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The right to the kingdom of the world have those who are conquerors of their physical senses

How many instruments do you use in order to come into sound and to listen to sound? Even BapDada has to adopt the instrument of a body in order to come into sound. However, in order to go beyond sound, one has to go beyond the world of all those instruments. Those instruments only exist in this corporeal world. In BapDada’s subtle region and in the incorporeal world there is no need for any instruments. How many instruments do you use in order to come into sound for service? Someone who has the practice of stabilising in the stage beyond sound can go beyond all of this in a second. Have you developed such a practice? Do you experience such controlling power and ruling power within yourself to come into sound one moment and go beyond sound the next? Even when it comes to the power of thoughts, you need to be able to have whatever thoughts you choose, whenever you choose, and to be able to expand on them whenever you want and to merge all expansion into a full stop whenever you want. Are both the powers to start and to stop within you in equal measure?

You, who have total control over the kingdom of your physical senses, do you experience the authority of your kingdom? Is your authority of the kingdom higher or is the authority of your physical senses, that is, your subjects, higher? Have you become Prajapati (The Lord of your people)? What do you experience? As soon as you say „Stop!”, they should stop. Let it not be that you say “Stop!” and they start. Give a signal through your eyes to the power that makes all your physical senses work and let them function as you want. When you become a conqueror of your physical senses to this extent, you can then become a conqueror of nature; you will remain seated on the seat of your karmateet stage and also claim a right to the kingdom of the world. So, ask yourself: Have I taken the first step of becoming a conqueror of my physical senses? Does every physical sense function and say to you, “Yes, my Lord!”, “Yes, I am present!”? Do they constantly welcome you? Do they salute you, the one who has the right to that kingdom? Do all your subjects salute and bow down to you, their king?

Hey, you who have a right to the kingdom, what are the activities of your kingdom like? Do your ministers and deputy ministers ever deceive you? Do you check the activities of your kingdom? Do you hold court in your kingdom every day or only sometimes? What do you do? The sanskars of ruling your kingdom here will then work there in the future. Do you check whether at present you, the soul, have the sanskars of ruling a kingdom, that is, whether you have the sanskars of subjects or of one who has a right to the kingdom of the State, that is, whether you have the sanskars of ruling a limited kingdom or the sanskars of an unlimited world emperor – or an even lower status than the sanskars of a maid or servant? You were also told in the sakar days about the sign of those who are to become maids and servants. Those who remain unhappy by being influenced by any problem or sanskar, that that sign of unhappiness means to become a maid or servant. So, who am I? Check yourself in this respect. There isn’t a wave of any type of unhappiness, is there? Even now, to be unhappy means to be a servant. Therefore, how could such a soul be called a ruler of the kingdom?

Similarly, there will also be wealthy subjects. Here, too, some haven’t become kings, but they have become wealthy subjects. This is because they have many treasures of the jewels of knowledge and they have also accumulated a huge account of charity by doing service. However, they don’t have the controlling power or the ruling power at the right time to be able to make themselves into embodiments of success, that is, although they are knowledge-full , they are not powerful. They have all the weapons, but they are unable to use them at the right time. They have all the stock but they are neither able to use it themselves nor are they able to inspire others to use it. They know the rules but they don’t know the way. There are souls with such sanskars. They are souls with the sanskars of being wealthy. They are definitely constantly close companions of the souls who have a right to the kingdom, but they themselves do not, because they do not have a right over themselves. Do you understand? Now, examine yourself and see what you have become at the present time. Even now, you can change yourself. The whistle for the setting of the final seat has not yet been blown. You have a full chance. What do you tell others? „If not now, then never!” This is because you have to have these sanskars now for a long time, not just for the last moments. Therefore, this group of double foreigners should become a group of chancellors, those who take a golden chance. So, which group do you belong to you? Achcha.

Today, it is the turn of America and Australia. So, which group do both of you belong to? Which groups have you brought? What do those from Australia think? Are you a group of chancellors? What do the Shaktis from Australia think? The Shakti Army is no less! It is because of the Pandavas there, that the Shaktis are Shaktis. Both of you are moving along at your own speed. Are there more Shaktis or more Pandavas in Australia? (The two are equal in number.) Shaktis are taking a little rest at the moment. Later they will fly more. This is why they are resting, is it not? However, each one has to claim number one. Many do this. They take a rest in-between, and then, after a while, they go fast and reach their destination. Achcha.

To those who are constant conquerors of their physical senses, conquerors of their nature and conquerors of their subtle sanskars, that is, those who conquer Maya and who have a right to self-sovereignty, to those who have a right to the kingdom of the world and who belong to the royal dynasty, to the Raj Rishi souls, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

BapDada meeting the Australian group:

BapDada remembers you children more than you remember Him. BapDada turns the beads of the rosary of you children every day. Even though you sometimes miss remembrance, BapDada would never miss remembering you. Each of you beads has your own number. You are in the rosary. How many times BapDada must have turned the rosary of all of you! BapDada has always been proud of those from Australia. Why? Because those from Australia recognised the Father and have shown the foremost record of making the Father belong to them. Whether in terms of numbers, in terms of expansion or in terms of quality, you are ahead of everyone, and you look after everything very well. This is why Australia is no less. Although, London still has more Bharatwasi souls, all of you in Australia are number one in recognising the Father, whilst hidden behind a curtain. This is why BapDada loves you. Do you understand?

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May you be respected by all and easily achieve success with your speciality of humility.

The easy way to receive respect from everyone is to be humble. The souls who always conduct themselves with humility achieve success easily. To be humble is self-respect. It does not mean to bow down but to make everyone bow down with your speciality and love. According to the present time, this is the main way to achieve success constantly and easily. Those who are humble in their every action, relationship and connection become victorious jewels.


Imbibe the power of knowledge and then, instead of attacking you obstacles will be defeated.

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