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“My Baba has come” : In order to spread this sound loudly let your angelic form be seen everywhere

Where has BapDada come today and whom has He come to meet? Do you know this? Today, God has come as the Godly Friend. So, when friends meet, what do they do together? They sing, laugh, eat and entertain themselves. So, today, BapDada has not come to give you knowledge, but to celebrate a meeting. BapDada is seeing how such a variety of Godly friends have arrived here from so far away. You are such good friends that having made God your one Friend, you have just the one Godly Friend and none other. Therefore BapDada is seeing the picture of each of you and your own individual friendship. When you have an eternal friendship with someone, whatever thoughts you have in your heart, you share those thoughts with your friend. So you have made God such a Friend, have you not? You have forged a relationship of imperishable love, have you not? It isn’t a relationship that is forged one moment and broken the next, is it? What do you think? Is it an eternal friendship? Throughout the whole cycle, will you ever find such a Father again, such a Friend, or whatever you call Him, will you find anyone who fulfils all relationships with you? You have been around the whole cycle and yet did you find anyone? The Father came and found His friends and those with whom He has all relationships: you were unable to find Him. Do you very clearly know the basis or the method to forge all relationships with the One eternally? Always remember one thing: “My Baba.” By saying “Mine, mine” you become a soul with all rights. Is this difficult? Since the Father has said „My child”, is it difficult for a child to understand „my Baba”? This word “mine” is the basis of forging an unbreakable relationship for 21 births. Have you adopted such an easy method? You are experienced in this, are you not?

Today, BapDada is seeing how so many new children have arrived here to claim their right of every cycle and are claiming their right. Therefore, BapDada is very pleased to see you children who have claimed your rights.

Japanese dolls, are you all right? You are looking at Baba with a lot of love. Look, even though you are behind the veil of a different country and religion, BapDada has made His children belong to Him. So, what song do you Japanese dolls sing? “My Baba!” Each of you is lovelier than the next. In the same way, look how lovely the children from France are. Even though you don’t understand the language, you understand the Father. All the groups from Brazil, Mexico are very good. This time, groups from far away have made a lot of effort and arrived here. Those from London, America and Germany have been coming here from the start. BapDada is extremely pleased to see the beautiful bouquets that have come from all the new places. Which land is the furthest away? (Paramdham) You are right. However, although it is the furthest away, are you able to reach there in a second or does it take longer?

Those from Hong Kong (Chinese speaking souls) have also arrived here. You are the very beautiful flowers in God’s bouquet. You experience yourselves to be flowers of this bouquet, do you not? Achcha. All the children who have come from all the different countries are very much loved. BapDada is not going to mention the names of all the countries. You have come to celebrate a meeting with BapDada. BapDada is looking at all the children and singing the song of each child’s speciality. Those from Barbados are also very happy. The mothers from Trinidad are very good. They look as though they dance a great deal; they dance in a lot in happiness. The group of kumaris from Mauritius is also very good. Each kumari is more elevated than 100 Brahmins. Even if four kumaris come, that is equivalent to 400 Brahmins. You are perhaps thinking that your group is very small, but 400 Brahmins are merged in you; you are not a small group. Australia and London are racing with one another and Germany is a beloved one in-between. One from Dubai is also equivalent to one hundred thousand. Those from Nairobi (Kenya) have performed the most wonders. Nairobi has created a mini Pandav Bhavan that no one else has as yet created. You have created a good White House. There are also many branches in Germany. America too has many branches. The whole of Europe is making good effort and growing like London and Australia.

What are those in America doing? America has been very clever at opening service centres in every corner of America. You have now surrounded the whole of America by doing service. Then, when the time comes, there will be victory of the Lighthouse over the White House , because America will be the instrument for the flames of destruction. For the task of establishment, it will be the Pandava Government, the Pandava Army, that will be the instrument. So you are ready in this way, are you not? (Yes!) Should Baba issue the order?

What will the Japanese dolls do? You will present BapDada with the biggest and most beautiful bouquet, will you not? What will those from Germany do? Those from Germany will spread such light that even the blind receive sight with the ‘atmic’ (soul) bombs and bombs of silence power.

What will those from Dubai do? Brahmins who are hidden away somewhere will definitely reveal their splendour. Even though they may be of a different religion, Brahmin souls cannot remain hidden. So, they will also come with a big group. They are being prepared secretly and they will then emerge. What are these children from far away (Brazil and Mexico) thinking? We will spread such a loud sound from far away that it will reach Kumbhakarna in Bharat directly.

Guyana is the foundation of America (New York). No one else has as yet achieved what Guyana has achieved. You were told the speciality of the souls from Guyana. They are heir-quality souls even though they are VIPs.

A trimurti has come from Canada. The whole world is merged in the Trimurti. Canada will now move forward in the race; from being incognito you will be revealed. You will claim a good number.

Those from Malaysia have made good effort. Don’t think that you have come alone. All the souls there are merged in you. BapDada is not seeing you alone, for He is also seeing a scene from a distance of all the close and loving souls who are merged in you. You too can hear the sound of those souls, can you not?

Souls who are instruments for New Zealand are powerful. This is why BapDada’s flower garden will be constantly in bloom. The place is small but the service is big.

Australia and London have many branches. There will be growth in Poland too. A whole deepmala (garland of lamps) will be created from one ignited lamp.

At the moment, BapDada is able to mention the names of all of you, but when you come here next year, there will have been such expansion that it will be difficult to mention each one’s name.

Now, people in the mosques and temples sing their songs from the roof-tops. In the mosques they cry out in the name of Allah; in the churches, they call out in the name of God. Those in the temples tell you to go there. However, the time will come when the sound from all the temples, mosques, Gurudwaras (Sikh temples) and churches will all be the same: “Our Baba has come!” Then, they will search for you angels, asking “Where have you angels gone?” They will see angels and only angels everywhere. Angels will spread all over the world just like clouds spread everywhere. Everyone’s vision will be on you angels and on the Father. Have you reached such a stage where you are able to grant a vision of an angel? Even though there may be a little fluctuation now, when the time comes, all of that will end because you are the ones who are predestined to be angels every cycle. Who else, apart from you, is this? Therefore, the small part of fluctuating that you all perform every now and then will soon come to an end. Then the sound that will emerge from the mouths of you all will be: Maya has gone and we have become the conquerors of Maya. That time is coming. Achcha.

Today, we are all going to have a picnic. In today’s picnic BapDada will ask everyone for a gift. Are you ready to give it? It is a gift of just two words. To remain constantly clear and careful. The result of this will be that you will become cheerful. Because you are not clear, you are not always constant and stable, and this is why there is depression – the one word you speak about again and again. Therefore, no matter what happens, clear it with BapDada, with yourself and with the instrument souls. Don’t keep it inside you. Don’t ask “Why?” or “What?” but just give BapDada the gift of two words and claim from BapDada the gift of the Trimurti point. Don’t lose your gift. Constantly keep this gift in the treasure-store of your intellect; keep it there permanently. Do you agree to this giving and receiving? Achcha. Whenever anything happens, apply this tilak and you will always remain safe. Do you know how to apply a tilak?

BapDada meeting the San Francisco group:

What is the special task of all the Brahma Kumars and Kumaris? What is the special task of Father Brahma? Brahma’s task is to establish the new world. So then, what is the special task of the Brahma Kumaris and Kumaris? To co-operate in the task of establishment. In America, the speed of bringing about destruction is increasing in those who are making everything ready for destruction. Similarly, is the speed just as intense in the children who are instruments for establishment? They are preparing for destruction at a fast speed. So, are all of you ever ready in the task of establishment with a speed that is just as fast? Is their speed faster or is yours? They are ready to destroy everything in 15 seconds and you are ready in one second. What is your speed? To carry out the task of establishment in a second means to give drishti in a second and the world is created. Do you have such a speed? So, the souls who are instruments for establishment should always be aware that their speed needs to be faster than those working for destruction because the destruction of the old world is connected with establishment of the new world. Will establishment take place first or will destruction take place first? The special basis on which you can increase the speed of establishment is to keep yourself in a constantly powerful stage. Together with being knowledge-full, remain in a powerful stage. When being knowledge- full is combined with being powerful, the task of establishment will then take place at a fast speed. So, where will the foundation of this fast speed be laid? In America. There are many service places in America. So, all of you must have the aim to claim number one. The spiritual bomb will first be released from your centre, will it not? What will happen through that? Everyone will come to know the introduction of the Father. Just as destruction takes place through that bomb, so too, this spiritual bomb will destroy all darkness. Therefore, what is the date for the release of this bomb? That Government gives the date for when a rehearsal is to take place. So, what is the date of your rehearsal? Achcha.

Blessing: May you have the fortune of happiness and share the fortune you have received from the Father, the Bestower of Fortune and thereby increase it.
Yourgreatest fortune is that the Father, the Bestower of Fortune, has made you belong to Him. People in the world are desperate to have even one second’s glimpse cast on them, whereas all of you are constantly merged in His eyes. This is known as being fortunate. Fortune is your inheritance. It is only at this time of the whole cycle that you receive such fortune; so continue to increase your fortune; and the method to increase it is to share it. The more you share it with others, that is, the more fortunate you make them, the more your fortune will continue to increase.
Slogan: In order to experience the stage of being free from obstacles and being constant and stable, increase the practice of concentration.
*** Om Shanti ***

Revision date: 29.01.2017

Be an image of tapasya:

Just as the father sits in the subtle region, in one place, and sustains all the children all over the world, so, you too sit in one place and, through your tapaswi form, do unlimited service, the same as the father. Give unlimited sakaash and keep yourself busy doing unlimited service.

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