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Today, the children’s love and remembrance have called BapDada into this corporeal world with their attraction. BapDada is also seeing the children in their corporeal forms in the corporeal world. Children everywhere are seeing the Father, and the Father is seeing the children in their physical forms. In his heart, he is pleased on seeing the children from everywhere: Wah children! He is pleased to see the worthy children of cycle after cycle. He is celebrating a meeting, seeing the fortune and attainment of every child. In his heart, he is pleased to see the fortune of every child.

The sparkling fortune is visible on the face of each child. The light of attainment is sparkling on the foreheads. The treasure of knowledge is visible in the hands, and the Comforter of Hearts is visible in the hearts. Multi-millions are visible in every step of the feet. Each one’s face is sparkling and shining with such fortune.

All the children everywhere are visible as content. All the souls who see such sparkling faces wonder what you have received, and what would you reply? “I have attained that which I wanted to attain”. All are sparkling in the form of jewels of contentment. You are seeing your image in this way too, are you not? What song does BapDada sing on seeing the souls who are jewels of contentment? “Wah my content souls! Wah!”

So, today, Baba has come simply to finish the complaint in the children’s hearts. The complaint of all of you has now finished, has it not? In the future, we will continue to meet according to what is fixed in the drama. Today, there is just this much – this meeting – in the drama.

All the children have looked after the chariot very well (Gulzar Dadi was unwell, and the previous two meetings were cancelled) . BapDada is giving all the souls who are instruments for that service special congratulations. Now, Baba has come simply to finish the children’s complaint of wanting to meet Baba. So, are all of you all okay? Are all of you okay? Then raise your hands! Congratulations from the heart to those who served the chariot. Wherever the chariot had to stay, BapDada saw that Gujarat is no less. Where are the souls from Gujarat? BapDada, and also the instrument Pandava Brother Nirwair, gave a lot of help. Come!

(Speaking to Sarla Didi) You did very well. Many, many congratulations to you and your companions for being instruments to look after all the Dadis.

(To Dadi Janki) You heard very well. Everything will definitely be fine. All of you together played very good parts. Dadi’s sound is also coming. Today Baba has come just to meet. Baba will continue to come and meet. Achcha.

(To the three senior brothers) BapDada now wants to see wonders. What wonder does he want to see? The family has many hopes in all three of you. Even BapDada understands that there are different ideas, but to unite those ideas is in your own hands. BapDada wants to see this wonder in you instrument Pandavas, that, though you may have different ideas, you have to unite them. So, now, all three of you should show this wonder: that you are not three, but all three of you are one. Everything else is fine, and you are looking after everything as instruments. Achcha.

Many many congratulations to the brothers and sisters from this land and abroad, for both instrument Dadis have been looked after very well. Special congratulations for that. Baba is giving special love and remembrance from the heart, to the brothers and sisters from everywhere. You are constantly merged in the heart: therefore, constantly stay in remembrance, and continue to inspire one another to have remembrance. Achcha.

Today, the thought that everyone had, of “We want to meet, we want to meet, we want to meet” has been fulfilled, in terms of the body. Now, whatever is fixed in the drama for the future, we will continue to meet. BapDada can never stay away from the children. Just as the children cannot remain far from the Father, the Father also cannot stay far from the children. BapDada is pleased to see all the children.

Baba is also congratulating you, because each of you should now consider yourself to be an instrument for the unlimited task, not just for the self. As well as for the self, you are also instruments for service. Now show such wonders. There may be upheaval in the world, but you are instruments to bring stability where there is upheaval. They will not leave their work, so you too should consider yourselves to be instruments. They create upheaval, and you remain unshakeable: both of you have to play your parts together. Achcha. Today, Baba has just come to meet you.

(It is the turn of brothers and sisters from Maharashtra, Mumbai, Andhra Pradesh to serve) All of you are waving your hands. Each zone has a part to become an instrument. BapDada has seen that each and every one has played their parts, and will continue to do so.

(Four wings: Education, Religious, Science and Engineering, as well as Cultural and CAD groups have also come) Whichever wings have come, each wing is ahead of the others, and are paying attention and making the task move ahead. Congratulations for that. Congratulations.
Congratulations to all the children everywhere for carrying out their own tasks and, in the future too, each wing and each zone will continue to move ahead of all. These are the congratulations from BapDada.

All the double foreigners who have come, stand up! BapDada is not calling you double foreigners, but double effort-makers, because even now the double effort-makers are increasing everywhere. You are paying attention in the small places too, and this is why you are being given congratulations for service, and also congratulations for double effort. Now, do not say “double foreigners”, but say “double intense effort-makers”. Is that okay? Double effort-makers, and “double” means “intense” effort-makers.

BapDada remembers where double effort-makers have come from, but who is the furthest away of all? Who is the furthest away? Those from America. They also come from this world, but where has BapDada come from? The children called and the Father became present. No matter what happens to the body, children are children: the Father always becomes present. Achcha.

All the children everywhere played their parts very well. The Father said something and the children did it. Such children always remain in the Father’s heart. So, multi-million-fold love and remembrance to such children everywhere. Achcha.

(Dadi Janki had hurt her head.) This continues to happen. It doesn’t matter. In fact, you became even more beautiful. (Dadi Janki had her head covered) You call her Dadi, and so you should also see the form of a Dadi (grandmother). Are you okay?

(To Hansaben and Pravinaben) You don’t get tired, do you? It is good.

(To Hansaben) You are doing good service. Whatever service others see you do, they also get enthusiasm. Therefore, all of those who become instruments continue to receive congratulations. Send remembrance to the doctors too.

(Neeluben asked “Why did this have to happen to both Dadis?”) The drama would give the reply to this. Drama! No one can say anything in front of this. Drama is drama! Whatever you want to say, you can say.

Achcha. Everyone, become stable in the point form!

Om Shanti !!

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