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In the new century, reveal your angelic form through your behaviour and your face

Today, BapDada is pleased to see His children who have the right to receive sustenance from God. You are so fortunate that you are being sustained by God Himself. People of the world say that God is sustaining them, whereas you few special souls are being sustained by Him in a practical way. The sustenance you are given by God is His shrimat. You are moving along and being sustained with this shrimat from God. Do you experience yourselves to be such special souls? Do you know your own greatness? At present, you Brahmin souls are great anyway. In the future too, you are the most elevated great souls. In the copper age too, your non-living images are considered to be so great that anyone who goes in front of your non-living idols will bow down to them. Your greatness is such that, even today, if some souls were to dress up as make-believe deities, if they were made to look like Lakshmi and Narayan or Shree Rama and continue to pretend to play those deity parts, then, even though others know those souls in their ordinary human forms, they would still bow down to them, considering them to be deity souls. So, there is the greatness of your form, too. However, souls who have a great name are also considered to be great. So, do you experience such greatness? Do you just know about this greatness or do you also experience it? Do you simply know about it or do you experience it having emerged in yourself? The main thing is to experience it.

BapDada makes all you children into images of experience. You are not those who just listen to everything or know about everything. The condition of each one of you can be recognised from your face, your behaviour and your way of doing everything. So, think about what your behaviour is like. Is everything you do the Brahmin way of doing it? A Brahmin means a soul who is always full: full of all powers and full of all virtues. Is your behaviour like this? Although you are ordinary, does your face reveal that you are alokik (not of this world)? Do they experience your vision, attitude and vibrations to be alokik? Since, even in your last birth, your divinity and greatness are experienced in your non-living images, then this should be experienced in you elevated living souls now, should it not? Those non-living images are of you, are they not?

Check everything you do throughout the day from amrit vela. Is your vision alokik? Is the pose of your face constantly cheerful? Is it constantly stable or does it change from time to time? Are your awareness and attitude only alokik when you are sitting in yoga or when you are doing special service? Or, are your face and behaviour still special even whilst you are carrying on with your ordinary work? Does everyone who sees you, even when you are very busy at work or in some situation of upheaval, consider you to be alokik? So, check whether your way of speaking and acting are alokik. Check whether, even when you are doing something ordinary, it can be seen on your face that you are loving and detached. Do souls who suddenly appear in front of you at any time experience you to be an alokik angel from your vibrations, your way of speaking and doing everything? Today is the day of a confluence: the old is going and the new is coming! So, what newness do you need to reveal to the world? It is a different matter to remember this inside for yourself or to consider it within yourself, but consider how much time there is for establishment; how much time for establishment has already passed? According to the amount of time that has already passed, very little time remains. Therefore, what newness should be experienced in you? BapDada knows that there are many very good effort-makers who are making effort and flying. However, in this 21st century, BapDada wants to see something new. All of you are good, you are all special and great, but the basis of the Father’s revelation is the revelation of your angelic behaviour and your way of doing everything whilst carrying out your ordinary work. BapDada doesn’t want to hear that the situation was like that; that the work was like that; that the circumstances and problems were like that and that that was why you behaved ordinarily! To have an angelic form means that you are an embodiment of your awareness – that your awareness is revealed in your physical form. It shouldn’t just be as far as your level of understanding or your awareness, but let it be your form. Let there be such transformation that, at any time and in any circumstance, only your alokik form is visible. Is it like this or does it change sometimes? You must not allow the situation to change your form. Why should the situation change you? You have to change the situation! Should words change you or should you change your words? What would be called transformation? What would you call a sample of a practical life? Even ordinary people are able to adjust their features according to the time and circumstances. However, an angel means someone who is beyond anything of the past and any ordinary way of behaving.

Your topic now is “The Call of Time”. Therefore, from now on, time is calling for you special great souls to be seen as angels. This means that only your alokik form is visible from now. Is this possible? Teachers, speak! Is this possible? When will this happen? If this is possible, it’s very good. When will it happen? Do you want one more year? Will it happen at the end of the year 2000? Do you want one more year or not? Those of you who think that you need more time, if not one year, then six months or three months, raise your hands! You are not raising your hands for this! What is your slogan? Do you remember it? “If not now, then never!” Whose slogan is this? Does this slogan belong to the Brahmins or the deities? It is for you Brahmins, is it not? So, in this new century, BapDada wants to see that, no matter what happens, you must not discard your alokik way of behaving. For this, you simply have to pay attention to four things. What are they? They are not anything new; they are old things. Baba is simply revising them for you.

1) A well-wisher who has positive thoughts for others (subh chintak). 2) One with positive thoughts (subh chintan) for the self. 3) One who constantly has pure feelings – not that you have the feeling that you would change only if the other person changes. You must have pure feelings for others and also for yourself. 4) A pure and elevated awareness and form. Simply remember this one word “subh” (also means pure and auspicious). All four things are included in this word. You simply have to keep the word “subh” in your awareness. You have heard it many times. You also speak about it to others many times. Now, pay a lot more attention to applying it yourself. BapDada knows that you are the ones who have to become this. Everyone who comes will see all of you in this physical form.

Today is the last day of the year. Therefore, BapDada looked at the chart for the year of the majority of you children. What did BapDada see? BapDada saw one main thing. BapDada saw that you lack the powers to erase and to accommodate. You do erase everything. You do erase anything wrong that you have seen, heard and thought and anything of the past. However, you speak of this as one being the conscious and the other being the subconscious. You do erase it, but whether you call it the plate of the mind, the slate of the mind or the paper, you don’t erase everything completely. Why are you not able to erase it totally? The reason is that your power to accommodate is not powerful enough. You are able to accommodate everything according to the time, but then something emerges again at another time. Therefore, you are unable to keep yourself busy in the four words that BapDada told you about. If the plate, slate or paper of the mind is not wiped completely clean, then, as it is not completely clean, would anything you try to write on it be better? Would it be clear? For example, if you tried to imbibe all the virtues and powers, would this be constant and to the full percentage? You can only use these powers easily when everything is completely clean and clear. The reason why you can’t is that the slate s of the majority of you are not clean and clear. Even a few things and behaviour patterns of the past, a few wasteful situations and types of wasteful behaviour would still be merged within you in a subtle way. They would then emerge into your physical form at certain times. Therefore, according to the time, first of all check yourself. You have to check yourself. You do not have to engage yourself in checking others. It’s very easy to check others, but it’s very difficult to check yourself. Therefore, check that the slate of your mind is completely clean and clear of anything wasteful and anything of the past. The most subtle form that any of this would take would stay in your vibrations. An angel means one who is completely clean and clear. Use the power to accommodate to transform anything negative into positive and accommodate it. Do not accommodate the negative. Transform the negative into something positive and accommodate it. There will then be newness in the new century.

Should Baba tell you what else He saw? Should Baba tell you or is this a heavy dose? BapDada has already told you that, no matter what happens, He has to take all of you back with Him to Paramdham. Whether with love (pyar) or a beating (maar), He will take you back. He will take back those who don’t have knowledge with a beating and He will take all of you children back with Him with love. Even now, BapDada still says that, no matter what happens, all of you great souls have to be revealed in your angelic forms to the souls of the world. So, are you ready for this? BapDada has already warned you in one way or another, that He has to make you become this. How else would the new world come? Achcha, what else did Baba see?

It is the end of the year today, is it not? Look, BapDada is using the word “majority”, not the word “all”! Therefore, what else did Baba see? Only when you find the answer to the excuses you make will you be able to bring about the new world. So, the second thing that Baba saw was carelessness in different forms. Baba also saw a very royal form of carelessness. One expression of carelessness is, “Anything goes! (Everything’s all right!)” No one physical would be able to see every action of anyone. Even when Brahma was in the physical form, he wasn’t able to see that. However, now that he is in the avyakt form, if he wanted to do so, he could observe every act of anyone. It is remembered that God has a thousand eyes, a hundred thousand eyes, a hundred thousand ears! So, now, at this time, no matter how much someone tries to hide from them – and they do hide things with royalty, not in any ordinary way – the incorporeal One and avyakt Brahma together are able to see everything. Therefore, one type of carelessness is in a gross form and the other type is in a refined and subtle form. The words you use for both of these types of carelessness is, “Anything goes! Everything’s all right! We’ll have to see what happens! Nothing’s going to happen. Let’s make do with that for now. We’ll see about it later!” These are thoughts of carelessness. If BapDada wanted to, He could relate all of this to all of you, but you ask for your honour to be maintained! Therefore, BapDada maintains your honour. However, this carelessness of yours doesn’t allow your efforts to become intense; it stops you from being able to pass with honour. Because you yourselves think that anything goes, anything would be OK in the result. However, you won’t be able to fly. So, did you hear what two things Baba saw? This carelessness is stopping you from bringing about transformation. Each of you has this in a different form. At the time when you say, “We shall see what happens.” BapDada also says, “We shall see what happens?” You were told why Baba is telling you all of this today. Whether you want to or not, you have to be made this; by force, if necessary! You have to become this. Today, Baba has told you a little strongly because you are making plans for doing this and that. However, if you haven’t found an answer to your excuses, you will then only be able to do everything temporarily. When any situation comes up, you say, “The situation was like this! The reason was like that anyway! My karmic accounts were like that!” Therefore, you will have to become that. Do you agree with this? Teachers, do you agree? Foreigners, do you agree? BapDada says that you have to become this. Then, in the new century, you will say that you have become this. Is it like this? You should take as little time as possible. In spite of that, BapDada is giving you one more year. Then it’s easy, is it not? Do this comfortably and restfully. Restfully (aaram – aa, come, Rama) means remember the Father first and then do it. Don’t have the rest of a Dunlop pillow. Is BapDada’s love for you greater or is your love for BapDada greater? Who has greater love? Baba or you? Do the Pandavas have love? Say, “Ha ji”. Today, BapDada is going to catch you out.

BapDada has the faith in all of you that you will all give the return of love and definitely become equal to Father Brahma. You will become this, will you not? If you don’t become this, then because BapDada loves you, He won’t leave you alone. You can’t leave someone you love alone. So Brahma Baba has a lot of love for you all. He is waiting for you all and wondering, “When will my children come?” So, you will become equal, will you not?

Baba will tell you of a conversation that Brahma Baba had with Him. The 18th January is now about to come. So Father Brahma was asking Shiv Baba to make all of you children fix a date, saying, “How much longer should I wait?” Make them fix a date! What did Father Shiva reply? He simply smiled. BapDada says that it will be the children who fix the date. BapDada is not going to do this. So Father Brahma is remembering all of you a great deal. Therefore, will you fix a date?

In the New Year, have the determination to become equal. Keep your aim of definitely becoming angels. Now stop all of your old things. Let your original and eternal sanskars now emerge. Whilst you are walking and moving around, remain constantly aware of this: “I am an angel like the father. I have no connection with old sanskars and old things. Do you understand? This thought of transformation needs water and sunshine just as when you sow a seed, you provide it with all those things so that it can bear fruit. Therefore, give this thought, this seed, the water and sunshine of your awareness. Keep revising again and again the promise you have made to BapDada.

To all the great souls everywhere who use the power of transformation in every task, to the world transformer souls, to the souls who are Brahmins and will become angels and have the determined faith to reveal their angelic form in practice; to those who constantly belong to the one Father and none other and who are to become equal to the Father, to the mahavir souls who give a return of BapDada’s love for them, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

Blessing: May you be greatly fortunate and reveal the line of fortune through your face and your behaviour.
You children have taken a direct spiritual birth through the eternal Father and the original Father. How fortunate is someone who has taken birth through the Bestower of Fortune! Remain constantly cheerful by keeping this elevated fortune in your awareness at all times. Let yourself and others experience your form of awareness on your face and in your behaviour in a practical way. Let the sparkling line of fortune be visible sparkling in the centre of your forehead and you will then be said to be an elevated and fortunate soul.
Slogan: A yogi soul is one who is introverted and who continues to experience the form of light and might.
*** Om Shanti ***

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