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Make your love for intense effort volcanic and spread waves of unlimited disinterest

Om Shanti Avyakt BapDada Madhuban

Today, BapDada was seeing three lines on the forehead of every child. The first line is of your fortune of God’s sustenance. You only receive this fortune of God’s sustenance once throughout the whole cycle. At no time other than at the confluence age can you receive this sustenance from God. Very few children receive this sustenance from God. The second line is of the fortune of studying with God. To receive God’s study is such fortune; the Supreme Soul, Himself, becomes your Teacher and teaches you. The third line of fortune is the list of attainments you receive from God. Just think about how many attainments you have. All of you remember how long the list of your attainments is. These three lines of fortune are shining on the forehead of every child. Do you consider yourselves to be such fortunate souls? Sustenance, study and attainments: as well as these, BapDada is also seeing your spiritual intoxication on the basis of your faith. All of you souls, who are the children of God, have such spiritual intoxication. You are the highest, the greatest and the holiest of everyone in the whole world and throughout the whole cycle. No other souls become as pure in their bodies and minds and as full of all virtues and as completely viceless as you souls are in your deity form. You are the highest, the holiest and also the richest. At the beginning of establishment BapDada used to remind you children that you were the richest. It was also printed in the newspaper with a lot of intoxication: “Om Mandli is the richest in the world.” This is the praise of all of you at the beginning of this establishment. Even if someone were to become a multi-multi-millionaire in one day, no one could be as rich as you are; you are the richest. What is the method of your becoming the richest of all? It is a very tiny method. People make so much effort to become the richest, whereas you continue to become full of all treasures so easily! You know the method, do you not? All you have to do is apply a small point. Put a point and you earn an income. A soul is a point, the Father is a point and to put a full stop to the drama is also a point. As soon as you remember the soul, a point, your income increases. In the mundane world too, a number is increased when a zero is added. What happens when you put a zero after the figure one? It becomes ten. When you add one zero, two zeroes, three zeroes, four zeroes, the number keeps increasing. Your method is so easy! To apply the point of the consciousness of being a soul means to accumulate treasures. Then, when you apply the point of the Father (have remembrance of the Father), you accumulate further treasure. Then, when you put a full stop to the drama whilst acting in connection and relationship with others, when you put a full stop to the past, your treasure increases further. So, how many times do you put a point throughout the day? It is so easy to put a point. Do you find it difficult? Or, is it that the point slips away?

BapDada has taught you that the way to earn an income is simply to add a point. Do all of you know how to put a point? If you do know how to do this, then clap with one hand! It is firm, is it not? Or, does it sometimes slip away and sometimes remain applied? The easiest way of all is to put a point. Even a blind person can use a pencil to write on paper; he is able to put a point. However, you are trinetri (those with three eyes). Therefore, you can constantly use these three points. A question mark is crooked. Just write it and see, it is crooked, is it not? It is so easy to put a point! This is why BapDada tells you children different methods for becoming equal. The method is just to put a point; there is no other method. Even to become bodiless, the method you use is to become a point. When you become bodiless or when you become karmateet, the method you use is to become a point. This is why BapDada also told you earlier that when you celebrate a meeting with BapDada at amrit vela, when you have a heart-to-heart conversation or when you are doing your work, first apply the tilak of the three points on your forehead. Don’t start putting a physical red tilak of three dots on your forehead, but put the tilak of this awareness and then make sure that this tilak is never rubbed off for any reason. Is the tilak so imperishable that it can never be rubbed off?

BapDada also sees the love of you children, of how you all come running here with so much love to celebrate this meeting. And, when you come to sit in this hall to meet Baba, because of your love, you make so much effort to sit at the front, closely, in the first number that you forget about your sleep or thirst etc. BapDada sees everything that you do. Baba sees the whole drama. Because of the love that you children have, BapDada also surrenders Himself to you children and says to you children: Just as you came running to meet the Father in this corporeal form, similarly, make intense effort to become equal to the Father. You all think of receiving a number ahead of all. However, not everyone can receive this; this is the corporeal world, and so the laws of the corporeal world have to be observed. At that time BapDada feels that all of you should sit at the front, but would that be possible? It does happen, but how? BapDada sees those sitting at the back as being constantly merged in His eyes. The eyes are the closest of all. Therefore, you are not sitting at the back, but in BapDada’s eyes. You are lights of the eyes. Did all of you sitting at the back hear this? You are not far away, you are close. Physically, you may be sitting at the back, but you souls are the closest of all. BapDada looks at those sitting at the back the most. Those who are sitting close at the front have a chance to see Baba with their physical eyes, whereas those sitting at the back do not have this chance of seeing closely. Therefore, BapDada merges you in His eyes.

BapDada continues to smile because as soon as it is 2.00 pm everyone starts to form a queue. BapDada realises that you children would probably be tired from standing there, so BapDada gives all of you children a loving massage. Your legs are then massaged. Have you felt BapDada’s massage: it is very lovely and unique. So, today, everyone has come running from everywhere to take the last chance of this season. It is good. Your zeal and enthusiasm to celebrate a meeting with the Father constantly enables you to move forward. However, BapDada does not forget the children for even a second. There is only the one Father but there are many children. However, Baba doesn’t forget any of you many children for even a second, because you are all long-lost and now-found children. Look how Baba found you all in all the different far- away corners of this land and abroad! Were you able to find the Father? You continued to wander and stumble around but were unable to find Him. However, wherever the Father’s children were, the Father found you children in the different countries, towns and cities etc. He made you belong to Him. You sing the song: I belong to Baba and Baba belongs to me. Baba didn’t look at your caste, your country, your colour etc. He only saw the one spiritual colour on the forehead of each of you; the jyoti bindu. What do you double foreigners think? Did the Father look at your caste? Whether you were black or white or beautiful or ugly? Baba didn’t look at anything. He only saw that you belonged to Him. So, is this the Father’s love or your love? Whose love is it? (Of both). Children are very clever in replying. They say: Baba, You tell us that love draws love and it is because You have love that we have love and that is why this love pulls us. Children are clever and the Father is pleased that you children have so much courage, zeal and enthusiasm.

BapDada has the results of the chart of 15 days of many children. One thing that BapDada saw in the results of the children everywhere was that the majority of you paid attention. The percentage is not what you yourselves wanted, but you have paid attention and the intense effort-making children are trying to fulfil their aim of keeping the promise they made in their hearts and are moving forward. By moving forward in this way you will reach your destination. The minority is, even now, paying very little attention because of carelessness or laziness. Their special slogan is: Yes, we will make it; we will get there. It is not that you have to go there, but that you will get there. To think that it will happen is carelessness. To say, “I definitely have to get there” is intense effort. BapDada hears many promises. You repeatedly make many beautiful promises. Children, you make promises with so much courage that, at that time, you children even give Dilkhush toli to BapDada. The Father swallows that too (accepts what you say)! However, to make a promise (vaida) means to experience the greatest benefit (faida) in your efforts to accomplish it. If you don’t experience benefit, then your promise is not strong. So, you may make promises, because you are at least feeding Baba Dilskhush toli. However, as well as that, you must also make your love for intense effort take on the form of fire. Become like a volcano. According to the time, whatever karmic accounts still remain with your mind, relations and connections, burn all of them through your volcanic form. You have love and BapDada has given you a pass mark for this, but you now have to make your love take on the form of fire.

On the one side of the world, there will be the fire of corruption and violence, and, on the other side, powerful yoga, that is, the fire of love in the volcanic form is necessary. This volcanic intensity of your fire will finish the fire of corruption and violence and give co-operation to all souls. Let your love be of the volcanic form, that is, let there be powerful yoga, for this fire of remembrance will finish that fire. On the other hand, it will enable souls to experience God’s message and also the form of coolness. It will powerfully ignite the attitude of unlimited disinterest. On one hand, it will burn everything and on the other hand, it will cool everything. It will spread waves of unlimited disinterest. Children say: I have yoga and I have no one other than Baba. That is very good, but you have been told that your love now has to become volcanic. In the memorials, the Shaktis, the Mahashaktis, have all been portrayed in forms that are holding all weapons. You now have to reveal that form of a Mahashakti. All of you, whether you are Pandavas or Shaktis, are rivers of knowledge that have emerged from the Ocean. You are not the Ocean, but rivers. You are the Ganges of Knowledge. So, you Ganges of Knowledge now have to liberate souls from the fire of their sins with the coolness of your knowledge. This is the task of you Brahmins at the present time.

All of you children have been asking what service you can do next year. So, the first service that BapDada tells you about is: According to the time, all of you children are in your stage of retirement. So, those who are in the stage of retirement give their time and facilities to their children and they themselves retire. Therefore, all of you should now use your treasures of time and elevated thoughts for others. Now use less time and thoughts for yourself. By becoming an instrument and using them for others, you will become an instrument to eat the practical fruit of that service. Serve through your thoughts, serve through your words, and most of all, serve whoever comes into connection or relationship with you – whether those souls are Brahmins or not – become a master bestower and give them one thing or another. Be altruistic and give them happiness, give them peace, give them an experience of bliss and love. You have to give, and to give automatically means to receive. Be so selfless that whoever comes into contact with you should depart having taken something from you. After coming to you master bestowers, they should not go back empty- handed. You saw how whenever Father Brahma was walking or moving around and a child came in front of him, that child would not go without having experienced something. So, check that after you have met someone, whether you gave them something or whether they went away empty-handed. Those who are overflowing with treasures cannot stay without giving something. Become such limitless, constant bestowers that no one should have to ask for anything from you. A bestower would never think that he will only give something when someone asks for it. A limitless great donor, a great bestower, would give by themselves, without being asked. The first service you have to do this year is to become a great bestower. You are giving whatever you have received from the Bestower. Brahmins are not beggars, but they are co- operative souls. Brahmins do not donate to one another, they co-operate with one another. This is the first number service. As well as this, BapDada also heard the good news from the children abroad. BapDada had told you to find ‘mikes’ to spread the sound into the world and the children abroad have all worked well together to accomplish this task. When a plan is made, it has to happen practically. However, in Bharat too, BapDada has told each of the 13 zones to find at least one such instrument who can be a special server. Whether you call them ‘mikes’ or anything else, make someone an instrument to spread the sound. BapDada has said that this is the least you can do. However, if you find such instruments in the large states, then you can make a programme for such souls from the large states and not just the different zones. BapDada congratulated the children abroad from His heart, and He is now congratulating you in words for having first brought in front of BapDada the plans which you will put into a practical form. In fact, BapDada knows that it is easier to do this in Bharat, but you must now do quality service and bring souls and co-operative souls closer. There are many co-operative souls, but you must now bring them even closer still into the gathering.

Together with this, BapDada thinks that, since the areas of all the large cities are very large, every centre has to prepare someone special in their own area because time is now coming close. At the end, all of you will not have to give your own introduction. They will be the speakers and will speak on your behalf; you will just be the searchlight. So, each of you has to prepare such a ‘mike’ from your own area. In each area, there are always such eminent businessmen or people from different professions. Prepare special souls in your own area at your own centres. They should speak of what this knowledge is about. From now on, you should let them become the speakers and you become the angelic images that grant visions at the last moment with your drishti. All of you have learnt how to be a speaker. Even the young teachers give very good speeches. All of you give speeches. You must now prepare those other speakers. A few words and your drishti should make everyone feel that you have given them a great speech. Such a time has to come. Achcha.

To all the souls who have a right to God’s sustenance, to the elevated souls who have a right to God’s study, to the souls who are full of attainments given by God, to the intense effort-making souls who use the method of the point, to the children who remain constantly free from labouring and are always merged in love, to the special souls who have the volcanic form, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.


May you uplift everyone and transform bondages of karma into relationships of service with your awareness of the dying-alive birth.

The relationship of the lokik bondage of karma is the basis of relationship of service in this dying alive birth because of shrimat. It is not a bondage of karma, but a relationship of service. In service, if you continue to move along while using the knowledge of the variety types of souls, you will not be harassed by any bondages. However, instead of having dislike or distaste for extremely sinful souls and souls who defame others, be merciful and have feelings of mercy and compassion. If you serve them in a relationship of service, you will be remembered as very well- known souls who benefit the world and uplift everyone.


To have disinterest according to the time and circumstances is temporary disinterest: now be those who have permanent disinterest.

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