anything?

(It is the turn of UP, Banares and West Nepal for service)
Welcome to your home! All of you constantly have this thought: “I definitely have to become the same as Father Brahma”. Follow Brahma Baba. When you have any task, then check whether Father Brahma did that. You have a list of those 10 points. In those 10 points, see what the things are that Father Brahma did. You have to follow Father Brahma.

To all of those groups that have come, BapDada is giving you special congratulations. BapDada saw that each group has a lot of zeal for definitely doing this and demonstrating it. Each group has such power that they can demonstrate this by doing it. BapDada is giving each group many, many, many, many congratulations. Baba is also blessing each group to continue to move forward in every subject of service.

BapDada is giving all the groups this blessing to move forward. You have come last but will go fast. You have this courage, do you not? You are good. BapDada is seeing that you have zeal. BapDada is pleased that each group is returning from here having filled themselves with zeal. If you have this zeal and enthusiasm permanently, you will definitely show wonders. BapDada is seeing all the groups as those in whom there is hope and who are victorious. BapDada is giving each and every one the blessing for their good wishes and pure feelings.

(The Five Wings: Rural Development, Medical, Transport, Administration and Youth Groups have come)
BapDada saw that each Wing is moving forward in service with a lot of zeal, and that you are also receiving success in service. This is why, however much service you have done while being hopeful, you have done that well. And in future too, with your zeal, make the heirs emerge now. That list has not yet come. From the time that the Wings started functioning, until now, many good ones have come into relationship and connection, and BapDada is congratulating you for that. However, if any heir-quality souls have emerged, then bring them in front of BapDada.

BapDada saw that the service is good. No one steps backwards in service. You are moving forward and BapDada is pleased. You have become busy. Each one of you is making one programme or another of your own. Even now, wherever you had the programmes for Shiv Ratri, they were good and the result is good. You had big programmes and also small programmes. Delhi and Bombay had big programmes and you did it from your heart. BapDada is congratulating them.

(To Nizar bhai) You are doing well. BapDada likes the result and the plans that you are making for the future are also good. The result is good. You are doing it with zeal. Continue to do that. You have become an instrument. Although it is the Father who is making it happen, those who do it by being instruments also receive BapDada’s love and remembrance.

(800 double foreign brothers and sisters have come from 65 countries)
Double congratulations to the double foreigners. BapDada is especially pleased with one thing about the foreigners. The foreigners take a lot of benefit from Madhuban. You may be far away but you make good plans for taking benefit from Madhuban. Everyone is refreshed. You also make service plans and you bring great zeal for service too. BapDada heard the result. BapDada liked it. You gave attention to the groups and refreshed them well, so continue to do it and expand it in the same way.

Those from different countries come to Madhuban, and make good plans for service, and have zeal for their stage. So, there is the meeting, and also a good wave of self-progress that is visible. This is why BapDada likes “double effort-makers”: not double foreigners, but double effort-makers. You make such plans. The plans that you have made of being close to Madhuban while being abroad are very good. Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations!

BapDada saw that the foreign lands are no less in service. Just as India is moving ahead with different programmes, in the same way, the foreigners also make very good programmes every year, and they also put the plans they have made into practical form. This is why, on behalf of the Indian brothers and sisters, BapDada is especially congratulating you.

(2000 Teachers have come in this group) Everyone turn around and look back! Wave your hands! It is good. Teachers have become instruments to take service ahead as much as possible. BapDada saw that the majority of you make plans for service. However, each zone should definitely have one or two programmes with all of you together. What will happen through that? You will have a good chance of meeting one another and you will also have a chance of being co-operative with one another.

You are doing service. It is not that you are not doing service. You are doing it, and will continue to do so. BapDada now wants each Zone to get together and have a big programme. You continue to have little programmes, but everyone should come to know that service is happening in this area too. Continue to have one programme or another and continue to move forward. BapDada calls the teachers his companions. As the Father, so the teachers. Continue to move ahead as much as possible, like the Father. Continue to make others move forward.

(Some VIP guests are sitting in the gathering, and Brother Anna Hazare – leader of the Anticorruption Campaign – has also come) You have reached your home. It is good. By coming here personally, you saw, you heard, and by doing this, you came closer and will continue to come closer in the future. You did well. You heard everyone and you also shared. BapDada is giving special remembrance to everyone. This one is an instrument, but BapDada is giving all of you special love from His heart and congratulations for coming to your own home. Achcha.

All the children in all directions are seeing and also hearing. BapDada is pleased that the facilities of science are giving children the experience of happiness, and that is why BapDada also told you children earlier that science will co-operate with you a great deal. It is giving co-operation, and it will continue to do so in the future too. BapDada is seeing how everyone is trying to see personally, and they also continue to experience, and so congratulations are given to the scientists too, because you children have received this salvation (facility). Everyone watches and also listens. The majority are taking benefit from this, and that is why BapDada is pleased to see the zeal of the children.

Wherever the children are living, congratulations, congratulations to everyone on this day of Holi. You are holy, you will remain holy and you are establishing a holy world and everyone will remain happy in it.

To each and every child, to everyone sitting far away and experiencing being close, lots and lots of love and remembrance. To those who are sitting having liberated themselves from the facilities of science, who have adopted some other means, lots and lots of love and remembrance to you too. While sitting far away, all the children are close to the Father. You are seeing, and BapDada is also seeing, so congratulations, congratulations, congratulations for Holi!

(To the Dadis) Each one is specially loved. Each one of you has a right from the heart and is claiming your right. (Dadi Janki hugged BapDada) Love to everyone.

(To Mohiniben) You are doing well. You have great courage. Where there is courage, there is definitely also help.

(To Rukmaniben) You are very courageous. You did well. The result of her (Dadi Nirmal Shanta) sustenance is good. Whatever happened was the drama. Her age too was old.

(To Vidyaben from Kanpur) You have come with a lot of courage. You did well. Your karmic account is settled. You are an instrument for service. It is good. It was the drama. With the drama, there is nothing to worry about. Carefree!

(To Sunderlalbhai from Delhi, Harinagar) You have been an instrument from the beginning. Remain carefree. There is a little worry. You have come here and so get yourself checked. It is possible that you do not need to have an operation.

(To the three senior brothers who presented their bouquets to BapDada) Baba saw that the service in Bombay and Delhi was good. The aim that you had was well achieved. (“Good service also took place in Hyderabad.”) Send congratulations to those in Hyderabad. Send them toli. The serviceable child (Justice Ishwariyabhai) is good. He is well-known.

(“The facilities of science are good, but obstacles also come..”) This is not our kingdom, and so there will be certain things that happen. Meet together and create a method to deal with things. Whatever has been created will definitely move forward.
Increase everyone’s zeal and service. There are small centers and also big ones.

(“What newness should there be in service?”) Bring the newness of bringing closer those who come. At the very least, they should become students. Those who only come sometimes should increase their contact with you. They should want to come. Such should be the result of those who come. Now they come, say it is good, and go away. Now bring them close! At the very least, even if they do not become students, they should become those who come, those who meet and who listen. At least they should listen to the murli.

(“Can we have the topic ‘God has come!’?”) You can have it, but first give them something. Do not just say “the Father has come.. He has come!” This is said with some reason.

(Topics such as Inner Peace, Inner Harmony etc. can be chosen) You can have any topic. Nevertheless, sit together and discuss it. You can find many topics by sitting together.

(A new website http://learnmeditationonline.org has been created where anyone can take the meditation course on-line). If everyone has passed it, then you may continue with it. It is done well. BapDada is pleased. Whatever has been done is beneficial.

(A garland of 11 thousand grains of pre-fluffed rice with “om shanti” written on each one was presented to BapDada)

Om Shanti !!

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