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Today, the whole gathering is visible as that of carefree emperors, because you have given all worries to the Father, and have taken spiritual intoxication. From morning till night, all of you are carefree emperors, because you have received self-sovereignty. So, you check yourselves, because the sign of a carefree emperor is that his forehead sparkles with light, and – as carefree emperors – you are double crowned. Only those who are double crowned are carefree emperors.

So, do all of you experience yourselves to be carefree and emperors? If you do not have a double crown – that is, if you are not carefree – then what have you placed on your head? A basket of rubbish! So, what do you prefer? So, today, BapDada is pleased to see every child as a double crowned carefree emperor. So, all of you who are BapDada’s companions, do all of you experience yourselves to be like that? Or, is it that you sometimes experience it, and at other times you do not?

In the whole cycle, only you children receive this double crown. Many become kings – many become kings from the copper age – but it is only you who receive the double crown.

So, BapDada has come to meet such children who are carefree emperors. Have you given all your worries, or does some worry still remain? Give your worries. You know how to give your worries to the Father, do you not? The method to become carefree is very easy: simply transform “mine” into “Yours”. It is so easy: mine (mera) and Yours (tera) . It is a difference of just one letter – t and m. So, have all of you given your worries? Have you transformed “mine” into “Yours”?

Those who feel that you are carefree emperors, raise your hands! Raise your hands high! Yes, raise your hands! BapDada will see them. Then, you do not sometimes change “Yours” into “mine”, do you? If, even now, a little worry still remains, then give it away, and take spiritual intoxication, because, day by day, the fear in the world is going to increase. However, you children of the Father will become carefree emperors, and will remove the worries of others too.

The easy way to do this is, from amrit vela until night, to follow Father Brahma . Because, even while being in the corporeal body, Father Brahma remained a carefree emperor, while fulfilling every responsibility. Even if many children did not see Father Brahma in the corporeal form, yet his activities and his practical life was as you saw in the corporeal form: while having such a huge responsibility, he remained a carefree emperor. Even until the end, you saw signs of his being carefree, from his face. Even on the last day, without taking any support, he conducted the last class. He stayed healthy and wealthy in his intoxication. So, have all of you also become carefree emperors? Even though there may be karmic accounts of the body, the stage is that of constantly carefree emperors.
Today, BapDada wants to see every child equal to Brahma. So, check: No matter what the condition of your body is, your mind should always be a carefree emperor. So, check and note down in the morning when you wake up: are there any worries in the sub-consciousness? Check every now and then.

So, you will transform “mine” into “Yours”. Because, throughout the whole cycle, apart from you children, no one else has become a double crowned carefree emperor. You constantly have a double crown in your images. Many became kings in the Copper Age, but no one became double crowned, or a king who had self-sovereignty. So, constantly remember your title of today: “a carefree emperor”.

Today, also, many children have come. BapDada has especially come to meet all the children. Now, you will not complain, will you? Because the Father has so much love for the children, he cannot stay without the children. So, keep this title in your awareness from amrit vela: “Who am I? A carefree emperor”. Achcha.

Baba celebrated a meeting with all the children who came. The Father is happy, and the children are also happy. However, never forget this blessing of yours. No matter how you are, the body knows its karmic accounts, but the mind is constantly a carefree emperor. No matter what type of test paper it is, the paper makes you even more experienced, and enables you to move forward. So, do not be afraid! Never be afraid of any paper. Achcha.

Today, it is the turn of the Gujarat zone to serve. BapDada loves those from Gujarat. Baba loves all the zones, but today it is their turn. Those from Gujarat, stand up! Wave your hands! Very good! BapDada heard all the news of what efforts you are all making The children have shown a very good chart.

BapDada wants every child to be a master Brahma constantly, the same as Father Brahma. Every zone comes to their hearts’ content. BapDada is also pleased: it is only now at the Confluence Age that BapDada finds such children. You will be companions in the Golden Age too, but now you meet with that recognition. There, the recognition will change.

So, to the children from everywhere – although Gujarat is in the front as the instruments, children from abroad are also in front of BapDada, and there are also the children from small villages – BapDada says to each and every child.. both Fathers are saying: constantly continue to move forward, and enable others to move forward. Continue to bring your kingdom closer. Children from everywhere are in front of BapDada. In the corporeal form, it is you, but in Baba’s heart are merged all the children from this land, from abroad and from the villages. Achcha.

(two Wings have come: Medical and Security)
Those of the Medical Wing, now make such preparations, and also inspire them, so that everyone becomes a carefree emperor, as BapDada has said. If there is no worry, there is then no illness. So, make such plans that – while sitting here – everyone remains happy. They should not lose their happiness. Invent such medicine that if someone is a little unhappy – either physically or in the mind – then, as soon as they remember that medicine, they become happy. What is that medicine? “My Baba”. So, let there be “My Baba” in everyone’s mind, and this will be the medicine. Achcha. You are doing very good service. Continue to do that. Victory is definitely with you.

Those from the Security Wing are making effort and working very hard, but while making such effort, invent such an easy and successful mantra – that is, medicine – that their minds become happy. Day by day, sorrow is going to increase, and there will be upheaval, but they should be able to make themselves unshakeable in the midst of any upheaval. Invent something so easy that, when any such situation comes in front of them, their minds become happy and they do not feel the illness of the body. Invent such a cure for security in short: just as Brahmins become happy when they read the blessings, in the same way invent some facility for their salvation, such that, by studying it, they are transformed. Invent some small means for security, because the times are going to become even more delicate, and this will be useful at such a time.

(to everyone)
You are ever ready, are you not? You are ever ready. No matter what times come, or when they come, all of you Brahma Kumars and Brahma Kumaris remain constantly happy at every moment. Is it possible that the happiness of the Brahma Kumaris and Brahma Kumars will not disappear? If it is possible, then raise your hands! Achcha. BapDada saw everyone’s hands. Raise your hands! That time will continue to come, and BapDada will see the result. All of you have raised your hands, and so remain carefree emperors at that time too. Be carefree and an emperor too.

Trivial things and major things are definitely going to come, but for the Brahma Kumars and Kumaris, nothing is a big deal! You have seen it every cycle. You have passed through it every cycle. Become experienced and you will pass through that now also as though it is a game. You do have such courage, do you not? Do you have courage? Raise both your hands! Those at the back are raising their hands.

(To the double foreigners) Do you double foreigners remember your title? Who are you? “Double effort-makers”. BapDada has seen that you have good courage. The majority of you also pass on time. BapDada receives the news, and your instrument Dadi also relates everything. She continues to give power to everyone. Achcha. You should constantly remember one thing: you definitely have to be victorious. No matter what the circumstances may be, your name is “victorious”. Victory is the support of your life. Victory is already guaranteed. Achcha. BapDada receives the news that the results of service abroad is also good, and BapDada is pleased. Achcha.

Today, Baba is celebrating a meeting with all the children from everywhere. There is just Baba, Baba, and Baba, in everyone’s heart. Even the Father is experiencing this, but the body knows about its karmic accounts. All of you, and BapDada, have seen that everyone remembers BapDada a lot more: “When will we meet? When will we meet? When will we meet?” Because of this, you forget less. However, the time of the Confluence Age is for meeting, and so we shall continue to meet.

Baba continues to receive the love and remembrance of all of the children from everywhere. To the extent that the children remember Baba, Baba too remembers the children a hundred times more. Just as the children continue to say “Wah Baba! Wah Baba!”, in the same way, Baba says to the children in all directions: “Wah children! Wah children!”. Baba continues to give love and remembrance through his thoughts. Achcha. Achcha, in the future, whatever is in the drama will continue to take place.

(“Mohiniben has sent lots and lots of remembrance”) She is having good remembrance, and also settling her accounts. BapDada also continues to give power. Her remembrance reaches Baba.

(To Dadi Janki, who embraced BapDada) To embrace one means to embrace everyone. BapDada will continue to meet. The confluence age is the age for the meeting of the Father and the children. This age is for that, and so we shall continue to meet.

(Nirwairbhai gave Baba remembrance of some brothers and sisters): Multi-million-fold love and remembrance to all those who sent their remembrance.

(“Rukmani Dadi has also sent love and remembrance ”) Also give her multi-million-fold love and remembrance.

(“In the last few days, some brothers and sisters had an accident”) Give each and everyone who have had ups and downs (been involved) love and remembrance. But in future, someone should personally explain to the driver separately. They rush a bit, and they should not rush. They think that they will reach there first, and they would reach there first, but what would be the result of that? Therefore, you should give a signal especially to the driver. Okay?

(In connection with the God of the Gita) What you have done for non-violence is good. You will have many companions in this. In any case, many do not believe in violence. So, bring those people close, and the God of the Gita will automatically then be proved.

Om Shanti !!

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