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The key to all treasures is the one word “Baba”

Today, the Father, the Bestower of Fortune, is seeing His fortunate children. All have become fortunate, but when it comes to the word, “fortunate”, some are one hundred times fortunate and others are multi-million times fortunate. The word “fortunate” is used for both types of fortune. However, there is a vast difference between being one hundred times fortunate and being multi-million times fold fortunate. The Bestower of Fortune is the same, and the method that He uses is the same – the time is the same and yet you are numberwise. The method that the Bestower of Fortune uses is so elevated and easy! In the world, when people experience a bad omen, their fortune changes. So they try many different ways to remove that bad omen and make their fortune elevated. They spend a lot of time, energy and money on that. Nevertheless, they are only able to make their fortune that for a short period of time. Because they don’t change their fortune through the Bestower of Fortune, they don’t have a guarantee for even one birth. They experience temporary attainment through limited human beings who only have limited powers. There, those people are limited human beings whereas here, you have the Bestower of Fortune. You can have your line of fortune eternally drawn by the Bestower of Fortune, because both Fathers are Bestowers of Fortune and are everpresent at this time for you children. At this time, you can take as much fortune as you want from the Bestower of Fortune. It is only at this time that the Bestower of Fortune comes to distribute this fortune. According to the drama, the present time has this blessing. The overflowing treasure store of fortune is open. All the treasure stores of the body, mind, wealth, kingdom, of making nature your servant, of creating devotees – all these treasure stores are open. No one receives a special chance to attain from the Bestower of Fortune. Everyone has the same chance. None of the reasons for anything is a bondage. The reason for coming late, the reason for living in a family, the reason for any illness of the body, the reason of your age, the reason of your physical education and study – none of those treasure stores is locked with a padlock. Day and night, the treasure store of the Bestower of Fortune is overflowing and open. There is no one guarding it. Nevertheless, you are numberwise in claiming this. The Bestower of Fortune does not bestow fortune numberwise. You don’t have to queue here to take it, do you? At amrit vela, all you children from this land and abroad come to celebrate a meeting with the Bestower of Fortune at the same time. So, you are able to have a meeting. To celebrate a meeting is to receive. You don’t ask for anything, but when you receive something from the greatest Father of all, it means you attain your fortune. One is the meeting of the Father with the children and the other is when you receive something. Therefore, you celebrate a meeting and you also receive fortune, because an important, wealthy person would never let you go away emptyhanded. Therefore, the Father is the Bestower of Fortune, the Bestower of Blessings, with an overflowing treasure store. How could He let you go away empty-handed? So, how is it that you then become fortunate, one hundred times fortunate, a million times fortunate or multi-million times fortunate? The Bestower is there, the treasures of fortune are overflowing and the present time also has this blessing. You have the knowledge, that is, the understanding of all of these things. It is not that you do not know about these things, and yet why is there a difference? (It is according to the drama.) Even the drama has received a blessing at this time. Therefore, you can’t say that it is the drama. The method is so easy! Baba doesn’t tell you to labour over anything. He neither makes you stumble nor spend anything. The method is of just one word. What is the one word? Do you know the one word? The one word is the key to all the treasures and an elevated fortune. The key and the method are one and the same. What is it? The key and the method is just this one word, “Baba”. All of you have this key, do you not? So, why is there a difference? Why does the key get stuck? Instead of turning it to the right, you turn it to the left. Instead of thinking about yourself, you start thinking about others. This is what is meant by turning the key the wrong way. Instead of looking at yourself, you look at others. Instead of changing yourself (badalna), you feel you want revenge (badla lena). Instead of transforming yourself, you want others to change. Instead of doing the work yourself and glorifying Baba’s name, you want Baba to do the work and glorify your name. This is how you turn the key the wrong way. Then, even though all the treasures are offered to you, you’re unable to attain them and so you are deprived of your fortune. You are the children of the Bestower of Fortune and yet what do you become? You become those who take just a drop. What else do you do? People in the world outside keep their valuables locked away in lockers or safes. In order to open them, you need to use double keys or you have to turn the same key twice. If you don’t use this method, you can’t gain access to your treasures. For the lockers in banks, you would have seen that you are provided with one key and the bank keeps another key. Therefore, there are double keys. If you were to try and open your locker with just your key, you would not be able to. Here, too, you need the key of remembrance of the self and of the Father. Some of you children are very intoxicated with yourselves. You say that you know everything, that you’re able to do whatever you want and can inspire others to do what you want – that the Father has made you into a master. With this wrong kind of intoxication of the consciousness of “I”, you forget your relationship with the Father and consider yourself to be everything. You try to open the treasure store with just one key. You want to experience all the treasures but you cannot gain access to the treasures without the Father’s co-operation and company. Therefore, you need a double key. Instead of belonging to BapDada, instead of the two Fathers, some of you children try to use a method of belonging to just the one Father, in order to become a master of the treasures. By trying this method, you deprive yourselves of all attainment. You think, “I have a direct connection with the Incorporeal. The corporeal one also attained everything from the Incorporeal, and so I can do the same. What need is there for the corporeal one?” However, such a key becomes a damaged key and you are therefore unsuccessful. The amusing thing is that you call yourselves Brahma Kumars and Kumaris and yet you only have a connection with Father Shiva! You should call yourselves Shiv Kumars and Kumaris. Why do you call yourselves Brahma Kumars and Kumaris? Your surname is “The Brahma Kumars and Kumaris who belong to the clan of Shiva”, and so you have a relationship with both Fathers. Secondly, Father Shiva revealed Himself through Father Brahma. Through Brahma, He adopted Brahmins. He didn’t do it on His own. Mother Brahma gave you the introduction to Father Shiva. Mother Brahma gave you sustenance and made you worthy of the Father’s inheritance. Thirdly, when you experience your reward of your fortune of the kingdom, with whom will you come down? The incorporeal One will have become the Resident of the incorporeal world. You will experience the reward of the physical fortune of the kingdom with sakar Brahma. In playing your hero part in the physical form, do you have a relationship with Father Brahma or the incorporeal One? So, how could you become the master of the treasure of all fortune without the corporeal one? Therefore, don’t use a damaged key. The Bestower of Fortune distributes fortune through Brahma. You cannot create your fortune without becoming a Brahma Kumar or Kumari. In memory of you, it is sung: “You were sleeping when Brahma distributed the fortune!” Were
you lost in sleep or were you just lost? So, do not use the wrong key, use the double key. There is the double Father, and it is double in terms of you and the Father. By using this easy method and always having the treasure of fortune, you can become multi-million times fortunate. Find a solution to the cause of the problem and you will become complete. Do you understand? Achcha. To those constantly elevated, fortunate children of the Bestower of fortune, to those who have easily made the Bestower of Fortune belong to them, to those who constantly play with all the treasures of fortune, to those who don’t just say, “Baba, Baba”, but who have made Baba belong to them and thereby attained all treasures, to such children who have all rights, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste. BapDada meeting groups: 1. You have heard a lot, but have you become embodiments of all you have heard? To hear something is to become the embodiment of it. This is called pleasing the mind (“man-rus”). Simply to listen means to please your ears (“kan-rus”: ears- kan), but to listen and to become is to please your mind. The mantra you are given is “Manmanabhav”: focus your mind on the Father. When your mind is occupied with something, it is easy to become an embodiment of that. For example, wherever you are sitting, when your mind goes to something of joy and happiness, your form would become like that. So, “man-rus” means that your mind becomes the form of whatever is occupying it. The time for pleasing your ears has come to an end – it is now the time to please your mind. So, what have you now become? You are masters of the treasures of fortune. You have become the most elevated fortunate ones. As is the Father, so are you. Do you consider yourselves to be like this? You have been told about the key and also the method. It is now your duty to use it. Do you know how to use the key? If you turn the key the wrong way, it will be very difficult. You will lose both the key and the treasures. Therefore, all of you are multimillion-fold fortunate souls who use the key in the right way, are you not? What is the sign of those who are multi-million times fortunate? They have a lotus (padam) at their feet at every step and they also earn multi-millions (padmapadam) with every step they take. They would not deprive themselves of earning multi-millions at even one step. Therefore, you are double padam: a lotus flower is also called a “padam”. If you are not like a lotus flower, you are not able to create your fortune. To let yourself get stuck in the dirt means to lose your fortune. To be multimillion times fortunate means to stay like a lotus and earn multi-million-fold. So, check: do you show both of these signs? Are you constantly detached and loving to the Father? The Father loves your detachment. The more detached you are, the more you will be loved by the Father because the Father is constantly detached Himself. So, then, you become equal to the Father. Therefore, check whether you are accumulating an income of multi-millions at every step, at every second, with every thought, word and deed. Let your words be powerful, let your deeds be powerful, let your thoughts be powerful. When these are powerful, you will be earning an income. When these are wasteful, you will be losing your income. So, each one of you should check your own chart. The correct method of checking is to check yourself before doing anything. If you check yourself after doing something, you will already have done what you needed to check. Therefore, first check yourself and then do whatever you have to. The sign of being a sensible and knowledgeable soul is that you would first consider everything before you do it. If you think about everything after doing it, you then lose half and only gain half. If you think before you act, you gain the full amount. You knowledgeable and sensible souls need to check yourselves not just at night and in the morning, but also always check yourselves before doing anything. It is just as important as when some people first have to have their food inspected before they eat it. Your thoughts are also food for your intellect. This is why you children first have to check your thoughts before you accept them, that is, before you put them into practice. By just checking your thoughts, your words and deeds will automatically be checked. The seed is the thought. Throughout the whole cycle, there is never anyone as important as you. Meeting the teachers: The speciality of those who serve is their renunciation and their tapasya. When you servers have renunciation and tapasya, you will always be successful. A server means one who has no one but the one Father. Let the one Father be your whole world. When the Father is your whole world, what else would you want? You shouldn’t be able to see anyone but the Father. Whilst walking and moving around and eating and drinking, see no one but the Father. To keep this in your awareness means to become an embodiment of success. When you don’t have much success, then check –someone has definitely come between you and BapDada. The sign of being an image of success is that the one Father is your whole world. Speaking to the kumaris: Seeing the kumaris, BapDada is very pleased. Why? Because each kumari is going to be an instrument to awaken many others. So Baba is pleased to see the future of the kumaris. Each one of you kumaris will become a world benefactor; not one who benefits just your family, but one who benefits the world. If you kumaris become householders, then you are just a benefactor for the family, whereas if you become a Brahma Kumari, you become a world benefactor. So, what are you going to become? In any case, you see how kumaris are worshipped even at the end of the period of devotion. So, you are so elevated till the end. A kumari life is of great importance. Kumaris also have a lift in Brahmin life. Kumaris very quickly become in charge of a centre. Kumars receive a chance much later. If a kumari races ahead, she can make herself move forward a lot. Each kumari can look after many centres. According to the drama, you have received this gift in the form of a lift. You haven’t had to work hard. What is the speciality of kumaris? A kumari life is a completely pure life. If you don’t have this speciality in your kumari life, then that life is of no importance. A Brahma Kumari means one who has no impurity even in her thoughts. You are then worthy to be worshipped. Otherwise, you are defected and a damaged idol cannot be worshipped. So, do you know this speciality of yours? If so many of you kumaris were to become servers, then so many centres would be opened. BapDada is not telling any of you to leave your worldly jobs, but let there be a balance. The busier you become in this service, the freer you will automatically become from the other. If any of you are told to leave your job, you begin to have thoughts about it. When you tell an ignorant person to stop smoking, he cannot stop by trying to stop it, but he is able to stop with experience. In the same way, when you become busy in this service, you will let go of the other. Until now, Gujarat has not received a centre as a dowry, but Bombay has. Gujarat can do whatever they want. There is nothing lacking but they just haven’t had the thought nor has the system been started. All of you kumaris are the lamps of BapDada’s clan, are you not? See your fortune and remain constantly cheerful. You have become the Father’s in this life. This life can make you fall and this life can make you ascend. So, you have now come onto the ascending path. Achcha.
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