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In Your karma Yogi Life, remain constantly content and happy in every subject through your intense effort. Through your face filled with happiness and divine virtues, give others the experience of happiness

Today, BapDada is pleased to see His children who are full of treasures. How many treasures have you received from the beginning? The first treasure you received is of knowledge, through which all the children made themselves full and are also continuing to make others full of treasures. The treasure of knowledge liberates everyone from the bondages that trap everyone and frees them from bondage, sorrow and peace less ness. The second treasure is of yoga through which you have attained many powers. The third treasure is of dharna through which you have attained many, many virtues. However, the biggest treasure of all treasures is the treasure of the time of the confluence age. This has great importance because it is only at the time of the confluence age that you meet the Father, Shiv Baba, in the form of the Father, in the form of the Teacher and also in the form of the Satguru. In this confluence age, you receive the inheritance of 21 births in this one birth – and it is through this inheritance that you do not have sorrow or peace less ness for birth after birth. Along with that, in terms of relationships, the family that you receive is also unique and loving. You receive such Godly love from one another. You cannot receive such Godly love at any other time throughout the whole cycle. So, you are full of all treasures, are you not? Are you? Raise your hands!
Today, BapDada is seeing the children who are full, who are the masters of the treasures. What emerges from His heart? Wah children! wah! Every child is loved by the Father. There are many children and they are meeting Baba while sitting at different places. They are seeing Baba. However, today, BapDada is pleased to see His children, everywhere, far, far away who are full of all treasures and the children also remain happy on seeing the treasures. Children remain constantly happy with the intoxication of the attainments. The Father too is pleased to see the children and their fortune.

Look, today, the Father also heard that everyone has arrived here, running with great happiness. (More than 26,000 brothers and sisters have come here.) Baba also received the news that, because more than the estimated number of children has arrived, some have had to sleep in tents. BapDada also saw the tents everywhere. However, one specialty of this group is that, no matter who it is, whether it is someone eminent or small, someone special or ordinary, the Father saw that they do not sleep in a tent, but sleep on a bed of happiness. The song playing in everyone’s heart is: Wah Baba! wah! Some even had some difficulty, but where there is love, while sleeping on the floor, they are in the sky of happiness. BapDada is especially congratulating this group. Baba is seeing everyone’s face filled with happiness. BapDada saw that everyone is also attending classes with great zeal and enthusiasm. BapDada hears everything. All the main heads of all the Zones that have come here, stand up! Zone heads! Are all the brothers and sisters you have brought here happy? Raise your hands if they are happy! It is good. BapDada is also happy and is especially congratulating all of you. In the future, BapDada will draw someone’s attention for this, but upon seeing the power of tolerance of all of you who have come, Baba is giving multimillion-fold love to each and every child. All the children who have come now have shown a very good record of their tolerance and of remaining happy. Did anyone fall sick? Was anyone ill? Generally, there are one or two anyway. However, for their power of tolerance, BapDada is especially giving those children a gift in the form of deep love from His heart. What are we going to do now?

(18,000 brothers and sisters have come from Bengal, Bihar, Assam, Orissa, Nepal and Tamil Nadu for their turn of service.) BapDada now wants to see every child as an intense effort-maker. An intense effort-maker means one who is content with his own effort in every subject. According to the present time, BapDada also wants to see from every child that the powers and happiness are visible on each child’s face, because, day by day, sorrow is definitely going to increase in the world. However, at the time of such sorrow, upon seeing your happy face that is filled with divine virtues, they would also experience happiness for a short time. Through every child’s face, they should experience that Godly love (sneh), Godly affection (pyar) – the love to increase their courage and to remain happy. Some children say: We generally remain happy, but in our karma yogi life, there is a difference when we act. There shouldn’t be any difference in your karma. While performing actions, always pay this attention: I am a karma yogi soul. I am a master of this body who is making this body function. At every moment, whether you are performing actions or not, think: “I am a soul who is enabling the body to perform actions”. As a soul, what type of soul am I? I am the Father’s beloved son or daughter. I am loved by God. I am a master who is making this body function. Let remembrance of the Father be constantly merged in your heart. So, each one of you should check: Am I performing actions as a karma yogi? As a karma yogi, my yoga is with the Father. So, the Father always says: Follow the father. The Father is with us. So, what is this group going to do? Now, when you return to your own places, give others the experience of a happy face because today, happiness in the world is continuing to decrease and your face should give them the experience of happiness. As you progress further, sorrow and peace less ness is definitely going to increase. No one will have time to listen or to do courses, but your face should give them the experience of happiness. This is possible, is it not? Is it possible? Raise your hands! All of you who have come from all the different places have the aim of sharing happiness through your face – of being constantly happy, not just sometimes – The specialty of happiness is – while generally, when you give something to someone, yours will decrease. If you have two things and you give one away, you will have one less. However, if you give happiness to the whole world, will it decrease or increase? You have such happiness! So, now share your happiness with all souls. You will have double benefit – yours will increase and theirs will also increase.

So, today, specially remember this task: You have to share happiness. If, for instance, your happiness goes away due to one reason or another, you can take happiness from the Father and remain happy yourself and give happiness to others. So, what will all of you do now? You were told earlier too – become intense effort-makers. Not that you are just moving along, but you are flying. Secondly, BapDada has drawn your attention that you must finish the word “Sometimes”. You have happiness and you even say that you have happiness, but it sometimes finishes. So, leave it behind, leave it here for all time, the word “Sometimes”. Can you leave it? Will you leave it? Raise your hands! Will you leave it? BapDada is giving all the children congratulations from now itself for constantly remaining happy. Then, do not use the word “Sometimes” but always remain like that. So, are all of you happy? Are you happy? Do you have the courage to remain constantly happy?

Those who believe that whatever sorrow and peace less ness you have sometimes, you will leave these behind this time, you will not take that back with you; those of you who believe that you have such courage, raise both your hands! BapDada is very pleased. Definitely, when the children maintain courage, the Father definitely helps. A big zone has come and BapDada is also pleased to see them. There has been a little difficulty, but you have at least come. BapDada is also pleased to meet the children and BapDada always sings the song: Wah children! wah! Achcha. Now, each zone, stand up one by one!

Tamil Nadu: BapDada is giving Tamil Nadu a special blessing: Always, whenever you are to carry out a task, before carrying out that task, first of all, take a special blessing from BapDada for the success of that task. Be blessed by BapDada and then carry out that task and success will become your birthright. Do not do this after carrying out the task. If you first take the blessing and then carry out the task, success will then be with you. It is good. BapDada has seen that the majority of Zones are moving ahead very well in service with zeal and enthusiasm, and the busier you remain in service, the more you remain free from obstacles by receiving power during that time. Even if any obstacles come, then you become victorious and overcome that obstacle. All Zones are making good effort. Seeing the aim of each Zone, BapDada is pleased and will constantly continue to make you happy. OK.

Nepal: BapDada is also pleased to see the result of this Zone. You have good enthusiasm for service and this is why BapDada is congratulating you for being constantly co-operative, for moving forward and for being blessed. Continue to move forward and enable others to move forward. BapDada is constantly with you. Is everyone happy? It is good. There is expansion and expansion will continue to take place.

Bengal, Bihar, Orissa, Assam: This Zone is also moving forward very well in service and in increasing the numbers of students. BapDada has seen that they have the special blessing of having courage. Because of having courage, they have the Father’s help and will also have it in the future. BapDada is happy and, together with that, Baba will constantly continue to tour around at amrit vela. BapDada has seen that the center’s location is a good means of increasing the numbers. Because of your courage, BapDada is giving each of you a special blessing of your becoming constant companion.

SpARC, Business, Sports, Education and Media Wing meetings: Half the hall is visible with them. All of you, wave your hands! Look how many there are! Half the hall is of all of you. It is good. BapDada has seen that every Wing has zeal and enthusiasm and, because of zeal and enthusiasm, you create very good chances for service. However, you still have to do one thing for BapDada. All of those whom you have made the main instruments in every Wing, all the good helpers you have found, each Wing should first of all send a list of how many and who have become instruments from the time of establishing the Wing until now. Now, first of all, each of you has to send that list and we will then have a gathering of all of them. Who has emerged and which group is larger? Then, we will have a separate gathering of those of different occupations, but, first of all, send a list. How many regular students has each one created? How many are in contact with you? How many are co-operative with you? Baba should receive this list from every Wing. Even include those who have become co-operative – the list of those who are co-operative should also come. Then everyone will come to know the results of the zone. This is a good thing, is it not? Will you do it? You will have to make a list. You will be given a program after that because you are making effort. BapDada saw that those from the Wings are doing very good service in their own subject and the result is also good, BapDada is pleased. It is very good and it will be good, and, upon seeing your result, others will also move forward. Lots and lots of love and remembrance to all.

Double foreigners: The gathering of those from abroad is looking very good. You foreigners have made the title of BapDada very clear, and on seeing this, BapDada is very happy to see this because, while only Bharat was being served, Baba could not have the title of being the World Server, but, because of the service done abroad, the Father’s title of being the World Server was proved. And one specialty that BapDada liked of the majority of foreigners was that earlier, they used to think it was difficult for them to change their culture, but upon seeing the result now, all are accustomed to Brahmin culture. You have shown good power of transformation. For this, BapDada is giving congratulations to all the children of all the places of double foreigners.

All you foreigners abroad are expanding service in your own areas. You are also paying attention to the smaller places and you also have attention on your self-progress. BapDada also likes the programs that you make of having meetings amongst yourselves in Madhuban. Even now, so many have come and BapDada is pleased to see each and every child. All Brahmins are also singing the song with the Father: Wah double effort-makers! wah! BapDada is content that all of you jewels of contentment are also moving forward and will continue to move forward. Om shanti.

The gathering that has come now is making very good plans. BapDada has both plans for your own stage and also for expansion of service. You are paying attention and also have the enthusiasm to move forward. BapDada is happy, happy, happy. Achcha.

All the children from everywhere, whether from India or abroad, BapDada is seeing all the children everywhere – with how much zeal and enthusiasm you continue to meet the Father with love in spite of the time difference. In spite of the time difference, they come with enthusiasm and this is why BapDada is pleased. There is progress and BapDada is giving the blessing that there will continue to be progress. You are doing very good service: Janak child is the instrument. You are paying good attention. BapDada also saw that your companions who are instruments are no less. BapDada is giving special love and remembrance to all those who are instruments and will continue to receive them.

To Ratanmohini Dadi: You are doing everything with responsibility. You will soon receive the fruit of that. BapDada is pleased.

To Dadi Janki: You are doing everything. (Gulzar Dadi is very good.) You are very good friends.

Mohiniben: Congratulations. (Next time I will come running.) It will happen, it is not a big thing. (She gave BapDada a bouquet of flowers.) I am giving it to you.

To Nirmal Shanta Dadi: You smile very well. You have the power of service and are eating the fruit of your efforts. You are doing very well. Look at your zone. Did you meet your zone? Yes, you must meet your Zone.

Dr. Gupta ji: It is good. Service means the fruit. It is not service, but the fruit.

Nirwair bhai: You have performed wonders. Your courage and the Father’s help. Achcha.

Brijmohan bhai: (We are holding a big program in Delhi. We would like both Dadis to come. We have heard the news that there is going to be a big storm at that time and we are putting up tents there.) Watch the drama as a detached observer and remain carefree. Whatever is to happen will happen, but you will remain safe. You know about it in advance and so make your arrangements accordingly.

(Shantiben is not well and has sent remembrances.) Give her special love and remembrance on behalf of BapDada.

(Rukhmani Dadi has also sent remembrance) She has served Delhi well. Also give her Baba’s remembrance.

(Ashaben and her companions are doing very good service.) Everyone has good enthusiasm for service. Everyone is doing everything together and congratulations for that. (Any inspirations for the big program?) Baba’s inspiration is that anyone who comes should go back having taken something with them. What should they take with them? The vibrations of peace from the atmosphere. They should go back with the vibrations of making progress. They listen to everything and they like it, but they should now go back with the inspiration to become good. This is what we are trying to do.

To Ramesh bhai: BapDada also hears about your service. You are doing well and that will continue. The plans that you are making as you continue to do everything practically will continue to increase.

BapDada is giving everyone love and remembrance: convey these to everyone. It is good. BapDada saw that there is very good enthusiasm for service everywhere. Now, there should be just this addition: Heirs and co-operative souls should emerge from all the programs that you have, and by keeping connection with them in the future, enable them to move forward. As they move forward, enable them to move further forward. Continue in this way and they will move forward.

Bhopal bhai: Everything is moving along fine.

Mrutyunjaya Bhai related to BapDada that the Vice chancellor of the University in Bhopal has signed a memorandum to start value-based education. He has shown good zeal and enthusiasm. BapDada also heard about this and is giving congratulations in advance. Many souls will benefit.

BapDada remotely inaugurated the Akola center by pressing a remote button: Everyone has good enthusiasm. Where there is zeal and enthusiasm, there is definitely progress in that.

Brothers serving in the accommodation department: You have taken care very well. All are content. No one has complained, you have paid attention to this very well. Congratulations for this.

KunjDadi is not well and is in Ahmedabad: Specially send toli to her from BapDada. She has courage and has the Father’s help. Previously, she remained at a distance and so that increased. Those who were looking after her were not so clever. Now that she has come here (Ahmedabad), she will be fine.

Nehaben: (She serves everyone with a lot of love.) BapDada is also pleased with your service. So, consider yourself to be a jewel of contentment. Your title is: A jewel of contentment.

Om Shanti !!

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