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While merged in the Father's love, control your mind with the powers and be a constant conqueror of the mind and conqueror of the world (mannered, jagadjeet)

Today, BapDada is pleased upon seeing every child. Each child, whether personally in front or far away, is merged in BapDada’s love. BapDada is also happy to see the love of every child. Each child’s face is merged in love and, BapDada is very pleased to see every child, to see the children absorbed in love, to see the children merged in love. BapDada is seeing three blessings in every child. One is the blessing of an inheritance from the form of the Father. The second is the blessing of elevated teachings from the form of the Teacher. The third is the blessing of blessings from the form of the Guru. Seeing the form of all three blessings, BapDada is pleased. Every child, whether sitting here or sitting far away, is merged in love. The Father is also merged in the children’s love. This love is giving every child the experience of being merged in love. This love is the means to make you bodiless.

BapDada is pleased to see every child. What song does He sing? Wah children! Wah! This love makes you bodiless. What does the Father say on seeing the children? Wah children! Wah! Constantly remain merged in this love. God’s love is such that it enables everyone to become merged in love for God. BapDada is seeing each child’s fortune in the eyes of each child. You are creating your fortune for 21 births in this one birth. Each one of you is experiencing God’s love in your mind. This Godly love is making you so elevated in this one birth that you souls become merged in love; you become bodiless and will return to your own home, Paramdham, and along with that, will also claim a right to your own kingdom.

Today, BapDada is giving the children a special blessing: By being constantly merged in the Father’s love, become a conqueror of the mind (mannered) and a conqueror of the world (jagadjeet). Constantly be a master of the mind and become a conqueror of the mind. Some think that it is difficult to become a master of the mind, but BapDada says: You refer to the mind as „my mind” , so just as other physical organs are yours, and they work under your control, in the same way, it is not difficult to become a conqueror of the mind and so a conqueror of the world. Today, the Father wants to make every child a conqueror of the mind and a conqueror of the world. You have to control your mind with the powers and definitely become a conqueror of the mind. Today, BapDada wants every child to be a constant master of the mind, a conqueror of the mind and a conqueror of the world. “It is mine and I am a master of that which is mine” You will remain happy by making your mind work as a master, as you want. Just as you make your hands and feet work under your orders because they are yours, in the same way, you can be an embodiment of power and make your mind work, but as a master make it work, and you will become a conqueror of the mind and a conqueror of the world. At this time of the confluence age, you receive blessings from God, the Father. The Father, the Bestower of Blessings, fills the apron of every child with blessings. You can create your future for many births in one birth.

Today, BapDada is seeing that many souls have reached their home. With His form of deep love and power, BapDada is congratulating everyone. Together with that, He is also giving blessings. What are the blessings? Constantly be a soul who is an embodiment of power, be a master who makes those physical organs work, be a conqueror of the mind and a conqueror of the world, remain constantly happy and distribute happiness. This is because today, souls of the world, while doing their work, instead of remaining happy, consider themselves to be helpless in various circumstances. Make those who are helpless strong. Distribute happiness. You can see the conditions of the world, but make yourself detached and loving to the Father and remain merged in that love. Achcha.

Those who have come, stand up! Today, BapDada is making those who have come by special invitation stand up. (A group of VIPs have come.) BapDada is pleased to see that the children have reached their home. Does it feel like your home? Does it, then raise your hands! BapDada is also pleased to see the children and is singing the song: Wah children! Wah! Because today, the world needs a life of happiness. So, each one should give many souls the introduction to make Bharat as elevated as it was: It has to be made like that again. BapDada is also pleased. All of you are happy to see your own family, are you not? Look, they are raising both their hands! Very good. You have come to your own home to meet your own Father and your own family. BapDada is giving you this blessing: Never lose your happiness! Remain happy and share your happiness!

It is the turn of Karnataka Zone to serve: 11,000 have come. Seeing so many children, BapDada is singing the song, “Wah children! Wah!” BapDada has seen that every Zone is engaged in trying to make their Zone move forward, and the system of each Zone corning to serve gives every child a chance to bring the maximum number. BapDada is also pleased to see every child. Look how many there are: half the class has come from just one Zone. BapDada is giving the Karnataka Zone a special blessing: You will constantly continue to come together and perform wonders. Any programme you have, let it be a programme of wonders. Why does BapDada love the Karnataka Zone? Because service in Karnataka is expanding very well and will continue to expand. BapDada constantly gives those from Karnataka the blessing: With great and constant happiness, definitely enable all brothers and sisters to receive God’s message. No one should be left out. BapDada is pleased that you are doing service and will continue to do so. It is good. Those from Karnataka who have come for the first time, remain standing and the rest can sit down. Achcha. Half the class is of those who have come for the first time. It is good that you have come to your home, but claim your full inheritance from BapDada and become an heir before you go. BapDada is pleased. Now the teachers definitely have to claim the title that BapDada has said: Become a conqueror of the mind, a conqueror of the world and a master of the mind. Conqueror of the mind and conqueror of the world.

Double foreigners: BapDada now does not say double foreigners. BapDada says double effort-makers and BapDada has seen that those abroad are paying special attention to their efforts. BapDada is giving many, many blessings to all of you who have come from abroad: You will continue to move constantly forward and enable many others to receive blessings from BapDada. Baba has seen that you have a very good interest in serving and, along with that, you are also making good effort to make yourselves move forward. This is why BapDada is especially giving you double love. Wherever all of you are, you pay attention and remain tension-free. BapDada is pleased: You are moving forward and will continue to move forward. You are paying attention to the effort of belonging to the one Father and none other, and this attention is finishing the tension. BapDada is giving double love to the double foreigners.

What aim will all of you keep in future? All of you have to keep the aim to make yourselves powerful and to do the service of giving others BapDada’s introduction and making them into heirs. Now, each centre has to make their brothers and sisters who are to come into heir-quality souls. Heir-quality means those who constantly move along as the Father’s companions and also make many others the Father’s companions. BapDada is pleased to see that you are making service everywhere expand very well. Each one has enthusiasm. BapDada heard that you have made a programme for Delhi. In the same way, on this Shiv Ratri, each Zone should make a programme in your own cities, that, at the very least, you definitely make them into Shiv Baba’s children. Everyone has these programmes, but how many heirs did you create and how many did you bring close through that programme. You have to give this result. However, otherwise, what BapDada said today: To be a conqueror of the mind and a conqueror of the world: Everyone definitely has to become this. Finish the waste thoughts in your mind and bid farewell to the wasteful. Otherwise, waste thoughts will take up your time. So, today’s lesson is: You definitely have to become a conqueror of the mind and a conqueror of the world. “The mind is mine”, and so you can rule that which is yours. So, each of you should make this your form and also help others. To the guests who have come: BapDada is pleased that you have at least seen your home! What will you do now? Now, the next time you come, you will not be visitors. You will be family members and make others into family members. Do you agree? Do you like it? Raise your hands! BapDada is seeing you. You are good. Now, you are not visitors, you are masters of the home, you are the children who are the masters. Do the visitors consider yourselves to be visitors or do you consider yourselves to be the children who are the masters of the home? Those of you who consider themselves to be the children who are the masters, raise your hands! BapDada is congratulating you one thousand-fold. It feels good. Look, this is a variety group. Those who have become instruments to serve others too, both of you stand up! (There are two great souls who are sannyasis sitting in the gathering.) You are very much loved by BapDada. This is why you are those who will make others loved by BapDada. It is good that you are the ones who, with your experience, will make many others experienced.

Very good service is taking place at the kumbha meta: BapDada also heard about that. The child who is the instrument there (Manorama ben,) BapDada is giving her a million fold love. Everyone is working very hard. BapDada remembers the daughter every day at amrit vela because, by remembering her, the child receives zeal and enthusiasm and she is doing everything with that zeal and enthusiasm. BapDada continues to receive this news. Lots and lots of love and remembrance to the child.

Achcha, what will all of you do when you return from here? You will make others the same as yourselves, will you not? Each of you should think that you definitely have to give the introduction and message to those who don’t know us. They should not complain to you: You didn’t tell us. Definitely remove this complaint. It is your duty to give the message to all of those who are in connection with you. Your neighbors and those in connection with you should not complain to you that they didn’t know about this. It is good that you are doing these programmes. On Shiv Ratri, those who know you should at least come to know that God Shiva’s work is going on. They should not complain that you did not tell them because there is no guarantee about time. Anything that is to happen will happen suddenly. Everyone has to pay attention to this matter of „Suddenly” Now is the chance to create your future and the future of others as much as you want. BapDada is congratulating each child. You are moving forward, but now let your speed be faster. BapDada saw how much remembrance all the children everywhere are sitting in and, while touring around everywhere, BapDada gives love to all the children and, together with love, He also congratulates everyone. There is very good enthusiasm everywhere. Now, free them from sorrow! Now, let your kingdom come! To all the children, whether from abroad, this land or the villages, BapDada is giving lots, lots and lots of love and remembrance to each one.

To Dadi Janki: (Baba, You make us melt.) You will do a lot more service. You are doing and will do a lot more. You are an instrument for service. It will continue, your body will continue. It will continue well.

Mohiniben is now in Lotus House, Ahmedabad. It is good that she has settled her accounts and now, she will make double effort and move forward. Each one definitely has to move forward. BapDada is giving lots, lots and lots of love and remembrance. (Together with Mohiniben, her service companions have also given lots of love and remembrance). The servers have served with love and so they have congratulations for that. However, in future too, they should make everything free from obstacles and make her ready as though nothing had happened.

Par Dadi (Dadi Nirmalshanta): You are fine. Your face reminds everyone of the father. Whether you say anything or not, your face does service.

Nirwairbhai: You still have to do service, you haven’t got leave yet. All these are instruments. There is now a lot of chance for service. Do this, and create great splendor. (You are with us and so we will definitely do that.) You definitely have to do it.

Kunj Dadi sent remembrance from Ahmedabad Hospital: Give her remembrance. She has been Baba’s especially beloved from the beginning. Even now, the love and affection is making her body work. BapDada’s vision is on her. She has done good service.

(Many brothers and sisters from this land and abroad have sent love and remembrance): Baba is responding multi, multi million times to all those who have sent their remembrance.

Brij Mohanbhai: You have made a good plan. It is easy, is it not? Everyone becomes happy. You have chosen a good topic of non-violence because, even today, half the people still believe in non-violence; and hearing about non-violence, they will pay greater attention.

Rameshbhai: (We will have a Campaign for Women’s protection on Shiv Ratri): It is good. Make the sound louder collectively in the gathering. This time, all the centers should do service together with zeal and enthusiasm. Choose a topic of the current time. What you are thinking about is good. Keep such a topic everywhere so that everyone understands that you want to make the world’s atmosphere right everywhere. Nowadays, everyone has a lot of love for the Brahma Kumaris. Previously, they used to say things about you. Now, they have love for you and they become happy when they see your service and expansion. (Rameshbhai’s 80th birthday is being celebrated.) Congratulations.

Dr Banarasi: You have not made a companion the same as yourself. Even now, you have not made a companion. This one should make a companion the same as himself, because, otherwise whenever you go somewhere, there is no one else available in your absence, and so patients do not get rest. (Dr Pratap is there.) Pratap bhai is engaged in his own work, he is not free like this one. OK?


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