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Stay in the angelic stage the same as Father Brahma, give everyone the experience of happiness through your cheerful face and give away your remaining waste thoughts to the Father as a birthday gift

Today, BapDada is congratulating the children on their birthday. The happiness of the birthday of the Father and their own birthday is visible in the eyes of each child. The birthday today is very unique and lovely. This wonderful jayanti of the Father and the children is simultaneous because the Father has come to create the sacrificial fire and Brahmins are definitely needed for the sacrificial fire. This is why the birthday of the Father and the children is at the same time. This birthday is a birthday for world transformation. The Father is congratulating the children with love because this birthday is the birthday for world transformation. Since the beginning, children promised the Father that whatever darkness there is in the world, they are definitely going to make it filled with light.

BapDada is seeing the sparkling light on the forehead of each child. This light is making all souls light too and is bringing this world into light from darkness. On this day, BapDada has a wish for all the children: All the children should make souls light through their faces and give the message for remaining constantly happy in this life. This is what BapDada wants from every child on this day. Every soul should experience peace and happiness, and every child should become an angel and give the angelic experience to the world.

So, have all of you come here today to celebrate the birthday of the Father or your own birthday as well? Because the Father’s promise is: You will constantly remain together, return together and will come into the kingdom together. Today, at amrit vela, Baba told all the children a diamond expression and that diamond expression is „My Baba” (Mera Baba). Everyone noted this diamond expression. No matter what happens, if you remember „Mera Baba (my Baba), sweet Baba, lovely Baba”, all your sorrow will then be transformed into happiness. On this day, every child has to have the elevated thought of being in the angelic form, the same as the Father. So, today, have you especially come to give greetings or to receive greetings? A gift is also given on a birthday. So, what gift does BapDada want to take from you children today? On this day, whatever waste thoughts you still have remaining in you, give them to the Father as a gift because waste thoughts make you waste a lot of your time. So, can you give this gift? Can you give it? If you can give it, then raise your hands! Because waste thoughts waste a lot of your time. They do not allow you to experience happiness. The Father wants the faces of all of you to remain constantly so cheerful that whoever sees you is inspired to become the same.

So, on this day, have the determined thought that your face will always be visible like that of an angel, just like the face of Father Brahma. No matter how much responsibility he had, you always saw his face as angelic. For every child to become angelic, BapDada wants you to follow Father Brahma. Whenever you perform any action, check: Did Father Brahma perform this action? So, today, Father Brahma, is especially giving everyone a diamond gift „My Baba, sweet Baba, lovely Baba!” On this day, constantly follow Father Brahma at every step, and have a constantly sparkling face. Now, in one second, can you make yourself into a carefree emperor, the same as Father Brahma? Can you do this? Now, all of you remain stable in the stage of a carefree emperor. Experience this and see for yourself. Are you carefree or do you have some worries even now? Those who have experienced being a carefree emperor, raise your hands! (Everyone raised their hands.) Very good! All of you keep this aim: Whatever steps I take, do I follow Father Brahma? No matter how much business he had, Father Brahma always stayed in the angelic form. No matter how much responsibility he had, yet he demonstrated fulfilling that while being detached and loving. So, what signal does this day give you today? To be constantly detached and loved by all!

BapDada is giving every child many, many congratulations for this day. Today, everyone should have the elevated thought: Whatever actions I perform, I will follow Father Brahma. I will remain happy and share happiness. Today, BapDada is giving everyone a gift for this unique and lovely birthday: May you be constantly angelic, the same as Father Brahma. Achcha.

Which Zone has come today? (It is the turn of Indore and Bhopal Zones to serve.)

Indore Zone: BapDada saw that each Zone is expanding very well and all are moving forward day by day in their efforts. BapDada is giving congratulations for success in their efforts to the whole Zone. You will continue to move forward in the same way. This is a blessing that BapDada is giving to you in advance. It is good. BapDada is pleased with the children’s courage. Even now, you will continue to move forward in BapDada’s love. This is BapDada’s love and a blessing too: You will continue to move forward and enable others to move forward. BapDada saw that each of you has the thought in your mind: We want to keep moving ahead and ahead and are moving too. Congratulations for that. It is like that, is it not? Teachers! Teachers, raise your hands! Wah! It is good. With your constant courage, you receive BapDada’s help. You have had good courage. You have prepared very good children of the Father and will constantly continue to make them move forward. BapDada is pleased. Look, half the class is of just the one Zone.

Bhopal Zone: Achcha. You have had good courage. BapDada is especially congratulating all the children who have come from this Zone. Both Zones have kept good courage. BapDada is pleased to see this. Achcha. Both Zone-heads, raise your hands! You are moving ahead very well and will continue to do so. BapDada is pleased with your courage. Service is expanding and your zeal and enthusiasm is also growing. BapDada is pleased with both Zones. You will definitely show wonders. You are showing them and will continue to show them. BapDada is pleased. Achcha. Teachers, raise your hands! You are waving your flags very well. You may wave them. It feels good. When you bring some uniqueness; it feels good. Everyone’s flags are flying ahead of you and will continue to fly. Achcha. Pandavas are no less. Pandavas, raise your hands! Very good. When children have courage, the Father definitely helps.

Double-foreign brothers and sisters have come from 70 countries: What title has BapDada given you instead of „double foreigners”? Double effort-makers. The result is also visible because your attention is now growing very well for effort and service. BapDada is doubly pleased upon seeing the double-foreign children because when the children abroad first started to come here, their attention used to be drawn to the culture; that this is the Indian culture and that is the foreign culture. However, now, BapDada has seen that all are now moving along in the one Brahmin culture, and you are moving along so easily that BapDada is congratulating you: Wah children! Wah! You are showing wonders in your transformation and will continue to show wonders in the future too. BapDada is seeing this future too. It is a wonder! The service plans that all of you are making together now are very good. Seeing your efforts, plans and results, BapDada is very, very, very happy. BapDada saw that you have made good programs to pay attention to the self and service. BapDada comes to know everything. This is why BapDada is congratulating those of you from abroad for the plans of your efforts and for putting them into a practical form. The result is good; BapDada likes it from the heart. BapDada is congratulating both: Those who are enabling others to move forward and also those who are moving forward. Madhuban has also become a place with a lot of splendor due to the double foreigners. BapDada is giving special congratulations for both: For your efforts and for the service. As for moving ahead too, BapDada is seeing that you will continue to move forward and that you also enable others to move forward.

Today, BapDada was especially remembering the Madhuban residents, those from up the mountain and also those from down below. BapDada saw that the majority of you worked hard and it comes from the heart. Those who do everything with their hearts receive many, many congratulations from the Comforter of Hearts. Achcha, those from Madhuban, those up above and down below, stand up! Today, each of you Madhuban residents should experience that you are receiving personal congratulations from BapDada by name. In the future too, you will continue to receive congratulations. BapDada has many, many hopes for this. Congratulations. Congratulations. Congratulations.

To Dadi Janki: You are also from Madhuban. She goes around on a tour, but, otherwise, she is a resident of Madhuban. It is good. BapDada saw that all three Dadis are moving along very well in service while paying attention to everything. You are not just moving along, you are running along. Each Pandava, each sister, specially accept congratulations for yourself. Along with this, BapDada is also giving special congratulations, as well as love, to all those who are instruments in service. Madhuban is Madhuban. Look, there are so many good serviceable ones. BapDada is pleased. Certain things happen sometimes, but the total result is good and will remain the best of all. Is that OK? Those from Madhuban say that BapDada does not see them. Today, Baba saw you. He continues to see you from His heart. Achcha. Congratulations, congratulations to everyone for this birthday. Congratulations to those from abroad too. BapDada continues to see you every day, but, because there are many of you, He continues to see you through drishti. You are doing good service. BapDada saw that the bhandara (new kitchen) is very good. You have made it well. Congratulations. Congratulations to Nirwair. Congratulations to the companions too. Congratulations to all those who have become instruments. BapDada saw that you have worked very well. According to the present time, that salvation is good. Today, BapDada is giving special congratulations to each one sitting in the gathering, no matter where you may have come from and to both the Zones, they are small, but are strong. You are performing good wonders. BapDada is pleased with both Zones and will always remain pleased. (Nirwairbhai told Baba that everyone was watching BapDada on the Peace of Mind TV Channel.) Very good. Is your health OK? You are moving forward well and will continue to do so.

Look, BapDada is saying good morning to each one and also saying good night to each one. He is not saying this superficially, but with His heart. There is no child who does not have love for the Father and the Father also has love for every child. Even if they become a little slack, nevertheless, after a little here and there for a while, they become OK. They have good love. BapDada is seeing that everyone has deep love in their hearts for BapDada. This is why Baba is making them move forward and they will continue to move forward. BapDada is remembering each one. It isn’t that Baba is not mentioning their names… However, whether each one of you is in Madhuban or in your own Zone, it doesn’t take the Father long. It doesn’t take Him long to love everyone. This is why all of you should experience BapDada to be saying good night to all of you. Whether you say it or not, BapDada definitely says it. The Father has love for you! No matter what happens, BapDada tours around all the children at night. How much time does it take BapDada to tour around? He does that very quickly because He is in the angelic form, isn’t He? So, each one of you should understand that BapDada says good night and also says good morning. Whether you say that or not, BapDada definitely says that! Achcha.

Those from Madhuban, raise your hands! Those from Madhuban do not have any more complaints, do you? BapDada definitely remembers you, and, no matter how many have come, you definitely have to look after all of them, do you not? Whether each one of you is from the foreign land or from India, BapDada cannot stay without remembering you children. So, on the birthday today, Shiva Jayanti, many, many, many congratulations. Congratulations!

Now, BapDada wants each child to sit in powerful remembrance for five minutes with no thoughts. Achcha. Every day, continue to have the experience of being completely bodiless for five minutes every now and then, because the times that are to come will be very delicate. At such a time, if you do not have this practice, if you do not have controlling power, you will not be successful. This is why you definitely have to practice being bodiless for two minutes, one minute or five minutes, every now and then according to your timetable: have controlling power. All those nearby, those from this land, those from abroad, BapDada is seeing that, at this time, the attention of the majority of children is on Madhuban. So, continue to practice this daily. Such a time will come when this practice will be very essential.Therefore, according to your own time, definitely practice being bodiless.

To all the children everywhere, wherever you are, BapDada is personally giving love and remembrance to everyone. Congratulations. Congratulations. Congratulations. Achcha.

To Mobiniben: Congratulations. You have developed the practice of conducting yourself very well and this is good. Achcha, the one who looks after her is good. She is doing good service. It is good, very good. You are doing service and eating the fruit. Achcha.

(Brijmohan bhai sent lots of remembrance from Delhi. The photos that he had sent of the mela that is taking place there were shown to BapDada.)

To Nirwair bhai: All three brothers are good and all your companions are also good.

To Ramesh bhai: Is your health OK? The program in Bombay was good. You are looking after your health and moving along well. It is good.

To Bhopal bhai: You have the Father’s company at every step. Very good.

To the senior sisters from abroad: There is splendor because of you. (Jayantiben said: It is because of you.) So many have come, and so the attraction of all of you has pulled them here. Nevertheless, those who are instruments do have attraction. Service is going well. Congratulations.

(Shantiben has reached America safely.) She will be fine.

(Murli Dada is in hospital) Send him some fruit.

(Par Dadi (Dadi Nirmal Shanta) is also in hospital.) It is good for as long as she continues. BapDada continues to see everything. (Send fruit to all those who are unwell.)

(Dr. Vinailaxmi from Global Hospital left her body today.) Baba received remembrance of that soul.

BapDada Himself hoisted His flag and gave congratulations to all the children.
BapDada is sitting in the hearts of all of you. He is always with you. The day will also come when, seeing the Father’s flag, everyone will feel: This is my Father. It will emerge from everyone’s lips: My Father, my sweet Father, my lovely Father has come. Very good. Everyone has hoisted the flag in their hearts. BapDada is seeing every child. It isn’t that you are sitting at the back or that you are sitting in a comer. BapDada is seeing you all and giving each one of you lots of love from His heart. Whether you are at the back or here, you are especially beloved by the Father. Is that right? Those from Madhuban are close. Look, today, all those from Madhuban are flying. Look at them all. Achcha.

Om Shanti !!

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